Braga Jazz Night #61



You know what? It feels like magic when we see any bands that began their journey on our stage went on to have success in their career. It’s always great to see them grow, evolving from zero to hero. They might not appear with us once they have stepped on the higher ground, but we still cherish every moment when they just started building their finest moment to become who they are today. Hey, even when the bands failed, we are glad that they have tried their best on our ground. We are not making a competition. What we intend to do is to provide a friendly and familiar background for any new bands to start from. We help introducing them, ket them to be heard, and hope the best for their career. That’s what we have in mind when we create our regular community event.

So, as we are now in the mid July, we are ready to run the 62th edition of Braga Jazz Night. This is the monthly program that has been running for 5 years, in cooperation with Braga CityWalk. You probably wonder who we are going to feature this time. There will be a folk-based band and two new projects representing the force of young generation of musicians in Bandung. Let’s take a closer look at them.

jason limanjaya, otto stuparitz

First, we are happy to welcome a new duo where the word ‘interesting’ is written all over it. It’s a duo between young key-wiz Jason Limanjaya and a bassist/lecturer who’s lately been digging the history of Indonesian music especially the ethnomusicology and jazz from Los Angeles, Otto Stuparitz. The duo is simply named after theirs, JASON & OTTO.

Jason is definitely no stranger since he’s been appearing in our events many, many times. To us, he is a genius pianist who is haunted by jazz spirit. He was studying in Singapore for many years and then ‘stumbled’ and ‘fell’ into the jazz pool. We came to know him when he became a part of The New Equinox. Then he’s partnered with Nayra Dharma, forming his own Jason Limanjaya Trio all the way to his successful band with other young wizs, New Blood. Apart of these, he makes many interesting projects in various shapes and style, from the ones with lethal dose of funk to jazz-classical combination with Jesy Dewinda, a duo that has appeared in the 57th edition of this event.

As a keyboardist, he always loves to think outside the box. He’s unpredictable, has a wide exploration, wild taste, risk taker, he has an expressive or even explosive playing style which makes him very interesting to watch. He is also a brilliant composer/arranger. If you search his name in our website, you will find many writings about him that more or less could tell you of his journey from the beginning until this recent time.

Otto has been spending most of his life to study music. He graduated from the University of illinois majoring Music History, then carried on to the Ethnomusicology at the University of California, finishing it with a paper exploring “Balinese Gamelan Pedagogies, Value and Time: The Co-Existence of Punctuated Time and Capitalism.” Currently he’s Advanced to Candidacy (Completion of Ph.D excpected June 2020) at the University of California.

This man who can speak Bahasa fluently has bagged many honors and awards mostly from UCLA where he also has teaching experience for almost a decade. His love towards the ethnomusicology has brought him to be the President, Vice Precident, Executive Committee and Representative for Ethnomusicology Graduate Student Organization, as well as serving as the Editor-in-chief of Ethnomusicology Review from 2016 to 2018. He has been giving presentations for some years mostly about Indonesian music particularly jazz and ethnic, such as the corelation between “Balinese Gamelan and Jazz” at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance at UCLA (2017), “Java Jazz: Activist Archives and the Politics of Preservation at the Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal Land en Volkenkunde, Leiden, Netherlands in 2018 and “The Indonesian Jazz Archive: Indonesian Jazz as Ethnic Music”at the Cornell Southeast Asia Program’s 20th Annual Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference, Cornell, Ithaca New York, even presenting the “Gender and Class in Rhoma Irama’s Dangdut Films from 1977-1980” and “Women and Class” from the same subject, just to mention a few.

He has done a lot or researches about the history of Indonesian music, ethnicand jazz for the last couple of years which connected him to us. This very well educated man is a militant researcher/observer no doubt, but let’s not forget that he has a background as a musician. He was in a successful Chicago-based rock band, Santah positioned on bass.

