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In 2010 ESQI:EF made a big breakthough with a very successful album, “Anytime”. This follows the first one made 3 years earlier which created a solid start entitled “Buat Kamu”. We called Anytime a breakthrough because it got good result in cross-genre Indonesian independent music scene right from the first time it was launched. Some songs became big radio hit such as the disco beat “Sayang Sayang Sayang”, the power pop “Kekasih Palsu” and the candy sweet bossa, “Anytime”. Well, these songs were released 4 years ago. Many of their fans would wonder what’s next, where they would release the new album and most importantly, what concept would they bring. We have heard about the making process of this album since at least 2 years ago. We have even heard one song, “Morning Coffee”, sung by Syaharani herself on the stage of Jakarta Blues Festival 2010. But the album didn’t exist… until now. If you’re their fan, you should be excited because ESQI:EF a.k.a Syaharani and the Queenfireworks has finally released the third album by the title of “Selalu Ada Cinta” (In English: “There’s Always Love”) via DeMajors.


The first launching was held last Saturday, March 9, 2014 at Driving Range, Senayan Jakarta early in the morning, around 9:00 am. If you wonder why, ESQI:EF thought it would be perfect to launch the album where the single “Morning Coffee” existed at the morning coffee hour. Because of that, the scene we got was different than others, because before the ceremonial show took place we saw everyone enjoying coffees on their tables. You can imagine the scene.

Then the complete team of ESQI:EF came in. Surprisingly, they didn’t talk about the album first, instead they served an early morning live performance. Syaharani (vocals), Didit Saad, Donny Suhendra (guitar), Fajar Trias, Andy Gomez (keys), Sirhan Bahasuan (drums) and Kristian Dharma (bass) were all there looking happy like a happy family.


The first few songs surely set brighter mood for everyone. Then Syaharani led everyone to sit in front, explaining about the third and new album, “Selalu Ada Cinta”. In this morning talk, Syaharani explained that Donny Suhendra contributes big deal in this album as something like music supervisor. Meaning that he has to make sure that everything fit in place. So Syaharani writes, Didit works in the studio, and then the final word would come from Donny, the most senior and experienced figure in the team.

ESQI:EF actually is a brainchild of three musicians with quite different backgrounds. Syaharani is known as an iconic jazz diva, Didit Saad is an important figure in independent music scene, at since geng Potlot. Then there’s an all rounder guitarist, great in blues, rock and fusion besides the other music styles, Donny Suhendra. With the various background of these three figures, plus the rest of the players which bring many other influences, you can take a guess why ESQI:EF never stays in one particular genre. Hence, their music is rich and colorful in style.

According to Syaharani, what makes the ESQI:EF concept rich is that they all don’t stay under just one band. Each of them play in many projects or listed in different bands with different flavors. This fact gives the band plenty of variation to choose. Such evidence can be found in any of their album. Whether it’s Light Jazzy, Power Pop, Acoustic, Ambience, Lounge Dance, Groove, Blues, Soul, Rock, Bossa, the indie music, the sound of the 70’s and so on, that know how to present their flow of taste.


For this third album, eventhough they are still digging up wide variety of sounds, the concept is actually different. Syaharani herself explained that while they still keep the habit of highlighting something retro, this time it’s different. “We did different guitar reamping and so on, so soundwise speaking, it’s different.” explained Syarahani. Other than that, you will find cozier and calmer songs in this album and two vintage swing, scatting, except the album carrier “Morning Coffee” which lies inside the frame of rock n’ roll. Simply put, the ESQI:EF taste can still be felt, but it’s time for them to move into another zone, while still easy listening, melodical, fun and enjoyable.

Following the release of this album, ESQI:EF plans to go on tour, visiting West, Center and East Java.

Another story is coming from the title which clearly speaks about love. When we see this word, most likely our thoughts would go to romance between couple. Well, that’s not their intention at all. Listen to what Syaharani says: “This album is not about people fall in love, but it’s more about love as a blessing. As long as you have, find and feel love, no matter what your condition is, you can cope with everything.” She also said: “In the mortal world, everything will always come and go, but love will always exist.” The album is also made after a very long process. Even so, they weren’t rushing everything at all. Instead, they just let it all flow. It’s some kind of natural process of soul searching, where the hearts of the team go at present time that got translated into music. What’s also important is that every song they make is special. So in order for you to get the message and enjoy it at max, you should listen to all songs from start to finish.

