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andrae crouch, interview, jakjazz
andrae crouch, interview, jakjazz

It was absolutely an honor to meet Andrae Crouch in person. He has spread the gospel to hungry hearts all over the world for more than 40 years. Sharing the blessings, the love of God continously for those many decades surely is a great achievement.

Andrae Crouch has received 8 Grammy Awards, 4 GMA Dove Awards, ASCAP Billboard and NAACP Awards. He’s also the only living Gospel artist, and the third in history, to have a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. His tremendous career has been filled not only by singing, but also as a songwriter, arranger and record producer. With more than 30 albums, many of his songs became an instant classic. He’s also a Senior Pastor at The New Christ Memorial Church Of God In Christ, together with his twin sister, Sandra Crouch. All his abilities, his achievements and talents has been provided by the power of God.

Not many knows that Andrae has a special connection with Indonesia. He still remember that moment when he first visited Indonesia for a concert in the big hall at Gelora Bung Karno stadium. He still remember some Indonesian words and still remember the cities he had visited. I’m amazed by his kindness and the love he has. He is really friendly and fun to talk with. A truly humble man that has been faithfully following what God wants. God bless him, the Ministry and everybody in it endlessly.

With the help and kindness of Mr. Ramon Hervey, we had the chance to interview Andrae at the hotel.

andrae crouch, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008 Pastor Andrae, how does it feel to preach the God’s love all around the world for over 40 years?
Not really 40 years actually.. At first I only preached around USA. I wasn’t a full time. I joined the ministry when I was still young around 1970 something. The first time I went far from America was in the early 70s, and it was Jakarta. I remember it was like a really big hall, I think it’s not too far from here.. I was there.

I think it was at Gelora Bung Karno, it’s a big stadium.
Yeah, there were many people, they sang amen.. amen.. I still remember how it was. And they said like..“Yesus Juru Selamat” (Jesus the Savior)..


just the three of us, vonny sumlang, rien djamain, mawar AFI, jakjazz 2008
just the three of us, vonny sumlang, rien djamain, mawar AFI, jakjazz 2008

3 great singers from 3 generations. Two of them are the legendary singer who has done so much to shape up jazz in Indonesia, and the other one is very popular among youngsters. This group was a brilliant idea that came from Gita Wirjawan. Rien Djamain, the most senior in the group, was a legend with remarkable vibration that nobody able to immitate even until now. Without her, the course of music would have a different history. It was her album, Api Asmara (Love Fire) that soon followed by Margie Segers‘ first album at the same year, set a new course for jazzy tunes, that was still favored among musicians until the late 80s. Vonny Sumlang was the jazz icon in the 80s. Her deep voice and interactivity was simply irrisistable. While Mawar, the youngest, was famous through a talent search program called AFI (Academy Fantasy Indonesia). Now, three great singers, join forces together. A succesful combination that will speak a lot more in the future. They are preparing the next album right now, planning to attend more events and seriously building their career as three in one. I got the chance to interview them just after their performance at JakJazz 2008.

just the three of us, rien djamain, vonny sumlang, mawar AFI, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008What a brilliant idea that I think no one would ever think of. Combining three generations, three superb singers as’s simply brilliant. Where did the idea come from?
Vonny: This group was formed by Mr Gita Wirjawan. We were attending a photo session, he saw the three of us, and then got the idea. I thought it was a great idea as well.

You all have your own style, how does it work in a group?
Vonny: Yes, we all have our own color, but then we just blend it together. We still bring our tone, but it’s for the cause of harmony now. We complete each other.

Mawar, you started your career as a pop singer. Why did you choose to sing jazz together with them?
Mawar: Yes, I started from pop, while Vonny and Rien were jazz from the beginning. But still, actually this wasn’t the first time I did jazz. Before JakJazz and our album, I already performed at Java Jazz 2008, together with Devian, Andien and Nita Aartsen. I also sang two songs in Devian’s album. So actually jazz is not really new to me.


shuya okino, dj shuya, Kyoto Jazz Massive, nu jazz, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008
shuya okino, dj shuya, Kyoto Jazz Massive, nu jazz, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

With Kyoto Jazz Massive, jazz will never be the same. They brought jazz into the new level, into the new millenium in style. It’s the crowd music, Shuya said, or shall we say, dance music, that presented in deep-tasty jazz flavor. It’s just amazing, you’ll love your stay in Kyoto Jazz Massive’s wonderful world. Nu jazz has been emerged since the late 90s as one of the strongest sub-genre of jazz. It fits to the trend, it can reach the taste of house-music fans, and it surely sounds futuristic. You’ll never stop dancing with them.

