Java Jazz Festival 2010: Rufus feat. Sly Stone, Jeff Lorber, Soulbop Special Edition


This band who brought Chaka Khan into the light of fame now came back to java Jazz Festival. After being in the hidden nest of crowd, Rufus the showed themselves back in the year of 2006. It is out of Tony Maiden idea – Guitarist of Rufus to do a show collaborating with Sly Stone. Helding it in Java Jazz Festival 2010, they made people watched in awe for their magnificent performance.

Rufus ft Sly Stone (3)

One of the JJF’s Best Pals, Jeff Lorber, who were widely known as fusion jazz respected artists, was also one reason the festival could going along so well until now. Together with Brian simpson, Michael Paulo and some other artists, Jeff has never absent support the shows. This year, like before, Jeff has again performed with Michael Paulo and Jimmy Haslip from Yellowjackets as a surprise guest appearance. There’s not much to say about his performance which always treated our thirst for jazz every year but totally remarkable.

Jeff Lorber (1)

Randy Brecker, legendary trumpeter and flugelhorn player from The Becker Brothers, and Bill Evans, famous saxophonist who once being the members of Miles Davis band, comes with a  special package named Soulbop Special Edition featuring guitarist Robben Ford, bassist Darryl Jones, pianist Steve Weingart, and above all Toto’s Steve Lukather. Steve’s appearance was one of the most expected performance this year since Toto had became many band’s inspired style. Steal the show one after another, they explored the other side of jazz, rock, soul and blues alltogether, and rarely we could see music legends collaborate together in one big stage at the main hall. Even Babyface’s special show couldn’t hold the audience’s enthusiasm to see their performance.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Daniel Irawan, Ata Michaella
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Praditya Nova, Daniel Irawan
Editor: Ardhi Saputro




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