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Watching the showJava Jazz Festival 2011 has been passed. Even so, the feel of jazz is still saved in heart or even stuck in our mind. Yet, aside from the tons of bright musician who highlighted this biggest jazz party, Java Jazz Festival also consists of numerous interesting stories that that’s precisely even discoursed by showgoers. More than just a jazz festivity, the Java Jazz Festival itself has transformed into a lifestyle where everybody can join. In like manner, it proves jazz music is not that high to enjoy.

It might be different when the first Java Jazz Festival that’s hosted about seven years ago hit Jakarta. Taking place in Jakarta Convention Centre, the jazz party was only attended by small numbers of jazz-lovers. Many said that Jazz was too high and kind an expensive music to delight in, at that moment.

However, as the time flies, Java Jazz Festival has changed so much. The numbers of attendees are getting improved. As it’s seen through the audience who packed in JIExpo Kemayoran days ago, to see their favorite jazz-artists or even just to feel the sense of jazz.

Memorabilia at JJF 2011

From the youngsters to adults nowadays are keen to pop up and have fun with this great jazz-gala. Jazzy KidSome of sweet couples seemed to drown their romance into Java Jazz, several groups of teenagers looked enjoy the performances and many old guys were seen in some music-halls as well. Year after year we have seen people dressed in jazzy style. It became a different kind of excitement to see at a festival like this. Some artists had reunions with their colleagues, fans took the chance to take pictures with the artists, while others had such a good time with their family and friends inside. What Java Jazz Festival brings to us is not just a simple jazz event. Yes it’s gigantic, with thousands of artists and hundreds of show for total 3 days, but more than just that, we could also see the kind of jazz lifestyle under one roof, living harmoniously with all the nonstop action from the whole 16 stages.

Indra Lesmana Honhon n Bubi Chen

On the whole, the Java Jazz Festival 2011 told lots of stories. Other than just jazz itself, Java Jazz Festival is currently about lifestyle which becomes a foremost music bash we should check in. Everybody completely jazzed it up!


The lights went off, some stages were wrapped, and the leftover crowds started to leave the venue. Some of them took some time to pose in front of some walls where the big signs of the gargantuan jazz festival still existed. We packed our bags, ready to go home, but as we took a moment to look around one last time, we realized how lucky we are as Indonesian to have the largest jazz festival in the world at our home. It’s been an amazing experience once again to witness the actions presented in various colors, not just for one day or two, but for three days in a row. We ran from stage to stage for almost 12 hours straight per day to catch the moment when the artists from both local and international demonstrated their kinds of jazz, pouring out their souls or even unleashing their spirits within. There are always stories to share from this annual festival, so here we are giving you the overview of the AXIS Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2011.


AXIS Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2011 has reached its 7th edition. Just like the previous ones, this time we got hundreds of shows from thousands of artists. All were spread in 16 stages in various sizes. The growing number of attendees showed how big this festival is today. There were about 80.000 people came to Java Jazz Festival 2009, then the number increased to be 100.000 people in 2010. This year at least 150.000 people came to taste the jazzin’ lifestyle and watched their favorites and idols performed live right in front of them. If last year’s theme was Jazzin Up Remarkable Indonesia, this year the Java Jazz Festival brought a very important subject as the theme: “Remarkable Indonesia, Harmony Under One Nation.” As what the theme stated, this year we got many things that really represented it perfectly.


It’s good to have a theme, because then the festival itself will be able to offer more specific and thematic concept as the highlight. indralesmanaSo, “Harmony Under One Nation” also represented in more unique collaborations. Not only between the international performers, but also cross-nations and even across generations. If 3 years ago the Java Festival Production surprised us all with Slank went jazzin’, this time we had  GIGI with Ron King Big Band. Other collaborations were Tony Monaco & JOC Band, Kamal Mussalam’s Eastmania & Dwiki Dharmawan, George Benson with Magenta Orchestra, Sandhy Sondoro with Jeff Lorber and George Duke with Cindy Bernadette to represent the cross-nation’s collaborations. Then we got Fariz RM and Barry Likumahuwa and Friends/Erwin Gutawa Big Band, Andi/RIF ft Rebecca, one of the most impressive newly formed band with very high cruising range, LLW Trio with Kyriz Boogiemen, Margo Rising Stars with the jazz couple Yance Manusama and Otti Jamalus, or the match made in heaven, two lovely couples paired up at the same stage, Endah n Rhesa and Yance and Otti. All these combinations proved the existance of harmony in the name of jazz, under one nation.

