Saung Jazz Presents: 4 Peniti : The Report


Here it is! A very special solo concert of a music group that’s well known by jazzholic, acoustic fans and indie band lovers altogether based in Bandung, 4 Peniti. They used a rather unusual theme of the concert as “Latihan Konser”, in English means “Concert Practice”. Accordance with purpose of this concert, as an exercise and to see how big is public interest to watch it. They said, “If people have high enthusiasm, we will make the bigger concert.” And for sure, those guys will do it soon. The audience really filled the bleaches and enjoyed the whole musics.

Before we give you the coverage from the concert, let’s take a look back to few years ago when they started this all by having engrossed jam session and extanded it to become a solid group. Bumi Sangkuriang seems a wonderful history for them, because for some periods they blessed that auditorium with their brave, funny, but certainly well organized performances. Institut Français Indonesia or IFI ; previously CCF (Centre Culturel Français) ; has a constant music program, named Saung Jazz. And this show is its first program in 2012.

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This band consists of four skillful and fully experienced men: Zaki Zakaria on vocal & guitar, Arifandi Renaldi (Ari Aru) on drum, Rudy Zulkarnaen (Rudy Aru) on contrabass and Ammy Kurniawan on violin. They have been together for more than a decade, being good friends one to another and also united in several bands before they locked themselves inside this unique group. The band’s name is unique too, 4 Peniti, means 4 Pins. While we might imagine 4 ‘pins’ standing on stage together playing music, actually it was taken from a twist of a legendary jazz musician, Pat Metheny’s name. Their music was created from a blend of every personnel’s basic music. Folk, all around, pop, jazz, all in one package. It’s an uncategorized one, but with that approach the listeners can always feel the unique flavor of their creation. They also helped and had lots of collaborations with many artists from Indonesia either as producer, composer, or/and additional players. No hesitate at all, the dedications to Indonesian music industry are wide. After launching their first album few years ago, this year they had a solo concert right in the first month of 2012. For sure in months, this group will do the same thing to their second album, entitled “Jalan Ajaib”. They want to achieve one biggest dream, to present their music to all over the world, someday they will make it come true.

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The crowds proudly gave powerful applause when 4 peniti plus SHE’s Adisty Zulkarnaen as additional percussionist (she’s a wife to bass player Rudy Zulkarnaen) and Topan [flickr id=”6721806335″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”] Abimanyu as additional guitarist. Just for info, Topan is a musician who has collaborated with several local artists, we could mention Indra Lesmana and Glenn Fredly. He’s also a sessionist for famous singers like Dewi Sandra and Dira Sugandi as well. They opened the concert by delivering pop groovy “Soundcheck”. It built strong energy as a welcoming song. “Menari Bumi” was such a wild creation, modern, on steady beat. Automatically Zaki as vocalist got his command in leading the crowd to a full fire land. Then, they all brought soulful pop in “Lagu Bagus” into higher musical level. It was like all of them wanted to show their musical skill to every ear. Tesla Manaf surprisingly came to the stage, joining them by playing his guitar.

[flickr id=”6721803281″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] The third song began with beautiful melodies from Amy’s violin. “Anak Nakal” once again poured a mirthful nuance to the room. Surprise, surprise, a little bit keroncong touched in the middle of the song. People laughed, all had so much fun. Nothing but the hillarious ambience in the big room so far, something that kept right in pocket until the last drop of note. As usual, Zaki was more than just the vocalist and guitarist. He is also an entertainer who always try to bridge the gap between the stage and the crowds with everything he does, spontaneously. He danced like a Jaipong dancer. Very entertaining! “Membuat Jatuh Cinta” means “Make You Falling in Love” such a romantic tune, catchy, and pretty easy listening.

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Zaki always kicked nice jokes and the crowds got laugh. In the fifth song “Tiada”, Ammy took a solo performance, carrying the audience into a trip from mellow to [flickr id=”6721808443″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”] [flickr id=”6721810229″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] joyful. Just like Zaki, Ammy totally knew how to entertain. He gave funny ‘animal voice’ by his strings. And then Zaki’s sturdy voice came along. From backstage Tesla brought a surprise by handing a birthday cake for Ari the drummer who had his birthday just a day before the concert. so everybody was singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

Afterwards, “Di Hadapanmu (Aku Kecil)” counjured the whole minds to remember God, truly had deep impression, sorrowful, it could make every heart took a bow to our Creator. Then, beats from drums liven up the atmosphere, surely Ari took an expressionist style into the air.

“Diam” spoke loud about a deep love feeling from a man to a woman, who wants to show it to the world, and asks his woman to sit still while listening to his heart-pours. It was attractive and made anyone nodded their heads. Next presentation “Semua Karena Kau” spawned calm, subtle aura through the tune. Sweet, it’s a proper song for someone who fall in love. It was created by Rudy Zulkarnaen when he proposed his wife, Adisty.

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Rudy and Ari’s younger brother, Rino Renaldi played his keyboards on “Jalan Ajaib”. Full of happiness and smile. “Bebek dan Sapi” (“Duck and Cow), one of the famous songs from their debut album was served with with Zeno Amadis aka Wewey on guitar. Zeno actually  was once 4 Peniti’s guitarist, but since he was busy with his business in Garut, he couldn’t spare enough time to perform with the band. And at that special night they sticked out scent of country music. This song spoke of a man who got a crush to a woman around ducks and cows.

[flickr id=”6721805811″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”]Sundanese folk song was pinned in “Badminton” with free improvisation and some changed lyrics of course, successfully made everybody laugh. All of them shook the audience’s seats. Samba taste followed the rhythmic tune, created peculiar harmony. Suddenly, ferocious rock to Michael Jackson music flavor on and on brought the “Badminton” to unique color. “Untung Jadi Buntung” emphasized funk groovy melodies. Their funny act and the enjoyment of stage playing dipped the audience fully into the concert. They all became an instant choir when they sang “Halo-Halo Bandung” together and some girlbands’ song. “Indah Damai” poured a message about the sublime and precious side of peacefullness. So, all the additional payers hit the stage full of vibrancy. All the musicians who participated in this concert, greatfully gave their total skill to this wondrous gig. In the end, they closed the show by asking the audience to sing “Padamu Negeri”.

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Two thumbs up for 4 Peniti and the whole team who made this exceptional concert, full of gleeful ambience, and jokes. People enjoyed it fully, they could laugh through the show. For 4 Peniti, one of their dreams has been coming true. That happened by participation of their friends who helped them in many ways according to each role: Ariana Hayyulia and the team who organized this event, Ririe Cholid on wardrobe, documentation by Nazrul Akbar, Aru Recording Studio (Ari is the owner), Mara Radio, lighting by Ferry ‘Gembong’ Nurhayat, videography by Andi Gondi, and so on. The result was unpredictable. The fans are uncountable. So, that fact should bring them to the next step. The actual concert which should be held in larger place to accomodate bigger number of fans.

For 10 years now 4 Peniti have been walking on the independent road, and they are still consistent in doing so. Their catchy and meaningful lyrics are the most ravishing things. Those guys aware about the uniqueness and know exactly how to emphasize it to make a distinctive stage performance that we don’t see often. and yes, it works. The audience got crazy about the show. Their efforts for almost 10 years has paid off, and in fact it’s still in steady process to go up one stair at a time. Just like they say, “Increase the achievements, don’t be easily satisfied.” That works perfectly well for them, and we all could learn from that as well. Thank you Saung Jazz for presenting this unique group, and kudos to you 4 Peniti and friends! Look forward to see more attraction from you in the future.

See more pictures:

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Reporter: Bintang Steffy Tania
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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