Palembang Indah Mall Jazz Festival




We wrote this article exactly on the International Jazz Day, the day intended to raise awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz as an educational tool as well as a force for peace, unity, and dialogue. So far, more and more people realize that jazz has been a force for positive transformation as this genre continues to spread wildly like a virus, infecting everyone despite of their cultural backgrounds, status or even religions.

In such case we are happy to hear that jazz grows up fine in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra province in Indonesia. As the city is currently into a rapid growth, jazz as an integrated part of the society experiences the same thing. Maybe not many of you knows, there are many jazz musicians reside in Palembang. It has solid jazz community and reliable local media to support any progress of jazz development happening in it.

Less than a month ago we informed you about the new regular jazz event in Palembang which enables the musicians and community to mingle in spontaneous jam session every Friday (read the info here: Now here comes the next event which will surely satisfy all jazz aficionados in the city. Palembang Jazz Community is back with a big event labeled as PIM JAZZ FESTIVAL. This event will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 starting at 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm at Palembang Indah Mall (PIM). The PIM Jazz Festival is a free event, open for public.

According to Intan, the promotional manager of PIM, they wish to make a classy event that suits the market and the lifestyle of the mall itself. Palembang Jazz Community which was established in 2008 actually has created a lot of events involving top national artists. For this time they are inviting the inspiring bassist Indro Hardjodikoro to participate. “By inviting a top musician like Indro, we want the Palembang musicians to be motivated and upgrade their skills, because other than presenting live performances, we will also make music clinic.” said Zaenal Hanani, the Head of Palembang Jazz Community. Not only the show made free, the clinic is also provided for free, open for all musicians from all kind of genres, also suitable for music students. This festival is made by the cooperation between the community and Radio Trijaya 87.6 FM. We always give our best to support jazz, all out, we even have the regular program, Jazz On Trijaya every Sunday night at 7:00 pm, added Adji, the Station Manager of Trijaya FM.

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Indro Hardjodikoro has been active in the music industry for more than 2 decades. He’s influential and inspiring. Many of his students have gained success in their career. According to one of his former students Barry Likumahuwa, Indro is an up-to-date bassist especially in mastering technique and speed. He’s been active in so many supergroups like Halmahera, the first formation of simakDialog, Trisum and loads of appearance as a sessionist, especially with his music soulmate Tohpati. Since three years ago he moved on by establishing his own group where he could present the real him, his music taste and the style he’s really into. “There is a moment when we, as musicians wish to compose and play our own songs freely”, he once told us, at that moment has finally come to him. He released his first solo album “Feels Free” in 2010 then carried on by establishing his band, Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers. Starting with using 4 bassists at once, due to the busy activity of several players the bassist in this group were down to two. Even so, his group is still sparkling, giving us the chance to enjoy the classic jazz-rock fusion with various bass-playing techniques being placed on top. With this move he’s stepped higher, not only establishing his name a lot better in the local squared circle but also internationally, as he has performed many times in Russia and some other nations in Europe.

As a part of PIM Jazz Festival, Indro will bring his group Indro Hardjodikoro Trio featuring Soukma. Joining him in the trio are keyboardist Andy Gomez and the potential young drummer Iqbal who we saw last time at the Java Jazz Festival 2013 as Donny Suhendra Fusion Trio. So from Demas Nawarangsa to Yesaya ‘Echa’ Soemantri then to Iqbal, Indro has been keeping the drumline in the hands of highly talented young guns. The trio will be accompanied by a songstress who has typical voice, Soukma.

As this is going to be a festival, some local bands are featured too. Celestevoice will perform along with their vocalist Dhita who has a crisp jazzy character. Then there is Jazzyndicate, a group of young players led by Yoga, known as an acid jazz guitarist. Last but not least, Paljazzcom will represent the Palembang Jazz Community in this festival. Led by Cacan on bass, the group fancy a harmonious play with substantial improvisation within their fusion pattern.

You can check the complete rundown below, and then join the fest, especially if you live in the same city. Once again, all free of charge, but a lot to gain.

PIM Jazz Festival

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Time: 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Palembang Indah Mall
Jl. Letnan Kolonel Iskandar, Palembang



17.00-18.00 : Clinic Music oleh Indro Hardjodikoro , Andy Gomez , Iqbal
18.30-19.00 : Jazzyndicate
19.00-19.30 : Celestevoice
19.30-20.00 : Paljazzcom
20.00-21.30 : Indro Hardjodikoro Trio feat Soukma