The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival 2013: The Report




It was the 23rd of March  when Bandung welcoming the biggest jazz festival of the city in 2013.  After several months of preparation, the committee and Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung finally presented the 5th International Kampoeng Jazz to the town. Wasn’t it a very pleasant event to start our 2013 with? Three month before, they already made pre-event by involving David Manuhutu featuring Sandy Winarta and Halfwhole Project as guest star in their stage at Paris van Java, Bandung. The event itself has the aim of developing Jazz to Indonesia young generation. While at the time people getting excited with this vibe originally came from New Orleans, students of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran have been making a continual movement by managing this event since 2008.

For this year the committee decided to go by using the theme of “Jazztorical” with “jazzing you back to history” as the tagline. The appearance of Fariz RM, Indra Lesmana, Chaseiro and Tetsuo Sakurai could create that scene. But more than these legendary names, we got a big surprise too by the participation of Sondre Lerche who’s popular especially among the youngsters. The young jazz diva Andien was here too, and it felt special since she just released her new album.

With more and more crowds came throughout the runtime, this year’s Kampoeng Jazz reached another height in coloring Bandung sky with jazz.  If you didn’t have the time to catch it, you should wonder how did it go. Then, here it is the details of enormous momentum in Kampus Iwa Koesoema Soemantri Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung.


At 10 a.m Sondre Lerche, Omen Sonisontani of Chaseiro, represntative of Fariz  RM and Anthology, and Tetsuo Sakurai gathered in Bale Rumawat for a press conference. Lerche started his speech with “Nama saya (My Name Is) Sondre Lerche” and everyone gave a warm greetings to him. Lerche said that he’s very happy to visit bandung, since this is his first time here. When we asked his opinion about the development of jazz in Indonesia which recently held by college student, he answered with an excitement. “Of course, I’m glad to be invited on this event. I know most of you are still young but this event is great. young generation is the future. It’s an honor to play in this festival,” said Lerche pleasently. Chaseiro also stated that this event gathered them after several time they’re separated by the distance. While Tetsuo Sakurai answered every questions from the reporter friendly. “Selamat pagi. Nama saya Tetsuo Sakurai,” then he told us his experiences in Indonesia. “I’ve been visiting Jakarta for twenty times. I’ve been to Solo, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. But this is my first time in Bandung. I will give my best performance tonight,”  The press conference closed with photo session.

For a start, we were entertained by three winners of the auditions. The first thirty minutes of Kampoeng Jazz was opened by Last Minute Action. This group consists of 6 personnels, Muchsin Sajri and Ashita Widya Melinda (vocals), Aldo Triasmoro (guitar), Alvin Arbrian (bass), Mario Limba (keyboard) and Muhammad Fadli (cajon). This band brought the scene of catchy groove in acoustic style through popular songs both from the international and local collections. Warming up session continued. The next thirty minutes was fethcing audience attention by the performance of 6 students of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran. Established on March 8, 2013, 3 Minarets which means 3 towers showed their skills on 3 songs that time. “My Boo”, “Still a Friend of Mine”, and Parkdrive’s “Kucoba”.

Blues as a cherry on Kampoeng Jazz appeared. They are Mojo Jojo Experiment who gave the blues atmosphere there. This independent band consists of three primary members, Putra Fajar Utama on guitar with Erren Solihin (bass) and Mohamad Thaufiq Rachman (drums). Roaring road blues were served stylishly yet in full freedom by these guys.

After the nice performances from the auditions’ winners came the session of the marvel. Sparkling stage just became more than sparkling when Fariz RM stepped up into the stage,set to collaborate with Indra Lesmana. Two legendaries jazz musician that luckily are Indonesian did a reamrkable duet while both of them have been very busy with their own project. Indra Lesmana, as we can see, is recently on fire with his iTunes album and Red White Lounge. Alumni of Institut Teknologi Bandung whoís also uncle of the famous Sherina Munaf, is still on the way to back to the music industry after being quite in hiatus for a couple of years. Lately he began to resurface more often and seemed to absorb more and more energy from each gig. The collaboration with Indra Lesmana continued on too after their several attempts in 2012.


As the concept, he brought Fariz RM Anthology. Like in his solo concert three months ago in Bandung, Fariz allowed us to access his new songs from the most recent album “Fenomena” and a visit to  the best hits he’s ever made.  As we spotted bassist Ade Darmawan, drummer Eddy Syakroni and percussionist Iwan Wiradz amng the lineup, he opened up grand with “Penari” then carried on with “Sungguh”, “Susi Belel” and a song written by Glenn Fredly, “Terindah.” Indra Lesmana came in and directly battled with Fariz RM, what a  great scene to see these maestro unleashed their fire.  They started working together since 20 years ago and then disconnected to their busy activity. Since they joined again at Red White Lounge, they began to combine their concept again. One of the result is when Indra Lesmana’s “Sleeping Beauty” got lyrics written by Fariz RM.  “Indra wrote it 15 years ago, I made the lyrics 15 years later. How cool,” said Fariz before they both launched it. Next song was Nostalgia, it brought the audience dancing and singing for the next 8 minutes.

