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We have been spoiled with many surprises ever since the Jazz Break rolled again at Balai Pertemuan Bumi Sangkuriang back in last June of 2010. Just like how it was many years ago in the 80’s, today Jazz Break has proved itself to be the regular jazz event with strong concept. The Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Community is getting more solid as a unit, resulting in well-rearranged edition to serve month after month. They made a big debut in the first edition,  followed by Bossa Nova and Samba Night for the second  and then bringing jazz up front to celebrate the establishment of Paguyuban Bass Bandung, the Bass community with the theme of “In Bass With Trust” that went really successful. After a month break due to the fasting month, now Jazz Break appeared again, tributing the beautiful world of jazz vocal. Jazz Break: Vocal Vibes, that’s the theme for the October 2010 edition, a grand jazz party with superb singers from different generation gathered in.

Eventhough jazz could be enjoyed just the same with or without singers, still many people would prefer to listen to jazz with vocals in it. Just like how the improvisations play a big part in jazz, the same case happen to the singing style too. Who could resist the cool scat-singing in jazz? Or just take a look at the fabulous crooners from one generation to another. Undeniably, vocal has been one of the most important element in jazz. Bumi Sangkuriang Jazz Community knew that, and they have planned to have a big party tributing the vocal vibes for months. Teddy AB the coordinator and Ibrahim Aliluddin of Hotspot Art moved fast to select some of the prime jazz vocalists with their own unique colors and tones that would make the event appear as something special to remember for the jazz fans who live in Bandung and beyond.

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We were excited when we saw the lineup. Imaniar was listed, and that should be a big news for the music fans in Bandung, especially the adults.  She started her career since she was still a little girl and became popular in the 80’s. Her career was begun in a family band  with her siblings Idham, Iromy and Lydia Noorsaid in a group called “The Kids”. Later the band changed the name to “The Kids Brothers” when Inang and Iwang came in. They got often appearance on TV at that time and became popular, not only for singing and playing music, but also with their capability to entertain. Later the name changed again to “The Big Kids” as they grew up. The band reached the end in 1985 and the Noorsaids went on having their own careers in different path. For Imaniar, that wasn’t the end, because she formed a duo with her sister named Lydia and Imaniar, a duo that are still well remembered and dearly loved by many faithful fans until today. After some albums, the sisters decided to walk on separate ways. Imaniar continued pursuing her career by solo, and again she reached even higher success with her decision. In 1989 she released “Kacau” that became a major hit all over Indonesia. It’s one of her golden hits that’s still praised by many up to this day. Later she was kind of dissapeared from the music scene by not appearing as often as before, but still she has many, many fans beside her. The music fans miss her, the Indonesian music scene misses her, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her getting busy again recently. Just a week ago she returned on stage in glorious way at the first ever Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 in his brother’s band, Inang Noorsaid and Friends. Not only singing, she also showed her ability on playing the saxophone. For Jazz Break she brought excellent musicians to back her up, featuring her brother, drummer Inang Noorsaid, the all round bassist Harry Toledo, emerging young guitarist Karty Rosen , keyboardist Donny and percussionist Heru.

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Next, we got SABA brothers. This is a group of brothers with a lot of experiences from their each groups. Carlo is known as one of the singer for Kahitna, Marthin Jazz Break Vocal Vibes (27)is the singer of KSP Band, Denny with ME Voices and Ivan is from R42. They used to sing together during their childhood times, and that makes the chemistry runs well among them. Today they are solid as a unit, bringing the family name SABA with one released album, “Hidup Ini Indah”. If you like soulful singing group, you will love them for sure. Then we saw Dira Sugandi on the list. Dira is one of the fastest rising star not only locally but also internationally. She has been performing with Incognito everywhere around the world, and now she has released an album with Bluey as her producer. The chance to aim international reputation is big for her since she has an amazing vocal quality.

From the lovely world of tender voice with acoustic guitar we got Adhitia Sofyan. Jazz Break Vocal Vibes (13)Starting as a creative director for a marketing consultant firm, Adhitia couldn’t resist his long time passion to jump into the music pool. His name became popular when he got success with his song in a major radio station in Jakarta. He raised to stardom right away after his “Adelaide Sky” became a big hit, filling up the Kambing Jantan the Movie OST. Smooth and romantic, soothing and insipring, the combination of his tender voice with cool guitar playing has become his weapon to reach more fans. His album Quiet Down: Bedroom Recordings vol 1 is out now, you can buy it at our store. And last but not least, the beautiful girl with beautiful voice, Zia Reizzelv made a return after her performance on the first edition last June. Zia was the student of senior jazz singer Tula Samdjoen who performed together with her at the first one.  Sadly Tula Samdjoen has just passed away last week. We will always remember him as a great singer with big heart.

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Zia Reizzelv started the night beautifully backed with the full band including Harry Toledo (bass), Inang Noorsaid (drums), Karty Rosen (guitar), Donny (keyboard) and Heru (percussion). “New York State of Mind”, “Somewhere Beyond The Sea”, “All The Way” and “Route 66” was brought in lovely swing. What a nice way to open the event. The crowds responded well with the famous jazz standards brought by Zia and the band. Route 66 became a playground for the band to improvise, including a cool blues touch by Rosen and Donny. “Moody’s Mood for Love” closed their session nicely after successfully spreading love all over the room.

