Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Night : Special Valentine Edition


The last edition of Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Night was held last December in the shape of mini festival (Special Edition) by holding a theme Jazztravaganza. In this special edition we doubled up the number of participants and duration, showcasing 4 bands from Jakarta and 4 from Bandung (you can read the coverage here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/bumi-sangkuriang-jazz-night-jazztravaganza-2/). We were ready to launch another one in January, but the venue BP Bumi Sangkuriang decided to take a break for some reasons. Quite unfortunate, since we could have make a special edition between New Year and Chinese New Year.

But as we are already in February, we are happy to announce that the event is back! Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Night #11 is set to celebrate the day of love, Valentine’s Day. Not only we fit our concept into it, not only we invite artists and bands that we believe are perfect for this theme, we are also moving this event from its regular schedule to the exact date of Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, 2017. Still located inside the ballroom of BP Bumi Sangkuriang,  this event is ready to roll from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Just in case you still don’t know our policy, like any other event of ours, it’s totally, 100% FREE of any charge!

nesia ardi, jazzuality

As you can see in the poster above, this edition will be really interesting with surprising stars found in the lineup. First of all, let’s talk about our guest star from Jakarta, the one and only Nesia Ardi. Born in a family with musical background, Nesia found out her talent since early age, especially in music, especially singing and drawing. She was supposed to learn from her father who was a pianist had he didn’t passed away too soon, yet his father left her many albums ranging from Bob James, Laura Fygi, Tania Maria to Nick Mamahit and Ermy Kullit which hooked her up with jazz. As an excellent scat singer, she got interested in doing it after listening to Al Jarreau and Tania Maria since she was still 15 year-old. She has won many competitions too since then.

In her high school years she met some new friends who brought her closer to jazz. In 2007, she met Peppy Probo who finally brought her into the jazz scene in Jakarta, from jam sessions at the Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (IMDI) to Jazz Night Eastern Promise Kemang, which was a popular spot for jam session at that time. At the IMDI she got the chance to learn under the guidance of madame professor Tjut Nyak Deviana Daudsjah and vocal lessons from Helen Nanlohy. Eventhough she didn’t finish the study there, she kept learning and getting more and more experiences.

She has been involved in many interesting groups/bands or projects. Many of these groups have a very unique and distinctive concept which actually fit her ‘old soul’ and creativity. For example, the Nona Ria Trio, a female trio she has with Rieke Astari and Nanin Wardhania who is cored in ragtime and swing, featuring the old Indonesian songs from 30’s – 40’s period. In this trio, Nesia doesn’t just sing but also play snare drum. She gave a remarkable contribution in Lantun Orchestra with Chaka Priambudi and many other friends. This is a modern-traditional ensemble where jazz and Indonesian traditional keroncong brought alive through Batavian songs and some original songs which were made in such ways as if they came from many decades ago. Orkes Gembira is the next chapter of this part of her journey. Her newest project is K/N/I/T where she shares the stage with Kevin Yosua, Irsa Destiwi and Tobias Ringga.

Throughout her career, Nesia has worked together with many renowned Indonesian jazz musicians and bands including Shadow Puppets, Harry Toledo, Sandy Winarta, Dion Janapria, Andi Wiriantono, Devian Dzikri, Nial Djuliarso, Andy Gomez, Sri Hanuraga, Oele Pattiselano, Jeffrey Tahalele, Glen Dauna among others. Speaking of recording, she has one solo album titled “Look For the Silver Lining”, released in 2015. She was also selected to sing the fresh re-arrangement of “Letnan Hardy”, the songs from the restored film from 1956, “Tiga Dara”. She acted as the vocal coach for Harvey Malaihollo and Shadow Puppet Quartet’s “Indonesian Songbook” album. With all these achievements, plus due to the amazing performance she had at Freedoms Jazz Festival 2016, the juries selected her as Freedoms Jazz Artist of the Year.

Nesia Ardi has perfected her vocal technique to such an art with jazz painted in every breath. She doesn’t just sing, she can sound many instruments too, both melodic and rhythmic. Her bubbly, high-spirited lively personality makes her performance entertaining to watch. Combines high vocal technique, pure jazz soul and charming appearance. wouldn’t it be lovely? We have seen her performance many times, from our own event Christmas Jazz more than 4 years ago (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/jazzuality-christmas-jazz-at-bandung-indah-plaza-the-report/) to big, international jazz festivals. We believe she will bring light to our Valentine concept.

she, she band, she revelation, jazzuality

About 10 years ago, there was a song became a big hit in many radio stations and brought the band into stardom. The song which today stands as a classic is titled “Slow Down Baby”, played by all ladies band named SHE.

