Java Jazz Festival 2011: Ade & Brothers, Bubi Chen Plays Pop, Bonita & The HusBand


Some people think that it is the end of the world when they are losing their eyesight. However, it is not for Ade Irawan, he shines in the midst of his darkness world. He was a natural born musician who has known melodies since he was really young. then, he taught himself the keyboard and piano only through listening. He had performed in several festivals in Chicago, USA. He also has participated and performed in lots of music festivals in Jakarta such as Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, JakJazz, Jazz Goes to Campus,and now Java Jazz Festival. At his 17 year-old age, he already has a long list of experiences, achievements and awards.


There are many reasons why Bubi Chen is recognized as the “Art Tatum of the East”. He is one of the greatest legendary pianist, jazz virtuoso and simply one of the best not only in Indonesia but also throughout Asia and in the world. He came from the musical family. His father Tan Khing Hoo was a violist. He started learning piano since he was still five years old. Later he found his passion in jazz and soon he sailed passing one achievement to another.


Perhaps one of his most memorable achievement came when he joined the Indonesian All Stars together with Jack Lesmana, Maryono, Jopie Chen, Benny Mustafa and Kiboud Maulana to perform at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1967. Getting amazing responses from the German audiences brought them into the recording. The album Djanger Bali was made, an album which we believe far ahead of time and should stand as one of the most important milestones of Indonesia’s jazz history.

Watching Bubi Chen always brings something special to us, even brought tears to our eyes. Not long after his performance at the last Java Jazz Festival 2011, his right leg had to be amputated due to the massive pain caused by the diabetic wound he suffered. Still, according to his son, drummer Benny Chen, he could still be thankful because it was “just” the leg, not the hands or fingers. That’s how he loved doing what he could do best, letting his fingers do the magic dance above the keys. Although he’s not in the best condition, he still put up the good fight. He showed that nothing can seperate him from jazz. His passion, his courage and spirit are simply inspiring. Those are the things that we should learn from this living legend.


If in the previous year Bubi Chen presented his show called Bubi Chen Plays Rock at the Java Jazz Festival 2010, this time he brought another special theme, Bubi Chen Plays Pop. In tonight’s performance, Bubi Chen served a cover song from Westlife “I Have A Dream”. He also brought Memes to the stage to perform with him.

Bubi Chen might be weak now, but he still has the burning passion on doing the one he love, playing jazz over his keyboard. We send the highest respect to him. May he still be playing for many years to come. Keep the spirit, uncle Bubi, we love you.


Acoustic soul, folk & RnB,Bonita and the Husband, with Bonita distinctive vocal character, powerful and very deep expression of songs with guitar accompaniment from Adoy, blowing saxophone of Jimmy and the drum beat of Eli.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Edria Kosasih, Ata Michaella, Ardhi Saputro
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Praditya Nova, Eghi Gabred



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