Braga Jazz Night #60


Month after month we try our best to provide variety of performances under one roof of jazz. While we put one of our feet to support the young talents and new comers to find a place to start and grow, we want to let the society know just how wide jazz is in variety. By doing so, we hope the audience can find out which kind of jazz that suit them the most, that in the end will keep its exsistance among today’s music in this nation and the city where we live in particular.

In this 60th edition of Braga Jazz Night, we invite 2 bands and a duo where unique is written all over them. Some go with acoustic and some electric, but again, unique is something they share together. Let’s check them out one by one.

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It’s easy to find a bassist in a band. Two? Some have done it with good result. Now, how about having not 1, not 2, but 3 at once? The chance is slim, or maybe, almost impossible. Just almost, because for the first time we are going to have it on our stage, courtesy of a band called BASS FRIENDS.

If you wonder where this group got the idea, it came from probably the most unlikely place, a coffee shop. This coffee shop is a place where 3 friends who all play bass often hang out. They are Joe Bastian, Willy Hardian and Ricki Sumampouw. Joining them are Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard) and Arif Andrian (drum). Realizing that they have the same music taste, they decided to establish a group. Hence, Bass Friends was born.

Ricki and Willy has known each other earlier, they play in the same band named She Has Monkey. Previously Ricki has tasted our stage last Christmas with Cafe Gospel. As for Joe, he is no stranger to us because he plays frequently with his Joe Project, joins the crowd. Two other players are also no stranger to us, since Nico has been performing many times including the reunion of Owcindful last edition while Arif appeared a month earlier with Dean’s Kolega Katob. Also joining them is Adel to fill in the role of vocalist.

We heard about this wicked idea from Joe a couple of months ago and got interested in it. Why not? We always believe that there are always open possibilities in jazz, and something like a group with 3 bassists would certainly prove that point. Our stage is and will always provide new inventions and concepts. Let’s see what three bassists will do on stage.

anjuan julio, hanna panda, jazz duo, jazzuality, braga jazz night

A newfound duo will make their first appearance in this event. It’s a duo between remarkable, highly talented jazz guitarist and a singer. The duo is using their name, it’s ANJUAN JULIO & HANNA PANDA.

Anjuan is no stranger to us since he’s been playing with us from the start. This young man clearly dedicates his life for music, particularly jazz. We knew him first as a swing guitarist. He’s already shone since his teenage years, amazingly he’s getting more and more wicked as he’s stepping into maturity. After the swingin’ chapter ended, he moved on to fusion, showing how good he is in licking rock without leaving jazz at all. He made success as AFA Trio and currently riding the big wave with the phenomenal group of young lions, New Blood. Other than these, he’s busy with many projects either as the leader or sideman. Many of these projects have been brought to our stage as well.

Now he’s establishing a duo with a really talented singer, Hanna Panda. This new sensation has been quite busy in the indie scene lately, as we spotted her appearance among the great musicians in Bandung.

Hanna was born in Serang 24 years ago. Having parents who love music made her grow in the musical atmosphere since her early years. She has loved singing from her kindergarten time. She is a self-taught piano player starting from the junior high school. She learnt more in Purwacaraka Music School up to grade 3, then enhanced herself with saxophone and other woodwinds such as flute and clarinet as she is currently studying in Universitas Pasundan. So as you can see, this young lady is serious in establishing her career in music, aside from her other wish to become a teacher.

Speaking of singing, she has a unique vocal that reminds us of some standout singers like Feist or Adele, only with more breathe of jazz. Other than singing jazz, she is also great in bossa and able to sing in other language such as Portuguese. After hearing about her and watching her move inside the jazz circle, we are delighted that she is making her debut in this event. Juan told us that he always wishes to support this event and our mission by bringing in any project that he makes where jazz always speaks loud. After seeing Anjuan blazing in his funky jazz-rock bands it’s time to see him in smooth, easy listening concept by pairing with a wonderful female singer.

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If there will be three basses as a band, how about three guitars at once? Hey, we are bringing that too in this edition! Featuring a band established by a senior and well-respected guitarist/teacher, Venche Manuhutu (the founder of VMS). The band is called 4PEGGIO.

The band consists of Vetto Christie Frangklin (guitar), Bayu Imam Fauzan (guitar), Felix Sentosa (guitar), Adi Nur Furqon (guitar), Romay (guitar/vocalist) and Ezra Manuhutu (bass). However, for this 60th edition Felix and Romay seem not being able to join as they already have schedule elsewhere. Still, as you can see, this band has quite unusual formation. It’s tricky to carry this concept, but they have proven their ability to do it through series of previous appearances including in this event a year ago.

Aside of the use of multi guitars, what’s interesting is that this band is still open to many possibilities. They can add up more instruments or singer to join their session, and for this time from Vetto we heard that they are going to bring a drummer to play with. We have tried to bring them back since January, but it’s difficult since Bayu is now in studying in Yogyakarta. Since we notice that he’s back to Bandung this month, we quickly fix the schedule.

Three or more guitars, a bassist, a drum, and who knows what else they are going to do to breath some fresh air to their concept. It’s going to be cool to have 4Peggio in their second attempt playing for this event. Let’s see how they become after a year.

Jam session will be provided after all sessions if we still have time. If you want to join, just come, bring your gear and jump right in.

Once again the Braga Jazz Night #60 is coming soon on 20 June 2019, taking place at the only mall in the historical Braga street, the Braga CityWalk. The event is starting at 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, and it’s totally FREE of any charge. Remember, not only you can be jazz-tertained, your coming will give support to the musicians and our mission. Save the date and hope to see you there.

Braga Jazz Night #60

Date: Thursday, 20 June 2019
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk, Jl. Braga 99-101 , Bandung




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