Braga Jazz Night #47 : Special Ramadhan Edition


Indonesia just experienced a horrifying, inhumane, brutal tragedy after the suicide bombers attacked 3 churches and one police headquarters in Surabaya and other attacks in other cities earlier this week. We mourn and send our deepest condolences to the victims. May God rest their spirit in peace and give strength to the family. We also keep praying, may this nation walks out from danger soon, so we all can live in peace again and our moslem brothers and sisters could have a peaceful and condusive month of Ramadhan.

Speaking of Ramadhan, as usual we always love to sync any of our event with the special month, celebrating it together with all jazz lovers in town and of course, specifically for this event, The BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT, we celebrate it together with our partner in crime, the venue we have been in for the last four years, the Braga CityWalk. Celebrating Ramadhan with jazz is not something new. Many have done it, but for us, we have to extend the cause even further. That is, to also accomodate any young talents to promote themselves and their works, providing reliable an familiar playground so they will know that they always have a home in our events.

We are ready to serve another edition of the Braga Jazz Night. It’s coming next week on Thursday, 24 May 2018 at the Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm until the mall closes its service. For the BRAGA JAZZ NIGHT #47 : SPECIAL RAMADHAN EDITION, we invited young talents with all their uniquities. Since this is a special edition, they have agreed to fit their concept to the theme. What’s cool is that we are going to promote a new single really relate to the theme owned by a stunning young guitarist from another city in West Java which has been linked to us for some times now, the Majalaya city.

raf, bertaubat, rian ahmad fauzi, majalaya, jazzuality

Let’s start with this guitarist first. He is Rian Ahmad Fauzy who has the initial RAF as his stage name. We met him at the Jazzphoria competition in Jatinangor, West Java several months ago as one of the SavaSika, but this lethal guitarist has been pursuing his solo career, amazingly as a one man band.

RAF has a distinctive style of fusion guitar playing. While clearly based on jazz, naturally he blends it with rock and funk, even some other flavors such as traditional musics both from his own land and abroad. This young man loves to explore the richness of sound. Because of that, it could sond complex yet ‘chewable’, even to the common listeners. Technically speaking, RAF has wide variety of guitar licks that enhance his compositions to another level. He has released some singles since last year such as “Berkebun” (Gardening) and the intense, action-packed, fast and furious “Bertarung” (Fighting).

Several days ago he released a new single in accordance to the month of Ramadhan. The single is titled “Bertaubat” (Repenting). His bold, explorative approach now reaches the whole new game, placing his progressive fusion soul over the Middle Eastern music. Different than before, this time his song has lyrics, sung by Denica Rida. The infectious Middle Eastern beat, the melody inside jazz-rock fusion frame, all shaped this new single surprisingly unique unlike what we have ever heard before.

To be in this event, RAF has to travel far from Majalaya, a city to the south-east of Bandung. Yes, he is a native proud son of Majalaya. Eventhough the city is relatively small comparing to Bandung, Majalaya actually has a lot of really good talents in jazz. One of them is definitely this man, RAF. For us, we are so happy to be able to extend our coverage to other cities, near or far, and surely it’s a blessing to meet such talent like him.

4peggio, jazzuality

Next, we are proud to present a band with unique formation established by senior and well-respected guitarist/teacher, Venche Manuhutu (the founder of VMS). The band is called 4PEGGIO. Unlike usual band, 4Peggio is built upon not one, not two, not three but four guitarists or even more.

The band consists of Vetto Christie Frangklin (guitar), Bayu Imam Fauzan (guitar), Felix Sentosa (guitar), Adi Nur Furqon (guitar), Romay (guitar/vocal) and Ezra Manuhutu (bass). As you can see, not a usual formation and certainly not an easy task to carry this concept, especially considering that the band is still a couple of months old. But they have proven their ability to do it through series of previous appearances such as at the TP Jazz and Klab Jazz’s events.

We asked the founder and the teacher of them all, Venche Manuhutu about the band. According to Venche, all of these guitarists are dilligent students. “I found them after realizing that they all have their own unique style”, said Venche. He furthermore said that the players clicked to one another just like finding the perfect partners. “They practice together so often. And when they are together, they enhance so fast.” he added. Another cool thing is that, since each of them has their own style, the audience will get wide variety of improvisations.

They can swing in ellegant way, they can go fast and furious. If you are into guitar, you will know how rich this instrument really is to create melody and rhythm. Now with 4Peggio, you can have four times more than usual. Imagine 4-5 guitarists at once, streaming harmoniously with the accompaniment of bass, having fun in jamming mood. Yes, that’s how 4Peggio will entertain you.

We always search for unique bands and unique concepts. Other than it will give a different pleasure in live music performance, other than the unpredictable twists and turns that could be created by it, we also realize that jazz always accomodates and welcomes any new innovations. Thanks to Venche Manuhutu, the VMS and these talented students, we could have something new in our jazz scene. Time to expand our musical (jazz) horizon!

joe project, joe bastian, jazzuality

We also bring back a young bassist after his last performance in this event last January. He is Joe Bastian, and his band is called JOE PROJECT. While he plays guitar really well (his bossa touch is beautiful, as shown when he performed alongside now-retired singer Billy Likumahuwa), he is majoring bass by learning from Rudy Zulkarnaen.

Since last year he has been seriously pursuing his solo career. His solo project debuted in this event last year in July, and the second appearance was in January 2018. This young man has a deep passion in fusion. He can put up some funk, which makes him able to bring pop songs to appear in different color.

According to Joe, he is still on the same mission, that is to penetrate the music industry and make his name heard. Other than that, he wishes to send the message that music is a serious job, because other than just for fun, it can be used as the media to tell a story heart to heart.

What’s interesting is that Joe has full of supporting friends. We can see that from the team he’s going to bring this time, which is different than the last time. For this time he will be supported by Ariel Arliyanus (guitar), Abdul Aziz (keyboard), Christian Wahyu (drum), Yoga (saxophone) and Fadhilla K Pramastij “Lala” (vocal).

As this is a special Ramadhan edition, we are expecting him to deliver some religious songs in his own style. But other than that, we want to be updated with what he has at present time. 5 months has passed, it’s time to check out how he’s doing now.

Once again, the Braga Jazz Night #47 : Special Ramadhan Edition is coming soon on Thursday, 24 May 2018 at the Braga CityWalk, starting from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm. In case you still don’t know, the event is totally FREE and open for public. Let’s join in and enjoy Ramadhan this year the jazz way.


Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk, Jl. Braga 99-101 , Bandung



:: 4PEGGIO ::

Vetto Christie Frangklin – guitar
Bayu Imam Fauzan – guitar
Felix Sentosa – guitar
Adi Nur Furqon – guitar
Romay – guitar/vocal
Ezra Manuhutu – bass

:: RAF :: (Majalaya, “Bertaubat” Single Promo)
Rian Ahmad Fauzi – guitar

Joe Bastian – bass
Ariel Arliyanus – guitar
Abdul Aziz – keyboard
Christian Wahyu – drum
Yoga – saxophone
Fadhilla K Pramastij (Lala) – vocal


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