Many people would like to have pets, especially when traveling.

Better Sense


People who travel a lot are often able to get a better sense of what other people are like. Many times, they will visit new places with their friends and family and get to know them better. In the process, they will be able to form closer relationships. This is especially true if they are from different backgrounds and have been raised in different cultures.  

A lot

A lot of baby boomers like to plan their vacations months in advance. Some even have travel bucket lists. Other baby boomers are using technology to make the planning process easier. For instance, some of them read online articles and book trips through a travel agent.  

baby boomers

The baby boomers enjoy taking long, luxurious trips. Most of them prefer to travel in the summer. However, they also have a preference for trips during the off-season.   When traveling, baby boomers usually stay in hotels. In addition to that, they appreciate the convenience of shopping and booking services online. Many of them carry their smartphone with them.  

Baby boomers

Baby boomers are a large group of travellers. They spend about $157 billion on vacations each year. Their average travel duration is 27 days per year.
Boomers prefer to fly or take an airplane when they are traveling domestically. This means that they don't have to deal with money exchanges or language barriers.
While some baby boomers are still interested in exotic travel, they are shifting their attention to trips that focus on in-depth cultural immersion.


Despite their age, most boomers are technologically savvy and use smartphones for almost all travel activities.  Some baby boomers enjoy staying in motels or cruise ships. These accommodations offer more comfort and safety.  As a result, they’re looking to destinations in less common countries, such as Malta, Madagascar and Cook Islands.  


Among other reasons for traveling, many boomers visit friends and family. It is also important for them to get away from their busy lives.  In addition, the boomers enjoy taking part in activities. About half of them prefer sightseeing with locals on international trips. And a quarter of them is interested in eating with locals in their home country.