Jakarta Blues Festival 2010: Gugun Blues Shelter, Bluebird and Skoko


Bluebird and Elena Skoko pour out their music in the combination of deep Chicago blues and dirty rock n roll energy by the spirit of Billy Holiday, Muddy Waters, Jay Hawkins and the likes. They sing and play from the guts, guided by that mysterious creature called Mojo. Their first album together “Trust Your Mojo, Sista”, was recorded in Bali and mastered at the Abbey Road Studios. R.R Bluebird came from Chicago while Elena Skoko also known as Sugar Babe was originally came from Croatia. Bluebird & Skoko (7)Combining their talent together, the result is the kind of blues with many influences that will easily grab your taste in no time. In their “Trust Your Mojo, Sista” video clip they even had a Balinese dancer in, showing how they feel the blues come out from the mystical land of Gods, Bali. Being connected with Bali, it was great to have them performed at Jakarta Blues Festival. To make it even more interesting, Oppie Andaresta was featured on their session.

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If there’s a blues band who emerged so fast not only in Indonesia but went to reach their fame internationally in a relatively short amount of time, Gugun Blues Shelter is the one who has power to achieve that. This band knows how to combine many styles inside their heavy roaring blues style. Rock, funk, soul are all incorporated to their music. Led by guitarist/vocalist Gugun, this group has released several albums from 2004 until today. “Turn It On”, the album which was released in 2007 was voted as one of the best Indonesian album in 2007 by Rolling Stone magazine, and Gugun was noted as the most promising local guitar player too. They are well praised by the European fans, especially when they had a gig in Belfast Big river Blues and Jazz Festival in 2008 that continued on by a four weeks UK tour visiting Burnley, Scarborough, Crewe, Leeds, Oxford, York, Rotherham before again landed in another festival, Colne Great Brithish RnB Festival in Manchester. They have graced the biggest jazz event in the world, the Java Jazz Festival and also performed at the other international scaled jazz festival, JakJazz Festival.

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Gugun Blues ShelterFans fanatic were filled the whole space to the max. Gugun Blues Shelter turned to be one of the most crowded for this year’s Jakarta Blues Festival 2010. They set the stage on fire from the start. Playing some hits such as “Turn It On”, “Whisky Woman” with a new opening, “Old Friend” and some other songs taken from “Turn It On”, they gave a very spectacular performance as one of the final showdown. Gugun Blues Shelter was like a magnet tonight, dragging almost all the audiences to watch their stage.

It’s been two amazing nights where the spirit of blues were all over the place. Speaking of the continuation, Jakarta Blues Festival this year has reached a certain height with the lineup selections, the variety offered and the rundowns. We got all kind of blues in different flavor, from the traditional Chicago and Mississippi Blues, the East Coast Blues, Texas Blues, the magical Delta Blues among others, with various tastes in it. Funk, Jazz, Rock, Country and even Pop has been added to make everything became a lot more interesting. We saw every kind of feelings. From gut-wrentching, sorrowful moan to the lightning speed ones were all here. Blues has now emerged as a powerful force in Indonesia, especially when we saw many youngsters were so much into it as well. Props and respect to the InaBlues and all the organizers for preparing a clean-cut international scaled festival. This wraps up our full coverage for two days. Keep the root alive, and let’s bring it higher. See you again at the next Jakarta Blues Festival!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Muhammad Fadhly
Photographer: Febrian Dirga, Dwi Ratri Utomo


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