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Nanda Wiyatie the regular MC for Jazz Break greeted the audience and called the next performer,  Adithia Sofyan to come in front. All his fans cheered, and the show was about to change into an ambience acoustic session. It was simply beautiful to hear his tender voice over the smooth guitar playing. He started with “Forget Jakarta”. “This is a respect to the earth’s fragrance after being graced by the rain..” he said right before he brought the sweet poetic “After the Rain”. One of his famous hit melted the girls right away. It was “Memilihmu”. this song was written for his ‘former’ crush who is now already being his wife. the song was a story about his patience and how hard he struggled to get her. The next song happened to be a cover song of Sting’s all time hit, “Englishman in New York” brought soft and smooth. Huge applauses once again were given to him. “Blue Sky Collapse” followed, starting with the reff that made the crowds popped. “Gaze” carried on the heartfelt acoustic night, How often do you hear Nat King Cole‘s “L-O-V-E” in one man acoustic show? Adithia did it beautifully. And he closed his session with his most famous hit, “Adelaide Sky”.  Choosing to get deep with the sensitive side, Adhitia is simply an artist to look for. It was a lovely intimate and ambience session with Adhitia Sofyan, something that will always be remembered by his fans who watched him tonight.

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SABA took over the stage, and now the jazz mood tonight was catapulted into the burnin’ soulful side. SABA brought the heavy rockin’ soulful blues right away with huge applause, taken from Stevie Wonder’s collection “Higher Ground.” Jazz Break Vocal Vibes (16)It was really cool to see this family vocal group backed with full band including the electrifying brass section and Sekapur Sirih guitarist, Andreas Nandiwardhana. Their own song “Cinta Instan” was next, carrying the blast from the first one. The very popular hit of ME Voices“Inikah Cinta” was brought different from the original. This time the song was pinned into full jazz, and it was all catchy. The blazing gig of SABA became hotter with Jackson 5‘s “I Want you Back” that was delivered perfectly. The romantic “Kembali Untukmu”, their carrier single for the newly released album slowed down the pace for a while. This song seemed to be popular among the audiences as they sang together with SABA. “Do I Do” continued their funky and groovy soulful performance followed by Michael Jackson‘s Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’. Surprise, surprise, Imaniar jumped on stage and blended fully with the SABA. The crowds popped out loud with her short but electrifying presence. Chrisye‘s “Hip Hip Hura Hura” kept the fire burning and they closed their session with a very nice cover of the classic “Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan” that was fitted into the current groovy RnB. It was a brilliant rearrangement making the evergreen song to appear new as their own. We knew that they would give something great, but surprisingly they gave a lot more than our expectation. It was a dope! All in all, it was a very catchy performance by SABA family, the singing brothers that will surely go very high in the music scene with their union. After their show, Carlo said that the album has been in the making since 5 years ago. But due to their busy activities, only now they could finally released the album. Some of the songs tonight are available in it. Props to the fired-up performance, energetic band and the stunning brass section who gave a great job.

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Dira  Sugandi continued the beautiful night away with “Feels Like Making Love”.Jazz Break Vocal Vibes (25) She showed her amazing vocal quality in wide range right away with this song. Inang Noorsaid, Harry Toledo, Karty Rosen, Donny and Heru became the band again. The masterpiece of Ray Charles, “Georgia on My Mind” pinned her gig into the blues. It’s never easy to sing this song, but with the kind of vocal owned by Dira, she successfully pinned the song. She even wrapped this song unbelievably well by reaching the high tone. It was time to have a little samba from Dira and the band. she sang the well-known “One Note Samba” and created a sensual approach Brazilian style right away. After the temperature rised by going samba, she chilled the night out with Chaka Khan‘s “Through the Fire”. She showed how high she could reach the notes, and it was amazing when she could do it flawlessly. To end her stunning performance, she brought again the samba vibe to the stage with Jorge Ben‘s classic Mas Que Nada” which has been popularized by many artists including Sergio Mendes and Al Jarreau. Interestingly the song was brought to swing for a while before the authentic samba pattern continued on.

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On the top of all performances finally it was time to see the legendary Imaniar. It was definitely great to see her back on stage again often in top form. Jazz Break Vocal Vibes (42)We just saw her great performance at Bekasi Jazz Festival 2010 a week ago, and now again Imaniar showed her jazz side on stage, not only by singing but also by playing the instrument. She started with playing her saxophone as the opening for “Superstition”. For tonight she brought a special tribute to Stevie Wonder. All the band blended with her giving up a whole lotta fun on stage. Improvisation and solo run were all over the first song. Imaniar continued with “Part Time Lover” in medley with “Isn’t She Lovely”.  “I got to say this is the unforgettable night for me. The audiences tonight are simply the best one, ever!” she said happily. “Careless Whisper” was the next song, a song that always feel so painful to sing according to Imaniar.

A nostalgia was brought with a very famous song “Prahara Cinta” before closing the party big way, asking SABA and Dira to join the whole gang on stage. Together they delivered Imaniar’s evergreen, “Kacau”. A little rap by Ivan poured some more flavor to this classic song.  With this song, the lovely jazz night reached the end gloriously. It was joyful to see Imaniar again being active on stage. She still has it all. Her voice is just as lovely as before, she’s still energetic and just as beautiful as always. May there be more gig for Imaniar in the future.

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It’s been one a big party celebrating the vocal vibes for the Jazz Break October 2010 edition. It turned out as a spectacular  night.  Not only successfully tributing to the wonderful world of vocals, but this month’s Jazz Break has raised the game higher. The performers were all superb. We wonder what the next theme will be, but we have no doubt that it’s going to be something special again just like the rest. We give props and respects to all the organizers behind this event for making this one as something to remember. Keep the jazz alive in Bandung, keep giving the music fans a lot of varieties and surprises and we look forward to see you with another great concept next month!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Fardhani Ramadhana
Photographer: Febrian Dirga, Kurnia Bayu Aji



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