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What is a city without a park?

With its magnificent trees taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, lush green parks serve as the ‘lungs of the city.’ Especially in the hot weathered city like Palembang, the existance of park can offer the best of freshness nature can give. Now imagine this. What if the relaxing sound of jazz blends with the cozy, cool atmosphere and fresh air that’s provided by a park located right at the heart of a city?

97.5 Play FM Palembang thought about it. Acknowledging the importance of city parks in keeping the quality of air and life for the people, 97.5 Play FM Palembang collaborating with Bank Sumsel Babel, Kuto Besak Theater Restaurant, PT. Rambang, Boom Futsal, Reload Kitchen, Koran SINDO Palembang, Trijaya FM Palembang, Jazzuality.com, and Palembang Jazz Community; presenting an event where people can feel the social function of the park as a place to interact and to relax through a program called Jazz Taman (Park Jazz).

The premiere of Jazz Taman will be held on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 3 until 6 pm. at Taman Kuto Besak Theater Restaurant. It will be hosted by 97.5 Play FM’s broadcaster, Dede Hasan, and will feature local jazz talents: Hei, Espresso and Real Band. If you’re a musician, you can also jam with them. Or else, you can just enjoy the performance while breathing fresh air and cozy green surroundings.

In addition to enjoying the city park and jazz acts, players can also participate through exciting games and by tweeting their Jazz Taman experience (mentioning @975playfm and @jazztamankota) to win prizes.

At the end of the event, there will be ‘Operasi Semut’ where the crews, alongside with the audiences, will actively clean up the park area to show support to the city.

For you, both jazz lovers and a part of the society who care about the environment in Palembang, do join this good jazzy cause. Not many people realize, but actually we can have fun while doing our part in greening the city. It will definitely give benefit to the better climate and certainly make world a better place. We’re happy to see jazz is once again involved in the environmental care movement, we are proud to be able to support it.

97.5 Play FM Palembang Presents: Jazz Taman

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014
Time: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Taman Kuto Besak, Theater Restaurant, Palembang


For more info on Jazz Taman :
Chelssa Seno
Promotion Executive 97.5 PLAY FM
Jl. Bay Salim No.1 Komp. Percetakan Rambang Palembang


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