Tomorrow People Ensemble was formed by four incredibly accomplished young fellas. They are Nikita Dompas, Adra Karim, Elfa Zulham, and Indra Perkasa. The band could play a wide array of styles of music from rock n roll, blues, reggae, afro cuban, even electronic, but still their biggest influence is from jazz. They have participated in the making of few songs such as “Something Like Your Smile”, Rieka Roslan’s “My Heart” and “Sahabat”, Janji Joni OST “Step Ahead For Freedom”, SOva’s “Nak Cenik Kedek”, and the very famous song which they also played last night, “Wham Bam Thank You Mam” in Jazz Masa Kini compilation album. Two of the personnels got to leave Indonesia to continue their study, and that made the band had to be put on hiatus. Elfa Zulham is now back for good to Indonesia. It’s only Adra now who still lives abroad. Still, whenever they had the chance to unite in complete formation, it’s almost sure that they would make one or two concerts.
It was invigorating to see them playing again since they have been inactive for 3 years before since we were all curious what they all four would bring out after some years of not playing together. Each of them has had their music studies, experiences and backgrounds from different areas of the world and its interesting to see and listen how Tomorrow People Ensemble develop and grow into different sound but still represents Tomorrow People Ensemble themselves. For us, it’s always delightful to see this band and we always give respect to them. It was established when the music trend seemed to go against them back then, but they just went on doing what they knew best, pouring their heart and soul away into the form of music we all love, jazz, with all the freedom and pleasure in. Tomorrow People Ensemble might not be around regularly, but we will be more than happy to have them play anytime at all. Salute, Tomorrow People Ensemble!

Newyork Voices (1)

New York Voices was performing again for the second time on the last day of java jazz festival 2011. The audiences could not get enough of their captivating shows on yesterday. Fortunately, they performed again for other audiences and fans whom had not gotten the chance to see their performance.They carried out some songs from their first show and also brought out some new tunes to the menu.and as always, they consistently presented the best of their performance to mesmerize their lovely fans and audiences.

Indonesian Youth Regeneration (4)

Indonesian Youth Regeneration (IYR) is a group that is formed around October 2009. it was consisted of 8 incredibly amazing talented young chaps, Dennis Junio Gani (saxophonist), Demas Narawangsa (Drummer), David Manuhutu (Keyboardist I), Albert Fakdawer (vocalist), Timothy Luntungan (Keyboardist II), Reno Castello (Gitaris), dan Enos Martyn (Bassist). They have performed before in Wine and Jazz Singapore festival 2010, Jazz Goes to Campus and International Java jazz Festival. Last year, they also participated in SINGAPORE PERFORMING ARTS JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP for INTERNATIONAL KIDS PERFORMING FESTIVAL. and they successfully grabbed the gold medal and the title “Grand Champion 2010″. We are really proud to see they represent Indonesia internationally to show the world that we have brilliant, skilled, and talented young musicians. If you look closer to each personnels, you will know that they mean quality. Some of them have emerged as the pro with enough experiences to be proud of. It was really invigorating to see such fresh talents of such young ages teamed up and performed such an amazing show in Java Jazz Festival 2011.