After some more explanations, they performed again, carrying about three more songs including the carrier “Morning Coffee”. During this session they also presented video trip when they were in Banyuwangi for the purpose of making Morning Coffee video clip. We all could see that they were serious in exploring every side of Banyuwangi without losing the fun factor at all. They all looked happy, cheerful and took it actually as a long holiday.  The ceremonial tumpeng (a special rice dish that is usually served in Javanese traditional ceremonies or to celebrate events) cutting took place too. David Karto of DeMajors was the first one being handed by Syaharani.


Another thing that hopefully can be felt is that the group is getting more solid than ever. It’s not even a group, it’s more like happy family. So whenever they create something, you can expect good stuffs within. Listen to all the songs in the album, you will get their true heart and trueself, at the most honest way. Once again this album is made as a tribute and love to the roots of music, without taking any sides, served humbly but tasty in ESQI:EF’s cooking style.

We congratulate our dear friend(s), Syaharani and the QueenFireworks for the new album. May this album be as successful as the previous ones, or even manage to climb another height. Whether you’re one of the fans or not, as long as you’re into good music, ESQI:EF’s “Selalu Ada Cinta” will quench your thirst. Music to share, they say, we say it absolutely is, in a very lovely way.

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Reporter/Photographer: Mia Damayanti
Written by: Riandy Kurniawan





After the great first day, here comes the second and final day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013. Just like yesterday, the event started early at 2:00 pm with two different shows. The male jazz singer also the road manager of Inna Kamarie, Joey Abdul brought his own band named Joey Abdul And Friends to fill the first session on the second day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013 stage.


At the same time, Kosakata took the PP stage. In English, Kosakata means Vocabulary, and the band took this word for one good reason. “Arranging the music is kind of like arranging words, so it can produce senteces that could develop life’s spirit.” said Andri Brendley, the guitarist of the band. With Gerinov Medaimanto (saxophone), Baroka Ismail (bass) and Chrismareza Prakoso (drums), Kosakata carries that philosophy in serving jazz with delicate funk, rock, blues and gospel. In 20 minutes there are 5 songs played on the stage, “Dimensi”, “Growing”, “Lumpat”, Living Your Dream Yet?”. and the last one “Panca Indra”. We haven’t heard from them for quite some time, so it’s glad to see them still alive and kicking even harder than ever.


The ‘crazy gang’ of HajarBleh Big Band took the Telkom Stage. This big band combining their performance with choreography to put some new taste in their performance. Wildan Abdat who also a part of Jazzuality said they brought more Indonesian songs because they presented this performance especially for our country. Here it is their song list “Pick up the Pieces”, “Chameleon”, “Janger” (Balinese Folk Song), “Samba de uma nota so”, “Bananeira”, “Bulan diatas Teras Kota” (HajarBleh Big Band original song), “Barcelona”, and “Kopral Jono.”

Essence Stage then started to run with representative from Semarang Jazz Community, Jazz Ngisoringin filled that up. At the Samali, Peppy Probo & The Southside Fellaz. Haven’t seen this band since 2011 but we’re glad that they are still on. As usual, Peppy was joined by set of young but skillful musicians. This band gave nice jazz with slices of new concept; slow funky jam.  Approximately at 3 pm, Jojo & Friends came up as the second act at Samali Stage.


The progressive fusion band Heaven on Earth did another spectacular job in the big sized festival. This band has three ‘stunt’ musicians; Tedjo Bhayu Adjie (piano/keys/synth), Ossa Sungkar (drums/percussions) and Franky Sadikin (bass/all sequencers programmer). All these three stuntmen love to do maneuvers, wild exploration and unpredictable twists and turns in creating their musical presentation. Jazz guitarist David Pantouw’s band Dave & The Hollow Ensemble took over the stage from Peppy Probo and the SouthSide Fellaz.




