Jakarta International Djarum Super Mild Java Jazz Festival 2013: Day 2 Part 2




Let’s carry on with the report to see the rest of Saturday’s great bash. The tremendous Miles Smiles project which consists of famous jazz cats such as Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim, Daryll Jones, Rick Margitza and Wallace Roney re-appeared again after yesterday’s session.


Now think of this: ever heard of how the magic sprinkles of the music that we hear are able to touch our psychological condition, even able to heal? Truly, this one’s not to be missed! It’s out of the mainstream – Maya Hasan Classic Goes Jazz’s remarkable skills are gonna get through you by having the mighty harp accompany her performances. Since she’s digging deeply into the healing therapy by using harp ; something which gave her a conclusion that harp can heal sickness because harp produces perfect notes[ we do hope that the audience who got some problems with their health be healed. Unique, interesting, different.

Supratman street Bandung must be the place with many souls that fulfilled by desire in creating art works, especially since the late artiste Harry Roesli lived there. Luckily, the ninth Java Jazz is carrying half of those soul to the stage by putting 57kustik into their Indonesian Artist’ line up. Moreover, 57kustik had already performed on Java Jazz on the Move (JJOTM) as Java Jazz Festival 2013 pre-event in Bandung (16/2). This becomes their second year as a participant in Java Jazz Festival. In 2012, those street musicians got a very rare chance; they did an impressive collaboration with famous saxophone artist, Dave Koz. Consist of Ipan (violin), Negro (cajon), Yadi (guitar), Firman Ari (bass) and Andry Septa (vocal) now utilized their gifts to deliver a positive message, “For Better Life Movement.”

As Yannick Bovy repeated his session with Ron King Quintet, another tribute happened at the Djarum Lounge. “All My Love”, “Under My Skin”, “She’s Even More Beautiful”, and “I Wanna Be Around”. Indonesian music strongly has something to do with a big name, Elfa Secioria. This senior had influenced so many local musician; he also teached many young artists which later became superstar.


Tonight, this Tribute to Elfa Secioria was a piece of respect and appreciation for each and every form of knowledge he had shared. Netta, Monita, Jemima, and Yassovi Amalia were four young female singers who sang on Djarum Lounge as their admiration to this remembrance. In harmony they brought songs and beautifully presented some works of Elfa. It is one of ways to give honour for Elfa Secioria, because of his big contribution and positive influence for our music. As for Aimee Saras, some might recognize her from “After Hours” program in Metro TV. But today she wasn’t hosting, yet swinging away because Aimee Saras goes swing captivated the stage tonight! What a pleasant surprise.


For some of us D’Masiv might not be a band listed in the jazz list of performers. But hang on, they turned things around with a whole new concept, D’Masiv Jazz Project. The usual melancholic pop from this band were switched into a one-of-a kind performance proving that jazz is all about improvising and the intention of gathering all sorts of sources of music into one and making it worthwhile – “Diam Tanpa Kata”, “Apa Salahku”, “Rindu Setengah Mati”, and “Merindukanmu” were several of the masterpieces that they brought into the open. The help of other jazz musicians helped them to go out of the box, performing in a way they never done before, such as when they sang “Natural” with Benny Likumahuwa and “Pergilah Kasih” with Mus Mujiono. They also had Ali Akbar with them at the stage as well as percussionist Rejoz from “The Groove”.We have seen Slank, GIGI and KLa Project did this before, now D’Masiv is added into the list. At the end of their show tonight, they amazed all of us with something that none had expected before. Along the last song, illustrations of a disabled society was on screen, accompanied by a tragic-themed melody which took away the hearts of the audience and got tears falling down from their eyes. The atmosphere that they carried out was none other than extraordinary. Out of Ordinary took Citra Intirama Stage, Balance and The Travelling Sounds also spiced up Saturday night.


