Java Jazz Festival 2010: Bubi Chen Plays Rock, Fraya, Dewa Budjana feat. Dewi Gita


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Bubi Chen Plays Rock (5)As the night went by, shows were still heating up. Bubi Chen our beloved virtuoso had a very interesting show, featuring Joeniar Arief, Cindy Bernadette, Devian and Andien, they gave away one performance that no one could forget. Started with Cindy Bernadette came up to the stage singing ‘Welcome To Broadway‘, she came up with dancers and dance along with the dancers energized the audiences. Then continued by Andien who sang ‘When You say Nothing At All‘slowed down beat and letting audiences sing along with the song. It was very touchy how then Bubi Chen gave his gratitude to the audiences and the musicians who played tonight with him. We spotted some sparkles of tears from the audiences, because we love this legendary man deeply well.

Bubi Chen Plays Rock (9)

Fraya (13)Now  let’s move on to the Acoustic Hall located just beside the media room. There was a young lady ready to perform.    She is Fraya. Fraya grabbed the attention of Eq Puradiredja of Java Festival Production with her cd album. Immediately Eq placed her as one of the performers in this Java Jazz Festival. Fraya came from Semarang, with the unique crunchy voice that would be love by the youngster. Placing her at the Accoustic Hall was just perfect because she could blend with the audience intimately. No wonder she got a fully crowded audience as the result.

Dewa Budjana ft Dewi Gita (6)

We moved to the B2 Hall and found Dewa Budjana in there. This legendary guitar player that we could say a maestro has always been concern about the ethnical elements in music.He could play pop, rock, jazz but he never forgets this important heritage. Tonight he perform with Dewi Gita – a famous Indonesian singer and grabbed the attention of people who loves Indonesian accoustic music.

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Reporter: Novan Yahya, Ata Michaella, Riandy Kurniawan

Photographer: Ata Michaella, Omar Arif Maulana, Eghi Gabred

Editor: Ardhi Saputro


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