Palembang Jazz Community presents Jazz Night



PalJazz-Palembang Jazz Community returns with “Jazz Night”. This event is scheduled to run on Saturday, June 6, 2015 starting at 3:00 pm at Kambang Iwak Plaza (in front of the official residence of Palembang’s mayor). The event is open for public and free, so everyone can join, including the non-jazz communities in Palembang.

This edition featurs two top bands from Jakarta, Syaharani & the QueenFireworks a.k.a ESQI:EF and Nita Aartsen Trio (with senior bassist AS Mates and senior traditional percussionist Jalu G Praditina). Hopefully they will bring more values to Palembang jazz lovers.

The event is set to be friendly and interactive. It will start with Music Clinic session. The guest stars will share everything they know in terms of their jazz playing skills to everyone in Palembang Jazz Community. Looking at the skill and experience possess by these players, surely anyone can dig as much as knowledge from them.

“This event is open for public and totally free, so everyone in Palembang can enjoy jazz without any boundaries.” said Adji Soebijantoro as the programmer of Jazz Night. The educational aspect is placed on top too, so the local musicians can learn from these top jazz artists from Jakarta, as said by Zaenal Hanani, the head of Palembang Jazz Community.

Jazz Night is once again supported fully by Bank SumselBabel. From music clinic to the performances of bands representing Palembang Jazz Community and BSB Band, the event will reach its peak with two guest stars, Nita Aartsen Trio and Syaharani & the QueenFireworks. If you’re in Palembang, do come and have a good jazzy time!


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