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Dwiki Dharmawan, World Peace Orchestra

A mega project of Dwiki Dharmawan named World Peace Orchestra was launched last night, June 17, 2009 in the historical Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. Just before the concert, Dwiki Dharmawan held a press conference to explain about this project. Besides Dwiki Dharmawan, the press conference was also presented by Dewa Budjana, Sapta Nirwandar, the Director-General of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Allan from the Omega Pacific Production. These were some of the important people who involved in the making of the album, also for the future of Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra.  The album was made by utilizing the internet technology. The musicians were not necessarily had to come all along the way to record this in one particular place. All sent through the internet, and then mixed as one. Dewa Budjana explained that he didn’t know that one of his recording would be use in the album. He recorded the track at home, and when he sent the material, Dwiki brought it to USA. Just when the album was close to finish, then he realized that his recording became a part of this album. Dewa Budjana, the guitarist of GIGI said how proud he is to be a part of this World Peace Orchestra mega project. “Me and Dwiki have been playing together for 20 years, but this is the very first time to play with him in a very big format.” Budjana said.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism is fully supporting  Dwiki Dharmawan’s project to promote Indonesia in general, and the tourism in particular. Sapta Nirwandar and Dwiki also asked everybody through the press to vote one of the Indonesian wonder, the Komodo and its National Park, so they can be one of the 7 wonders of the world. (you can vote it at http://new7wonders.com)

We asked Mr Sapta, what kind of support will the Ministry provides for Dwiki and the orchestra. And he said, mainly, they will help through the transportation expenses for the international visits. Also, we often support to find venues from abroad. As for Dwiki, we asked about how many musicians involved in this album. And Dwiki said, there were more than 100 musicians in total. “Besides bringing international musicians, I also feel proud to have some Indonesian traditional musicians. They deserved to be called maestro”. Dwiki explained proudly.

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra is indeed a mega project. Now let’s see how big this project is. Just like Dwiki said, there are about 100 musicians around the world participating in it. Look at the name of some international musicians involve in it. Walfredo Reyes Jr (drums), Yellowjackets’ Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Russel Ferrante (keyboards), Michael Paulo (sax), Kamal Musallam (oud/guitar), Steve Thornton (percussion), Tollak Ollestad (harmonica), Andy Suzuki (sax/clarinet/flute), Guy Strazz (guitar), Rodrigo Galvao (percussions), Hugh Fraser (bass), Andrew Oh (flute), Marc Antoine (acoustic guitar), Lewis Pragasam (drums), China Philharmonic Orchestra and an American sound engineer, Rich Breen. Not everybody could come for the concert last night though. Still they supported it fully from a far.

From the local artists, the list of musicians contributing for the album are awesome as well. Ivan Nestorman and Dira J Sugandi vocals), Indro Hardjodikoro (bass), Sandy Winarta (drums), Zainal Arifin (percussions), Korem Sihombing (taganing), Yoyon Darsono (beluk) and Peni Candrarini (sinden, a traditional Javanese singer) are some of the name features in this magical “Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra” album, an album released under the Omega Pacific Production label, with Gita Wirjawan as the excecutive producer.

Through this project, we could see Dwiki’s big passion to explore the colorful world of ethnical sounds and musics. This is a rich album containing Dwiki’s masterpiece compositions that came from the diverse ethnical beauties, from his own land Indonesia and also from around the world. A very brilliant showcase of multicultural world music. Prior to the official launching of the album, “Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra”, Dwiki Dharmawan held a magical concert with so many musicians on stage. Hundreds of audience were ready to witness this magical concert.

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace OrchestraAnd..the concert was started. Dwiki opened the concert with piano solo. Then he stood up, conducting the whole ensemble on stage. From string sections, brass sections, percussions, gamelan (the traditional Javanese percussion set), all directed single handedly by Dwiki Dharmawan presenting a composition in a very beautiful harmony. The first song was grand and mesmerizing which is very suitable for an opening.

The second song was “Island of God”. This chill-out ambience song appeared as a beauty especially through the fantastic voice of a sinden (traditional Javanese singer) named Peni Candrarini. The next one opened by Dewa Budjana‘s solo guitar. The song was a  Borneo folk song, “Paris Barantai” arranged as a stunning world music. Dwiki gave a speech to the audience, telling some stories about the making of this album, why the Ministry of Culture and Tourism supports this project, just like what he had already explained at the press conference.

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra, Dira J SugandiFrom Borneo we went further to the east. The concert continued with “Ie”. It was a folk song from Flores, Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara region, the third island east of Bali. Dira J Sugandi had the honor to sing this song. She made cool entrance as she appeared from the audience. “Ie” was arranged by Dwiki as a light joyful song that successfully captured the typical melody of the eastern side of Indonesia. The lightings supported this song perfectly as well.