GIGI & Ron King Big Band (4)

Assembled from artists with various kinds of music background including Dewa Budjana from jazz area, Gigi was known best a pop-rock band, one of Indonesia’s finest. This time they were paired with Ron King Big Band which are straight jazz big band. After King’s collaboration with Slank, it is always interesting to see such combination of totally different styles. Along with the changing of personnels, we could see that this band is somehow related to jazz. Some of the personnels are active in the jazz scene outside GIGI. Dewa Budjana is the jazz maestro with the sensibility of playing ethnics, Gusti Hendy is also the drummer of the dare-devil fusion band LIGRO Trio. Although Armand Maulana’s vocal sometimes cannot unmounted the too-rock felt, but somehow it has created something unique. Opened the show with the new song from their new album, “Distorsi Manusia”, Gigi then played their many hits including “Terbang”, one of the most unique when the originally electronic dominated sound replaced with big band sound.
Sandhy Sandoro (1)
Last year, Indonesia got a big surprise from the breakthrough appearance of Sandhy Sondoro in their music industry. Comes from a musician family, Sandhy started his carreer not in his hometown, but in Germany after some hard struggling from a busker to pub singer. His first single, “Down On The Streets” from debut album “Why Don’t We” , then brought Sandhy to his stardom. He performed in famous theatres, won in singing festivals and some other important events. After an online videos, Sandhy started his new carreer in Indonesia. What made him special is his widerange and a very powerful vocals, that hardly even heard in other Indonesian singer. His debut performance in last year’s festival attracted famous songwriter Diane Warren who invited him to Los Angeles, to join Diane Warren‘s show with Cher, Patti Austin, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, LeAnn Rimes, Eric Benet and others. On this year’s performance of the festival, not only Sandhy will bring us the songs from his recent debut Indonesian album, the theme is Sandhy Sondoro Sings Classics, where Sandhy will sing his interpretation of Percy Sledge’s classic, “When A Man Loves A Woman”, the one that delivered him to the first place at the ‘International Contest of Young Pop Singer’ in Jurmala, Lavtia, years ago.

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Reporter: Riandy KurniawanAta MichaellaArdhi SaputroFebrian DirgaDaniel KurniawanEdria Kosasih

Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Febrian DirgaMarnala Eross Simanjuntak, Dwi Ratri Utomo

Opened with the a short speech from Peter F. Gontha and Jero Wacik, our ministry of tourism on introducing its new symbols ‘Wonderful Indonesia’, then our national anthem that sang by all audience, Benson opened his show with the lovely 80’s ballad “In Your Eyes”.

George Benson (6)

Benson has again played some of his special ability on scatting with his guitar tunes. Such hits like “Turn Your Love Around”, “Kisses In The Moonlight”, “Lady Love Me (One More Time)”, “Give Me The Night”, the classic “Moody’s Mood For Love”, the everlasting ballad “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” and “The Greatest Love Of All”, plus Java Jazz Festival audience’s favorite, “On Broadway”, rolled into one amazing pack of greatest hits from one of the greatest jazz artists ever. And this time, the media had no difficulty to reported the whole show from the very beginning. Just like he said on the press conference, that jazz is never about a school of jazz, we just need some improvizations to build it inside our mind and heart. George Benson‘s two special performances this year is one of the greatest show ever held in the festival’s history.

Eric Darius (3)

an ambitious saxophonist and composer, Eric Darius is always hungry to do more of what he does. He consistenly evolve and grow by embracing different kinds of music from Jazz, R&B, Pop, Reggae to Hip-hop, Rock and Gospel eventhough he stated that contemporary jazz is the genre that has embraced his music. This ambitious saxophonist always lke to explore new things to keep him excited. since he was young, Darius has been exposed to music anbd also has obtained some great achievements by playing in Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and released his first album at the age of 17. He also has shared the stage with many big musicians such as: Prince, Wynton Marsalis, George Benson, Barry Mcknight, and many more. He is a kind of musician who always bringing a sense of history yet he approaches his music with fresh and modern idea. He always has a mission through his music; he wants his music to be a vehicle for change and to transcend boundaries from age to race; it is to make a difference in the world.