I got an exclusive interview with Shuya Okino just before he performed as DJ Shuya on stage @ JakJazz 2008.

shuya okino, dj shuya, Kyoto Jazz Massive, nu jazz, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008Hi Shuya, nice to meet you. You have a lot of fans in Indonesia you know..

Oh really? Wow!

Jazz, broken beat, dance music. Why did you blend these into the music of Kyoto Jazz Massive?

A lot of generation think of jazz is a listening music, but I wanna play jazz as a dance music. Because in the late 80s, UK’s DJ, tried to push dance, of course I have influence of UK dance scene, but now, I mixed everything. Not only jazz, house, techno music. But still jazz is important for my DJ, for my motivation, rhythm, improvisation, so I think jazz is influental jazz music for me.

shuya okino, dj shuya, Kyoto Jazz Massive, nu jazz, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

I noticed there was a big contribution of “Shibuya Kei” that changed the path of music. Do you agree with that?

Yes! In the early 90s..this is funny… Buyer made one section. He put good music from different kind of jazz. Like Monday Michiru, Mondo Grosso, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Cibo Matto, etc.. Together, different kind of music. Everything change, but good taste. Danceable. And also very fresh. Not only pop, they mixed everything. Pop, brazilian, underground, everything. After Shibuya Kei, the taste of Japanese younger generation changed.


It was a wonderful surprise to see Dina Mariana back again, and it was even more surprising to see her sing jazz. I was a big fan of her when I was still a small kid. In the 70s, Dina Mariana was one of the child superstar. Not only kids became her fans, but also parents even elders.  As one of the former top child superstar, she has been really popular, even until now people still can’t forget her. Last August she just launched her new album, Nuansa Cinta (Love Nuance), a light and sweet pop jazzy album which you can find in the nearest cd store in Indonesia.

dina mariana, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, nuansa cinta
dina mariana, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, nuansa cinta

At JakJazz 2008 she performed together with Devian, Indonesian top saxophonist. She performed beautifully and captured the audience’s heart with her sweet performance. I interviewed her right after she left the stage. Here it goes.

dina mariana, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, nuansa cintaGreat to see you back. Why did you decide to come back?
Thanks.. actually I never quit. I’m still active. But yes, the last album solo of mine was in 1999. I didn’t make any album until this year, but during the 9 years gap I still appeared in 3 albums. 2 religious albums, and 1 album with other ex-children superstar in 2007. So I’m always around as a matter of fact..

Why did you choose jazz as your style in your new album?
All of my albums were pop-based. Most of my songs are pop actually, but some of the songs in this new album has a little soft jazzy touch.

Do you like listening to jazz?
Yes, I really do love jazz. It’s been in the family. Even my son now play jazz, as a bassist.


devian, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, interview, saxophone, freedom of a dream
devian, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, interview, saxophone, freedom of a dream

Not many saxophonists in Indonesia dare to lead the band and appear in front as the main performer. But Devian is different. He has made 2 albums so far, and considered as one of the best saxophonist we have today in Indonesia. Not only playing the saxophone, he also makes songs, compositions and the programs.

Devian graduated from Berklee College of Music with the honorary Magna Cum Laude, and established his own recording studio while actively playing with many Indonesia’s top musician. His first album, “Spring Time” introduced him to many jazz fans in Indonesia. Then followed by the second album, “Freedom Of A Dream”, under a major label, Platinum Records, a great album featuring many top artists like Andien, Tohpati, Mawar, Nita Aartsen, Donny Suhendra, Indro Hardjodikoro (ex Halmahera’s bassist) and many others. He’s also active performing in many jazz events and festivals including the recent JakJazz Festival 2008. Just after his great performance at JakJazz Festival 2008, I got the chance to interviewed him.

devian, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, interview, saxophone, freedom of a dream

devian, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, interview, saxophone, freedom of a dreamIn your opinion, why do we only have a few saxophonists in Indonesia?
I think because as instrumentalists, saxophone is quite difficult. The instrument is kind of expensive, and it really takes a lot of effort to be able to play saxophone. Actually there are many saxophonist, many of them are good, but most of them end up as just session players. Not many of them want to go further, making an album, concept or arrangement..

