Jazzuality @ TP 06 : LIGRO “Transisi” Album Launching -Bandung


Realize it or not, jazz has a very wide varieties, due to it’s open-minded nature. It has the habit to assimilate with other musics that it encounters along the way, often it gives birth to a new hybrid. So far there are no less than 70 sub-genres of jazz, and we haven’t talked about the variation from regional aspects which is created when jazz melts with local, traditional musics around the world. What’s cool is that the number isn’t final, meaning that jazz will continue to find its way to have a new form.

We are obligated to introduce this to the society. In our regular events, that’s one of the subjects we always have in mind. That’s why we always feel excited whenever we could bring bands with unique formation, style or sound.

So listen up. Speaking of unique, jazz is not always have to be smooth and swinging. It can go much, much further to the ‘darker’, or even ‘darkest’ area where music is no longer relaxing and fun but ultimately challenging and intense. It could create terror or even horror. Yet it’s still jazz relevant.

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This is what we are going to bring to the next JAZZUALITY @ TP .06, set to run on Sunday, 25 March 2018 at The TP STAGE of The Papandayan Hotel Bandung. There’s a group of mad men in Jakarta who have been digging this field for more than a decade. They have achieved an international reputation with their extreme cooking. They have just launched the new album that offers chaotic madness much worse than the previous ones. Yes, it’s LIGRO! And we are really, really proud to host their “TRANSISI” LAUNCHING ALBUM for BANDUNG in this Special Edition. The event is  FREE of any charge (GRATIS).

LIGRO. Read the word backwards and you’ll find “orgil”, a shortened for “Crazy People” in Bahasa. You may wonder, what kind of band named themselves with this kind of name? But once you listen, you will find out that the name perfectly describes three deranged brains found inside the band and the music they produced. Crazy here doesn’t mean that they are having some kind of mental disorder but more to their freedom of creating something unusual, braveness in surfing against the waves and the guts to discover multi-dimensional musical realm one might never thought existed. There is chaos and madness. There are shocking maneuvers and even terrors. They can start calm but then suddenly you are trapped in horror. It’s like riding a dare-devil roller-coaster ride inside a zone where hell breaks loose. The word ‘edgy’ might even be too light to describe their musicality.

The mind-flipping Experimental Avant Jazz-Rock trio LIGRO consists of three out-of-the-world stunt extraordinaires: Agam Hamzah on electric guitar, Adi Darmawan on electric bass and Gusti Hendy (the drummer of GIGI) on prepared drum set. They began embarking this extreme voyage since 2004 by producing some composition until their first album “Dictionary 1” was out in 2008. With each personnel’s varied cultural backgrounds; Adi Darmawan from Madura, Gusti Hendy from South Kalimantan, and Agam Hamzah is mixed between Aceh and Sunda; the combination of dangerous minds and bold braveness in making up something unthinkable backed with their high skills, these three stouthearted musicians gave birth to such music appears to be somewhat unique.

ligro, ligro trio, transisi, album launching, agam hamzah, gusti hendy, hendy gigi, adi darmawan, jazzuality, tp stage

The Dictionary 1 then continued on with part 2 (2012) and 3 (2016), creating such epic trilogy/saga which gained praises from many sides of the sphere, thanks to USA-based label MoonJune Records who distributed the album internationally. The trilogy invite the listeners to encounter their musical dictionary, which is important since what this trio present is something much different to anything you used to listen to. A question rose. What should they do next, that could match what they have made through the epic saga? What’s the next chapter of their story? This question stood unanswered for more than a year, until finally we heard that the fourth album is ready to walk the earth. The title is TRANSISI.