Margo Rising Star (4)

As the undeniable prove of how well the jazz development runs in Indonesia lately, today we have seen many growing communities all over Indonesia. One of them is Margo. At this present time they already have more than 200 artists inside. They all help one another to go higher and further with their career. While some have emerged as a successful musicians, some are going towards that direction. The contribution of Margo Friday Jazz, the regular weekly event from Margo Jazz Community has helped big time to shape these musicians until they are ready to hatch.
Margo Rising Stars is one of the group consists of young singers and musicians which represent the community in many events, big and small. They have performed in many places from Bekasi Jazz Festival to reach Bandung’s Sunday Jazz. Now they landed at the Java Jazz Festival 2011.
Margo Rising Stars is a large ship with crowded formations including brass sections. For Java Jazz Festival 2011 the lineup were Peppy Probo, Grace Sahertian, Angel Bollemeyer, Mekelin Yopiania on vocals, Satriawan Wiguna and Lia Harlan on keyboards, Rio Alief on drums, Ankadiov on bass, Aditya Bayu and Christian Dylan on guitar, plus brass and reeds section guarded by Damez Nababan, Maleaki, Yudha and Jordy Walaukarauw. That made the ensemble appeared in crowded formations. Like it wasn’t enough they got reinforced by more senior artists, the lovely jazz couple Otti Jamalus and Yance Manusama plus the hyperactive rapper Kyriz Boogiemen. This big ensemble brought some of The Police and Sting’s famous hits such as “Englishman In New York” and “Roxanne”. Otti and Yance brought “Spirit in the Material World” and “Message in a Bottle”. Having a very special theme tributing The Police, these young guns showed how smooth they could collaborate with much senior musicians. It was a nice package indeed, and we are happy to see the growth of Margo Jazz community. You’re doing great. Keep it up guys!

Luca Ciarla Quartet (3)

Attenzione! Meet the “Fiddler In The Loop”, the Italian violist who trancends the boundaries between jazz, folk and classical with his music, Luca Ciarla. Not only bridging the gap between these big worlds, he also combines the traditional and contemporary creating a new sonic landscapes. In Luca Ciarla Quartet he brought 3 other friends, Vince Abbracciante (accordion), Nicola di Camilo (contrabass) and Francesco Savoretti (drums/percussions). Together they brought their audiences into a new horizon where contemporary jazz, classical and ethnique ambiences blended in magic. As he often surprised his audiences everywhere he went, this time he did that once again at the Java Jazz Festival 2011. Grazie per la bella musica, Luca!

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Reporter: Riandy KurniawanAta MichaellaArdhi SaputroFebrian DirgaDaniel KurniawanEdria Kosasih

Photographer: Praditya Nova, Marnala Eross SimanjuntakEghi Gabred


The word “Ecoutez” originally quote from french languange which mean “Listen”. Smooth music and cool performance, that’s how Ecoutez makes the flow.  Delia unique vocal blend served with pop jazz music and catchy lyrics are the perfect combination to take out the crowd. They can make the crowd sing along and just wiggle their body or even dancing!. Ecoutez! are Arya Bima(Ayi) on guitar, Amelia Septianti(Delia) on vocal, Leo Christian (Leo) on bass, Widyo Prastowo (Laz) on keyboard and Fajrul Ahsan Fikri (Jay) on drum . The majority of youngsters among the audiences showed their distribution of fans respectively. They all sang along with Delia until the end, and that became some kind of party for the audiences.


Syaharani and the Queenfireworks was also one of the group that played twice for the Java Jazz Festival 2011. On the second day they brought the original concept with full team. Yesterday ESQI:EF presented their semi-acoustic taste. If this group always has an intimate approach to connect them with their fans with the full concept, by having a cozy and relaxing loungish style they got even more intimate to the audience.

RAN (2)

Formed in November, 2006, RAN is the acronym from the 3 members, Rayi (vocal/rap), Asta (guitar) and Nino (vocal). They studied at the same high school. The pop creative RAN offers music lovers many genres, such as R&B, soul, hip hop, jazz, reggae, dance, etc. Supported by talented additional music players, they make dynamic arrangements on their live performances. Local medias has given good praises for RAN’s music. They are very popular in Indonesia today especially among the teenagers. By fitting the current scene of dance music and considering they are still young with loads of talent and creativity, we will surely hear more of them in the future, louder than ever.


