Braga Jazz Night #42 : Christmas Smoothies


2017 is a special year for us in terms of Christmas, because unlike before, this year not only we make one but two Christmas-themed events. We have announced the first one, taking place this Sunday on 17 December 2017 at our new venue, the cozy jazz lounge TP Stage owned by The Papandayan Hotel. And the second one is here at the Braga CityWalk, our ground zero in cooperation with the mall which has been running for almost 4 years.

Since we have been there that long, we have every December edition to celebrate Christmas, jazz way. This year will mark the 4th Christmas edition being held in this historical Bandung area. Oh yeah, just in case you still don’t know, our event is called BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT, formerly known as Braga Jazz Walk. This Special Christmas Edition (episode #42 in number) is coming really soon on Thursday, 21 December 2017, starting at 7:00 pm and as always, FREE of any charge.

So far, each edition has become the symbol of peace, unity and tolerance, since the lineup always consists of not just Christians. This year it’s going to be the same. We will let you know who are in the lineup and a little story about each of them, but first, let’s talk about the tagline for this year: CHRISTMAS SMOOTHIES. Why smoothies? Because we are making it rich in variety, creamy, tasty and healthy. If at the TP Stage we choose “Swing” as the concept, in this one we want to offer wider variety of styles, performed by the combination of young (teenage) talents and well-experienced, senior musicians. There are teachers, there are students. There is even a worship leader from a church to extend her service outside the wall by using jazz as the core. From traditional swing to pop, to funky chops and groovy bites, all are expected to come out from these wonderful musicians.

phil trio, philip manfred, rudy zulkarnaen, adisty zulkarnaen

First, allow us to announce that we are going to bring the emerging young jazz star, still in his mid-teens but now is stepping onto the higher ground. He plays piano, but his major seems to be saxophone, the instrumental that brings him to the stage where he is now. He is none other than Philip Manfred Pincencia.

We came to know Philip by recommendation of his piano teacher, Mr Yahya Salam around two years ago. We saw the video when he took difficult materials such as “Donna Lee” and had lots of fun raggin’ with Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”. It was a wow, especially since it was a 12 year-old boy who did it. We then brought him for the first time in the 19th edition of this event (it was still named Braga Jazz Walk at that time). He played with his teacher and demonstrated how good he could go jazzin’ with piano and saxophone. (read the coverage of that moment here: Oh yeah, one of Salamander Big Band’s troops, Alfred Dicky Ampouw is his sax teacher.

This man found his way to success faster than anyone thought. Not long after his debut, he made headlines by performing with the likes of Tulus and Isyana Sarasvati, while still keeping his pace with a couple of interesting projects such as Funktop and the most recent band he is in, New Blood. This boy has infectious funk drives and great in bopping. Either in group or soloing in front, he’s always able to be an attraction.

For this Christmas Smoothies edition Philip will perform under PHIL TRIO with a real-life jazz couple, bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen (simakDialog, 4Peniti) and drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen (SHE, Jazzy Juice). Rudy has just won an AMI Awards as the Best Sound Producer with sibling Ari Renaldi and without a doubt one of the all-time best bassists of Indonesia, while his wife Adisty is an all-round drummer with attractive appearance. What a trio this is. According to Philip, they are going to swing with well-known jazz standards and Christmas songs. So, swing with funk bites? That would be something cool. We can’t wait!

nadine adrianna

Philip is not the only prodigy debuted on our event, because the next name we are going to mention is another one. She is still 11 years old, but she has achieved so many things that jazz musicians in this nation dreams to have. She is NADINE ADRIANNA.

Nadine got her first gig right here in the #12 edition. At that time she played solo, still kind of nervous but yet somehow managed to take on complex compositions such as “Night in Tunisia” and “Take Five” (read the coverage here: It was like finding a raw gemstone that will become a diamond in the near future.

From that first appearance, she continued to develop fast. She answered our challenge to make a band and original compositions in no time. She wrote songs from the eyes of the child, yet the compositions appeared as if they were written by long time jazz pros. She led her band in different formations, until finally settled with trio. Other than her own band, she is also the pianist of BFG Trio which has landed big on the Java Jazz Festival 2017. She is also a bold explorer, because from swing and bop, she reached the ethnic jazz world. Her song “Harewos Bulan” is built within the pentatonic scales, dedicated to the late Riza Arshad, founder of the world acclaimed ethno-jazz progressive ensemble simakDialog. This move also brought her to enter the progressive Sundanese fusion band, West Java Syndicate as the second keyboardist. Back to her moment at the Java Jazz Festival, she joined the after midnight jam session held in the hotel and played with many renowned jazz musicians, including Maurice Brown.