The new jazz festival, Indonesian Jass Festival is getting closer. We have announced it more a couple of month ago (read it here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/indonesian-jass-festival-2013/) and published an exclusive interview with the Director of the festival, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif (read it here: http://jazzuality.com/interview/exclusive-interview-with-adrian-bramantyo-musyanif-director-of-indonesian-jass-festival/). It will be held for two days, from Aug 30 to 31, 2013 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Huge lineup consists of all-Indonesian talents will surely make us all realize that we actually have more than enough resource which are equipped with good skills, creativity and ability to invent something new, in the name of jazz. We have many seniors/legends who are still fired-up when they perform on stage, we have today’s frontliners, tons of rising stars and potential new comers who may surprise you with their crafts. Indonesian Jass Festival is scheduled for two straight days, but if they make it 7 days, we’re sure that the number of national jazz bands would still be enough to fill the schedule up.

There are many things to talk about this new festival. As we have mentioned before, the word “Jass” isn’t caused by misstyped, but it’s intentional. By using ‘jass’ as the original word of jazz, ALBA Productions and the team wish to bring the original spirit of jazz back alive through this event. The organizer has promised to bring a new cozy environment to enjoy live performances, then if you ask about variety, you will be able to find almost all kinds of jazz too, spread over 6 stages for two days. Swing, bebop, post bop, groove/funk, pop jazz, acid jazz, nu jazz, fusion, reggae-jazz, bluesy, mixture with ethnics (melodies, lyrics and instruments), the combination with classical, either full band or acoustic, with or without horn sections or even string sections, you name it, you have it. It’s going to be interesting, we have no doubt about it.


Last night (August 16) the Press Conference was held at Rollingstone Cafe at the South part of Jakarta. This event was hosted by Chico Hindarto. Joining him on stage were the Director Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, the Assistant Director Norman and three represtantatives of  participating artists such as Syaharani, Andien and Bayu of Soulvibe. Some other artists were were spotted in there too.

Indro Hardjodikoro and Friends opened up the party with his tasty jazz-fusion. Other than Indro himself on bass, the lineup including  Aditya Bayu (guitar), Sukma (vocal) and Iqbal (drums).  Then the Press Conference was opened, where we got more in depth explanation about the festival.




The beautiful island of Bali has been listed as one of the world’s most famous tourist haven for many decades. The tropical weather, ancient temples, sandy beaches, rainforests, paddy fields, paintings, sculptures, colorful religious ceremonies, friendly people, all the way to the typical traditional music that you can easily differ from other sounds. What’s not to love about this island? If you’re a jazz fan, now you can add another reason to visit Bali, especially Tanah Lot and the 5 star Nirwana Bali Resort. Why? Because jazz lives happily in that very spot, and just a couple of days from now, a big jazz fest with important social cause is going to paint the whole area with “bluenote” colors. Prepare to meet the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series 2!

It was last September 2012 when we informed you about the premiere of this event (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/nirwana-bali-jazz-series-a-tribute-to-jazz-lovers-inspired-by-tanah-lot/).  Held for two days at Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort at Tanah Lot by involving combination of artists from Jakarta and Bali, this event gained great response from the jazz lovers, especially those who live in this Island of Gods. Looking at the result, the Hotels & Resorts unit of PT Bakrieland Development, Tbk (Bakrieland) in cooperation with Prime Time Jazz is ready to host the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series 2 (NBJS #2). This event which will once again feature Indonesian top jazz stars shows the continuous support from Bakrieland Hotels and Resort Unit (BHR) towards the Indonesia’s jazz development.

nirwana bali jazz series 2, jazzuality


“As a music form, jazz is fully filled with the spirit of improvisation and creativity to build beautiful harmony. That perfectly fits the Nirwana Bali Resort’s character that always loves to collaborate with local people to push the tourism forward.” said Nugroho Santosa of BHR, the chairman of Nirwana Bali Jazz Series #2. Furthermore, he explained that the event was made as an effort to provide creative space as well as appreciation to our nations’ and local jazz artists. “They can uprise the progress of jazz in Indonesia,” he added. About the number of attendance, Nugroho is optimist that the event will gain more audience comparing to last year. “We are targeting around 2000 jazz-goers this year.” he said. That’s about 3 times more than the first edition last year. Paul Counihan, the Managing Partner, Prime Time Jazz also expressed his full support to NBJS #2.