In the fast streaming jazz sea, sometimes we need a comforting tune that could sound so relaxing to melt our hearts away. Meet Nengah and Nanda, a dynamic duo who focus on the beauty side of melodies in every song they bring. Sister Duke’s Nengah Krisnarini and Manna/ITMOS guitarist Achmad Ananda. This is one of the very interesting jazz couple we found lately. They have a very sweet, smooth, tasty acoustic concept served intimately. No pretention, just deliver the songs in simple and honest way to come into our senses.
You will know a good team when they created magic together. The same case happen for this duo. They started uniquely by making their own renditions of other people’s songs by accepting requests every month through their facebook page. But then they bagged many good responses. Many people digged their honest, pure and simple concept, and that opens up a chance for them to do something further. “We’re keeping our options open, we might even record our own original works someday.” said Nengah. We think they have to consider it. This relaxing acoustic jazz usually can reach wider segments and work really well in the market.
We spotted them playing not in any stages but in a small MRA booth. Still, they gave a very well performance. Some of the audiences stated that they have missed Nengah’s voice since her Sister Duke is inactive right now, and felt really happy to finally hear her voice again. They entertained some people who stood there watching them and some passersby, and we say there’s nothing better than listening to this comforting smooth acoustic jazz while staying away from the queuing crowds at the big halls for a moment. They brought some of the songs they have played before based on the requests such as Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, Dave Matthews Band’s “You and Me”, Protonema’s “Rinduku Adinda” and some songs taken from Nengah’s Sister Duke collection including “Kreyzie”, “Kenangan Lama” and “Senandung Untukmu”. By bringing the special theme of Rock vs Sister Duke covers, Nengah and Nanda gave a solid collaboration in such a beautiful way. The jazzy soulful voice of Nengah combines with Nanda’s neat guitar playing has created a beautiful package. We certainly hope this duo will go further.

Java Jive (5)

As one of the most famous band in Indonesian music history, Java Jive was formed In Bandung, 1989 by Edwin and Noey who came from the same school. The band was named after a Manhattan Transfer’s song. Later the formation was filled with Tony, Protonema’s the late Micko, and three vocalists, Fatur, Danny & Neta. After sometimes, Neta left the band and Micko joined Protonema. Capung then filled Micko’s guitarist position, and in 1993, they made their first album, who became a huge success by the lead single, Kau Yang Terindah. The success still continued to the follow-up album including Gerangan Cinta and Permataku from Java Jive II. Their long time vacuum after the 2006’s greatest hits and some personal conflict, has ended with the release of Stay Gold album in 2008.
It was beautiful to have this band returned on stage once again. They still have it all, includes the stage chemistry that once was lost. And with so many fans still stand behind them, we know that Fatur, Dany, Capung and Noey still have many things to achieve if they ever decide to continue their journey. Their performance at the limited Dji Sam Soe’s Jazz Corner might be too limited that left a long queue outside the venue, but it was something special. From “Kau Yang Terindah”, “Gadis Malam”, “Menikah”, “Permataku to Gerangan Cinta”, their performance as one of the closing highlights of this year’s festival, ran hugely attractive.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella, Ardhi Saputro, Febrian Dirga, Daniel Kurniawan, Edria Kosasih
Photographer: Marnala Eross Simanjuntak, I Putu Surya KBEghi Gabred, Dwi Ratri Utomo, Omar Arif Maulana, Bayu P Warjiyo


The party served big with amusing collaboration between the legendary Fariz RM with Barry Likumahuwa & Friends and Erwin Gutawa Big Band. Although Fariz RM is not too active anymore in the surface, he’s been very well known since the late 70’s and reached his peak during the 80’s that pioneered Pop Creative as an innovative breakthrough in Indonesia. This multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer has the kind of voice that would easily be noticed by everyone.

The tasty 80’s style of fusion is something we always expect from him, especially with his touch on keyboard. Having another senior Erwin Gutawa and his big band together with the younger lion Barry Likumahuwa and friends, they put up a nice show to warm everyone on their playing hall.

