PASIFIC 2 Third Event Report: We Are the Soul of Nature


Pasific 2

The journey finally comes to an end. BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB UNPAD) finally completed their series of events, PASIFIC (Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture). Started with the first event in February 2014, committee auspiciously held the gig with numerous big names in music such as NAIF, HiVi, Project Pop, Sheila On 7, Afgan, The SIGIT, Glenn Fredly, and Tulus. Continued to PASIFIC 2 First Event in last month of 2014, FLOAT, Pandai Besi, Senandung Taman, Tiga Pagi, and the remarkable Daniel Sahuleka were up on stage playing their music. At last, the second and third events of PASIFIC happened in this March. While the former spotlighted green activities at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, the latter we attended recently presenting Mocca, Maliq & D’Essentials, Sheila On7, and DEWA 19 feat. Ari Lasso. These pretty much summarize the whole sequence of PASIFIC.

Now, let’s pay attention to the last event we covered, which is the third event. Centering the importance of green life, PASIFIC consistently acknowledge their visitors about taking care of our nature surrounds and cleanness in Bandung. Therefore, they brought up “Experience the Soul of Nature” as second event theme and “We Are the Soul of Nature” as third theme. Located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, last Saturday became one of many memorable music events in Bandung. The gate was opened from 1 p.m. and one distinguished thing about this event was their punctuality. Committee had proved that time and pleasantness of their visitors are important so they surely did the best in time management. In addition for our pleasure, they provided us with many tenants consisted of foods, beverages, performer’s merchandise, and sponsor’s items to choose. No worries of getting hungry or bored.

Pasific 2 - Mahesvara

As usual for college events, PASIFIC 2 was officially opened that noon as the Vice Dean gave his speech and followed by P2K2M. Months ago the committee had held band audition and the result was five groups who played in third event. Our biggest applause for many young yet talented fellas from Summer Breeze, Lebanon, The Mahad, Happy Man, and Mahesvara. They all deserve the spotlight at big stage as in PASIFIC because joyful they served to us through their tunes. Mahesvara is one of those bands closest to us and as much as we are happy to see they develop this far, great to see they continually spread the traditional Sundanese to many crowds. Fun to see they blended the latest hits with their traditional arrangements well just like within their first song, Sia’s “Chandelier”, continued by Titi DJ’s “Ekspresi”, and a Sundanese song from Pupuh Kinanti, “Budak Leutik Bisa Ngapung”.

Pasific 2 - Mocca (1)

Right before break at dawn, one of four main stars was ready on stage, Bandung sweetheart, Mocca. We had mentioned within Java Jazz Festival 2015 report that last January Mocca released their newest album called ‘Home’. By saying home, it refers to Bandung as their hometown, where the creative Mocca was born and belongs. ‘Home’ is an album full of their stories about the long journey to come back home and special for this event, Mocca played several songs from that album. “Changing fate”, “Home”, “Somewhere In My Dreamland”, and “Bandung (Flower City)” were their new pieces, added with the old “I Remember” and “Swing It, Bob” which were beautifully sang by Arina Ephipania, Riko Prayitno, Toma Pratama, and Indra Massad.

Pasific 2 - Maliq n d'Essentials (2)

Right after the pray break time, the crowds increasingly fulfilled the venue as Maliq & D’Essentials was ready to give their best in order to entertain Bandung. The atmosphere was filled with festive atmosphere while Maliq continuously served us with their sundry hits such as “Himalaya”, “Setapak Sriwedari”, “Semesta”, “Terlalu”, “Drama Romantika”, “Pilihanku”, “Terdiam”, “Dia”, “Menari”, and the greatest of all “Untitled”. Since the releasing of their debut album in 2004 until now, there are plentiful gigs they have performed; they have six incredible albums and many labeling them with jazz and soul genre. But as we can see up to this time, they do not stop exploring new side of them, new genres, and many great things are worth to wait from this band.

Pasific 2 - Sheila on 7 (1)

Sheila on 7 was the only band who performed twice at PASIFIC and still they attracted many people. Two same things as Mocca did: first, Sheila on7 recently released their newest album last year, titled ‘Musim yang Baik’, so until these days their schedule is tight in order to promote their album. Second, they both finally joined the biggest jazz event, Java Jazz Festival 2015. As Duta opened the show with their friendly greeting, the vocalist thanked the crowds whom chose to spent their weekend at Sabuga and appreciate Indonesian music. For sure we expected Sheila On7 not only prepared to sing their newest tunes, but also the old which we are very familiar with. Yes, they gave what we wanted. “Hari Bersamanya”, “Sahabat Sejati”, “Seberapa Pantas”, “Satu Langkah”, “Melompat Lebih Tinggi”, “Dan”, “Itu Aku”, “Buka Mata Buka Telinga”, “Yang Terlewatkan”, and “Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki” medley with “Lapang Dada” were well served.

Pasific 2 - Dewa 19 (1)

It is fair enough to say that this last performer was the highlight of this event. DEWA 19 who last time came to perform in Bandung was 2003 finally satisfied our longing for them. The formation for PASIFIC was Ari Lasso on vocal, Ahmad Dhani on keyboard, Andra Junaidi on guitar, Yuke Sampurna on bass, with two additional players on guitar and drum. It was clearly seen that the personnel really enjoyed the show because of strong vibes from the crowds. Sabuga was full house at that time, many Baladewa was on front line, and the crowds didn’t stop to sing along. Together they didn’t stop gave us the best performance with all-time hits we already knew such as: “Restoe Boemi”, “Pangeran Cinta”, “Cukup Siti Nurbaya”, “Sedang Ingin Bercinta”, “Kirana”, “Pupus”, “Cinta Kan Membawamu Kembali”, “Satu Hati”, “Separuh Nafas”, “Kangen”, “Arjuna”, and finally closed the magnificent show with “Kamulah Satu-Satunya”.

The air was filled joy, excitement, and tired faces from all people who came to PASIFIC because they enjoyed the gig very much they couldn’t stop singing and dancing along with the performers. The price of tickets is classified into above average for college gigs but for you who came know for sure that it was worth. You never know what time in the future DEWA 19 feat. Ari Lasso will ever performing together again. Also other big names like Mocca, Sheila on7, and, Maliq & D’Essentials in one stage? It was a big winning and Bandung should be glad to see those artists. Big thanks to the hard work of committee who finally done four big events and we hope that we will see another PASIFIC next year. Congrats, kuddos!

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Reporter: Mellysa Anastasya
Photographer: Titus Firmanto


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