PIM Jazz Festival: The Report




We’re happy to inform you that the PIM Jazz Festival 2013 which took place at the Palembang Indah Mall on May 8, 2013 was nicely executed and got very positive response from the jazz lovers and local musicians who live in this capital city of South Sumatra. This event was triggered by Radio Trijaya 87.6 FM in cooperation with the mall and Palembang Jazz Community, supported by Bank Sumselbabel.

This event continued the jazz movement in Palembang which has started a couple of weeks ago with the existance of free-jamming show, Jazz On Friday. For this festival the committee invited the inspirational and experienced bassist Indro Hardjodikoro in a Trio formation, together with keyboardist Andy Gomez and young drummer Iqbal Zainal Hanani, the Head of Palembang Jazz Community wishes to see the progress of skill and motivation of local artists by inviting top musicians from the capital of Indonesia. For us, inviting someone like Indro is an excellent choice, because we have seen how he inspire young musicians for many years with his skill, experience and international reputation.

indro hardjodikoro trio, palembang indah mall jazz festival


The show started exactly at 5:00 pm with Clinic Music with Indro Hardjodikoro, Andy Gomez and Iqbal. They gladly answered every question in a friendly interactive session which related to jazz, for example about the technique of playing bass, piano/keyboard and drum. The enthusiasm really shown. Riki from Methodist high school asked about how to improvise by using melodic minor scale. There was even a madam who needed to know of the difference between keyboard and piano in jazz, in detail. The clinic also filled with examples of jazz in variety.

Right after the Clinic, the event continued on with Jazzyndicate, a local Palembang band. This band was established in 2011 consists of Yoga (guitar), Andre (drum), Andrean (bass), Berland (trumpet) and Septia (vocal), plus additional pianist Peter. The band played up beat funky acid jazz through repertoires such as “Biarkan”, “I Feel Good”, “Terdiam”, “Moving On”, “Lebih Indah” and “Kamu.” From this nice opening the next group Celestevoice. Comprises of Aldhita Rizky Kinanti (vocal),Yoshua Ramonthi (bass), Roy and Gusri (guitars), Sam (keyboard) and Sigit (drum) the band presented “Cintaku”, “Could It Be”, “Risalah Hati”, “Kamu” and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

The station manager of Trijaya 87.6 FM Eko Adji pointed that jazz has been growing fast in Palembang recently, one of the reasons is the emergence of young jazz musicians with better skill.

palembang indah mall jazz festival, andy gomezThe number of audience who crowded in front of the stage got bigger when Indro Hardjodikoro Trio featuring Soukma appeared. They started sailing with a fast track taken from Indro’s solo album “Feels Free”. Still from the same album, they improvised smoothly in “Titik Awal”. Next, Indro called Soukma to sing 2 songs, “Panon Hideung” and “And I Love Him”. The heavy, smokey voice of Soukma was very nice, including her unique vibra.

palembang indah mall jazz festival, andy gomezAfter that Indro asked the musicians from Palembang Jazz Community to jam together. Two jam sessions served nicely, started with Abi on “Moody’s mood For Love” followed by Erwin who collaborated with Indro by using guitar. Hendra, the drummer from Palembang Jazz Community joined in, also Rico, a talented young pianist took over Andy Gomez’s position. another guitarist from the local community Iqbal layered Acil’s vocal in covering “Spain.” Right after this, Indro Hardjodikoro Trio sealed up the event with Drum and Bass composition.

Intan, the promotional manager of PIM said that PIM will do its best to serve quality jazz event regularly by involving top jazz artists from Jakarta.

Two news from Palembang within a months actually shows the good progress of jazz development in Palembang. Next time you hear this city, you should picture a fast growing city where jazz painted on the sky above it. We look forward to see more young jazz lions from the city, can’t wait to hear more news regarding the development of this fascinating genre being spread wider throughout Palembang.

Photo and article are from Eko Adji
Translated into English by: Riandy Kurniawan