On this unique collaboration, Fariz has divided the show into two parts. In the first part with Barry, Fariz played his classics such as “Nada Kasih” and the medley of most awaited “Sakura” and “Barcelona”. Fariz also introduced us the tune of “Terindah”, his new song from the upcoming album. In the next with Erwin Gutawa big band, Fariz played “Suzhie Belel”, “Selangkah Ke Seberang”, and one more from that new soon to be released album, a song called “Fenomena.” For many fans, it was great to see Fariz RM on fire again on stage. Not only stood behind the keyboard but also sang in front.

Everete Harp (2)

Everette Harp once again showed his amazing play at Java Jazz Festival 2011. He has shown his solid performance all over Java Jazz Festival 2008 and 2009 and becoming Java Jazz’ in-house residence ever since. This man is one of the greatest saxophonists of all time with the style ranging from blues, jazz, gospel to reach the hip hop land among other genres. As we have seen how jazz artists expanded themselves to meet the hip hop, classic groovy R&B during the 90’s, Everette Harp found himself ahead of the curve. Besides his high skill and endless ideas in music, what’s good about Everette is his undying passion for learning. He once stated “I’ve always looked upon each album as a learning experience, and for me that used to mean trying to fill each song with huge arrangements and every sonic idea that came to mind, scattering styles on the other songs once the radio tunes were recorded, and playing a lot of notes. But like George Duke has long told me, there is an art form to being simple and communicating honestly. The result, I believe is my most focused project to date.” Everette is fully gifted in many things. Not just as a saxophonist, he’s also great in writing/composing, arranging even being successful as a producer. His latest solo album “First Love” in 2009 did really well on jazz charts and received good acclaims everywhere. Listen to him and you will be amazed by his ability to inject soul, dynamic funk edges and urban textures inside a beautiful melodies, sensual rhythms of jazz in one piece. One thing for sure, the joy of urban contemporary jazz would never be the same without him.

Meanwhile the legendary supergroup Fourplay once again greeted their fans in a wonderful performance. Last night they gave one unforgettable moment by playing their hits. Tonight Fourplay held their second gig to give the chance for those who missed the first one to enjoy their show. Once again Fourplay did one great job. They had a lot of fun playing the songlist and always got big applaused by the crowds. We are lucky to be able to see the role of the new guitarist Chuck Loeb joining Bob James, Nathan East and Harvey Mason, and yes, it was absolutely brilliant choice to chose him in.


Bandung was represented by Imam Pras Quartet. Imam Pras is a senior pianist , composer, music director and also music teacher in this capital of West Java, Indonesia. His bop and post bop play are awe-inspiring, but having said that, it’s not rare to find him playing jazz standard as well. Lately he found a new journey, visiting the land where jazz and ethnic are crossing each other. He started it with TCP/IP (The Collaboration Project of Imam Pras), and now he continued this project to land at the Java Jazz Festival’s ground zero. As usual Imam Pras brought his long time partner in crime, the Aru brothers (Rudy and Ari) and vocalist Lia Amalia, saxophonist Boyke Priyo Utomo and one kendang player. If two days earlier we got Dwiki Dharmawan‘s shows and Eastmania taking the ethnique road, Imam Pras did it on the last day of Java Jazz Festival 2011.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella, Ardhi Saputro, Febrian Dirga, Daniel Kurniawan, Edria Kosasih
Photographer: Marnala Eross Simanjuntak, Eghi Gabred, Dwi Ratri Utomo, Omar Arif Maulana


If you want to go back to the 40’s-50’s where the jazz big bands were still at large, listen to the Galaxy Big Band. The band presents the vintage memory of the swingin’ and jivin’ jazz of those era. However, the swinging melodies of galaxy are also sprinkled with the chic touch resulting the trendy swing that is ready to be enjoyed and fitted in the current era.


Abdul is on his first album introduced himself as a soloist has changed its identity. Bears the name of Abdul & The Coffee Theory. Abdul is now supported with personnel Andrey Chiling band (drums), Ono (keyboard) and Riza (bass) they are always been able to give a groove and bossanova nuance to everyone with their music.


