Braga Jazz Walk #28


bragajazzwalk-28The last edition was a blast with a lot more crowds due to the decision to move the stage right in front of the entrance of the mall as a tryout. We got the confirmation that the stage will still be on the new spot at least until December. It’s a great news since that means we can showcase this event to more people and use acoustic drum instead of the electric.

braga jazz walk

Along with this good news, we are ready to launch the Braga Jazz Walk #28. This 28th installment will come on October 20, 2016, starting at 7:00 pm and as always, FREE of any charge.

In several previous edition we showcased only 3 bands to give time for jam session. Since there are still many bands queuing to perform, for this edition we decided to add one more band to play in. So, there will be four shows, featuring all young lions, presenting colourful variety of jazz. Other than keeping our main mission to support the jazz-oriented musicians and keep the regeneration process running, we believe this event should be able to introduce the rich, united colors of jazz to the society, thus break the stigma that jazz is old fashion, difficult, expensive and segmented. Above all, we wish our event can be a place for everyone to share joy and happiness. Good entertainment for the audience, fun playground for the musicians. The audience can become a part of the show, and the musicians can enjoy and learn something from their fellows.

ray, uph, boby limijaya, neo soul, jazz fusion, ray music, ray band

Probably you are curious to know who we will fearure this time? If so, let’s get down to business. First, we are happy to introduce you a very interesting band from Jakarta: RAY. This newly born band is still one year old, but they are ready to merry the Indonesia’s music scene. RAY is a 7 piece band consisting of active students from Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH)’s Conservatory of Music: Juan Alexander (band leader/keyboard), Alice Grace (synth and sequencer), Ariel Lorenzo and Adhika Himawan (guitars), Wesley Geraldo (bass), David Wilando (drums) and Felicia Yasinta (vocal). The band is mentored by none other than Boby Limijaya, a Berklee College of Music alumnus who made a couple of new ‘inventions’ in our music such as making up a unique 8 Horns Band, collaborating with Budapest Jazz Orchestra and recorded the album in that city as well ( Boby also have made a solid blend between jazz quintet and orchestra plus flute and clarinet as Quintchestra ( He just founded his own music school named Boby Limijaya Music School.

RAY’s journey began in October 15, 2015 when they got the opportunity to participate in Freedom Jazz, held by iCan Studio, a major studio and happening music community in Jakarta. From that moment on, they have been actively playing in various music events. In January 2016, under the guidance and supervision of Boby they released the first single: “It’s Better If You Try”. This song was published on Youtube (watch here: and soon will be released on iTunes and Spotify. You can also watch their rendition of Robert Glasper Experiment’s song, “Let it Ride” here:

These boys and girls doesn’t just play fusion, but they bring it on with the spirit of Neo-Soul, said to be influenced by the likes of Robert Glasper, Jill Scott, Hiatus Kaiyote and Gretchen Parlato. True, they are still students, but they play tight, clean and neat. For us, RAY is a very interesting newcomer that already has strong concept and color. If you like modern jazz fusion, acid jazz with strong soul flavor, you better not miss this band! especially since they are coming all the way from Jakarta.

curly & me, everly brothers, close harmony duo, close harmony jazz

Any of you a fan of The Everly Brothers? If you don’t have a clue of who they are because you are still young, you can ask your parents, most probably they will tell you about this country/pop with rock influenced singing duo who was famous during the 50′ to 60’s. The question is, how would the Everly Brothers would sound like if they sing jazz? If you wonder about that like us, then it’s time to check out this performer. Allow us to introduce two best friend and songwriting partners: Ganesha Wibisana and A. Malik Endie, together as CURLY & ME.

These two young men formed the group not long ago, on 7 June 2016. Like The Everly Brothers, they based their music on pop-rock and folk that is sung in close harmony parts. You can clearly feel the 50’s – 60’s vibe when you listen and watch them. Other than the Everly Brothers, they also draw influence from The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beach Boys and many more. Their wish is to bring back the intimacy and uniqueness of those super duos/groups into today’s music trend.

We first met them two months ago when they were featured in Jane & BO’s performance at the 26th edition (read the report here: What’s cool is that in their very young age, they have released two singles: “First Day of Summer” and “Ordinary Friend”. True, their forte is pop oldies, but these guys visit blues and jazz communities often too. Plus, they told us that they would like to go jazzy. If two months ago they were featured in Jane & Bo‘s appearance, this time the Jane & BO’s turn to reinforce them. As a part of our ways to support them, here is your chance to see CURLY & ME in one full session. Back to the question, how would The Everly Brothers would sound had they sung jazz? Let’s find it out through Wibi and Aris of CURLY & ME.

jazz duo

There are many possibilities in music, including what format you would like it to be. You can go like most of the bands, you can choose something different or even against the mainstream. Meet a new duo came to life just a month ago: ARIEF & HARIS PROJECT, consisting of Arief Ginanjar (guitar) and Haris Radian (bass).

