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Last year Klab Jazz has presented around 75 regular shows that involved around 4 to 6 bands per episode. Hundreds of sessions, thousands of players shows that jazz is still alive in Bandung. This year Klab Jazz is still keeping its track record in providing good quality jazz events in cooperation with some cafes without taking any charge. The number of event per month isn’t as many as last year so far, yet the quality and variety are still being well kept.

Klab Jazz’s longest program Sunday Jazz can be a good example of this. Eventhough the venue has been changed several times, the existance of this regular event is still remain. Now the event has reached the number of 65th, and that’s really not a small amount. It used to run since the afternoon, but now Klab Jazz decided to go when the moon’s up, starting at 6:30 pm til drop. Taking place at Bober Cafe Tropica, Sunday Jazz #65 is set to present 4 bands plus one talk show.

If you came to the tryout of our community event at Festival Citylink last month, you should remember this band with the funny name. Yes, it’s Wedding Mafia. If you wonder why they chose this name, it’s because the band was established by some wedding musicians who apparently share the same vision and also mission. The band’s clearly rooted in jazz, which is favored by most of the bridal couples as told by the band leader who’s also the headmaster of KPH Music, Andre Simangunsong. Just like in our show, Wedding Mafia will appear as a quintet. Other than Andre on keys, there are Grand Doang on drums, Wibie on bass, Ibnu on saxophone and potential young singer, Syafiera Prami on vocal. From what we saw last time, they are into smooth jazz with touches of soul, RnB and a little funk. The other mafias might scare you, but not this one, since they are terrorizing the audience with pleasuring jazz.

Progressive ethnic jazz will shine from an ensemble named Sasadana. The group is carrying the concept by using the combination of modern-Western and traditional-Eastern instruments. Not only bass and keyboard, you will also find violin, bamboo flute, keyboard and tatabeuhan (Sundanese’s double-headed drum) in their session. boyke priyo utomo, jazzualityThe young jazz paganini Pangestu ‘Estu’ Hning Bhawana is found inside the group along with Rifky Adam Rahman (bass), Digun Guntara Barnas (drum, tatabeuhan), Lingga Angling Raspati (bamboo flute) and Mikhael Jason Aditya (keys). Jazz with traditional Sundanese taste? Why not. These boys can make it happen. Two other groups are completing the lineup: Kaleon and Neat. Kaleon is a group of four with Ade Irvan Riswandi and Ardi Prawira (guitars), Taofiq Muhammad (flute) and Lola Melatina (vocal). Then Neat will perform as a trio featuring Rayhan Murtaza (guitar), Arbi Wardani (drums) and Alex Jhonly (bass).

Just like we said before, this edition will also present something different. Not only showcase, Sunday Jazz #65 will have a talkshow/sharing session too. In this episode the guest is Boyke Priyo Utomo, a saxophonist who’s been active as sessionist and also supporting some bands including Imam Pras Quartet. We haven’t seen him for a while, maybe he’s busy with his tight non-music schedule. But now here he comes again not as a performer but to share anything he knows about saxophone. If you’re a saxophonist or having an interest in this instrument, you can come and ask him directly during the talkshow.

As usual, Sunday Jazz is served free of charge. All you have to do is come and enjoy the performance. Don’t forget to try the food and beverages of Bober Cafe Tropica too, it will make your relaxing hours even better. So, anyone want to jazz this Sunday? Be there and have a good time.

Sunday Jazz #65

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Jl Sumatra no 5, Bandung





It’s never easy to make several regular jazz events run smoothly every month, especially in a city other than the capital. It’s not that there are too few musicians that can play it, but the number of ready groups might be a problem. Some of the bands found their way to climb higher, some have to choose between pursuing their career and study, some others struggle with consistency. Those could make the Jazz Community lost some of the potential groups that can keep these events on track. Last year Klab Jazz, the Bandung’s Jazz Community served no less than 75 shows that involved 4 to 6 bands per episode. Occasionally they got some bands from the capital and other cities, not just the young fellows but it could be those who have been active for quite long years. Reaching the number of 75 is quite an achievement, what about this year? We still don’t know how it will go this year, but at least when we’re still less than 2 weeks inside the new year, we can see that Klab Jazz is still running. That’s a good sign, at least.

