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applepineIn Jazz Ramadhan , Applepine sang 3 funky mainstream songs. Usually, Mainstream style is complicated for regular listeners, however, Applepine has its own unique style making this genre acceptable for beginners and can be enjoyed even by those who are not a jazz lovers. Applepine consists of 4 members: Dicky (sax), Sule (drum), Adit (bass) dan Ray (keyboard). In this performance, although Ray was not able to come due to the difficulty to get a ticket to go to Bandung, Applepine still performed incredibly. Dicky’s style in playing the saxophone reminded me to the way of John Coltrane’s style. It sounds free and wild. So, if you want to know about them further, check this following interview with Applepine.

Applepine is a unique name. If you replace the word, it would be Pineapple, and it will be totally different.
Haha… Actually Pineapple was our first name.

Please tell me the story.
In the beginning, all of us just played for fun. However, the pianist was getting busier and was not able to be active in the group. Then, Sartono and Dicky would like to join together with Indra playing guitar. At that time, Pineapple was formed on 2003. However, due to our tight schedule, some of the personnel were not able to commit with the band, so the rest of the group decided to change our name into Applepine. When was Applepine created?
We created Applepine recently on 2008, we formed since we played at Rumah Musik Harry Roesli (Harry Roesli’s Music House).

In my opinion, your style of playing reminds me of John Coltrane. I asked one of the audience what he thought, and he thought your style was like Jaco Pastorius’ style. What do you think? Actually, we don’t follow any certain styles from certain musicians. We just play what we enjoy the most. It’s up to the audience to think that we sound like Coltrane, or Jaco Pastorius, what matter most is that we play according to what we really feel in our heart.

In your opinion, what is the color of  Applepine?
In the beginning, we only play regular jazz. However, since the market’s trend develops to funky and mainstream, we decided to adopt a unique funky mainstream style.

Others than Jaco or Coltrane, who other musicians that you believe do inspire Applepine?
We are inspired by a lot of musicians including John Patitucci too.

Do you guys have any plans to do recording?
Well, at this moment, we don’t think about it. Our goal is to perform in certain events as many as possible so that we have a chance to practice to get better.

Do you guys have plan for the future?
Currently, we all are still learning, but we still need to find a certain point or a peak to get famous. The point for now is, we look forward to perform in events hold in Indonesia. It’s not that we don’t need income, but we believe it will come along the way. When we reach that certain point, there will be many jobs to perform, and income will come by itself. But for sure up until now we don’t look for money at the first place.

If you take a look the market now, are you guys optimistic that Applepine can be success in music industry?
Absolutely. If we take a look the trend in music industry, people now enjoy modern music more that regular jazz. With our own unique style, we believe we can survive in the music industry.

What Applepine has brought actually is so unique which is a funky mainstream style. In my opinion, what Applepine tried to do is kind of difficult challenge since nobody has ever attempted.  I wish this group can be success in the music industry.
Amen. Thanks.


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