The combination of R&B, jazz, and funk once again delivered from this man best known as a very important inspiration of many musicians especially bassists, Marcus Miller. Not many people know this man, son of William Miller, is multi-instrumentalist, as well as composer and producer. Here, in this 2013 edition we finally heard this two time Grammy winner’s energetic walking bass which always has excitement within. Ask any bassist, who wouldn’t want to be able to play like him? Big name, playing big music. Yes right off the reel, his musical experiments with legendary musician such as Luther Vandross, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Dave Koz, George Benson, and a lot more surely shaping his musicality. What a lucky chance to have this man who has become the inspiration of so many bassists in the world in this edition. Joining him is Adam Agati, an amazing guitarist graduated from Berklee who also works as the guitarist of Ludacris.


A single fighter lady singer and also doing the same beatboxing with who incorporate her musical background of piano, guitar and bass into her compositions and performances, named Butterscotch. She became popular on her perform as a finalist on NBC’s “American Got Talents”, then Ellen DeGeneres was so impressed with her skills that  she invited  Butterscotch to perform on her show. Though the music is a mixture of hip hop and RnB, but she was accepted the music program on classical piano major, and heavily influenced by jazz. Some of the songs she performed tonight were “My Favourite Love Song”, “Silver Lining” and “Sweet Harmony” and there was also “Hyptonized” which was performed featuring Magnus Lindgren. All in all, the highlight to her performance was the supercool beatbox, how on Earth can a girl sing, beatbox, and mimic musical instruments at the same time.  Eye catchy, ear catchy, all in an extraordinarily beautiful way, was the feeling we got from Butterscotch show.

Every year Java Jazz always provides an opportunity for newcomers to perform on stage. This year, Amanda and Friends got that ‘gold’. They knew how to use the ‘gold’ properly by delivering their very best performance to the audience. Somehow, this event could be a stairway to reach their higher floor in Indonesian music scene.


What’s the first thing you’ll think about after hearing the name Monday Michiru? Well the uniqueness of this Tokyo born woman stores many talents in herself, which was unleashed tonight on stage. She is a brand ambassador of PAC Martha Tilaar, a prominent Indonesian cosmetic brand. She has her own stream of talents sent down from both her parents who are a jazz pianist and jazz saxophonist. The Japanese-American Monday Michiru completes the tree with her genuine voice, style and music. She is best known as one of the pioneers of the acid jazz movement in Japan in the early 90s. Japan’s underground club scene is also a pace where Monday has uniquely created her music together with the glimpse of club music including various influences such as jazz, soul, latin, R&B and other elements. One of her songs “Sands of Time” can actually brighten up your days, the way it brightened up our Saturday. May this first appearance at the Java Jazz Festival mark her regular participation in the future editions.


Here it is for the very first time in Java Jazz, Chucho Valdes, from Kuba. He is the winner of the Grammy Awards and 3 Latin Grammy Awards and a son of the great Bebo Valdes. His first experiment with music happened when he was three; he played piano autodidact and was influenced by musical enviroment in his house since kid. In this hall we can see how his age did not decrease the young people to come inside and stood still watching him playing until the end of the show. Age really doesn’t matter when it comes to music. Valdes magically attracted the audience with his great performance. Hope we can see you again next time!


This is not the first time for Nengah Krisnarini a.k.a Sister Duke to perform in this prestigious event. She had performed with delighted acoustic concept in 2011 and back again with different stage-act concept in 2012. After she wrote a single, ‘MYOB’, last two year, she is back with a progression of her second album. She was supported by Donny Joesran, keyboardist of Barry Likumahua Project. Lovely to see Sister Duke on this event with her one of a kind stage-act and how she sang jazz with groovy broadway style. Hoping the best for her second album, can’t wait to grab it!

Then we moved to the session of fabulous jazz singer, Phil Perry, This smiley man started his career at the age of 15. After signed several contracts with several groups, he finally found his own track, right through his five strong solo albums that have highlighted both his ability in interpret classic soul songs as fine as his songwriting skills. His bright multi-octave voice brings the fantastical sense of soulful smooth jazz formats which made him one of the artist that demands a true solid compilation. Perry is not a stranger to Indonesian jazz scene, since he was involved in Karimata’s album in 1991, singing the evergreen “Rainy Days and You” and has been visiting this country quite often. This act featured the ‘in-house residence’, multi-talented keyboardist, composer, and producer Brian Simpson. He received the Java Jazz Festival Hall of Fame in 2011 and appeared in many stages in each edition of this gigantic jazz fest. In this period they played several times, giving more chance to jazz-goers to watch their show.