Since the number of bands are reducing, Klab Jazz has to find fresh new groups and players. Again, not easy, but we believe there are still many that we haven’t found yet. So it’s a continuous work to think over the regeneration and continuation if we want the development run well. At the same time, variety still has to be kept in mind. Quite a homework, but Klab Jazz knows it. It’s never easy, but the kind of spirit like what George Benson said in his song “Never Give Up On a Good Thing” and of course realizing their calling would always energize them.

Here we comes to the first one in the new year. Calling all jazz fans in Bandung, the #64th edition of Sunday Jazz is coming no longer than this Sunday, January 12, 2014, featuring 5 bands/groups/projects filled with young musicians. It’s going to be presented at the same venue as usual at Bober Cafe Tropica. Most of the names might still be new to you, but we know some of them equipped with good skills, passion and creativity to bring some jazz alive. The combination between guitar and drums in playing jazz repertoires doesn’t happen often, but here in this edition you can have it through two young musicians, guitarist Anjuan Julio and drummer Alman Naufal, together as Anjuan Julio Project.  We met Anjuan at least 2 years ago when he was still very young, still at that time he already showed how good he could play and how passionate he is to jazz. He’s played in numerous bands, now he’s going just by two with another young ‘tranced’ drummer Alman Naufal of Equinox. It’s a project that involves only two people with two instruments, guitar and drums. If this unique pairing catch your attention, go and check them out.

Then, what about a group of strings used in three different instruments? That should be interesting too. This concept owned by Bandung String Trio, consists of Syarief Maula (guitar), Afifa Ayu (violin) and the bassist of Jazzy Juice, Arnie Christanti. Again, with this group we catch a different format that can make them sound different. No drums, no vocals, you say, but as we always say, anything can happen in the jazz world. The pop jazz lies in the hands of FX JO, a group of six who continues their participation in Klab Jazz’s event after Jazz et Alia last September 2013. Another group of 6 is Dr.Doc, and last but not least a new quartet named Kaleon is worth to check too.

You might find that most of the names are new, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be flat. It becomes even more important, because these bands need your support to mark their step and keep growing. There will be interesting concepts, special projects and young talents. In return, you’ll get 5 bands entertaining you with their jazz flavors. Join us then? Hopefully so. See you!

Sunday Jazz #64

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Location: Bober Cafe Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Anjuan Julio guitar
– Alman Naufal drums

– Syarief Maula gitar
– Afifa Ayu biola
– Arnie Christanti bass

:: DR. DOC
– Herdi vocal
– Ari guitar
– Ginandjar Satyanagara keyboard, synth
– Galih piano
– Athfy Fadhlika Shafa drums
– Fabian bass

:: FX JO
– Nadia Maulidina alto saxophone
– Rafif Andyka vocal
– Faishal Muhammad Fasya keyboard & synth
– Febrian Ihsan guitar
– Athfy Fadhlika Shafa drum
– David Setiawan Sanjaya bass

– Ade Irvan Riswandi guitar
– Ardi Prawira guitar
– Taofiq Muhammad flute
– Lola Melatina vocal




The longest running regular event of Bandung’s Klab Jazz, the Sunday Jazz is ready to hold its 63rd meeting. This event has been used by artists from the capital to greet the jazz lovers in Bandung including the seniors, but what’s more important is that it provides the chance for young bands to learn how to play live on stage, gaining all the experiences to step into their maturity. What’s also important is that the event can be a gate for us to see the most current jazz scene in Bandung local area. Even if you don’t really care about the development, you can always enjoy the performances of various groups in each edition. It’s never easy for a community to keep running, but Klab Jazz has been showing its endurance ever since it was established in 2004. Many of the musicians/bands grew up on Klab Jazz’s stages before they became widely recognized by the jazz fans in Indonesia and beyond. Tulus, Tesla Manaf and Grace Sahertian can stand as the example. It’s true that you can achieve success from so many ways, but the community can always be a cool place for you to start the journey.