The partnership between Jason and Otto is indeed interesting. Imagine two smart brains join forces, you can expect many surprises. Otto’s Balinese gamelan and ethnomusicology background and Jason’s touch on Sundanese traditional music is likely to collide inside wild jazz frame. So, jazz standards with ethnic touch? Or, old Indonesian songs in new outfits? Or even, a playful original song? Yes, you can expect that. They have been jamming and practicing together, as usual we would love to have them first before others do.

plan b project, plan b

Say hi to a new project called PLAN B PROJECT. This project is led by a young female keyboardist who is going to graduate from her college, STiMB in just a month, Lambeta Atashare Yutar Pares, better known as Sheira. This talented girl has been gracing our stage a couple of times lately, that’s when we figure out that she is a great player who is into fusion and has potential to stand as a band leader. As usual, we think it’s time for her to take a further step to be one. We asked her to set up a project and here it is.

If you wonder what Plan B is, it’s her duo together with her sibling established and active in her hometown, Palembang. Sheira told us that Plan B has already got quite a reputation in there. But since she moves to Bandung to study, the duo has to be hibernated. But as the duo means a lot to her, she decided to use the name in her brand new project.

In the Plan B Project, Sheira brings in her college mates from STiMB, from junior to senior. All of them love fusion, but in this band she doesn’t closed off the possibility of playing other genres too, which for us could add up more excitement. The lineup are Sheira (keyboard), Ian Kalangie (drum), Arya (bass), Arbiyasa Witha Pramara Adhi (guitar) and Valent Angeline Gumolung (vocal). According to Sheira, this project actually has a saxophonist, but since the player won’t be able to make it, she proceed with the rest of the team.

We believe Sheira can shine as a band leader. And we know most of the band members, they are also talented. We are proud and excited to have this project, and we hope this gig can become a solid start for them.

huni, indie band

Since we base our concept not on ‘jazz by genre’ but ‘jazz by spirit’, once in a while we invite non jazz band that is still relevant to the grand design of our concept. Rock, hip hop, pop, country, classical and traditional musics have been spotted on our stage. Now we are going to bring an indie band that recently is climbing higher and higher. It’s HUNI.

Huni was born on 20 September 2018, inspired by the different philosophy found in human’s life can live in harmony side by side. Huni holds an important meaning, that Huni (occupancy) is Home.

What they mean with it is that Huni is built upon musicians with different musical backgrounds. They never want to strictly stick their concept to any genre, but rather trying to create a different kind of music by combining each of their musical preference.
This band has 5 members inside. They are Erfan ‘Pehung’ Iksan Fauzi (vocal), Fajar RM (kajon), Alan ‘Ibonk’ Marlan (bass), Dado (guitar) and Iwank Ux (guitar).

According to Dado, Huni is the home where they go back to. It has a big spiritual meaning that every occupant has to live with the spirit of goodness and spread it through music.

At this very moment they are getting ready to launch their single “Duniaku”, projected next month and finishing their cafe that’s used as the basecamp.

We heard about this band from Erfan who is also the vocalist of pop jazz band SavaSika. This man has wide vocal range and cool falsetto, he is also expressive and attractive on stage. It’s time for us to see the other side of him with this band. If Huni wants their band to be a home that’s able to spread good values of life, we hope our stage can become a home for every musician to find their potential, share their positive life values to others and find their momentum to a successful career.

The Braga Jazz Night #61 is coming soon on July 18, 2019 located at the main entrance of Braga CityWalk Bandung. The show will start around 7:00 pm and goes all the way until 10:00 pm. It’s totally FREE of any charge and open for public, and if we can spare some time, the jam session will be on. Anybody can join in. Hope to see you there!


Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga 99-101, Bandung



:: JASON & OTTO ::
Jason Limanjaya (keyboard)
Otto Stuparitz (bass)

:: HUNI ::
Erfan Iksan Fauzi (vocal)
Fajar RM (kajon)
Alan ‘Ibonk’ Marlan (bass)
Dado (guitar)
Iwank Ux (guitar)

Sheira (keyboard)
Ian Kalangie (drum)
Arya (bass)
Arbiyasa Witha Pramara Adhi (guitar)
Valent Angeline Gumolung (vocal)

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