The next song  was “Arafura”, an energic fusion song. Indro Hardjodikoro‘s bass slamming, Lewis Pragasam‘s drum hitting and the percussions side balanced the wild combination of Budjana’s guitar and Dwiki’s keyboard. A very dynamic fusion indeed.

“Clarissa” appeared next. Dwiki explained the background of this song. “Not everybody can be as lucky as we are. Some live at the mercy of others, including this Clarissa.” He said. Dwiki joked about how his wife got suspicious at first with the name. Clarissa is a song with a slight nuance of bossa blended in jazz. After this, Dwiki introduced all the musicians who were performing on stage together with him. Soon after, “Janger” came up. It wasn’t difficult for   the audience to notice  that it was a song of the land of Goddess, Bali, through the pentatonic scale used in this song. “Janger” appeared nice in chill-out style. Stunning!

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra

Kamal Musallam, Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace OrchestraAnd then it was time for one of the highlight. the great Kamal Musallam from Dubai came on stage. Besides playing guitar, Kamal Mussalam is a great “oud” player as well. Oud is a pear shaped guitar, a stringed Arabic instrument. Kamal gave some introduction about this instrument. Oud has been used as an instrument for thousands of years. Some people even believe that oud is the origin of guitar, eventhough there is no official statement about it yet. Then Dwiki said, “in Indonesia we call it “gambus”.  As Kamal came from Dubai, he added a very thick middle east nuance into the composition that stunned us.“The Spirit of Peace” is the united sounds of the world music, combining a thick Middle Eastern melody, Balinese music and some latin touches. Dwiki said that every nation has the right to have their freedom. Then he welcomed the Ambassador of Palestine in Indonesia, and sent the “Peace” message to everyone. Then the mystical “The Spirit of Peace” was played. In the album, “The Spirit of Peace” is the opening song. That’s how important the message of peace is, that’s what Dwiki Dharmawan and the whole orchestra want to deliver to the whole world.

Dewa Budjana, Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra“Jazz For Freeport” became the playground for Dewa Budjana and Kamal Musallam to bring what they got. We have seen the magic of Musallam’s play at the previous Java Jazz Festival 2009, but through his performance with the World Peace Orchestra, he impressed us even more. As for Dewa Budjana, we all have known him as a fantastic guitarist who could play perfectly in various different genres.

After the stunning guitar showdown by these two genious, another Flores folk song “Ana Ritin Teo” became the playground for the percussionists to show what they got. This is a Flores song that has great African rhythm. Steve Thornton and Philippe Ciminato brought their percussions circling the audience’s seats. The crowds answered with clapping their hands. It was amazing. “Numfor” was the last song to close the concert. After this song, the whole ensemble gave their salutes to the audience. But the audience still wanted more. And it was  encore time. It was “Benggong Banggong”, another Flores folk song. Ivan Nestorman sang in Flores language for this song. “Benggong Banggong” became the playground for all musicians. They all made stunning improvisations one by one.

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra

What a majestic, grand and hypnotizing concert. It’s hard to describe how great it was last night. Surely it was a night to remember, such an unforgettable night. There was magic in everything. The compositions, the arrangements, the instruments, the plays, the unitedness, the chemistry, the timing, the rhythms, even the historical Gedung Kesenian Jakarta’s concert hall has added more magic to this unbelievable concert. Big applause goes to Dwiki Dharmawan for his efforts to make this dream into reality, but most importantly, we can see a perfect showcase of what would happen when hundreds of musicians from every sides of the world combines together in harmony making a mega project delivering an important message, peace to the world. What an out of the world presentation of world music. Bravo!

Lineups for Dwiki Dharmawan : World Peace Orchestra at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta were:

Dwiki Dharmawan (keyboard)
Dewa Budjana (guitar)
Indro Hardjodikoro (bass)
Sandy Winarta (drums)
Oni Krisnerwinto (Sa’Unine string quartet) (violin)
I Nyoman Winda (gamelan)
Philippe Ciminato (percussion)
Eugen Bounty (clarinet/sax)
Erick Sondhy (piano)
Andre Dinuth (guitarist)
Dira Sugandi (vocalist)
Peni Candrarini (vocalist)
Ivan Nestorman (vocalist)
and many more

Special Guest Stars:
Lewis Pragasam (Malaysia) (drums)
Steve Thornton (Malaysia) (percussions)
Kamal Musallam (Dubai) (oud : pear shaped, stringed Arabic instrument, guitar)

More Pictures from Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra Live Concert at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta:

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Reporter: Fariz Budiman
Photographer: Praditya Nova
Editor : Riandy Kurniawan


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