The last edition of Sunday Jazz was changed into Monday Jazz Special since it had to be moved to Monday due to some reasons. But now it’s back again at the exact day. Just like the 62 previous editions, rich variety of jazz will be served by 5 bands. In this edition you can find mostly potential young lions equipped with good skill to dive into jazz.

chakraborty, jazzuality


First, let’s see the jazz band that has been playing often in Klab Jazz’s recent activities, Chakraborty. While there’s a famous Bollywood movie star in the past with this name, they actually refer to the Sanskrit word from North Indian ancient mythology which means “The Best/The Ruler”). The word can also refer to “(becoming) the best” or “(doing) the best”, something that this band set as their goal. Chakraborty was established on April 17,2013 at Aru Studio. The band consists of Venche Music School (VMS)’s students and often supported by sessionists from other music schools. Said to be rooted in traditional American Jazz, they play wide to cover most of the big jazz corners from Swing, Cool Jazz, Fusion, Blues Jazz all the way to Bossanova. This time Chakarborty will be represented by 4 musicians: Joo Yang (drums), Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nico (piano). Looking at how frequent Klab Jazz calls them to play, this band should be that good. So, playing jazz while holding the philosophy/character of ancient Indian mythology, how will a band be? Why don’t you come and check them out for the answer. Then, singer Ulfa Nur Fauzia is back with her group Ulfa and Friends.

out of 7, jazzuality


6 month old, but already reached the big stages including Espose 2013 (Bandung), JakJazz 2013 and Indonesian Jass Festival (Jakarta). That’s a remarkable achievement Out of 7, an interesting multi-faceted jazz band originally from Bandung. This band has some key players who might be interesting to watch even when they play alone. Widiyanto Sutanto is an outstanding composer and pianist, also knows how to embrace the recent gadget and turn it into a powerful weapon. Not only great in exploring the outside notes, he can also stand in front, running on the keys provided by iPad apps. The drummer of this group is a young girl Marissa Wiguna. Formerly played challenging rock, now she’s digging the jazz rhythm while still having the power and stamina. Energetic, sometimes hyperactive, she can be an attraction during their play. The singer is the grandson of jazz legend Bill Saragih, Erick Gabe. He can sing as wide as 4.5 octaves, love to run wild on vocals and able to do mouth trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, percussion, beatbox and so on. His tone is more into Soul and R&B, but wait until you hear him fast scatting on stage. There are two active guitarists found in this band, Herman Yulianto and Daniel Christy to keep the guitar role for the band, Abet Darmaji is the bassist of the group. Imagine how many sound and style can come out of 7 notes, that’s what they always love to bring. Joy Invasion Project, one of the Espose 2013 Band Audition’s contestants) will also play in this edition, and last but not least F.O.G is completing the lineup.

If you’re looking for some jazz treatment this weekend, why don’t you come and enjoy these 5 bands? It’s presented FREE of any charge. Since this event is made at one of the most popular cafes in Bandung, Bober Tropica, you can have delicious meals and beverages while filling your jazz needs. Be there and have a good time.

Sunday Jazz #63

Date: Sunday, December 8, 2013
Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Bober Cafe Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Joo Yang drums
– Adya Amru Hidayat guitar
– Yosua Setiawan bass
– Nico piano

:: F.O.G.
– Tessa Vebista vocal
– Rama Gouwtama keyboard
– Richie Setiawan drums
– Matius Aprilianto bass
– Aries guitar
– Velix Sanjaya alto saxophone

– Patra Pamindo vocals
– Fauzan Hakim saxophone
– Dwiky Hardika Pamungkas guitar
– Canggar Krisnarty drums
– Tubagus Raka bass

:: OUT OF 7
– Erick Gabe vokal
– Widiyanto Sutanto keyboards
– Marissa Wiguna drums
– Abet Darmaji bass
– Daniel Christy guitar

– Ulfa Nur Fauzia piano, vocals
– Cakra bass
– Luthfi Rian Febrian drums




Sunday Jazz, the longest-running regular event of Bandung-based Jazz Community, Klab Jazz is supposed to run this Sunday as scheduled. Unfortunately, due to some reasons it can’t be held on this particular day. Klab Jazz doesn’t want to cancel it, so the community decides to ‘improvise’ by moving it a day later. Since the show won’t run on Sunday, the name for this edition is changed to “Monday Jazz Special”. “What I mean as ‘special’ is that the regular show will keep running on Sunday. Only one episode is moved to Monday until further notice.” said the founder Dwi Cahya Yuniman.