For this second edition, the lineup looks fantastic with more artists comparing to last year. NBJS #2 features top stars such as Syaharani, Idang Rasjidi, Tompi, Asty Asha, Amelia Ong, Yance Manusama, Cendi Luntungan, Barry Likumahuwa, Taufan Goenarso, Achmad Ananda, Doni Joesran, Koko Harsoe & Friends, Ito Kurdhi Quartet and more artist. Not only the lineup is shining, you can also expect a lot of surprises from highly interesting collaborations between them (See the complete list below). If last year the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series was served for 2 days, this year the event will be held for 3 days, from March 29 to 31 (Friday to Sunday) 2013. So, 3 days of jazz pleasure, that’s what you’re going to get from this jazz fest.

While the first day is set to be the “VIP Jazz”, the next two days will be served with something unique. At the second day (March 30), NBJS #2 is combined with Golf Fun Game in cooperation with Kadin Golf Club and Industri Kecil Menengah (IKM) Merchandise Gallery. Thus, this second day show is labeled “Golf & Jazz Concert.” How does jazz get along together with golf, or, can you play golf with well-known musicians? That’s something for you to find out. Last but not least, on the third and final day (March 31), by using the theme of “Jazz Clinic & Jazz Concert”, the musicians are looking orward to share their skills and knowledges to the society and children around Beraban Village. The jazz clinic will be open to let anyone interested to learn jazz from the experts. As it contains social activity, BHR will donate significant amount of funds to Yayasan Pendidikan Desa Beraban Bali (The Educational Foundation of Beraban Village, Bali) to support the uneducated children living in Beraban Village, Tabanan, Tanah Lot, Bali.


Famous American photographer Ansel Adams once said, “You do not make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography; all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, and the people you have loved.” As we know that there are so many different opinions talking about photograph these days, either bad or good. But, one thing for sure, people cannot deny how noteworthy the photograph is, because a good snapshot keeps a moment from running away, right? Who is agreeing with it? We believe that KlabJazz agrees with it. Featuring with Mia Damayanti Sjahir and in cooperation with the venue, Siete Cafe & Resto, KlabJazz just presented a fabulous jazz photography exhibition for the third time. What a fabulous event with many fabulous people! Now, we want to ask you something, did you all come to Siete Cafe & Resto this afternoon, jazzy fellas? Well, for those who had came, you absolutely satisfied and enjoyed it and for the rest who had not came, do not worry, just read our report and feel the sensation of KlabJazz Photographic Exhibition: Jazz Poster and Postcard of Mia Damayanti Sjahir. Take pleasure in it, buddies!

The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity. This kind of photographic exhibition is literally a perfect spot for photographers to exhibit their artworks, especially for Mia Damayanti Sjahir. In this special time, she brings out her masterpieces for more than last two years in various sizes. In our humble opinion, a great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels in the deepest sense about what is being photographed, and she is truly into it. When you looked at her pictures, you naturally jumped into their stories and secrets, as if the photos shared a lot of stories, feelings and memories from the day they were taken.


When music silent, picture speaks thousand words. For us, a picture is like a silent music. Yes, everybody agreed that picture can narrate story with rhythm itself so that can produce a tremendous sound wave without being audible. We believe that, that’s why you can find many photos attached in every articles made by Jazzuality.com. We take photos as the important thing in the article, because often they can even speak louder and capture all the memories in it. No matter how good you make an article, it won’t be enough if you don’t attach some pictures to strengthen your point.

A single visual snapshot can work as a way to tell the world who and what you are. Snapshots thingy speak more than word and give a color more than rainbow. Visuals are always having the intended effect than the written word, especially when 140 characters is just too much or when the language barrier gets in the way.

When we talk about jazz event, usually our mind will directly go to live stage shows. That’s not wrong, however concert is not the only one. Keep reading, you will find another event which can happen from jazz.