Not only playing, but you are also a composer, arranger even programmer. Where did you know it all?
When I was still studying at Berklee, I also took some subjects like composer, managing and so on. So I can also compose songs, arrange, even work in the studio, that frankly, not all the saxophonist can do. I also make a lot of programs by myself.


ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008
ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

Hi Hello all..

sooo .. how’s our web treat you all ? must be awesome rite ?

it will be more awesome with this exclusive interview. Yesss the interview with Ray Harris himself.

Here’s the interview.

Hello Ray.. it’s so nice watching your performance in JakJazz 2008. Finally I can meet you in person. Why your music sounds like 70’s and soul james brown-iesh ?
Hi.. I love to have this performance in Jakarta for sure. Yeah,  about the music, it’s because that’s the kind of music I love most. Funk and Soul in 70’s era.

ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

I can see you love piano/organ as your favorite instrument, what is it exactly ?
I love Hammond organ, that’s my lifetime favorite instrument

Since when you play that?
Since I was 14 years old, my family are musicians


heaven on earth, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz,bhayu
heaven on earth, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz,bhayu

Heaven On Earth is such an exceptional band. They know exactly what satisfaction is all about, and that’s what they’re focusing at. For them, it’s important to express their real passion freely without thinking too much on the popularity. The music they played at JakJazz 2008 was superb. Difficult compositions with amazing improvisations were there on stage, played by 3 high-skilled musician. It was fusion at its best, it was complex, yet nice to hear, especially if you close your eyes and let your mind flow with the wildness of their improvisation.

At JakJazz 2008 I got the chance to interview Bhayu, the keyboardist just before they performed on stage.

heaven on earth, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, bhayuWhat kind of genre do you play in Heaven and Earth?
We have made 2 albums. In our first album, Musical Journey, we were band of 6. vocal (Boy Calemen Rattamilla), bass (Andreas Wahyudi), percussions (M Tamzil Bachtiar Assegaf), drum (Ossa Sungkar) and myself (Tedjo Bhayu Adjie) on keyboards. We have been a fusion band from the beginning. But in the first album, we were more into latin. The second one, like what we’re gonna deliver tonight is like Chick Corea’s concept. Now we’re consist of three: me (Bhayu) on piano and keyboards, Ossa on drums and Franky Sadikin (also the personnel of Tiga Mawarnih)  on Bass.

So now you’re playing just instrumental without vocal?
Exactly..we’re full instrumental, and now our style’s a bit complex. We’re playing modern electric band fusion.

I’ve heard from several producers that it’s difficult to sell a product without vocal nowadays. Is it true?
It’s absolutely true. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t have our style. We never give up to make something. I produce the albums myself. It’s an indie label.

jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list
jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list

And the party reached the end.. It was a huge success, a lot better than what I was expecting. The tagline: “A Whole Lotta Jazz”, plus the poster that stated many genres of jazz such as Swing, Soul, Fusion, Cool, Pop, Nu Jazz, Experimental, Funk, Blues,  Bebop and Bossanova, is in fact a perfect way to describe how the festival was.

Some friends of mine underestimated JakJazz 2008 because, according to them, the event was lack of huge international artists. But I do think those who choose not to attend this event should feel sorry for themselves. What JakJazz 2008 delivered was nothing but good quality. Great musicians with amazing skills, tons of unexpected show, wonderful colaborations, superb selections and colorful variations were all there, representing the amazing world of jazz. All performers proved why they should be a part of this international event, all of them showed amazing performances with their specialties and abilities that stunned the audience. It’s been like that in all venue for 3 days.