If the collaboration was already high, imagine how it became when Andien came and gathered with them!  A classic Krakatau song “La Samba Primadona” was cheerfully sang by Andien. Right after that, two evergreens of Fariz RM came in, “Sakura” and “Barcelona.”  Both of these songs got a different dimension with Indra Lesmana’s wild touch with his keys and moog.  Rain poured even harder when they said goodbye and left the stage.

What a big joy for us to enjoy him with his evergreens and new songs in full power. With quite frequent appearance like this and a new album, we can hope to see a new era of Fariz RM in our jazz world. We wish him all the best for that. And yes, may the nutricious collaboration with Indra Lesmana continues on.


Pretty, petite, young, cheerful, and sweetly jazzy. You are definitely right if the talented singer Andien Aisyah that cross in your mind after reading the previous sentence. The one and only female star who participated to brighten Bandung’s youth Saturday night in Kampoeng Jazz. Started her carrier in early 2000, Andien has been and still producing various beneficial works until today. It was ‘Gemintang’ that brought her onto the top of popularity; Andien came with ‘Moving On’ in 2011. 2013, she continued the journey with ‘Bernyanyi Untukmu’ which already got a place on Top 10 in many radio station.

Still raining hard, the scene was beautiful with many umbrellas in front of the stage. Andien as usual entertained the audience with her songs and interactive gesture. Rayendra Sunito, Bonar Abraham, Nikita Dompas and Didiet Violin as usual accompanied Andien on stage. Among the songlist sang by her tonight were “”Sahabat Setia”, “Milikmu Selalu”, “Langit dan Bumi”,  “Setia”,  “Gemilang”, “Teristimewa”, “Bernyanyi Untukmu” and then closed her session with his party hit “Movin’ On”.

Her beautiful voice completing the warm tone from all male artists and the parcel of jazz was getting complete. In one part she even showed her solidarity by singing right at the edge of the stage while using umbrella too. Evidently, rain couldn’t do enough to stop her fans. Another sweet performance by Andien added to the list.


After the nice minutes with Andien, we moved to Chaseiro. A group which its debut was in 1978 when all members were still studying at the Universitas Indonesia. It was Jazz Goes to Campus as the first event where they’re performed in. About 3 years ago they decided to come back and never stops ever since. We expected them to appear in full formation, but unfortunately one of the key members Helmie Indrakesuma passed away last month. It might be no easy for them but in fact they stand still and strong.

Using melodica, Riza Arshad joined Candra Darusman (keyboard, vocal), Aswin Sastrowardoyo (guitar, vocal), Edi Hudioro (flute), Irwan Indrakesuma (vocal), Rizali Indrakesuma (bass, vocal) and Omen Sonisontani (vocal).

We spotted female percussionist Dinda, the daughter of artiste Gatot Soenjoto among the personnels. The band started with an instrumental number “Awal dan Akhir Hari” then carried on with “Nada-Nada Gembira, “Salah Cinta” and “Hari yang Indah”, then threw their hit “Kulama Menanti.” “erangai Diri”, “Route 66” and “Calypso” and “Dunia Di Batas Senja” came right after before they closed their show with “Ceria.” So many people expected them to sing their all time hit “Pemuda”, but due to the duration they had to finish singing.

We missed Helmie’s appearance in the formation, but for sure, with such a beautiful performance like this, his spirit was there supporting the group. We always love the sound of their vocal harmony. We wish them all the best in health and success. May there be more of Chaseiro’s performances in the near future.

In the middle of event, the committee welcomed Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Univesitas Padjadjaran to the stage. Surprise! The harmony of this group put a special sensation since they’re not written on the line up. Such a reminder of how the youth take a big part for developing Indonesia music especially Jazz itself.


Jump to another highly recommended performance. It would not be every year you can see the special performance of  Tetsuo Sakurai. A bassist legend from Japan who had a fantastic show last year on JakJazz 2012 last October. Poured by good responds from public of Indonesia could be one trigger for him to get back to our land and there he was on Kampoeg Jazz stage.

