Java Soulnation Festival 2011: Wizzow from Batik Tribe, Raisa, Valerius, Back Alley


Wizzow a.k.a Wisnu Prastowo is the frontman of Batik Tribe. He is a hip hop artist that also works as a music producer who has made many many songs from various Indonesian hip hop artists such as D’Flo, MC Razi, Daviuz, J-Flow, Yacko, Faro, Ballaholic, Jere, and Kontra just to name a few.

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For this time in Java Soulnation Festival 2011 he appeared under his Batik Tribe and showed his delightful touch in music. This stage turned into a hip hop party and even gave a surprise by having Ras Muhamad collaborating with them.

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With “Serba salah” as her first debut single, the beautiful Raisa Andriana was able to attract alot of attention from music seekers in Indonesia in no time. Her smooth angelic voice is adorable and always lovely to hear. She has engaged many people with her first performance back in Java Jazz Festival 2009. With higher popularity and also her friendly act towards her fans in social networks, she attracted many audiences of the Java Soulnation Festival to visit her stage and enjoyed her performance.

A lovely performance it was indeed. Her sweet beautiful face and voice mesmerized everyone who came to her show. For this occasion, she also officially launched her 2nd single, “Apalah Arti Menunggu”.

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From AHA stage we got another International artist coming all the way from Amsterdam, Valerius. Valerius is a Dutch band that became popular after their first single “You Say When” was released on 2009 followed by the latest one “She Doesn’t Know” which did brilliantly in the charts of major radio stations in Indonesia. They thanked the beautiful Valeriusplein in Amsterdam for the name. Featuring Jesse and Kay Nambiar (guitars), Xander Vrienten (bass) and Georgy Patrick (drums) and last but not least Jelte Tuinstra (keys), this group presents an independent pop with [flickr id=”6174666375″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] various tastes to give pleasure to their fans and listeners. “We’re happy that Jelte joined the band..he play some mean synths” they said. There have been many world-famous musicians from Netherlands, and now the number has increased with Valerius who’s more than ready to rock the world with their music. A lovely ambience when they went acoustic, a happy moment when they grooved in pop, Valerius brought a really nice package on AHA Stage.

Meanwhile on the Global Organics Stage, Back Alley served a uniquely cool electro party. Another interesting one from the other side of the venue indeed.

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See more pictures:

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella, Tang Chung Ie
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Praditya Nova



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