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As a community-based jazz edutainment program, Braga Jazz Walk was once running as a two weekly event, but right after the Java Jazz Pre Event which featured artists from three nations, the venue Braga CityWalk informed us the cut down due to some reasons. We still don’t know if this is going to be permanent or until when, but what we do know is that we should still focus in providing the local young guns a reliable platform to grow. Either they need promotion, wish you try out their concept, need to gain experience or simply love to perform in front of real audience in public places, this event is totally free for them to use.

While for the well established musicians, this event should be able to stand as a meeting point between them and the younger ones. They can share their knowledge and experience, they can give feedback, or they can let the youngsters learn through live performances. We provide jam session too in every edition to accomodate just about anybody who want to taste the jazzy stage. For musicians or singers who still has no band, this session can be useful. For the band members, this could freshen them from routines. And for the audience, they can always taste it anytime they want to. So far we have receieved many positive feedbacks and still have to work better on several issues. But generally, so far this event is still running on the right track with plenty of success stories to tell.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Tidbits (3)

After a long one full month, Braga Jazz Walk #12 was back again in action on April 9, 2015. For this edition we prepared 3 bands plus one special session. The special session featured a still 8 year-old girl that seems to know her destiny from such early age. Her name is Nadine. Nadine is currently studies at Venche Music School (VMS) under the guidance of a female jazz pianist we know very well, Nanet Ken Asri. She brought her mom and came to the previous 11th edition, where she directly approached us in order to ask for joining the jam. She amazed us directly from the first note. She could already play on stage like a pro and even joined much older players in jam session without any problem. This event is for talents like her. We invited her to have a slot in this edition, she grabbed it excitedly.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 = Find Taste (6)

Before Nadine had her first ever gig in life, Find Taste was the band to start the night. The band’s called Find Taste with Billy Likumahuwa (vocal), M Rizky Pratama (guitar), Joe Bastian (bass), Anthony (guitar) and Andre (drums). The vocalist Billy who constantly appears and jams almost in every edition of Braga Jazz Walk has a unique deep baritone voice and loves to sing no matter what genre he’s being given. Since last year he’s been placing his interest in jazz singing that’s perfectly accomodated by having reliable compatriotes in Find Taste.

Speaking of song choice, they selected 4 songs with really different backgrounds. First, Antonio Carlos Jobim’s gem “Wave” in pop bossa, then they caught everyone off guard with Ismail Marzuki’s “Panon Hideung”. From there they visited The Beatles by singing “Come Together” in jazz-rock spirit then sealed their session with “Biru”.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Find Taste (1)

As they have been showing their support by attending our event at regular basis, We’re happy that finally we can give one full slot for them. Unique baritone voice and young but capable musicians are found inside this band. As they are still pursuing the formal education in music, we are glad to be able to support them. Since Find Taste’s filled with passionate boys, we know they still have many things to offer. If this event still runs, we will invite them again and see their progress.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Nadine (4)

Then came the time for us to see the adorable little girl, Nadine. She was there alone, playing all by herself. She was very brave to do so. Look at her repertoires: “Take Five”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Night in Tunisia”. Sweet and simple, with all the innocence and purity of a child, Nadine mesmerized everyone as she gained loud applauses from one song to another. How could a girl her age handle the pressure of performing in front of the audience? Not something that’s easy for them, but the adorable Nadine overcame all of her nervousness and came out as a winner.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Nadine (2)

We always feel happy to meet new talent, especially a rare talent like Nadine. Imagine, while girls her age are still playing with dolls and starting to learn how to develop skills in activities they love, Nadine already found what she destined to be specifically. We are thinking, if she can already play like that today, how amazing will she become in the future. She has all the chance in the world, especially since her parents are supporting her fully. We are proud to be able to feature/introduce her, and hope she will take Braga Jazz Walk as home and come more often.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - YD Nafis Trio (6)

Next was a trio, YD Nafis Trio. First, meet YD Nafis, an all-round keyboardist highly respected by many young guns in Bandung. About 6 months ago when the Braga Jazz Walk was just started, he told us about his plan of establishing his own group. It wasn’t easy to find the perfect ones to fill up each line, but instead of waiting, he started directly with whatever available. The drummer was already there, the young Alman Naufal who’s currently absorbing drumming knowledge and skill from Elfa Zulham and proudly is working as a drum instructor at the Venche Music School. With a very minimalistic format they have graced some stages, including some appearance on our own soil. Later on we heard that he has found a bassist. Then we invited him and his trio to fill up this edition’s slot. He took it and told us that he just got a new bassist, Robby Tribuwono Saksono.