This band became so popular and gained many loyal fans ever since. SHE – stands for Sound and Harmony Eclectic was actually born 7 years earlier in the turn of the millennium. Before the album “Tersenyum Lagi” where “Slow Down Baby” is in (there is also a song featuring Rio Febrian, “Tercipta Untukmu”), they released their debut album in 2005 titled “Tentang Aku, Kamu dan Dia” with the hit single “Tiada Lagi”. More about their highly successful second album, it featured many guest stars too. Other than Rio Febrian, there are Baron GIGI, Ari Aru, Indro Hardjodikoro, Uchi Nurul and Ray Jeffrin. Other than those two mentioned albums, they have released “Tak Sekedar Kembali” (2009) and “She Is The Best (2013). If America has rock-influences pop ladies bands like The Bangles and The Go-Gos and England has Bananarama, SHE has been opening up the eyes of music lovers that ladies don’t just end up as vocalist but can play the instrument just as good.

At the beginning SHE was a band with 7 members. But then throughout the career, which has been spanning for 17 year, some changes has happened. Eventhough the band suffered by loosing some of the personnels starting from Riry, Achi and Melly from 2012 to 2014, the band proved its endurance and power by deciding not to give up. As the result, they brought in a new vocalist Daeztyne and released a single titled “Don’t Give Up” which was released at the same time on 160 radio stations all over Indonesia in March 2015. This positive energy enabled them to bounce out from problem, turning it into something good. Seems the song inspired many people too, as the song was accepted really, really well by music lovers.

Today SHE consists of 4 members. Two original members: Adisty Sofie Anggia aka Adisty Zulkarnaen (drums) and Arnie Christanty (bass), the long time member Qotrunnada Fitriana aka Qoqo (electric guitar) and Dyah Sekar replacing Yayo on keyboard. The name is also slightly changed, from just SHE to SHE Revelation. According to Dyah, the addition on the name is a way to distinguish their current concept with the previous one. Now they are more free in terms of genre, placing their music within the character of each personnel. Since they currently don’t have any specific vocalist, they decided to share that part.

True, three of the ladies are not a stranger to jazz since they are active as Jazzy Juice, but it’s very rare to find them on jazz stage as SHE. So, three jazz ladies plus one blazing rocker are going to burn the stage. From another perspective, you will see the new concept of a super ladies band, an iconic group from Bandung with such illustrious career for no less than 17 years land on jazz stage. Whether you are Shelovers – their official fanbase – or not, this ladies will blow your mind. SHE on jazz stage? Yes they will. We are serious, no kidding.

celline and the ukulele man, jazzuality

As this edition is meant to celebrate the Day of Love aka Valentine’s Day, we think it’s important to bring you real life couple  who share not just love but also the same passion in music, in a hope to let them send love to all of you through music. For you who still don’t know them, allow us to introduce Celline Indrawirawan and Rendy Hardiman, together as Celline & the Ukulele Man.

Just as the name says, this duo is using an instrument that we don’t find often on jazz stage, the ukulele. Both of them have been attracted to this instrument for long. What’s interesting is, realzing how difficult it was to find ukulele in Indonesia, Rendy and Celline decided to make their own ukulele shop called “Kayu Tua Ukulele” (http://kayutuaukulele.com). No doubt, they will introduce the beauty of ukulele to us, jazz way.

As we said before, you might not find this instrument being played regularly in jazz gigs, but actually ukulele is not a stranget at all to jazz as it has been widely used by many jazz-oriented musicians for so long. There is an ukulele virtuoso from Japan Jake Shimabukuro if you want an example, we also remember how beautiful Janet Seidel used it in her album “Moon of Manakoora” released around 2005. Jazz or not jazz, you should be familiar with the song “Lava” from Disney-Pixar’s animated short film featured on the movie Inside Out. Or, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s famous cover of “Over the Rainbow”. If you know these songs, surely you know how beautiful the sound of ‘uke’ can really be. The fact that this instrument is going to be played by a man who is deeply passionate in it together with a lovely girl who has a sweet jazzy vibe on her vocal, nothing is better than that.

new equinox, jazzuality

To back Nesia Ardi’s performance, our home band New Equinox is ready to give their full support in complete team: Jason Limanjaya (piano), Ezra Manuhutu (bass) and Alman Naufal (drums). This trio has been running for several years with a couple of changes, but since last year they found a solid new shape which enabled them to improve fast. They have launched one album and currently working on the second where they introduce their own songs. Daring piano stunts, wild drumming and essential role from bass over pure essence of jazz meets the ellegance and lively performance of a young jazz lady, what’s not to love about that. We are curious of what songs they will choose, but it’s best to let them surprise us.

The Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Night: Special Valentine Edition is coming soon exactly on Valentine’s Day, on 14 February 2017, starting from 7:00 pm onwards at the ballroom of BP Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung. Once again, this event is TOTALLY FREE of any charge. Not just fine music and fine performances, you can win some door prizes too. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with flower, chocolate or candlelight dinner. Nothing’s wrong with that. But here we offer you an alternative way to celebrate it: by enjoying a free music event that you can watch with friends and family, jazz way. A real life couple using ukulele, an iconic all ladies band from Bandung, a traditional jazz trio and an amazing female jazz singer from Jakarta will make your Valentine’s Day shine differently than usual. All said, see you there.

Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Night: Special Valentine Edition

Date: Thursday, 14 February 2017
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: BP Bumi Sangkuriang
Jl. Kiputih no 12 Bandung