AHA Java Soulnation Festival 2010: SABA, Bayu Risa


Being raised in different groups, these four brothers finally merged as one definite force. They all know how good they could be when they joined hands due to the experience they had by singing together as a family in their childhood times. It’s the famous SABA, a great vocal group of unique style as a result of fine blends between the background of each brother. Carlo (Kahitna), Marthin (KSP Band), Denny (ME Voices) and Ivan (R42) has released one album together, “Hidup Ini Indah” with a popular single “Kembali Untukmu”. Listen to the album, and you will get many flavors filling up their tunes, but all comes from their souls with no pretention of doing anything like anybody else. It won’t be difficult for them to reach the top very soon especially with the wide range of genres presented in soulful singing style.

SABA (15)

Tonight they were totally on fire, burning all the audience in nonstop dancing. They brought series of songs both from their debut  album “Hidup Ini Indah” and covers of well known songs. SABA (17)They brought series of songs including funky,groovy soulful “Do I Do”, the new version of M.E‘s ultimate hits “Inikah Cinta” in R&B, The Jackson 5‘s “I Want You Back”, Michael Jackson‘s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'”, and also their own popular song, “Cinta Instan”.  Joining these great vocal harmony quartet were some of the fine young musicians. Many of them came from SABA’s hometown Bandung. On the horn section were Zein Arfah (sax), Brury Effendi (trumpet), Andriyanto Haryanto (trombone), all of them also play for Salamander Big Band. Then SABA brought Andreas Nandiwardhana who also active as Sekapur Sirih Guitarist and the powerful drummer Edward Manurung.  Tonight SABA gave one of the hottest show that successfully brought people to dance from start to finish.

Bayu Risa (3)

The new and first single of  Bayu Risa “Percaya” was inspired by his own experience on feeling the struggle of kids suffering on cancer to fight for their lives. Their high spirit have moved Bayu Risa to support them morally with a song. In this song he collaborated with Rayi of RAN. Bayu is an emerging star that we surely will see more and more in the near future.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Vierna Mariska, Ata Michaella, Muhammad Fadhly
Photographer: Febrian Dirga, I Putu Surya K.B


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