Especially to you who are into photography,  get ready for a special Jazz Photography Exhibition made by Bandung jazz community, KlabJazz in cooperation with the venue Siete Cafe & Resto, featuring the excellent works of its official photographer, Mia Damayanti Sjahir. The opening ceremony will be held next Monday, September 3, 2012 starting at 4:00pm. Syaharani will be the special guest to officially open the exhibition titled Jazz Poster & Postcard of Mia Damayanti Sjahir, with of course Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the coordinator/founder of KlabJazz.

mia damayanti sjahir (photo taken from Mia's facebookMia Damayanti is cheerful and energic lovely lady with exceptional photography talent. For us, she’s been a great friends who we used to “rumble” with together in many events, from the local community jazz events all the way to international events. Besides her work as an enterpreneur in event and wedding organizer, her passion in the photography field is very strong as well. Her DNA runs very well in his 11 years old son’s blood. For two years the boy has been contributing his shots to us, that makes Mia’s son, Luqmanul Hakim stands as the youngest photographer of Jazzuality.

Mia has colored the Klab Jazz community with her stupendous photographs, contributing and supporting happily as a part of the family, and now it’s time for KlabJazz to return the favor. The exhibition is set to feature photos which will be presented in various sizes such as the super poster size (120×180 cm), postcard (14×11 cm) and some standard 16R size. Mia and KlabJazz started this event two years ago (read our report here: http://jazzuality.com/klab-jazz-events/jazz-poster-and-post-it-jazz-photography-exhibition-at-potluck/)  followed by another one at Jazz & Perempuan at the same year (Read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/klab-jazz-events/sunday-jazz-special-jazz-perempuan-the-report/ ) and now they are ready to make another one. As Siete becoming a valuable partner in crime of KlabJazz, this photography exhibition will give more power to it. Curious to find out what she has in store? Just come and enjoy the finest shots of Mia Damayanti.


Grooving the night away at Plate for Me (Palette of Flavors) with Sunday Jazz was a blast! We had pretty plates, we had fabulous food, we had magnificent music, and we had a terrific time! As opening for the start of the month of June, jazz performers filled the place with friendly smiles and awesome performances. They took away the night with the perfect treat for your super Sunday bringing up songs for the theme this week, “The Groove”. Keen to know what got us in our groovy mood tonight? Well Sunday Jazz had a great list tonight. Check it out!

Opening the wonderful evening was Uncle & The Escapes. They took us on a journey filled with fusions and groovy jazz enjoying their song opened with the bright beats of the drums and sexy sound of the saxophone with Ismail Marzuki’s “Juwita Malam“. The band consisting of five young and fresh talents, Stephanus (saxophone), Alvin (keyboard), Hajar (guitar), Oktria (drums), Jefta (bass), Devan (vocals) are from ITB Jazz, a jazz community for all ITB students, alumnus, post-graduates, lecturers, jazz lovers and listeners. The community is a place for ITB students to gather round and create creations without boundary and seniority. As a solid, fast-growing campus jazz community, ITB Jazz has a lot of group bands in it now and one of them was up on stage tonight to have us groove with them. They also played a very cute earmark in their song with the melodies of the keyboard with a slow intro and entering to a upbeat jazzy atmosphere with another from Marzuki’s greatest “Sabda Alam” that got you swaying to the music. Followed up by a tune colored with whistles of the clarinet with The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things“. Last but not least they  presented a delight “Take the A Rain” with a tickle of fast swing in the way they presented it. Their finale was a track with a beautiful beat and blues essence that rounded up their performance.


Held twice a month at Bandung’s appetite breaker Plate For Me, here awaits another one of KlabJazz’s funky, jazzy weekend entertainments: Sunday Jazz. Hitting the place on the 10th of June 2012, this time with the theme The Groove, Sunday Jazz will bring a different set of jazz performers. Bandung Inikami OrcheSka, Forsure, Sarah N Soul, Syaharani and Tiwi Shakuhachi, and Uncle & The Escapes are going to hit the evening’s grooves tonight – what’re the details? Let’s get down on them right away!

