Interlude 8th Edition: Tomorrow People Ensemble & Kosakata


After a very colorful year of 2011, Beyond Productions is ready to bring more shows in this year. We should thank them for providing wide enough chance for many great independent bands to show what they’re made of throughout last year. Beyond Productions loves to stand above the segmented, narrow boxes of genre. They put their eyes on the great indie groups, no matter what their music background is. Many of these bands actually play the kind of music which is difficult to be placed in any certain genres. As the result, the audience would get treated with lots of good music ‘foods’, from assorted rock and jazz, acoustic folk, pop, experimental, ethnic and everything else in between. Occasionally you’d get special theme too, served chilled in the hands of a pack of amazing artists like Tribute to Nirvana: 20th Anniversary of Nevermind by Indra Perkasa Collective. the return of legendary bands or masters to the stage such as Discus  and Andi Wiriantono, or even international artists like Scott Henderson Trio  and Benny Lackner . Colorful and different? Yes, those are just some of the things that you’re going to get from any of Beyond Production’s presentation.

Beyond Productions’ signature event, the Interlude is back again this month with two bands as usual. Reaching the number of 8, Interlude 8th features Tomorrow People Ensemble and Kosakata. Maybe some of you have known these bands very well, at least heard their names, but we think there’s nothing wrong to take a quick tour to see each of their profiles. Let’s do that now.


Kosakata means Vocabulary in English, and this band intentionally use it for a reason. “Arranging the music is kind of like arranging words, so it can produce senteces that could develop life’s spirit.” said Andri Brendley, guitarist of the band who previously played as the sessionist of Suddenly September. They carry that philosophy away in funk, jazz, rock and gospel and until today, they keep staying in the path they have chosen. They work hard in strengthen their position in the jazz scene or the music industry in general. Looking at what they possess inside and the passion carried within, we believe it’s just a matter of time.

kosakata, interlude 8th

Kosakata was formed in 2009 by Andri Brendley along with his brother Gerinov Medaimanto (sax), Baroka Ismail (bass) and Chrismareza Prakoso (drums). Eventhough the band is still considerably young, they already have a full collection of their own songs and love to play them in any of their gigs. 2012 seems to be the best year for them since this year they earn the spot to perform at the prestigious Java Jazz Festival 2012 and plan to release their first album a couple of months from now. We say it’s about time, because we know this band is real good. Beyond Productions knows it too and give Kosakata a shot to merry the 8th edition of Interlude. You can always expect twists and turns within their thick improvisations during the show, and this group will certainly entertain you with the freedom and fun side of jazz. If you’re into fusion with doses of funk, Kosakata is ready to fill you up with that.

Tomorrow People Ensemble

“I know this band from the album ‘Jazz Masa Kini’, and love them ever since.” said a friend once when he heard the band’s name. This group of four was included in this independent jazz album released by Aksara Records, playing one of their most famous tracks entitled “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am!!!“ This song which combined bop pattern with psychedelic style (especially by the Hammond sound) can describe the unique and rare creativity of four brave musicians inside it: Nikita Dompas (guitar), Indra Perkasa (contrabass), Adra Karim (keys) and Elfa Zulham (drums). They call their sound “retro-future”, referring to “a way of looking at the future through the past, of revealing the other side of now.” If you have difficulties to get what they mean, the best way to understand it is by watching them live and listen to their songs.

tomorrow people ensemble, tpe, interlude 8th

Tomorrow People Ensemble (TPE) had their first appearance in 2004 when Indra Lesmana and Aksan Sjuman invited them to held a mini concert at Pondok Pinang (PonPin) Concert Practice. From there they got another invitation from Riza Arshad to play at the Pasar Jazz and then continued to perform in many festivals including Indonesia Open Jazz 2004, Nusa Dua International Jazz Festival 2004, Bali Jazz Festival 2005, and the most prestigious was Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2005 and 2006. We have mentioned earlier that they participated in “Jazz Masa Kini” album, but that’s not the only album they’re in. You can find Tomorrow People Ensemble in Blossom Diary About A Boy EP, Janji Joni OST, special guest star in Rieka Roeslan‘s album Mata Ketiga and SOVA’s Selayang Jingga.

After 2 sensational years, TPE had to pause their journey due to the decision of three members to continue their study abroad. Adra Karim and Elfa Zulham went to study in Netherlands, while Indra Perkasa went to UCLA, taking a master degree in music-scoring. They came back in 2009 playing at Cafe Au Lait Jakarta under the concert theme of One Night Only with Tomorrow People Ensemble. After that they occasionally played here and there, including at the Java Jazz Festival.

The last time we saw them was at the Java Jazz Festival 2011, but now they are back with a vengeance. 2012 seems to be a busy year for TPE. We have noted at least four events where they land on, and one is here at the Interlude 8th edition. It’s a moment not to missed when these four brave young men unite as one team.

Get ready to have the first Interlude of 2012. Please note that the venue is moved to a new location at Buerau Gastro Pub, Pondok Indah, Jakarta. Mark your calendar now and enjoy this sparkling jazzin’ heat brought to you by the Beyond Productions.

Interlude 8th : Tomorrow People Ensemble and Kosakata

Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012
Time: 9:00 pm – onwards
Location: Bureau Gastro Pub
Jl Metro Pondok indah – Rukan Pondok Indah Plaza 2 – Blok BA no 27, Jakarta

Ticket price: IDR 25.000