Sunday Jazz at Potluck XII : The Report


After three weeks on the mission raising the fund to help the victims of several natural disasters that tore up some parts of Indonesia under Jazz/Blues Care program, Sunday Jazz has back to normal again. The  fundraising mission is over, but the mission to socialize jazz to all music lovers in Bandung and nearby that holds by KlabJazz and Potluck Kitchen will keep marching on. This Sunday we got Sunday Jazz XII back in business as before, featuring lineups of artists again in the fine mixture between the local Bandung and Jakarta’s jazz artists. This week we got a very special guest who just came back to his homeland after graduating from Berklee College of Music, Boby Limijaya. He has performed at Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran a week ago, and now he visited Bandung to present some of his finest compositions. At this Sunday Jazz XII he appeared in the set of three together with Kevin Yosua (bass) and William Sugianto (drums) and called themselves Boby Limijaya Trio.

Other than Boby Limijaya Trio, the lineup was filled with quality Bandung talents. Gega and Tesla was here again after a stunning presentation last month taking on Joe Henderson‘s songbook. This time they brought another theme, it was a “Tribute to John Coltrane”. Then we have one of the finest jazz pianist of Bandung who can give a wonderful play in any kind of jazz, Sonny Akbar. We haven’t spotted him so much lately, so it was great to have him back also in the trio formation with Dani Irjayana and Gallang Perdhana Dalimuthe. The groove and funk side was represented by Juicy Luicy, a group with lots of personnels who surprised us back at the Kampoeng Jazz’ Band Competition and the main event itself. And last but not least, the winner of 33rd Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) Competition was there as well. This group named themselves Fifteen Plus, consisted of mostly young musicians 15 and up, including Yonathan Godjali (piano,keyboard), Miranti Fitri Hairunissa (violin, vocal), Hizkia Natanael (electric bass), Geby Christian (drum) and Adya Divara (percussion). All was set to make us able to fill up our souls with jazz on this beautiful Sunday.

Sunday Jazz XII - Gega and Tesla (1)

Sunday Jazz XII - Gega and Tesla (7)If you look at the history of jazz, you will always find one of the most important figures who has shaped jazz in many ways, he is John Coltrane. He is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in jazz and perhaps one of the most controversial too. He only had a short career, but nonetheless his contribution was huge. Some of his album listed in the all time greatest jazz album by many, that includes “A Love Supreme”, the spontaneous John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman album just to name a few. Gega and Tesla knew how important it was to give a tribute to Coltrane, and they did it in high respect. They went all along presenting Coltrane with a cool guitar duet. Sunday Jazz XII - Gega and Tesla (8)They gave their presentation more like completing each other instead of making up a duel, and the result was really nice.

Together they brought Coltrane’s famous renditions such as “Moment’s Notice”, “Giant Step” , “Naima” and the newly re-arranged “Impression”.  As before, the created the intimacy in their session. It wasn’t easy to turn Coltrane’s compositions into the guitar duet, but Tesla has done it very well. The mission of bringing Joe Henderson and John Coltrane has accomplished. We are wondering who will be next on the list. Having Gega on his side, seems like Tesla has found a great partner to continue his path. Good job, Gega and Tesla!

Sunday Jazz XII - Juicy Luicy (6)

Juicy Luicy came on stage with loads of personnels, including the horn sections. Right after they started, the authentic 70’s funk style was brought in power from stage, including the chunky guitar that embraced us during that era. Jason Mraz“Butterfly” was their next, and the younger crowds loved it, some were even sang together with them. “Kini Nanti dan Selamanya”, their original song was next. Still carrying the chunky groovy funk this song appeared just as nice as the previous ones. Chrisye‘s classic, “Cintaku” was next, pinned into their juicy groove including a saxophone solo run in the middle. They closed their session with another original song, “Pesta.”  It was nice to have an energic groove band here in the middle of groups with thicker jazz taste, especially to introduce jazz to the youngsters in the style that won’t be too difficult for them to enjoy.

Sunday Jazz XII - Boby Limijaya Trio (1)

It was time to have our guest from Jakarta. Boby Limijaya was originally came from Tangerang. He has started to show his musical passion since 6 years old. His talent gave him a chance to study in Berklee College of Music by scolarship. He did really well in there as he received the prestigious Herb Pomeroy Award for the excellence in jazz composition in 2009. He performed at  Java Jazz Festival in 2005 and 2006 with his own group, and if you remember back in 2006’s  JakJazz Festival you’d spotted him playing with Andien. Now that he graduated majoring Jazz Composition, he’s ready set his journey into the beautiful sea of jazz. “I’m back for good now”, he said with a happy smile. And that’s a wonderful news for our jazz world as we got a great reinforcement with his return.

