Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza II : The Report


There has been a quantum leap in the quality of biweekly event, Sunday Jazz. Following the first successful gig in the new place, Nyamak Foodcourt, Dago Plaza, KlabJazz served it once again as the second to none. In the way that closing event of May, Sunday Jazz prepared four hours full with six fab bands. Completing your last Sunday of this month with good attitude by having some fun with the friendly ambience, grabbing lotta tasty foods while having great chat with your friends, and fulfil your eargasm with good tunes which was brought by our speciality of jazz in this city, KlabJazz. It isn’t a bad idea at all.

KlabJazz has been busy this week. Last Friday they landed on Margo Friday Jazz bringing no less than 5 bands joining the new band with a high voltage of vintage funk named Mr Funkenstein. They were there participating in Margo Jazz
Community’s weekly jazz event, continuing the mutual friendship that has been built for some years now. We will give a full  report from that later, but first let’s focus on the second Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza that was held with interesting lineup.

Ammy Alternative Strings, Dyah Sekar Quartet, Halfwhole Project, KPH All Stars, Macchiato and a special performance of Sandy Winarta Trio, led by Sandy, the most wanted jazz drummer today who’s involved in many bands including Sarimanouk, Pitoelas Big Band and the phenomenal group LLW with Indra Lesmana and Barry Likumahuwa.

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[flickr id=”5770760265″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Ammy Alternative Strings as the opening of the day offered some kind of fresh idea in jazz. We could see how a violin ensemble met jazz epically. This group consist of 9 talented youngsters including one violist 15+ Miranti Khairunisa. Ammy Kurniawan as the leader itself actually does another project with well-known formation 4 peniti. While active as a musician, he also has his own calling as a teacher. He teaches many kids not only to play violin but also to let them understand music from their early ages. Today we could see the fruits. 10 kids showed how great they could already play violin in ensemble led by their teacher, Ammy Kurniawan himself and also guided by the jazz couple, contrabassist Rudy Zulkarnaen and drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen.

[flickr id=”5771302378″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Broke the warm ambience this evening by “Tico Tico“, a Russian song that really sticked into Gypsy ambience. What’s unique is Rudy chose acoustic guitar this time instead of his usual weapon, acoustic bass. One girl and two boys gave stunning manouvers running up and down their violins.Next was a traditional Gypsy song which played by three chicks. Take the ‘A’  train became the third melody by Afifa,Steffie, Rema, Hana, and Raga. This cheerful yet happy song succesfully asked the audience to follow the melody and feel the music. Spain, a song originated by Chick Corea was shocking with Miranti and two others did an improvisation in the mid of the song. And wait, this perform reminds us with the famous Bond girls. If Ammy has shown us the magic through his violin play, this time he poured his magic through his students. It was amazing to see such young kids able to play violin this good. Kudos to Ammy and the violin ensemble for a strong performance!

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Halfwhole Project, a brand new one, was in the next line. Straight ahead was the theme and they gave it impressively to the crowd. The ingredients of this wonderful band are Athfand Harahap on guitar, Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe on electric bass, Edward Manurung on drums, Christ Stanley on electric piano, Zein Arfah on saxophone and Brury Effendi on trumpet.  [flickr id=”5771304768″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] They started with a cool smooth crossing on post bop on Roy Hargrove’s “Strasbourg St. Denish” . The vintage jazz pattern got deeper in the second song again from Hargrove,  “I’m not so sure“. It was like enjoying the Mingus, Coltrane, Miles and other big cats in their era. Upnext was Benny Golson’s ‘cool cat’ composition “Whisper Not“, calming down the mood. The last was Keith Washington’s song with Hargrove’s interpretation titled “Invitation” with variation of beat boppin’ was shocking in the peak of the song. A complete package of Roy Hargrove’s melody came in hand undoubtedly in more powerful way. Taking on jazz back into its vintage moment, this group brought it cool to fit the present day. Halfwhole Project might have just started, but surely they have a lot of things to bring. Watch out for this quite dangerous group to blast the jazz scene.

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[flickr id=”5770904519″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] Next up was Macchiato who consistents in fusion and jazz pop. Their personels are Johanes “Aang” Susetya on keyboard, Augustinus on drums, Roy Bimantoro on bass, Bramania on guitar, Dicky Suwarjiki on saxopohone and Ronal “Beenyo” on bass. “we’ve known them since 2005”, said Dwi Cahya Yuniman while introducing the band. This group played free form of jazz, that can mixture the smooth jazz to roarin’ rockin’ pattern. The Beatles‘ “Come Together” slammed the venue as the intro, at first partit seemed so rigid in rock but it continued with the fully jazzy tunes by the dominancy of the saxophone during the song. Second song, Grover Washington Jr‘s “Winelight”, was nicely popped up. Taking on the challenge from the soundman Kanggep Kusuma to play George Benson‘s song, they came up with their own version of “Breezin‘” while Dicky changed to flute. The last song was “Morning Dance” by Spyro Gyra brought nicely to the stage. Again we have the group with solid play, filled with experienced senior and know how to bring their concept simple and enjoyable to watch.