Most of the fans still connect him to Casiopea, and that’s not wrong since he was inside the legendary formation. He’s left the band, but actually he’s still keeping in touch with the members, even made some remarkable collective works with them including Pegasus (with Issei Noro) and Jimsaku (with Akira Jimbo). But in this performance he represented himself, greeting all his fans in Bandung in one blasting act. Looking at the way crowds responded and cheered to him, hopefully Sakurai-san would realize that he actually have so many fans in Bandung too, so he’d visit this city and other ones again next time. Not only he would trigger more young bassists to follow his steps, but he could also give campaign that bass can actually work more than just guiding the rhythm, especially in jazz. Fusion was on in full spirit, how we love the scene especially when it came from a legend like Sakurai.


The night still young, the light still brigthly shine when the Master of Ceremony made a call for Norwegian singer and songwriter. “Two way Monologue”, “Sleep on Needless”, and “Domino”, those are some of Sondre Lerche‘s famous songs which also enjoyed by his fans in Indonesia. Sondre Lerche has been visiting Indonesia for a couple of time. He became one of the stars in 5th International Kampoeng Jazz, his performance was the most wanted one, but previously he had participated at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2011 where he shared the stage with Santana, David Garfield, and many more. The committee of Kampoeng Jazz smartly read the circumstance that shows how Indonesia people love Lerche music. Thus, they invited Sondre Lerche to the event for entertaining the jazz lover. Based on the info on his official website, he’s already announced that he will be going to Indonesia for Kampoeng Jazz 2013. He nailed it.

For more than an hour Lerche entertained his fans to the max. As a single fighter he brought his hits including  “Heartbreak Radio”, “I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today”, “Airport Taxy Reception”, “Days Are Over”, “Two Way Monologue”, “Private Caller”, “Domino”, “Death Passanger”, “Said It All”, “Hell No” and Sleep on Needles.” “I flew all the way from New York, and since the rain has stopped, it’s a clear scene that we should make the best of this night.” said Lerche. He even listened to some requests asking him to sing “Domino” in more jazzy way. Well, apparently Lerche enjoyed his session as he played longer than schedule. The fans were entertained as well. Hope to see you again here in Indonesia, Lerche!


So, here’s the last detail of Kampoeng Jazz 2013 in which enclosed romantic yet passionate music in fun concept for almost an hour, courtesy of Trio Lestari. They effectively distributed huge energy to the audience that been singing along since at least 3:00 pm. Glenn Fredly, Sandhy Sandhoro, and Tompi formed this trio since 2011. Introducing the trio format with live performance as the evidence of their existence, Trio Lestari in fact wins Indonesian attention quickly.

Tompi started the final party with his own hits “Menghujam Jantungku” and “Waktu Takkan Mampu”, where he demonstrated an entertaining jam in front with saxophonist Nicky Manuputty. Glenn came in and sang “Akhir Cerita Cinta” and “Tega.” Next was Sandhy Sondoro’s turn with “Anak Jalanan”. Tompi then reappeared and sang “Cukup Sudah”, followed by Glenn with “Tak Pernah Padam.” All three of them then shared the stage, covering Carkra Khan’s hit “Harus Terpisah”.

While we were covering the show in front of the stage, apparently Tetsuo Sakurai came and stood right beside us. He said to us that he wanted to see Glenn Fredly’s performance and that he would love to jam with him. Hearing this from Sakurai, we directly approached the committee and told them about it. And yes, it really happened! Tetsuo Sakurai joined Trio Lestari and the band by covering Eddie Brickell’s “Good Times” with sensational result. Trio Lestari still carried two more song after this very special surprise, “Nurlela” and Utha Likumahuwa’s “Puncak Asmara.”

Have been performing in numerous big events also held their exclusive concert in Bandung, Trio Lestari for the several times come back to the town. And this time, they bringing not-same-like-other shows performance into the 5th International Kampoeng Jazz’ stage.

Tremendous night ended up with everyone’s applause for the almost nine hours music exhibitions. Achievement to every Jazz’ musician and fanatics due to the succeed we achieve that night. Great effort gains great achievement. We should be grateful for the unstoppable youth movement for supporting the development Jazz.

If one ask, what makes jazz keep growing in Indonesia? There could be many reasons, but one of those must be the participation of university students. From time to time we see the tremendous growth of jazz in any particular area by having the support from local campuses. These students are still young. The society might think they are still immature, but never underestimate the power of the youth. They are brave enough to do something big exceeding people’s expectation, and the Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung has proven it with a great result.

As we said before, Kampoeng Jazz will give you million of affectionate tones, and they did it. In brief, we would be very happy for doing the assignment of spreading the love through the music together with all of the genius talents and full spirited young generations. For the better future of Indonesia’s jazz scene, let’s keep the gravity of creativity working around us!

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Reporter: Shely Napitupulu
Photographer:  Nuri Arunbiarti, Alfi Widoretno
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan
Team: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya