Casiopea is Back!


This Japanese-veteran band brings a very good news by getting back together with new formation, modish music, even fresh brand. Please welcome, Casiopea 3rd!

After long hibernation since August 2006, the return of this band completely becomes a remedy for those who have been looking forward to be able to see their performance again. Now, the long waiting is over. Casiopea is finally back and ready to satisfy the fans. Taking from its official website, the affirmation is revealed by current members, Issei Noro (Guitar), Yoshihiro Naruse (Bass), Kiyomi Otaka (New keyboardist) and Akira Jimbo (Supporting drum). “We’ve discussed and contemplated very deeply before coming to this decision. Tons of fans out there are craving for our return. So we think that it’s time to get back and here we are,” Issei Noro, the leader as well as band founder tells.

As new format is reorganized, Casiopea 3rd has decided to take personnel-change, where former keyboardist Minoru Mukaiya is replaced by a new female keyboard player, Kiyomi Otaka. In the course of time, she will playact as the accredited Casiopea 3rd’s keyboardist, substituting Mukaiya who has been mated to this band since its first appearance in early 80s.

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Right after laying off the band six years ago, each personnel tied up in several solo projects. Guitarist Issei Noro switches on his own solo band, Inspirits, where he also includes drummer Akira Jimbo to join. Aside from that, Issei was engaged as well in another work named Pegasus, an acoustic project he teamed up together with his previous band mate, bassist Tetsuo Sakurai. Similarly, current bassist Yoshihiro Naruse has been also busy with many off air performances. Likewise, other than standing as official drummer to Inspirits, Akira Jimbo has had a full plate as a solo drummer by putting up with the drum clinics held in many countries including Indonesia.

Meanwhile, speaking of the new brand, Issei is sure to add the number of ‘3‘ behind ‘Casiopea’ as it refers to the period as well as explains how many times this band has remodeled the members. “So, this is the third phase of this band, after many times we had personnel change since at the end of 80s ‘till  the last format,” Issei adds.

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Casiopea, previous formation


Considering to their music life span since 1980, Casiopea has cooked up more than 30 albums, held the world tour in some countries, and composed million songs. Some of us must be still familiar with rousing guitar-intro on “Asayake”, stunning beat on “Galactic Funk”, and even sweet melody on “Twilight Solitude”, where those still sound awesome to listen by nowadays even though the songs were created about thirty years ago. Almost all of Casiopea’s tracks at that moment always received positive responses from fans. No wonder why their comeback has been anticipated by those jazz-fusion-addicts who come from over the world. And if you’re one of Casiopea’s huge fans, we believe that you must be glad to welcome their comeback, right?

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The most recent (new) Casiopea 3rd members


To satisfy their number one fans in Japan, Casiopea 3rd will be engaged in Tokyo Jazz 2012 that would be hosted on September. More than just turning out as their first appearance in the face of public eyes, the performance also becomes a celebration on their 35th anniversary. Well, it’s not a short journey but long and tough tale for such a band that can still alive up to now. They just deserve called ‘the legend in fusion’.

Accordingly, we’re rooting for the next success and definitely looking forward to see your live performance here in Indonesia one day. It might be sooner than later, at least let’s hope for that. Way to go, Casiopea 3rd! Glad to have you back!

Writer: Rizka Azizah (Chika)
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  1. Hi.. is it true that Casiopea will come to Indonesia on 30th september 2012? could you please provide more info on this?

    Thanks heaps. Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Casiopea, PLEASE come and tour in the UK! It would be insane to have you over here. I have followed you devotedly through the decades, and would *love* to see you guys here!!!!


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