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As the forth was provided by Sandy Winarta Trio from Jakarta. Composed by the brilliant jazz drummer, Sandy Winarta, the great young bassist Kevin Yosua, and the famous pianist from Yogyakarta, Andy Gomez. [flickr id=”5771074785″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Sandy Winarta promises many great music products as the good progress we can see from him. As we know, he does many projects now. Having his own group means having a wide enough space to have fun with pinning standards into his own way, as he once said: “I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” He knows how to give delightful contribution in any size of a band, from a set of three to ensemble. For this Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza II he presented the concept in a trio formation. Sandy said that the concept is to make something cooler than his quartet. He also shared that for his trio he’s inspired by Stefano Bolani. This session started with beautiful landscapic piano by Gomez on “All the Things You Are” . Another two tracks “I Love You” and “Blues in F” were brought in the same fashion. Right after Sandy explained the concept he wanted for the trio, they continued swinging with “You Don’t Know What Love Is” . They went even more intense with a speeding bullet version of “Caravan” with a little samba delight. It’s just nice to see how ethey brought their own interpretation on well known standards and presented it simple. It was the cool side of Sandy that we saw tonight at Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza. Pleasuring and entertaining in quality as how they wished to be.

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Another cool performance was brought by Dyah Sekar Quartet which often appeared in Sunday Jazz. [flickr id=”5771796698″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] This team consists of SHE‘s drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen, Ryan Hidayat as guitarist, Gallang Perdana Dalimunthe as electric bassist, and the leader Dyah Sekar Utami as pianist. Straight ahead is their speciality for sure but we agree that they brought another genre as well. “So Nice” became a very nice opening in Brazilian outfit. As usual Dyah Sekar Quartet many times offer ear-catchy melodics in swing and samba for instance.“Days of Wine and Roses” appeared beautifully as the second song. Surprise surprise,this time Dyah included her soft and well controlled vocal as she sang “You Don’t Know What Love Is”. They brought “Sunny” for the last meal.

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[flickr id=”5771429257″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”medium” group=”” align=”left”] Here we go, one of Kampung Jazz Band Audition successful product, KPH All Stars for the final performer. It has Teguh Aditya and Irman Soeramihardja as guitarist, Andre Mangunsong as keyboardist, Reza Bachtiar as bassist, Grand Doank as drummer, and they all are teachers of Kruisnode Piano House (KPH). KPH has two guitarists which gives a lil clue that they have special
arrangement in fusion. This bombastic group broke the crowd with “Rio Funk” where they gave roaring double guitar action that was really nice to watch. Slowing for the second one, they pinned “Feels Like Makin’ Love” in the smooth adult contemporary jazz fashion.  The light fusion continued on with series of songs such as  “Purple Bird”, “Night Breeze” and then closed it strong with “Night Rhythm”. Having these teachers jumped into the pool for real like this gave some kind of different vibes. Surely technically they have no difficulty anymore, so all they have to do is having fun ejoying the vibes they all created. And they had that tonight. Bravo KPH All Stars! Keep the fusion alive!

Loving the music by getting more used to it. This noted biweekly event will absolutely help you be familiar with jazz. KlabJazz always do the best to serve fresh and great performances for every gig. It is good to see more people came to feel the music this time rather than enjoy the food. Jazz became the main menu to swallow than the food menu itself. Establishing a coopearation with the Dago Plaza Management has been a major breakthrough in Bandung jazz scene, since now we have a new gathering place with cozy surroundings and plenty of foods/beverages to choose at the ground zero, Nyamak Foodcourt. This coolaboration is still in trial, so we are still waiting to know where the next step will be. But one thing for sure, Bandung has its own community. The musicians need places to play, and the jazz lovers need places to enjoy. As jazz grows tremendously well recently, we should have regular venue to it, and so far Nyamak Foodcourt has been a very cool place for that. The urban-ghetto stage concept brings a different atmosphere that creates joy to both musicians and fans. We do hope KlabJazz and Dago Plaza Management agree to continue for more months to come. Great effort gets great feedback as its result. Wish for blaster perform from each youth. Thank you guys, look forward to see you again soon!

See more pictures:

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Reporter: Ghea Sagita, Mellysa Anastasya
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo, Febrian Dirga, Marnala Eross Simanjuntak, Fahmi Rakhman Fuad
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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