Many people would like to have pets, especially when traveling.

Gen Z

Baby boomers

Baby boomers don’t mind the cost of their vacations. That’s because they have more disposable income than other generations. On average, they spend about $2000 on a vacation. 


It’s not surprising to learn that Gen Z are people who travel a lot. This generation has been exposed to distant parts of the world earlier than any previous generation. They are digitally savvy and have a strong appetite for personal choice. The internet is their first port of call for inspiration and innovation.  


As a result, many brands have adopted social media to highlight their offerings. One example is Instagram. Another is YouTube, which is a popular medium for younger Gen Zers. These social networks are great for sharing photos and videos. However, they can also be distracting when used in isolation.  


Baby boomers have high expectations when it comes to service and food. But, they also prefer to relax and unplug while they're on the road.
Generation Z has been taught to care about sustainability. Hence, it's not surprising to learn that they prefer greener vacations. 
Social media is also important for Gen Z travel. Eighty-five percent of Gen Z travellers read reviews of places they are considering.

travel equivalent

For Gen Z, the travel equivalent of a bucket list is the desire to visit new places. In particular, Gen Z is interested in experiencing new cultures and getting outdoors. Interestingly, they are also more likely than older generations to seek out eco friendly accommodations.  

related note

On a related note, Gen Zers are also more likely than Millennials to spend their money on social causes. In fact, 72% of them say they are more likely to buy from companies that support social causes. Moreover, Gen Zers are more likely to choose local businesses over multinational competitors.