Let’s check out the stars! On the first line, there is Bandung Inikami OrcheSka. Ska has been quite a hit in Indonesia back in the 1990’s. Moreover, for many years outside the country,  this music has been intermixed with those of other genres including jazz through groups such as the St. Petersburg Ska 3Jazz, The Skalites, Big Voodoo Daddy, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble. It can be said that ska-jazz appeared a little late into Indonesia, but that does not mean that there isn’t any. There absolutely is! The capital city’s got Sentimental Moods while Bandung’s got the Inikami OrcheSka. See? This jazz-ska orchestration was established in 2006 and still exists up till now.Their brass section, along with a steady rhythm section, completes their super full ensembles. With these, they solidly perform with a combination of variant characters of music in a harmonic, modern and innovative ska exploration. We scarcely really find bands in Bandung who take up jazz and ska together and, as far as remembered, this is actually the first time we’re having a ska in our Sunday Jazz sessions. And guess what? Frank Sinatra’s originals will take up their performance this time. Wondering how Sinatra’s swing standards will be carried in ska? Oh, interesting for sure! Check’em out, shall we?

Forsure! This group comes from the church worship team’s musicians. They realized that they could bless people with their music as well as glorifying God through it, so they decided to perform in the world of melodies in a way that brings messages of good morals. Talk about a shower of blessings! Another thing that’s unique about this group is showed in Oktavianus Markus’ style of playing the tunes of the black-and-whites. His piano-playing is much inspired from several country-pop combinations from Bruce Hornsby and the music lines between the traditions of jazz and Tom Grant’s and Lyle Mars’ melodious modern pop.  In some ways, their music brings self-healing – peaceful and relaxing with a powerful jazz atmosphere. How does that sound? Trust this; they can even attract non-jazz listeners with their ear-friendly and truly beautiful style of play! Let’s hear it, then!

sunday jazz, plate for me, syaharani, sarah n soul, bandung inikami orcheska, forsure, tiwi shakuhachi, uncle and the escapes


And there will be Sarah N Soul in the third line. Started from jamming in one of music communities at Bandung in this last two years, their collaboration continued to many events and music projects until they decided to form Sarah N Soul, finally. This group consists of Sarah and Nissan Fortz. For their composition is simple, the concept must be intense and also the character. However, they have it! Plus, Nissan Fortz’s contexture has simplicity nuance under spacious guitar character in the midst of jazz, soul up to blues, Tommy Emmanuel’s stylistic acoustic touch and light New Orleans blues style of Eric Clapton. On the other hand, Sarah has old spirit vocal in modern character. Impressive! Well, this group also can be a room for them to reveal their desire which had trapped for a long time.  More to the point, they will give you such a light acoustic groove with jazz, soul and blues licks over nice soulful vocal performance next Sunday afternoon.


Here’s our report from the second and last day of Road to JakJazz 2012. After a fully entertaining first attempt yesterday, we were excited to see what’d be going on this time. This Sunday’s batch looked just as interesting as the Saturday’s, where various flavors of jazz were accessible from the whole three stages.


God really bless Benny Mustafa with so many gifts. He’s one of the oldest seniors in our jazz scene today that’s still playing regularly in full health. You can listen to the way he plays jazz with his drums, or enjoy his brush stick treatment like no other. He’s been an established drummer since more than 50 years ago. Some of his memorable moments are when he played alongside the late Nick Mamahit in Nick’s trio, as a memer of Quinta Nada (1957), his journey in US, Europe all the way to Africa and of course, who could forget his role in the legendary Indonesian All Stars that shocked the Berlin audience in 1967 with their five-star progressive ethnical-bop that was much ahead of time? He was also participated in the memorable Osaka’s Expo 1970 with Idris Sardi, Mus Mualim, Tjok Sinsoe, Maryono and Sadikin Zuchra. Other than these shining memories, being a member of Ireng Maulana All Stars is also something memorable.

Benny Mustafa played on the second day of Road to JakJazz 2012 under the name of  MP3trio, the most recent group of  Rene van Helsdingen.If  usually Rene plays with Essiet Okon Essiet (bass) and Marcello Pellitteri (drums), this time he has Benny Mustafa on drums and Yance Manusama on bass. Rene is a Dutch nationality, but actually he was born here in Jakarta. Later on when he already established himself as a jazz artist he came again to Indonesia to perform for many, many times. Often in his Indonesian gig, he played with Benny Mustafa, so they have been friends to each other for so long.

