Braga Jazz Night #55 : Shanghai Night Jazz


Right after celebrating Christmas and New Year, our regular Jazzuality Jazz Community event, the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT which is made in cooperation with the Braga CityWalk is set to celebrate another big day, the Chinese New Year. True, the coming Chinese New Year begins on the 5th of February, but we are going to celebrate it sooner, before the exact date rather than doing it after. Also, we sync it with this month’s program of the mall, The Prosperous Lights of New Year 2570.

Different than the Gregorian Calendar which is based on solar calendar, the Chinese New Year is based on the traditional lunisolar calendar. As mentioned before, it’s going to hit the number of 2570, and it’s going to be the Year of the Pig, Earth Pig to be exact. For those who celebrate it, they should now prepare themselves for what’s coming in this year according to their horoscope. Some are surely planning to celebrate it in style, and as for us, we want to celebrate it grand with jazz. Continuing what we have done before, this time the Braga Jazz Night #55 goes with the theme of “Shanghai Night Jazz”.

As we want to make it special, we create lovely lineup consisting of bands who we believe can make this edition rise to the occassion, those who can make it stand as a festive celebration. Of course you can take a peek on the poster above, but before we break them down in details one by one, allow us to inform you that this Braga Jazz Night #55: Shanghai Night Jazz is coming soon on 24 January 2019, starting from 7:00 pm onwards, located at the entrance of Braga CityWalk, Bandung. In case you wonder, it’s as always FREE of any charge.

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Now let’s get down to business, shall we? First, we are proud to welcome three lovely jazz ladies to perform in this event for the very first time: JAZZY JUICE.

No, they are not new to us. They have been supporting us many times, but strangely never in this event, although all of them have separately graced this stage. This all-ladies jazz band formed some times around 2012 and still sailing until now. Not just in this band, but they can also be found in the legendary female band from Bandung, SHE.

There’s Dyah Sekar on piano who can also sing just as good, then the modist but lethal drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen and the bassist with monster groove, Arnie Christanti. Just three players you may think, but they will knock your brains out once they start playing. Dyah often creates sweet melodies to appear jazzy, blues, sometimes classical, Latin, Brazilian and so on. She can even draw the combinations naturally. Arnie funks like none other. Once she’s into the groove, no one will be able to stand still. You will start tapping your foot, moving your head or even groove along with her. As for Adisty, she is the kind of femme fatale. A dangerous drummer, sharp and full of killing punch.

We have seen this band since the beginning and their journey. From playing simple standards and Brazilians, they expand and grow as time goes by. Today they have top notch rearrangements of famous songs, they already have their original songs, one single complete with video clip, “Death of Mosquito” (watch here: and they can be so fun (and funny) while performing. They joke around, the call and response is on all the time, attractive appearance are just a few of the good things you will get from cute ladies of Jazzy Juice.

The Jazzy Juice can play as sweet as a honey or as softly as in the morning sunrise, but they can go as wild as a raging bull or really playful like a gang of girls having fun in the amusement park. Three beautiful, cute, trendy but dangerous ladies? Hey, that reminds us of Charlie’s Angels don’t you think? Only this one exists in the jazz world. Note, we have invited them in almost the similiar occassion when they collaborated with the barongsai (lion dance) and street dance in a car free day ( around 5 years ago. Now it’s time to have them landing big time in this event. We are excited! Hope you are too.

jazzy juice, braga jazz night, shanghai night jazz, jazzuality

What would an 18 going 19 year-old girl do? Many are pursuing their formal studies, they probably spend their free times by hanging out with friends, going to the mall, watching movies and so on. Of course that’s fine, but those who dedicate their lives as an established musicians, only a few would do. Among those few, there’s a beautiful girl who’s decided to go total in music in such young age, when she was still in her mid-teen. She’s willing to skip the other activities just to practice. It could take 6 to 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, which for us reflects her totality and seriousness. She is talented, she is spirited, full of passion. The fact that she is the daughter of a music maestro, the co-founder of Krakatau named Pra Budidharma completes the blessings. Starting at the age of 15, she now has been gracing the higher ground, playing with many big names both national and international. She is NAYRA DHARMA.

