Jazzuality @ TP #2 : Swingin’ Christmas


The month of December is the most festive season for us who celebrate Christmas. It’s swinging, so swinging that you can hear the jazzy Christmas songs being played almost wherever you go. True, Indonesia is a tropical country with no white snow that probably is the best representation of the season, but the swingin’ Christmas tunes along with colorful decorations are usually able to let us enjoy it just as good.

Since four years ago we have been celebrating the season by making our regular event special with Christmas Edition. But this year it’s different. If usually we only have one, this year we are going to have two. Other than in the Braga Citywalk where we have been serving our jazz community event, now we have a new ground zero, at the TP Stage of The Papandayan Hotel. In this venue, we name our regular event as JAZZUALITY @ TP , served once a month every fourth Sunday.

As you might already know, we have started in there last month with a special tribute honoring a late jazz figure Widyasena Sumadio (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/jazzuality-tp-widyasena-report/). Now we are ready to present our first-ever special edition to celebrate Christmas, and to fit the cool, cozy jazz lounge of TP Stage, we are giving this one as “SWINGIN’ CHRISTMAS”.

If we fit our regular schedule, the fourth Sunday will fall exactly on Christmas Eve. As we wish to let the musicians to spend it with their family, we decide to move it a week earlier. So, the Jazzuality @ TP : Swingin’ Christmas is coming soon on Sunday, 17 December 2017 at the TP Stage, Papandayan Hotel starting from 7:00 pm onwards.

One thing you should know, eventhough this event is held at the luxurious lounge of a 5-star hotel, you don’t have to spend any dime as it’s totally FREE of any charge.

Now, who will swing in this special edition? Let’s break the lineup down one by one.

me music centre, tp stage, the papandayan, jazzuality, michelle efferin

First of all, we are proud to bring one of our partners, an awesome music school to taste the spot for the very first time, the ME Music School. This school is the brainchild of Michelle Efferin in 2006 only about a year after she’s graduated from the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. Being the first one to apply the Encore Music Education curriculum in Indonesia (also an official representative of it) makes the school able to shape talented kids from such early age under an international standard, as early as 2 years old. Classes like piano, drum, vocal, violin and guitar can be joined by students from the age of 4 and above, and what’s cool is that jazz has been sounding loud and clear from this music education centre.

What’s also great about this school is that it has been consistantly making concerts that’s not only able to show the progress of its students but also give the students to gain experiences even before they finish studying. Realizing that we share the same passion and dream, we have been walking side by side an supporting each other. We also bring the students to perform live in front of real audience in our events, hoping that they would hatch fast and ready to fly over the real sky. And from all that moments, they always exceed our expectation.

Just a week before this event, ME Music Centre has just done with their Christmas concert. Calling it Christmas Jazz Night, ME Music School brings some of their best students to join the teachers for one full show. We want to bring a slice of it to our event, letting them swingin’ merrily once again in this special edition. So, for Jazzuality @ TP Swingin’ Christmas, the ME Music School sends the combination of teachers-students : Iwan (bass), Oggie Samuel (guitar), Richard (drum), Kevin Chrisandy and Madeline Abigail (piano) to provide music. On vocal, beside Madeline and Kevin there will be Patricia Angelica, Christopher Emmanuel, Sydney Gabrielle and the little 6 year-old prodigy, proud daughter of Michelle Efferin (and Richard Sirait) Kezia to stand behind the mikes. We are excited to have them gracing our Christmas edition once again, and we proudly invite you to celebrate together with them.

juan jason project, tp stage, the papandayan, jazzuality, anjuan julio, jason limanjaya, jazz duo

Next, let’s take a look at a very interesting collaboration between two of the best jazz-driven musicians from the young generation reside in Bandung, pianist Jason Limanjaya and guitarist Anjuan Julio Siahaan. Calling the group as Juan Jason Project, these two jazz genius are trying to make new invention out of their success in each of their bands. While Jason can be found in The New Equinox and Nayra Dharma Group, Anjuan is riding a success with his AFA Trio, currently is in the process of recording. Outside these mentioned bands, they have been together two in some bands and projects, including Funktop and the new sensation full of young wizards, The New Blood. So, it’s not a wonder how they can have their souls locked in playing harmoniously.

We don’t call them two of the best jazz-driven players for no reason. Jason seems to have a deep passion in jazz funk, but he can swing very well too. As for Anjuan, we first met him as a wonderful swing guitarist but now he is hungry in exploring the fusion world. Both musicians have delicate touch and strong sense, both are extraordinary and risk takers especially during improvisations. They can always make a difference wherever they are placed, they can play smooth but can go really wild when they feel like it. So you can imagine what kind of surprise they could do when they join forces.

We have heard about this project from Jason since last year. They have been gracing jazz and blues stage, participating in the Bandung big art fest, but they haven’t played in our events just yet. Now we get the chance to bring them in, and it feels good to have them swingin’ for Christmas. Juan Jason Project, the double J is the one to watch if you are looking for entertaining and dynamic performance, full of twists and turns, unpredictable and high risk manouvers in jazz improvisations.

ael hardi, putri rahel, hardi suryana, acoustic swing, tp stage, the papandayan, jazzuality

When you found a great vocal-guitar jazz duo, you woul just know that you could expect them to enlive any concept or occassion. That’s what we felt when we invited experienced jazz guitarist Hardi Suryana and singer Putri Rahel Sihombing, together as Ael/Hardi for the first time a couple of months ago. Based on the recommendation from KlabJazz founder Dwi Cahya Yuniman, we were surprised to see them highlighting the best jazz years from the 20’s to 70’s in the September edition of Braga Jazz Night (https://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-night-39-the-report/).

Having a strong background and success in classical and a unique old-soul vocal vibe makes Ael an exceptional singer especially in going into the jazz standards (including the ‘forgotten’ ones). As for Hardi, his skill on swing is unquestionable. Together they make a solid acoustic duo, outstanding in song selection and sharp in execution.

The last time we had them in our event was just last month in Braga Jazz Night (https://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-night-41-the-report/). There, we asked them to bring ‘Sings Disney’ as the theme since we realize how much Ael loves Disney songs. Once again this duo exceeded our expectation, and again they took us into a memory lane by singing Disney soundtracks from 30’s to 90’s.

So, we thought, why don’t we invite them for Christmas? If probably many people would prefer full band to swing the Christmas carols, we want to show that this concept could work really well in the hands of good quality duo. We have had them twice, trust us that they will hook you up from the first note and make you forget about full band to quench your jazz thirst.

Three showcases presenting two duos (one instrumental and one with vocal) and a participation from a very well established music school where jazz is ringing will make your Christmas mood feels better. Once again, this Special Edition is coming soon this Sunday, 17 December 2017, starting at 7:00 pm and totally, absolutely FREE of any charge!

So please mark your calendar and be there. It’s time to jazz this special season, it’s time to celebrate Christmas in Swing! There will be no snow, there will be no Santa Claus, but there will be jazzy Christmas that will fill your heart with peace. See you there!


Date: Sunday, 17 December 2017
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto no.83, Malabar, Bandung



Anjuan Julio – guitar
Jason Limanjaya – piano/keyboard

Putri Rahel Sihombing – vocal
Hardi Suryana – guitar

Iwan – bass
Ogie Samuel – guitar
Richard – drum
Kevin Chrisandy – piano/vocal
Madeline Abigail – piano/vocal
Patricia Angelica – vocal
Sydney Gabrielle – vocal
Christopher Emmanuel – vocal
Kezia Alexis (6 year old) – vocal


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