jakjazz 2008, jakjazz

jakjazz 2008, jakjazz, ray harrisOn day one, Vidi Aldiano got huge attention from the crowds. I saw many people dancing happily, and to my surprise, some mature even elders enjoyed his performance too. The legendary Oele Pattiselano was still as stunning as always with his guitar. Idang Rasjidi‘s New Generation was also remarkable with their high skill playing. Big band like Salamander Big Band and Van Alloy Big Band preserved the original swingy big band sound just like in the 30s. Tompi was also got huge attention. jakjazz 2008, jakjaz, vidi aldianoRay Harris and The Fusion Experience gave a different color, playing rock-fusion music with The Doors or James Brown’s influence. Maliq & d’Essentials rocked the stage with their danceable funk style. Boi Akih ft Mike del Ferro emerged as fans favorite instantly. Many people talked about their performance around the venue. The combination of three generation, Just The Three Of Us, brought back the memories into the new millenium. I was happy to see the legendary Rien Djamain and Vonny Sumlang appeared again elegantly. Saxophonist Devian with a former 70s child singer Dina Mariana delivered a nice performance. Michelle Nicolle Quartet, Marina Xavier & Enrique Marcos with Kiboud Maulana and Friends were also fantastic. In the end, Kyoto Jazz Massive was unbelievable. Showing jazz has no boundary, it could blend perfectly in harmony with jazz, and they made all the audience couldn’t stop dancing.


jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list
jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list

Guys, to make it easier, here are all the lists of JakJazz 2008 report. Will be updated when more added. Stay tune.

  • JakJazz Has Started!
  • Salamander Big Band
  • Devian ft Dina Mariana
  • Idang Rasjidi & The New Generation
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Just The Three Of Us
  • Kyoto Jazz Massive
  • Lica Cecato ft Zarro
  • Maliq n d’Essentials
  • Oele Pattiselano ft Dira & Chika Asamoto
  • Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience
  • What’s happening around JakJazz 2008:Day One
  • Vidi Aldiano ft Tohpati, J-Flow, Rio Sidik and Anton Seva
  • Boi Akih ft Mike Del Ferro
  • What’s happening around JakJazz 2008:Day Two
  • Barry Likumahuwa
  • Indra Lesmana Reborn
  • Daniel Sahuleka
  • Andre Hehanussa
  • Bassgroove 100
  • Ireng Maulana ft Andien and Afgan
  • DJ Shuya from Kyoto Jazz Massive
  • Abraham Laboriel & The Open Hands
  • Noor Bersaudara
  • Syaharani and the Queen Fireworks
  • Andrae Crouch
  • Sekapur Sirih
  • Geronimo ft Rafika Duri
  • Yellowjackets ft Tohpati
  • Nera
  • Abadi Soesman with Gugun and the Blues Bugs
  • Ran
  • Roland Tchakounte
  • Soulvibe
  • Sister Duke
  • JakJazz 10th Edition Celebration
  • Editor Notes: JakJazz 2008 3 Days Summary
  • Exclusive Interview with Ray Harris
  • Exclusive Interview with Bhayu from Heaven On Earth
  • Exclusive Interview with Devian
  • Exclusive Interview with Dina Mariana
  • Exclusive Interview with Shuya Okino
  • Exclusive Interview with Just The Three Of Us (Rien Djamain, Vonny Sumlang, Mawar AFI)
  • Exclusive Interview with Andrae Crouch
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    jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz 20th edition celebration, special show
    jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz 20th edition celebration, special show

    This is the final event of JakJazz 2008. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of JakJazz, 10 top artists gathered together on stage to put a memorable show. It was absolutely crazy. It’s a jam session with full of improvisation, playful, and very entertaining. 10 Indonesian best talents across generations gave their best, combining them together resulting an unbelievable closing show. Ireng Maulana, the conceptor said on stage that he felt happy to see that JakJazz has reached the 10th edition. Eventhough some problems in the past has made JakJazz failed to be held, but this 10th edition is the third one in a row. In the future, it’s gonna be an annual event.

    jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz 20th edition celebration, special show

    Lead by Ireng Maulana (on guitar), 9 other “the best that we could think of” according to Ireng Maulana, proved why they are 9 of the best talents in Indonesian jazz world. Margie Segers (vocal), the legend with unbelievable singing skill, Syaharani & Tompi, two of the most favorite modern jazz icon today, Idang Rasjidi (keyboard), the multi talented artist with amazing skill, Benny Likumahuwa (trombone), another legendary artist that has been in the jazz scene for a very long time, Yance Manusama (bass), an important bassist in Indonesia today, Rudi Subekti (drum), with his powerful and steady rhythm, high skilled Sam Panuwun (keyboard), and Didiek SSS (sax), a great saxophonist, all of them showed an unbelivable colaboration that will be remembered for a long time. It was a perfect closing, it was absolutely great. See you all at the next JakJazz 2009!

    jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz 20th edition celebration, special show

    jakjazz, jakjazz 2008, jakjazz 20th edition celebration, special show