It’s fascinating to see how she evolves. From playing solo to trio, from duo to being featured in fellows’ bands. She has no problem in giving up her best in no matter formation she’s in. She chews the complex Jazz arrangements effortlessly like guitar players much older than her, she can even sing while doing so. Amazing isn’t she? What makes her more unique is that her true soul actually lies on Bossa Nova. She is a technical player, she digs Joe Pass’ way of playing and still able to sing at the same time. Amazing, but when she plays/sings Bossa, it feels so real and magical as if she is Brazilian who has been doing it for decades.

Speaking of which, she released her first solo single around 6 months ago, titled “In A Blur”. This song is built in Bossa Nova, but still has tight jazz progressions but not difficult at all to digest even to the non-jazz listeners. Speaking of the lyrics, it gives a portrait of her struggle as a teenager that is taking a step into maturity.

Bringing her into this event is important. Not only because Nayra is a superb musician who has a beautiful stage presence, but as a Buddhist she does celebrate the Lunar New Year. This event is no stranger to her since she has performed here at the early stage of her career some years ago followed by some more appearances later on. The last time she was on stage was with Joe Project a couple of months ago, so it’s time to bring her back for the Chinese New Year edition.

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We have to go back 4 years behind to introduce the next featured band. In March 2015, at the 11th edition of this event (it was still under the name of Braga Jazz Walk) we welcomed a band consisting of junior high school students of Kalam Kudus Christian School. They were trained by guitarist/gym personal trainer Jerry Gates, drummer Andreas supported by guitarist Thomas Sylvester and now-inactive vocalist Billy Likumahuwa to perform here. At that time the name of the band was Hexatonix. We still remember these kids gave their best. They played really well with no sign of being nervous. (You can read our coverage of that edition here: ).

We didn’t hear about them anymore after that, until a couple of months ago Jerry told us that actually the band actually is still active! The guitarist of the band was interested in playing again. We started digging what’s been going on with them after all these years, and we were surprised to hear their journey. Plenty of shiny achievements, much improved they have become. Even they look already more mature now comparing to 4 years ago. There are some changes in members and formation, and also the name of the band. It was Hexatonix, now the band’s name is LASTORIA.

We always expect any band that perform in our event would have a long lasting journey and become more and more success. So, we feel really happy to know that after 4 years flying outside our radar, this band of youngsters still have a great run and full of achievements. What kind of achievements you might ask. Well, how about they have competed no less than 13 times ranging from full band, ethnic band to acoustic, they managed to win 11 of those, either as the winner, runnerup or third place. They are now in high school, they must be busy with plenty homeworks and activities, yet somehow they are still able to rise up. You can never imagine how proud we are of them when we hear about this.

As told before, there are some changes in the band. The formation is now consists of 8 instead of 6 players. Half of those 6 have quitted the band, but the rest are still standing tall inside. Today the formation of Lastoria comprises of Erick Surya (guitar), Cecilia Antonius (vocal), Rainer James (saxophone), Meylinne (vocal), Neysa Agustin (vocal), Kirana Ariel (bass), Vincent Simon (keyboard) and Kevin Natanael (drum). We have seen some of their latest performances and found out that this band not only improves a lot but is also able to bring joy to everyone watching. After 4 years, it’s time to see them again.

Once again, the Braga Jazz Night #55: Shanghai Night Jazz is around the corner, coming soon on 24 January 2019, starting from 7:00 pm onwards, located at the main entrance of Braga CityWalk, Bandung. This event is totally FREE of any charge. Oh yeah, Barongsai (Lion Dance) is to be expected to be a part of this event, so do come and enjoy the feeling of jazz painting up the glowing, bright lights around the mall that is set to bring the feeling of the little Shanghai. For those who celebrate, we wish you a happy, blessed and prosperous life in the Year of the Pig. Mark your calendar and let’s jazzin’ up the Chinese New Year with us!

Braga Jazz Night #55 : Shanghai Jazz Night

Date: Thursday, 24 January 2019
Time: 07:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk, Jl. Braga 99-101 Bandung



Adisty Zulkarnaen – drum
Arnie Christanti – bass
Dyah Sekar – piano

Nayra Dharma – guitar/vocal

Erick Surya – guitar
Cecilia Antonius – vocal
Rainer James – saxophone
Meylinne – vocal
Neysa Agustin – vocal
Kirana Ariel – bass Vincent Simon – keyboard
Kevin Natanael – drum


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