BNI Presents: The 41st Jazz Goes to Campus (2018)


The year was 1976. A Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Economics (FEUI) student Candra Darusman along with some friends built a minimalist stage set with makeshift facilities surrounded by trees inside his campus, at that time still located at the Salemba. What he had in mind was simple. He wanted to bring jazz to campus. Why should he do that? Because at that time jazz was still considered to be an expensive music one could only find in luxury hotels or cafes. We don’t know if Candra already had the vision that his brandchild would turn out to be a grand jazz fest that is still celebrated up until now. Not only it brings the best jazz-oriented musicians, it already achieves bags of glorious achievements. There are so many great musicians today actually found their momentum to rise right from this event. And that has been happening for more than 4 decades! Later on Candra Darusman became one of the most influential artists this nation has ever had, and this event he initiated became an icon of jazz festival in Indonesia. That’s a little history of the longest running jazz festival in Indonesia, even one of the oldest in the world, one of the most celebrated international jazz festivals, it’s THE JAZZ GOES TO CAMPUS.

It’s never easy to keep an event running, especially to keep its existance and contribution for more than 40 years. Each year the students and stakeholders of the Economics and Business Faculty of Universitas Indonesia give their best efforts to bring it on. Then they go passing the torch to the younger generation and so forth. From legends, the top stars of each era to newcomers have been there to build the event to its greatness. There are so many unforgettable acts, there have been many historical moments, and if you ask about the success story, you have to spare days, probably even weeks to talk about it.

Now listen up. This year’s edition of the main event is just around the corner! Following the series of pre-event and activities that has started since November 2nd, 2018 including the opening, JGTC Talkshow, JGTC Competitions, JGTC Roadshow, Community Night and Gathering/Charity Night, The 41st JAZZ GOES TO CAMPUS is coming soon on December 2nd 2018, taking place at the Campus Ground, Faculty of Business and Economics Universitas Indonesia, Depok. As usual, it will begin since noon all the way until near midnight. Plenty of performers including your favorites will give you a whole day of jazz-perience that only Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) can give.

This year The 41st Jazz Goes to Campus is using the theme “Bring the Jazz On!”, aiming to make it jazzier than ever by showcasing different sub-genres of jazz to show that jazz is still a genre people celebrate and cherish the most. Speaking of visitors, they are welcoming no less than 20.000 jazz aficionados to come and join the party.

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As usual, the committee have created a beautiful line-up consisting of legends, those who have been contributing towards the development of jazz in Indonesia, today’s top stars, great newcomers and big names from abroad. In case if you wonder, there will be more than 35 local and international musicians this time, divided on 4 stages. Who are they? Take a look at the photos above, or see the list below.

Warna, Boyzlife (Brian McFadden of Westlife & Keith Duffy of Boyzone), Andien, Teddy Adhitya, Hivi!, Glenn Fredly, Samifati (France), Reza Artamevia, Kunto Aji, Maliq & D’Essentials, Dwiki Dharmawan, Saxx In The City, Dock in Absolute (Luxembourg/Belgium), Vira Talisa, Rahmania Astrini, Project Pop, the mad gang who plays big band like none other, the Hajarbleh Big Band and many more, including the winners of this year’s band competition.

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The Committee are ready, the artists are ready. Are you ready to be a part of this? If yes, secure your place by getting the ticket now. Alright then, BRING THE JAZZ ON!

For more info, log on to or check their social medias , and .


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