Jazz Nagari #02




Different place, different style of traditional music, that’s a fact. Since Indonesia has thousands of tribes spread over the archipelago, we can only imagine how rich this nation is, musically speaking. In many occasion this traditional music has attracted many tourists to visit many parts of the nation, on the other hand it has also been used as the ambassador to promote our cultural richness in the other sides of the world. If we take a look at a smaller scale, in a region where the jazz community KlabJazz lives, West Java, the Sundanese has its own distinctive musical and rhythmical pattern which can easily be distinguished from the rest, even with the other parts of Java. The traditional music of Sunda still alive healthily among the people. Not only it’s being passed through generation but also can be learned in many local music schools.

The musicians who came from these music schools may learn other music ‘species’ like jazz, but since they are digging the traditional music (Sundanese karawitan), they often embedded with it too along the way. “It’s something unavoidable… their playing style will always be affected with the Sundanese ethnic music, either directly or inderectly.” said the founder of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman.

Now here’s the interesting part. Since jazz is a music form that usually appears “informal”, based on freedom and adventurous, these young jazz musicians often try to infuse the ethnical elements inside their music, either by spicing it up with some pentatonic scales or even by using traditional instruments like kendang, saron, gamelan, kecrek, angklung, karinding and so on, which normally are not related to jazz.

So, the combination of East and West, Modern and traditional, both in sound and instrumentally speaking. We do have that gifts, but has we made any special ‘home’ for these musicians to grow, where they can share their ideas and skills to one another, to absorb knowledge, to learn and keep progressing? KlabJazz thought about it. After presenting many live events for no less than 9 years, KlabJazz finally decided to establish a program which accomodates the mystical crossovers between jazz and ethnics and called it Jazz Nagari. “This is the right time,” said Dwi Cahya Yuniman. We couldn’t agree more.

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The premiere edition was launched last month at the crime scene Siete Cafe -Resto, divided into three categories: Jazz, Jazz-Ethnic and Ethnic. It was a grand start, involving 5 groups with various ethnic flavors to go side by side with jazz, post rock, batucada/samba/Latins and so on (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/jazz-nagari-i-the-report/). Now a fresh new batch has been prepared to fill up the 2nd edition. The bluesy rock-jazz fusion band who lately explores a new core Iman Brata Trio is one of the lineup. They changed the drum with kendang, utilizing this traditional instruments not only in producing beat but also as an integrated part of their musical spirit.

The Oxygen Keroncong Entertainer will bring the modern style of keroncong in their own unique way. Keroncong is a traditional genre rooted in Indonesia since the 16th century when the Portuguese sailors landed on the Indonesian soil. In a way it has some similiar pattern with Portuguese Fado, using the ukulele, which sharing its root to the Hawaiian instrument and also Portuguese braguinha. The traditional sundanese karinding will be represented by Panisi, modern ethnic by Tumaritis and last but not least, the crossover of prog/rock/ethnic is also set to come from West Java Syndicate. We saw this group pouring their electrifying fusion concept two years ago (read the report here http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/sunday-jazz-xviii-the-report/) and we still remember it ever since.  This is a group simply not to be missed.

The Jazz Nagari #02 will come to you on Thursday, February 21, 2013, still located at the same venue, Siete Cafe-Resto, Bandung from 6:00 pm onward. If you’re a musician who love to do the ethnical exploration inside your concept or if you know any band who’s rooted in this category, you can always come and talk to the founder. For you who need talents, Jazz Nagari provides you the display. Last but not least, for all music lovers in Bandung, you can find something different by coming to this event.

Jazz Nagari #02

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013
Time: 06:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Siete Cafe-Resto, Jl. Sumur Bandung no. 20, Bandung

– IMAN BRATA TRIO (blues/rock/ethnic)
– PANISI (karinding)
– TUMARITIS (modern ethnic)
– WEST JAVA SYNDICATE (prog/rock/ethnic)