This album is really interesting. While still rooting in their previous compositions, they are taking it into the new, more open and unpredictable direction. This album documented their attempt in going wider with their musical spectrum and feel more dangerously loose. This album serves more than a continuation of the dictionary, more than going further to find out their lexicons but seems to give us a whole different phase. For instance, in this album Agam uses a decatonic electric guitar tempered from Slendro scale made by the maestro Pra Budidharma. As a result you will find a different guitar sound and tone that you have never heard before.

ligro, ligro trio, transisi, album launching, agam hamzah, gusti hendy, hendy gigi, adi darmawan, jazzuality, tp stage

As what the title says, this album contains the story of the transition Indonesia has been experiencing still 1998, also the chaotic, lawless streets of Jakarta that may represent the same problem in other over-populated cities. You will find your mind being flipped upside down, being thrown from side to side and even tear your brain apart. Violent, brutal, derange, fierceful and uncontrolably wild. You will learn how much chaos they created by using just three instruments to go extreme with deathcore. Like three soldiers, they open fire along the whole line with endless ammo, amazingly without missing any target. Even when you think you have arrived in the safe land, they throw you back again into the world of danger, making your journey of exploring the album unpredictably gore. All these madness are packed inside an album simply called Transisi. A dangerous, adrenaline-pumping album that will test your guts.

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As the opening act, we proudly feature a band of 5 young wizs who also love to stetch jazz beyond limit. It’s the NEW BLOOD.

New Blood consists of free-spirited young lions. They are Jason Limanjaya (piano), Anjuan Julio (guitar), Philip Manfred Pincencia (saxophone), Sugih Achmad Gumilang (drum) and Ezra Manuhutu (bass). This band was formed by harp virtuoso Hari Pochang who realized that each of these boys have something special and would be able to create magic as a team. And yes, it’s proven. Not long after they were form, they directly funked everyone with their fired-up performance and sound whenever they landed. It’s like they have been playing together for life, longer than their ages, they didn’t even have to spend long time to find out the kind of music they want the band to be. They injected serious dose of funk in fusion-based style. In their hands, all instruments turn out deadly.

What’s interesting is that they all stand as the key-players in each of their band. Anjuan shines with the jazz-rock AFA Trio, Jason Limanjaya is with Nayra Dharma Group and New Equinox (Ezra was in this band too before he quitted) and Sugih is active with Mahagaza. Each of them is the kind of musician that could make a big different with their presence, imagine when they join forces.

ligro trio, transisi, album launching, jason limanjaya, anjuan julio, ezra manuhutu, sugih gumilang, philip manfred, jazzuality, tp stage

“A celebration of creative music”, that’s how they see themselves as. Now they have a debut single titled “Caca Maura”, released just a couple of days ago on March 10, 2018. You can watch the videoclip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14XOxBgr1wo before it’s released on major digital outlets.

New Blood doesn’t play as brutal as Ligro Trio, but surely they share the wildness. That’s why we see them as a pack of young lions. Their music is intoxicating and entertaining. Explosive and rockin’ mad. We believe the New Blood is an excellent choice as the opening of band like Ligro. They will pump your adrenaline to make you ready for a trip into Ligro’s dangerous zone. And we do hope they will follow Ligro’s footsteps, roaring loud in the wildness of the international music scene.

We welcome you to enter the dangerous ride. Ligro’s latest work “Transisi” is a dare-devil rollercoaster album that will bring you visiting multi-dimensional realm never visited before. It’s toxic, venomous and deadly that only Ligro has the cure.

If you wonder how far can jazz spread its wings, if you wonder how brutal can jazz be, you can find the answer from these mad-men. Especially for you who haven’t heard “Transisi” or Ligro’s previous three albums, get ready to be shocked. It’s time to challenge yourself, how far can you tolerate madness in music. Also, don’t forget to see the pack of young lions on their way to stand at the top of the food chain.

Once again, the JAZZUALIY @ TP 06 : LIGRO TRIO “Transisi” Album Launching for Bandung will come soon on Sunday, 25 March 2018 at the TP Stage of The Papandayan Hotel, starting from 7:00 pm til drop. Mark your calendar and let’s get wild!


Date: Sunday, 25 March 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: TP Stage, The Papandayan Hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto no. 83, Malabar, Bandung


LIGRO are:
Agam Hamzah – guitar
Adi Darmawan – bass
Gusti Hendy ‘GIGI’ – drums

Jason Limanjaya – keys
Anjuan Julio – guitar
Philip Manfred Pincencia – saxophone
Ezra Manuhutu – bass
Sugih Achmad Gumilang – drum


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