Loenpia Jazz 2015: “Aku Ngejazz Mergo Kowe”



For Indonesian and some other parts of Southeast Asia, Lunpia (Loenpia: the oldest Indonesian spelling or Lumpia) is undoubtedly one of the most favorite pastries. For our foreign readers, if you haven’t heard or tasted it, lunpia is the snack similiar to spring rolls. Originally brought in by Chinese immigrants, loenpia (derives from Hokkien language) can have its own variation from one place to another. One of the most famous is Loenpia Semarang, the variant from the capital city of Central Java, Semarang where significant numbers of Chinese Indonesian (Peranakan) settles. Loenpia Semarang has, in fact, become one of the most famous icons of Semarang, the top of Semarang’s culinary attractions.

Speaking of jazz, this largest city of Central Java province certainly has a healthy one. Thanks to the solid local jazz community Jazz Ngisoringin, jazz has been accessible in regular basis since 2009. Their openness towards all genre, status and level, the mindset of learning and having fun together in the simplest and friendliest way have been proven to work. Since 2012 Semarang has been having its own Jazz Festival too, presented by this very own community. Brilliantly, as a way to promote the hometown and be proud of its cultural heritage, Jazz Ngisoringin decided to use the name Loenpia Jazz for their annual fest. “For us, Loenpia is the symbol of cultural diverstiy of Semarang, and certainly works in harmony with the wide array of rich variety found in jazz.” they said. They also wish to see Loenpia Jazz as a media to strengthen the cultural diversity in Semarang that are communicated in jazz music. Unity in diversity.

Last year’s Loenpia Jazz was situated at the Chinatown of Semarang, featuring no less than 300 musicians, watched by more than 6000 visitors and served for around 10 hours straight. This year it’s going to be bigger and merrier, and it’s just around the corner. LOENPIA JAZZ 2015 is set to roll on Sunday, June 7, 2015, taking place at Puri Maerakaca (Maerokoco), Semarang. As usual, not only you will find all kind of jazz, you can also expect variety of cultural contents too in it. All FREE OF CHARGE.

Last year’s Loenpia Jazz at Pecinan/Chinatown Semarang

Puri Maerakaca is an iconic, beautiful tourist site which pictures the miniature of Central Java province located just 3 km from the airport. It’s named after an ancient wayang story, Maerakaca garden, the most beautiful garden in heaven which was moved to earth by Sukrasana with all cost under the request of Bambang Sumantri. This story inspired the tagline of  this 2015 edition: “Aku Ngejazz Mergo Kowe”, translated as “I’m Jazzing Because of You”. This tagline describes that Loenpia Jazz is presented sincerely by Jazz Ngisoringin community to all the people of Semarang.

The Loenpia Jazz 2015 is set to run from 12 noon to 10:00 pm involving four big stages spread around Puri Mearakaca. These stages will accomodate hundreds of musicians. National stars including Syaharani, Tohpati Bertiga, Barry Likumahuwa, Endah N Rhesa, BubuGiri, Yura and Bonita & the Hus Band, then some jazz communities from all over Indonesia including Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK), YK Samarinda and Komunitas Jazz Mben Senen from Yogyakarta. Also featuring Rencang, Aljabar, Baroqah and Baruch Jethroobe representing the local community Jazz Ngisoringin. Stay tuned for more updates from the organizer.

Unlike before, this time you can taste variety of food while enjoying jazz at the same time. Not only to offer new experience but it will strengthen the identity of Semarang as the culinary haven.

Komunitas Jazz Ngisoringin as the organizer believes that Loenpia Jazz can make the city and people of Semarang proud, that through jazz and music, we all can contribute good things toward the art and culture of Semarang. The jazz lovers have an important role too in order to make it successful, simply by attending and having wonderful time in it. In the end, Loenpia Jazz is not just a music fest, but it should also be consider as a cultural event. Come and support Jazz Ngisoringin’s presentation for Semarang, “Aku Ngejazz Mergo Kowe.”

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