At the time we write this article, Nadine is in Bali continuing her study with the iconic, legendary jazz maestro, Indra Lesmana whom she has also shared the stage with. Speaking of Bali, she has performed in many places and played with the likes of Sandy Winarta, Indra Gupta and Kevin Suwandi. Imagine how all these things could happen to a little 11 year-old girl only in 3 years time. It’s remarkable, if not unbelievable like a fairy tales come true.

For this special Christmas edition she will present a solo piano recital, just like what she did a couple of years ago on the same stage. It’s time to see her current progress in skill and appearance. One thing for sure, we are always proud and happy to have her in.

luis anastasia, luis and jhonny, jhonny sitompul

Let’s continue with another young talent, Luis Anastasia Sinaga. She is now at the third semester of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Universitas Jendral Achmad Yani (Unjani), but like Philip and Nadine, she has started early too. She is certainly not a stranger to this event since she was here a couple of times with her vocal harmony group, Puella, established in 2010 and already has one album titled “Aku Cinta Dia.” She has also performed with her church friends.

Out of her study and band activity, she has been serving in her church, GKI Maulana Yusuf. Currently she is the song leader of sunday school in there.

We haven’t met her for a couple of years. The last time she performed in Braga Jazz Walk was when she was still in high school. What we remember from last time is that she has a delicate, sweet voice with good control. From a teen to young adult, it’s time to bring her back and find out how she’s doing now.

For this gig she will perform as a duo with a guitar teacher/active musician Jhonny Edwin Sitompul. He has been teaching at Purwacaraka Music Studio since the start of the millenium. That’s already a long time, but he started composing much earlier than that, since 1986, even before he entered the Faculty of Cultural Science of North Sumatra University majoring Ethnomusicology. If two years ago he played with a combo playing swing, pop to sharp ethnic fusion in this event, now he’s going acoustic as a duo with Luis. The name of this group is simply using their names: LUIS & JHONNY.

the paradox, kevin chrisandy, me music centre

Finally, the fourth to mention is a new band called THE PARADOX. This band was established by a student of ME Music Centre, Kevin Chrisandy with her high school friends. From what we have seen, this very talented boy is really into jazz. He plays jazz on piano really well, he’s able to improvise and hey, he sings too.

Life hasn’t been easy for him. He was struggling with his self confidence. He was afraid to perform on stage, he almost quitted, but we know he has something special inside him. He is gifted and different. Somehow we believe music is his calling. As we didn’t want him to loose, we stood beside him and support his fight against all odds. Now, he could make his own band, he acted as the band leader and arranger besides doing his role as pianist and vocalist. In ME Music School’s event he stands as the MC too, which indeed works very well. We are really proud of him.

Like a football manager, he builds the band by having some subs, just in case some of the personnels can’t make it. For this show, the confirmed ones so far are Keane, Nathanael and Johnson.

So, from being once a boy with lack of confidence, a boy who could easily crumble and fall over even a small matter to a fine singing jazz pianist, a band leader and arranger, that’s a paradox. Being a boy who has to fight against the world but now stands as the winner, that’s a paradox. Timely speaking, he told us that he would love to show his process of building himself back, evolving, bouncing back from deep down below to the victorious stand point. So far he has proven us right. He is strong, he can do this as this is his passion. He is worth to fighting for, we really want him to succeed and we will support him in any which way we can for that.

Once again, our special edition of BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #42 : CHRISTMAS SMOOTHIES will come on Thursday, 21 December 2017 at Braga CityWalk Bandung, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. Just like usual, the event is FREE of any charge. Do come and let’s spread joy together with us, while you can enjoy variety of jazz from these cool lineup! See you.


Date: Thursday, 21 December 2017
Time: 7:00 pm – 10 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101 Bandung



Philip Manfred Pincencia – sax
Rudy Zulkarnaen – bass
Adisty Zulkarnaen – drum

Nadine Adrianna – piano

Luis Anastasia Sinaga – vocal
Jhonny Edwin Sitompul – guitar

Kevin Chrisandy – piano/vocal


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