The English rose Lisa Stansfield has finally arrived at the Java Jazz Festival! We might not hear her news for quite some times, but actually she still has a lot of fans here in Indonesia. One of the undeniable proof is the big hype created after the announcement of Stansfield’s participation for this year. She rose to fame in the 80’s mostly with her soulful disco tunes such as “All Around the World”, “All Woman”, “Change”. Other than these mentioned hits, she also made success with his ballad from the movie Indecent Proposal entitled “In All the Right Places”. Her fine blend of soul, RnB and disco quickly gained popularity and established herself as a top star, but let’s not forget that she has shown her jazzy soul too occasionally, for example in her songs “Down in Depths” and “I’ve Got the World on a String” as one of the tracks of Mona Lisa Smile OST. Performing as a special show, Lisa Stansfield brought our memories back to the time when she was all over the scene with her hits. Numbers such as “Mighty Love”, “Stupid Hearts”, “Time to Move On” completed the list followed by “Make Love to Ya”, and “Change”. She’s still beautiful and sings as lovely as before. A medley of “People Hold On” and “What I did to You” mesmerized the audience, followed by “Someday”, “Conversation”. Lisa closed the performance with a double encore of “Down in the Depths” and stating how she likes Nasi Goreng and Bakmi Goreng and closing the statement with the finale, “Around the World”. Not only we tasted her songs in live act, she also showed her shining jazzy soul to her Indonesian fans. What a moment to remember. Lisa Stansfield, do come again, we love you!


One of the most rarely discussed when we talk about jazz was the different side of Latina music, especially in Indonesia. Well, this year we can enjoy this exotic fling from Flamenco Jazz which is initiated by Yeppy Romero. Speaking about the joyous sound of Flamenco, Yeppy Romero is one of the very few guitarist who can do it. However, even if it’s true that his major is Latin/Flamenco, as a son of Batak, he can never forget his root at all. It is proved through his project named Batakustik where he brings popular Batak songs in instrumental guitar. This time he brought the concept of jazz flamenco in shining light. Joining him in this session is his long time friend, pianist Nita Aartsen. Nita Aartsen is a kind of woman that anytime we would love to hear a classical, jazz, delightful, bossa and any other of Latin touch, she will give it to us.This act brought another flavor in Saturday’s schedule.

While Soul Rebels performed with trumpeter Maurice Brown as a special guest, Java Jazz Festival 2013 involves a Doctor in its main event. They even covered Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. It was crowded with people dancing off their feet and became more hype when they threw out free bling-bling gifts to the crowd. Yup! It is Teuku Adifitrian a.k.a Tompi. His productivity in Indonesia music industry can be seen by more than five albums since 2004. In the middle of his business as a doctor, solo singer, and member of Trio Lestari. The group Three Song was on the other spot at the same time.


So how about we move across the map and say hello to a vocal group from America? Yeah, New York Voices it is! One favorable special thing about them is that aside performing, they also give jazz clinics to school and universities. The New York Voices here amazed us with their collaborating performance with Ron King Big Band. It was absolutely fun to have this outstanding vocal harmony group again gracing this festival.


As one of the finalist of Indonesian Idol 2005, NINO (Wisnu Idol) established himself as a solo performer. But this year he will collaborate with the winner of Asian Beat 2010 in Thailand, Water of Life which consists of Arold (Vocal), Stefabus (Guitar), Nathanael (Bass), Kevin Dwi (Drum), Rhesa (saxo), and Alvin (keys). If we usually used to see him on the Indonesian Idol Stage, well he won our votes at the Kementrian Perdagangan Stage for tonight. At the D1 Telkomsel Simpati Hall, Fourplay splashed fresh smooth jazz/light fusion in front of their fans.