Sunday Jazz XII - Boby Limijaya Trio (5)

Appearing with two friends Kevin Yosua (bass) and William Sugianto (drums), Boby Limijaya Trio that was just formed three weeks ago delivered over the egde jazz delight. Sunday Jazz XII - Boby Limijaya Trio (6)A seriously complex pattern was brought in cool by Boby Limijaya Trio on the first one, Boby’s own composition, “Nice Afternoon”.  It was a nice skillful presentation. “Vel’s Blues” followed their stunning play, including a nice trading in the middle.  A very famous Victor Young‘s composition “Beautiful Love” became their last presentation where they poured their whole energy.  It was nice to have such a clean cut jazz like this. It was bop in contemporary style added with many other nuances including the subtle funk, along with masterclass improvisation and some tradings here and there that pictured the essence of jazz just like how it was made back then. “We don’t want to be trapped in any particular box, we just want to explore our feelings freely in our music”, said Boby after his play. And that could describe the style or concept of this newly formed trio. One thing for sure, he has found a perfect companion, and hopefully they will sail together for a long, long time. Say hello to the great Boby Limijaya Trio. We’re lucky to have them gracing up our  jazz world. It’s exactly the right time for them to arrive, since freedom of jazz compositions are starting to get the good attention from the music fans in Indonesia. And for sure, we’ll hear them a lot often soon, no doubt about it. We wish you all the luck, guys!

Sunday Jazz XII - Fifteen Plus (7)

Sunday Jazz XII - Fifteen Plus (8)Coming from Bandung, this group of youngsters was established in 2009 under the name of Jazz Future Project. After appearing at Jazz Break Revival on August 2009 and some other places including at Margo Friday Jazz two months later, they quickly got the chance to perform at the prestigious Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2010. When Jazz Break was rebooted, they made a shot to give their bossa/samba flavor on the theme of Bossa Nova and Samba Night last July. Recently they made another breakthrough by winning the 33rd Jazz Goes to Campus Competition, which gave them the slot to perform in the main event last week (Sunday, November 28, 2010). Yes they are all still very young, but when you listen to them, you’ll know that these kids are special.

Sunday Jazz XII - Fifteen Plus (10)

Surprise, surprise, they have grown so fast with their skill. They looked calmer and really enjoyed the stage better now. Miranti with her violin added a different taste too, something that we don’t find too often in the usual band formation.  Godjali’s devil-ish fast finger touch was on spot, Adya’s percussion play was tremendous, the power from Geby on drum was strong and steady, and Hizkia’s bass set the base really well. All was perfect! Taking on Charlie Parker’s “Au Privave” was the chance for them to show how fast they could go in rhythm, then slowing down a bit with “Speak Low “. “It’s time to relax now”, said Miranti right before she sang the classic Duke Ellington/Bob Russell‘s “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”. They continued on with two songs,  Coltrane‘s “Oleo” and also a very nice re-arrangement of Sundanese folk song, “Es Lilin”. For the last presentation they gave “Bye Bye Blues” in mixed taste including bop and a little samba in it. How amazing to see youngsters could give such tremendous play like this. Indonesia should proud to have these talents. If they are this good right now, imagine how they will become later. Our big applause to Fifteen Plus, congratulations for winning the JGTC Competition and for the great play.

Sunday Jazz XII - Sonny Akbar Trio (1)

Sunday Jazz XII - Sonny Akbar Trio (9)Having Sonny Akbar Trio on stage means having a cool spontaneous improvisation in various forms. That was what he gave too this time at Potluck as the last performing band. Together with Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe and Dani Irjayana they delivered bop nicely from the stage. They brought   the newly song, joking with Gallang’s name, “Galang Sipatu Galang”. Difficult compositions from Sonny as usual, but it was really nice to enjoy. They continued on with “Solar” and “Playing Wow”. Not only presenting the complex ones, this time he went on smooth too in some parts, especially the last song, “I Got You. “ It was nice to have Sonny Akbar Trio’s style of jazz once again, hope to see them more often.

Sunday Jazz XII - Sonny Akbar Trio (6)

Another great edition of Sunday Jazz was launched once again this Sunday. Multi colored jazz in quality were presented by Klab Jazz and Potluck Kitchen. Time and time again we see the rising intensity of this. Consistency and seriousness have played a big part in the continuation of this regular event to be presented at the cozy and jazzy cafe. Starting with only one duo, Bayu and Tesla on April 4, 2010, look at how it’s become now. Thank you for your hard work, KlabJazz, Potluck Kitchen and everybody else, especially to our soundman, Kanggep Kusuma for guiding the mixer really well. We hope to see more Sunday Jazz with colorful selections of artists. And as we wrap this report, may jazz continue to live on in Bandung, making it not only the flower city but also the jazz city.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Idham Nugroho
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo, Marnala Eross Simanjuntak, Eghi Gabred, Febrian Dirga


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