The Comfort of My Own Company was her debut album, but doesn’t mean that she’s a new comer in music industries. Mian Tiara is not an instant result of music industries. She is a girl who build her dream slowly, like a metamporh of a larva turn in to a beautiful butterfly. Studied her first musical experience in the age of 13 and she took a drum as her favorite instrument. After Graduate she learned piano and the basic principle of jazz from her old aquintance, Riza Arshad. She never took a lesson in singing, She’s more into self taught. Working with numerous musician such as Indra lesmana, Leonardo Ringo, Nikita Dompas, Indra Aziz and her twin sister Mian Meuthia has giving a ton of new experience. yet she never stop exploring her singing world.


Artistic, honest, poetic and somehow seems intricately mysterious; some words that could relate to Mian Tiara. She is a person who sees music through as a medium to express life and her solitudeness; love or hate, blissful or bitter, or anything that she could pour out from her thoughts and feelings. Her latest album “The Comfort of My Own Company” just speaks the whole profile of her individual as a human who is living in this world. An album who describes who she is in her own way. Again, her talent is too big to be labeled certain types since  herself was shaped from many different aspects of life.

Drew feat Bayu Risa (11)

After “Unromantic” and now “Radio”, sure Drew is rising faster than ever. With  Sashi, Aji, Putra and Shanda this 4-man band with the acoustic pop style attract attention from many people. Tonight at Java Jazz Festival 2011 they perform with Bayu Risa, one attractive man that brought more colour.

There are so many things could pop into our minds when we hear the name Jeff Lorber. Some people would refer to the delightful pattern of fusion, something that he clearly gave during the late 70’s to the early 80’s. Others would directly imagining the smooth jazz, and that’s not wrong too, since he was also one of the smooth jazz pioneer too especially after he entered his solo career. For us, Jeff Lorber is someone who has contributed many things for the passion and for the love of music.


Some people think that it is the end of the world when they are losing their eyesight. However, it is not for Ade Irawan, he shines in the midst of his darkness world. He was a natural born musician who has known melodies since he was really young. then, he taught himself the keyboard and piano only through listening. He had performed in several festivals in Chicago, USA. He also has participated and performed in lots of music festivals in Jakarta such as Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, JakJazz, Jazz Goes to Campus,and now Java Jazz Festival. At his 17 year-old age, he already has a long list of experiences, achievements and awards.


There are many reasons why Bubi Chen is recognized as the “Art Tatum of the East”. He is one of the greatest legendary pianist, jazz virtuoso and simply one of the best not only in Indonesia but also throughout Asia and in the world. He came from the musical family. His father Tan Khing Hoo was a violist. He started learning piano since he was still five years old. Later he found his passion in jazz and soon he sailed passing one achievement to another.


George Duke has been entertaining us throughout his life with his soulful voice and arrangements. He started his musical journey when he started his piano studies learning and absorbing the roots of Black music in his Baptist church. He then went to music school to explore and learn more about jazz; he enrolled in San Fransisco Conservatory of Music majoring in trombone and composition then continued to achieve his master degree in composition. At his early age, realizing that his whole life and passion is for music, throughout his young age, he joined and performed a lot with many well-known musicians such as Cannonbal Adderley, Frank Zappa, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis and many more.  Due to his most of lifetime was involved during the big evolution of music (from the 50’s til now), He was able to play any kinds of music during that time from gospel, jazz, pop, bossa, soul to funk. His career started when he was doing solo and releasing fusion album “From Me to You” and a gold funk album “Reach For It”. He then got into producing as a career and made a breakthrough with an album for Taste of Honey “Sukiyaki”. He then collaborated with Jeffrey Osborne releasing big hits “Stay With Me Tonight” and “On The Wings Of Love” and two best-sellers hits for Denice Williams “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” and the chart-topping R&B single “Do What You Feel”.

George Duke Electric (16)

Duke also wrote and produced the number one single “Sweet Baby” for his own recording with Stanley Clarke. He brought this song tonight nicely, and the crowds gave a huge pops. Duke also included some fusions with long durations in between, and he closed it nicely with the ever lovely “Born to Love You” featuring Cindy Bernadette. Whether you want to bring your nostalgic lane, you want to hear some soulful fusion, enjoying the romantic ballads that you were in love with, George Duke has given it all.