For the first time YD Nafis Trio rest their case in our regular event, and according to Nafis, it was their first ever gig too as a trio. “All the Things You Are” was first, but then they served a surprise by pinning Nirvana’s classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit” into a soft but free jazz outfit. Throughout the songs Alman tranced behind the drums, showing how much he’s dwelling into it. Nafis let his soul go over the terrains, freely, happily. As for the newest member Robby, he is remarkable in guarding these two and keep everything intact. For the last song, they gave a cool cover of Robert Glasper’s song titled “FTB”.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - YD Nafis Trio (2)

YD Nafis is not only a remarkable jazz pianist. He’s also a leader that expressively spreads positive vibe and happiness that can be felt by both fellow players and the audience. He leads and serves at the same time, thus make the trio stands solid. Alman as usual was into his trancing mode as a reflection of how much he’s into his play. And Robby is indeed an excellent bassist who really knows what to do. We predicted earlier that this session would be interesting and enjoyable, and yes it actually was. We enjoy YD Nafis’ keyboard playing in Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha and West Java Syndicate, now we see the other side of him in more central position. According to Nafis, Robby completed the core. His group may expand with more than trio, but the three will always be the core. Playing as a  trio is tricky and never easy, but Nafis should feel lucky to have Alman and Robby around, vise versa.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Violin Project (2)

The final showcase was a band, consists of young guns, that places two violins in front. The band’s called Violin Project. It’s still new, established earlier this year when two young violinists, Kiki Abdul Haqi and Raga Dipa wished to hold an internal concert that finally took place at the Auditorium Indra Music last month by the name of Violin Night. The violin duo are strongly supported by their friends such as Pandu Watu Alam (piano), Marsha Oktora (guitar), Satria Tri Buana (bass) and the talented drummer who has played at our event quite many times, Andi Pramudito.

Andi told us earlier that Funk/Fusion is the main style of their music. Since Raga is the personnel of Bandung rock band named Restless, some rock pattern is alive and kicking too in their music. They opened up with Chick Corea “Spain”. Jazz rock sounded majestic from them, plus some samba beat and other twists enriched this opening song. As they attracted more and more people, the threw more songs including Secret Garden’s “Poeme”, and Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”. They do have original song too, written by Didi entitled “Journey”. For the last song, they played UZEB/Didier Lockwood’s “The Kid”.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Violin Project (1)

6 players connected and shone bright. The rich, strong and steady drumbeat, fine guitar line and melodious rhythm from the bass, fired up keyboardist and of course, two brilliant violinists in front created one solid package of music. Violin is not the usual instrument to find in jazz and rock, therefore a band like this is important in terms of enriching our music with colorful varieties. It feels good to be able to feature this in our event. Hopefully more people could see that there are so many possibilities in jazz and certainly, you can use any kinds of instrument to bring out the jazzy soul in you.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Jam Session-

Jam session started afterwards with Nadine and YD Nafis. They shared one piano and played “Take the ‘A’ Train” and then “Autumn Leaves”. Interestingly, Nadine’s grandfather who came to support her took the mike and sang. A golden, round baritone voice of the grandpa gained loud applauses and cheers from every one in the venue. Frank Navayo (guitar) joined in.

Nafis’ dear wife, Misty then took over the mike and sang “How Insensitive”. More players rushed in: Omega (piano), Rio (bass), Rizky (guitar), Anthony (guitar) and Alman (drums). Misty led them and sang Raisa’s “Could This Be Love”. Billy took the other mike and sang too. The photo session happened during this song, but there was one last batch: the whole YD Nafis Trio plus Billy (now on guitar) with Fauzan Razak (vocal). They made a spontaneous but stand out cover of “Feeling Good”. That became the end of this 12th edition.

Braga Jazz Walk 12 - Photo Group

Three groups in various formats and styles plus one special solo performance by an 8 year-old girl were the story of this 12th edition. It’s great to see many young players are already capable to bring good music in the name of jazz. We are satisfied with the variety of instruments being used, the wide age ranging and colorful sounds. Oh yeah, the jam was cool too. There are many bands still waiting to be featured. We will bring another fresh batch next month. If the event still runs, you can be sure to get something different. That’s all for now, see you again next month.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan


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