We knew Arief Ginanjar for the first time when he was still playing with Opik Bape in Satura. About a year ago they decided to go separate ways, While we feel sad of it, the good side of the story is that they give birth to some interesting projects/groups, all in its own unique kind.

ARIEF & HARIS PROJECT was born from frequent jamming between them. They found out that they fit to each other, including sharing the same passion for jazz. According to Arief, they decided to go further as a duo since it was difficult to find other players that could fit their style and pace. “Many of them are usually already busy, so instead of keep waiting, we decided to just go as a duo.” says Arief.

We say, it can be a blessing in disguise, since now our music scene has a fresh new project. There are not many guitar-bass duo in today’s scene, especially those who are focusing on jazz. If you wonder what kind of jazz they are painting, it’s in between standard, swing, bebop and everything in between. There is Endah N Rhesa who utilize the same combination of instrument, but surely ARIEF & HARIS PROJECT has their own style and tune. Jazz can be played in wide array of formations, from big band, large ensemble, combo to duo. So let’s check out what this project offers.

jeremy hutomo trio, jeremy hutomo, jazz boy, jazz kid

Indonesia is blessed with so many talented musicians. Some even hatch ear;y before they become teenagers. We have featured so many amazing kids in our events. Not only they show their big interest in jazz, but they do know how to play it well too. There are Kafin who now found his huge success with Di Atas Rata-Rata (Above Average) team, Nadine Adrianna who has landed in Kuching, Malaysia and some prestigious festivals, Philip Manfred that is on his way to shine by using two instruments: piano and saxophone. Now, allow us to introduce a boy who just turned 10 that possesses jazz spirit all over him. His full name is Adrian Jeremy Hutomo. He is more than ready to land on our stage in a format of three simply named after himself: Jeremy Hutomo Trio.

Jeremy started learning piano at the age of 7, but at that time he didn’t do it too seriously. Instead, he was more into playing chess which made him representing Bandung in under the age of 8 Chess Championship. He encountered jazz piano when he turned 8, learning from Yahya Salam for several months. He digged blues and classical for a while before he decided to get deep with jazz seriously. The last four months he has been learning jazz piano with Ray Martosono.

Around two and a half years ago we met this boy for the first time in our previous regular event, the Terraz Jazz. At the 8th edition in June 2014 he came and participated in the jam session, surprisingly playing “Billy’s Bounce.” He was still 7 at that time, yet we saw something special about this boy in term of jazz. Fast forward 2 and a half years later, finally we are about to showcase him in this edition. Performing in trio, Jeremy is going to play alongside his own father, Hasto Hutomo on bass and Evan Natanael on drums. Indonesia got lots of amazing talents, it’s time to see one of them who shines so early even before he reaches the teenage years.

As usual, if we still have time left until the mall closes, we will open the stage for jam session. Anyone can join in, no matter what your musical background is, no matter if you are an active musician or simply wish to taste the joy of spontaneous act, playing with new friends including those you just recently meet.

You can simply enjoy the performances as an audience, you can be a part of the showcase. It’s up to you. One thing is certain, you should be able to join the party from both angle. In case you still don’t know, all of our evets are free of any charge, and yes, including this one! Braga Jazz Walk #28 coming on 20 October 2016 at Braga CityWalk, Bandung. Together with our partner, the venue and KPH Music, we proudly invite you to have fun together with us. Mark your calendar, hope see you there!

Braga Jazz Walk #28

Date: Thursday, 20 October 2016
Time 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Juan Alexander – band leader/keyboard
Alice Grace – synth and sequencer
Ariel Lorenzo – guitarAdhika Himawan – guitar
Wesley Geraldo – bass
David Wilando – drums
Felicia Yasinta vocal

:: CURLY & ME ::
Ganesha Wibisana and A. Malik Endie – guitar/vocal
ft Jane & BO : Jane Doe – vocal/percussions and Opik Bape – guitar

Adrian Jeremy Hutomo – piano
Hasto Hutomo – bass
Evan Natanael – drums

Arief Ginanjar – guitar
Haris Radian   – bass