It’s something remarkable to see when Benny Mustafa still playing energetically. He doesn’t lose anything by the age. The power, the feel, the technique, the passion and spirit, all were there within him just like the past half century ago. While Yance Manusama showed his funky bass line in more boppin style, Rene was on fire playing the piano. What an inspiring show it was. For that, we thank you all. Dank u well!


From Semarang came a jazz fusion/pop group DAC Band. DAC stands for Dynamic Action of Chord, showing how they want to bring their music as. This is not a new band at all, because they was formed long time ago in 1987 . With this formation they participated in Band Explosion 1987 and 1988. During this era they managed to bag some noticable achievements and released an album in 1989 by having some other players in the formation. After being hiatus for long time, suddenly they back again in 2010 on Fusion Nite 80’s at Jajan Jazz Teras Kota BSD City. The formation consists of the golden players from several formations such as Momo (guitar), Dudut (bass), Aditya (drums), Iga and Atok (keyboards) and an additional vocalist Shanty. They still play neat today in bringing the fusion in one cool package. Just like we expected, we got 80’s fusion style from their stage while showing some fresh, more modern style too along the way. A new album is said to be released soon, so let’s get ready for that.


Good news for every jazz buff in town. Sunday Jazz was back! After a period of vacuum for several months since last September 2011, eventually it returned to public on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. KlabJazz decided to organize this gig in Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors), hoping to revive its spirit from a new spot. Assuredly, we always remember how Sunday Jazz has become a noteworthy side of the jazz movement in Bandung. For those of you who regularly watched the shows, would still be familiar with the atmosphere and all the positive energy that were emitted. So, let’s cheer up! Our desire was treated. Now we can enjoy it again continually on the last week of every month.

Seeing the public demand for entertainment, it pushed a growing number of cafes to turn a part of its area into a performing stage. Fortunately, music has always been the most awaited solace there. This is arguably a necessity in big cities. A Blend of cafe and live jazz music is a lifestyle now. The cozy situation makes this kind of place as a right choice to hang out or just relax. People come not only to drink or eat the best menus, but also to relish some loveable songs while chatting with friends. KlabJazz had noticed it as a good opportunity in keeping the jazz alive. On the fresh edition of Sunday Jazz, there was a merger of artists who have participated on this gig many times and some newcomers. The lineup included a solo singer and four groups that stole our attentions. Grace Sahertian, Halfwhole Project, Helluva, Jazzy Juice, and Mahesa, each of them has given us a distinct impression during a four hours show.


As an opening performer, Mahesa, an instrumental high school jazz band from SMA Negeri 2 Bandung surprisingly delivered a fusion pattern. Different from most of the high school students who usually are more into pop groovy style, Mahesa is a special one. Seriously these youngsters have potential to be a good musicians. Consist of Esa Prakasa on guitar, Muhammad Nafi Andriansyah (Ryan) on bass, Gilang Nurzatti on drums, Raka Pratama on percussion, and Catra on piano hit the ground with their own tracks titled Mahesa 1, 2, and 3. What a happy thing to see young boys from high school could already perform this good. Keep it up guys!


Four young men in a straight ahead jazz group also blew our minds. Halfwhole Project for the umpteenth time had transformed the stage into a skillful show arena. After appearing as an opening band for Tesla Manaf feat Mahagotra Ganesha’s album launching on September 15th, 2011 and played at Jazz Goes To Campus 2011 in Bandung, they were back to stage with new format.

First of all, a thick hard bop with blues nuance inside said ‘welcome’ to the audience. “All The Things You Are” became the second tune, in the right hands it was an awesome. How a standard jazz track that for countless time played by lots of artists, and those men seemed to change it into a magical in delicious ECM revisited style. So, the third one was appeared, “Days of Wine and Roses” filled the entire cafe with a scent of romantic gospel. As the closing tune, they talked through “He Leads The Way” which was written by the pianist, Christ Stanley. Besides the three great musicians, Christ Stanley, Gallang Perdana Dalimunthe on bass, and Edward Manurung on drums, we could mention the saxophonist Kenneth Timotius Djaja again played attractively. He is also the youngest boy of the team.