Exclusive Interview With Javalava


jazzlavaIn Jazz Ramadhan, Javalava delivered regular jazz pop with acoustic style so people could accept and enjoy its unique style. Further, this group also performed a cool and unique reggae style. So, if you want to know them better, check this interview.

It seems that Javalava consists of so many group members and play acoustically. How many are you?
Actually, our group member only consists of four people, the rest are our friends who support this group. We actually didn’t consider acoustic our own style, but since this is Ramadhan time, we thought it would be nice if we play light songs. So we did acoustic. How we play depends on the event itself. Last time, we had a chance to perform at high school Prom night, they asked me to play more upbeat songs, so we appeared with the formation like today.

So who are the group members?
Fahmi (vocal), Galang (bass), Adit (keyboard), Dwi (drum).

In your opinion, what kind of style does Javalava deliver?
Actually, our genre is not too heavy into jazz, however, we try to open our opportunity by performing in a lot of jazz events such as this one. Last time, Mr Niman from Klabjazz invited us to perform in Depot Jazz.

How long have you guys formed Javalava?
It has been a while since last year.

What kind of style will Javalava adopt?
We don’t have any certain style yet. Each member has their own taste of music, so we combine them all in our play. As long as we like the song and can enjoy when we perform it, we are going to do it.

Do you guys have any commitment to deliver jazz?
Yes we do have commitment, but for this moment, we don’t think it’s the right time to do it. So far, we perform jazz as long as we can enjoy the song. However, we still don’t want to commit to perform jazz or mainstream style only.

Where did you guys come up with the name Javalava?
In the beginning, all of the personnel were from Widyatama University Bandung, however, since we took some personnels from other place, for example Galang from Unpad (Padjadjaran University Bandung)  also joined with this group, we didn’t want to use our University  as our band. So, we came up with Java since we came from Java, and Lava since it came from the volcano. Lava stay inside the mountain, but once it goes out, it bursts. We hope that we can be like that too, burst and then famous once we appear.

Cool.., so do you guys have any plans for the future?
Currently, we don’t set any target yet. Some of us still go to college. Some are still taking master degree at their college. So, as a group, we decided that we are committed only to perform at certain events. We are affraid to be dissapointed if we set too many goals and fail to fulfill them. Later, once all of us finish our school, then, we are going to discuss about our future.

Do you guys want to perform only in jazz event or in any other events?
So far, we choose only to perform at jazz events.

Then, can I conclude that Javalava is in the process of having their own signature?
Yeah that’s right, so far, we don’t know what kind of style that we are going to adopt for our band. We still trying to find our own color. We just deliver what we think we can enjoy the most and hope from that we will find what we actually are.

A lot of people have their own paradigm / stereotyping that jazz is only for old man or only for high class people. Are you guys willing to change that stereotyping?
Absolutely. That’s why, every time we have chance to perform in jazz events, we always ask our friend to watch our performance. Then they come and  visit the jazz events, which maybe they don’t do often. Maybe usually they choose to go to discotheque, but now they have something new. They will see that actually many youngsters play jazz, and they will learn jazz.. like for example, “oh so this is how jazz is…” and so on. By doing so, we hope that we can introduce that jazz can be enjoyable for everybody.

Alrite guys, I wish you the best.


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