Many people gathered around Djarum lounge only to see Ipang, an energetic yet wild rocker with wide vocal range. Although it’s been said many times, but yes, Irfan Fahri Lazuardy is famous as the vocalist of BIP. Many pop-up questions emerged about how a rock star will perform in jazz event. Surprisingly, his rebellious style along with his superb voice locked all the spectators to only focus on his stage act. We cannot say Ipang ain’t cool, his appeareance always makes a good difference and point out the other side of him while singing in international jazz event. Next, Aiko. A vocal group of Athina Nelwan, Bianca Nelwan and Shinta Rosari known for their singles “I Love You” and “Bagaimana”. Their sweet yet energetic vocals plus their pretty performance captured a special moment in many of the audiences hearts.


If yesterday we got Roy Hargove Quintet picturing the bebop/straightahead scene with splashes of funk, on Saturday he blasted the hall with his RH Factor. With this group he blends hardbop and neo soul with infectious 70’s ‘blaxploitation’ funk and urban groove, erasing the lines between mainstream and underground, jazz and hiphop. Just like yesterday, no room for dullness in his show. Clearly this man loves his role, not only as a very talented musician but also as someone who never stops exploring the possibilities in music. Having this kind of stimulating and infectious sound, Hargrove has all the chance to show that jazz should never be stopped in just a small circle, but it can be used to bring wider music streams, which often created new hybrids. The fun factor once again rose above the roof!


Time to check a crooner. While some people like to compare him to Jammie Cullum due to his appeareance, quirky style, and crooning voice, he absolutely gets his own style. Eventhough he is counted as a young musician, but he actually had passed through many phases in his life as musician that produce lots of inspiration for him. Hamel had many process of separation with his close friends recently and faced many new beginning in his life. This phase became an inspiration for his latest album, Lohengrin. He said in his website that honesty and writing directly about what he was going through are the key of many songs he writes. From three albums he has, we can see the progress of his capability and he is more dare in doing his music. Wouter Hamel with his lovely appeareance got a terrific applause and shout from his crowd, mostly girls. Epically he slammed the stage with jazzy swing. Having no formal training as a producer, didn’t make his performance lack of technique. Freedom, unique, and gratified show sure we got. Songs such as “Useless Fraud”, “Demise” and “As Long As We’re in Love” captured the moment for this sweet Saturday night.


Ginda and the White Flowers which consist of Ginda Bestari as Vocalist and Guitarist, Gega Gageh as Bassist and Riyandi Andaputra as Drummer colored up the 3-day jazz fest with intense road blues. This newly elected semi-finalist at the Venetian in Macau went away captivating the stage with a mesmerizing performance.

The Jongens Quartet were from Jakarta. The band comprises of young talented musicians such as Elfa Zulham (drums), Dhani Syah (piano), Johanes Radianto (guitar), and Doni Sundjoyo (contrabass). The word Jongens comes from Dutch word that have a means as “Boys”. Formed on January 2011, Elfa, Johanes, and Dhani were in the same music of Conservatorium of Groningen, Netherlands. As they are ready to launch their album, now they hit the stage, providing cool straightahead with European jazz touch that easily landed in our hearts. A pure jazz band like this is needed in keeping the traditional jazz alive in this nation.


Here it is, one of the greatest guitarists in Indonesia, Dewa Budjana. He’s best known as personnel of GIGI band that accentuate the pop-rock style. We can find him playing from stage to stage carrying many genres, including jazz. He learned the principles and basic of jazz from Jack Lesmana. DewaBudjana has recorded some solo albums during his musical career. After releasing his fifth album, “Dawai in Paradise” in 2011 and recently released internationally by MoonJune Records. The latest one will be released soon in 2013. Supported by superb musicians and recorded in LA’s Firehouse Recording Studio, this album is probably going to be an incredible one. There’s one thing that we need to concern about, wherever we listen to his music, we would get colorful and artistic ambience.

First step in a new place is always exciting. Probably that was the feeling of Sweet Mouztache when they entered the First Media stage. This duo had already released their first video clip from first hits called “People Come and Go”. Now they want to expand their wings in new area. Yup, an international jazz event is absolutely the best place to see how people reacts to your music. Voila, they nailed it! R.G.P ended this helluva second day after midnight.

Still one day left, we are tired but still excited. What about you? Let’s push ourselves to the edge and release all the energy we have left for another day of jazz, brought by the amazing Java Jazz Festival.

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