AHA Java Soulnation Festival 2010 : Final Announcement


Imagine this: hosting two international music festival in just a month. How that could possibly be? Java Festival Production proved they could. Their experience for the last 7 years has made them able to work in harmony to beat the odds. Java Rockin’Land was just over less than 3 weeks ago, now prepare yourself to get deep with the Soul and everything related on it. Yes, AHA Java Soulnation Festival 2010 will happen today!

Java Soulnation Festival - Press Conference (2)

A press conference was held just a day earlier at the Airman Planet Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta. EQ Puradiredja, Paul Dankmeyer, Dewi Gontha and the representative of AHA (Bakrie Connectivity), Rita Purnani were there to give the good news. The press conference was also attended by some of the performers, among them including Soulvibe, Ecoutez, Tangga, Sandhy Sondoro, Relax, Akil and Louis Logic. The theme this year is: “Your Souls Like It”. It might look simple, but actually there are many things behind it to talk about.

Java Soulnation Festival - Press Conference (5)Unlike last year when they concentrated more on rap and hip hop, this time the Java Festival Production has decided to rise the game, strecthing up wider to reach other genres like soul, R&B, electronic, pop, jazz, blues, funk and even rock to join the rap and hip hop style. Just by looking at the lineup we could clearly see that it’s a lot more colorful this year than ever. Not only the full variety genres to enjoy, but also there will be many interesting collaborations to check out. “This year’s preparation has been really cool”, said Widyasena Sumadio, mainly because it’s going to be presented just 3 weeks after the big rock festival, Java Rockin’Land.

Java Soulnation Festival - Press Conference (6)For this third Soulnation, there will be no less than 30 bands participating. Eight of them come from overseas: Les Nubians (France), Coolio, Raul Midon, Relax (Nethelands), Akil and the MC from Jurasic 5, Tambuco (Mexico) and of course the biggest highlight this year, the legendary British soul band Simply Red in their final farewell tour. Joining them are some of the fine groups in Indonesia, with some groups has planned to appear in collaborating with other artists. Pandji Pragiwaksono will bring Angga from Maliq n d’Essentials, Iwa K, and Sutha AFI. Soul ID will perform with Monita Tahalea, Iwan and Lita Zen, Ruth Sahanaya, Sweet Martabak and many more and Barry Likumahuwa‘s most recent project, “Tribute to Motown Music” in which he features many stars including Sandhy Sondoro, Dira J. Sugandi, Bayu Risa, Soulmate, Matthew Sayerz and Aiko. Besides these interesting collaborations, there will also be Drew, SABA, Lala Suwages, Joeniar Arif, Bayu Riza, Gading Marten, Eno ‘Netral’, Soulvibe, Jemima, Rafi & The Beat, S.O.B, Romero, Indonesian youth Generation, Guntur, Ecoutez, Yacko, Tangga and many more.

Java Soulnation Festival - Press Conference (10)

Looking at the rainbow-like participating artists and collaborations, we can have a hint that there’s something different this year being added up in the concept. They are not trying to make the festival bigger with more artists or more stages, but they are focusing on more details in every artists’ performance by giving a bit longer duration for each group or trying the unique collaborations on stage. Louis Logic said to us: ‘This is my first time in any asian country and for sure I will bring something amazing for you people. I love it here in Jakarta and I dont wanna go back.” Akil with his unique style said, “It’s amazing how I can share my music.” At the end of the final conference Sandhy Sondoro took his guitar and played a song entitled “People” which he dedicated to all the victims of the natural disasters who occured in several parts of Indonesia recently. “Let’s pray for Indonesia”, he said, before presenting the song.

This year’s Java Soulnation Festival is still the third one, but it’s already been progressing tremendously. One thing for sure, by the participation of AHA (Bakrie Connectivity) and the efforts made by the amazing team of Java Festival Production, we all can expect the best out of this international soul event which can also give the positive news about Indonesia to the world. So here we go. All the performers are ready to show what they got. The time has finally come! For you all soul brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to have a big party! Stay tuned for (almost) realtime report for 2 days at jazzuality.com!

“mingle with the crowds, follow the beats, dance to the music at AHA Java Soulnation Festival 2010 . Absorb the great music and for sure, your souls like it!

For more info, check out our previous article or visit the Java Soulnation Festival’s official website

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Reporter/Photographer: Ata Michaella
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


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