So, for the first time in Klab Jazz’s history there will be a regular event runs on Monday. As how Klab Jazz’s events are, the Monday Jazz Special features young jazz groups that, hopefully, will give valuable contributions to the Jazz scene in Bandung and also in Indonesia. Assorted Jazz goodies will be there for you to choose, brought by 5 bands in various styles. The straightahead Jazz will be represented by Chakraborty, then Makaloo will serve the style of straightahead with Latin tinged.

A unique Jazz twist is going to launch by Satura featuring Agis Kania. Satura is a duo that can already steal the attention of the audience with their gipsy-like guitar playing, but this time they are going to double the pleasure by involving a soulful vocalist inside courtesy of Agis. The students of ITB representing ITB Jazz named Uncle & the Escape is ready to highlight the groove side and last but not least, a teenage jazz project, VR Project is completing the lineup.

sunday jazz, bandung, jazzuality, klab jazz, sherly o, out of 7

The scene from last edition of Sunday Jazz #62 at Bober Cafe Tropica, Bandung


If usually Klab Jazz serves one of the event on Sunday to accompany your last resting hours before the work days begin, this time the community is going to bring it on Monday night, starting from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm at Bober Cafe Tropica, Bandung. Who knows, it might be good since you can have some jazz treatment to chill down after being busy with all your activities the whole day while enjoying the tasty meals and drinks courtesy of the venue. The event is brought to you FREE as always. With better sound quality and 5 bands in different styles, this special edition offers a good jazz-tertainment for you. So what are you waiting for? Just come and join. Keep supporting the local jazz community, the young bands and keep being a part of the jazz development in Bandung and Indonesia in general.

Monday Night Special

Date: November 11, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Bober Cafe Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no.5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

:: CHAKRABORTY [straighahead jazz]
:: MAKALOO [straighahead jazz with latin tinged]
:: SATURA feat. AGIS KANIA [duo ‘gipsy’ guitar feat. a soulful vocals]
:: UNCLE & THE ESCAPE [ITB Jazz’ groove]
:: VR PROJECT [teenage jazz project]




The longest Klab Jazz regular event, Sunday Jazz has reached the 62nd episode. Just like the previous edition, this one featured 5 bands with different jazz flavors. 4 bands came from local Bandung and one singer from Jakarta who collaborated with Bandung-based band. The combination of long-experienced artist, the recently go-international guitarist, potential new bands and a blues boys play jazz made this edition appear special, plus an interesting ethnic-coated ensemble who dare to play wider than just Sundanese ethnic or jazz. Held once again at the newest crime scene Bober Tropica Bandung, Sunday Jazz #62 treated the audience and cafe customers with colorful jazz acts for 4 hours straight.


Impression opened up the show. Klab Jazz found this band when they were placed into the New Majestic building, the venue of Braga Jazz, one of the events of Braga Festival that managed by Klab Jazz. From there, now they came to play in Klab Jazz’s event for the first time. Three siblings inside the group, all still young but they can surely attack with the burning 80’s scene of rock-jazz fusion.  Two instrumental songs were done, then they carried on with a famous song of Bruno Mars, “Just the Way You Are”. More insrumental numbers still rooted deeply in funky fusion. The power beat, funky bass and the keyboard playing that reminded  us of the way Fariz RM does his weapon were nicely provided by these kids. Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP)’s “Walking with the Bass” became the last presentation, again executed well. There are many ways to spot talents. You can find them just about anywhere, even when you’re not looking for them. For us, it proofs that Bandung has a lot of talents that can play jazz, at least having the passion into it. Keep going, Impression.


Next was N.E.A.T. According to the founder of Klab Jazz this band consists boys who usually play blues. But this time they tried their guts to enter the new territory, jazz fusion. So, another jazz with rock approach were delivered by this team. For the next song they went Brazilian with “Casa Forte” originally by Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66. A song from the Hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo was taken in funky rockin’ way, including some pentatonic scales in the middle. The last song still captured the joy of jazz and rock connection. As some of them usually play in blues, it’s good for them to try something new without necessarily leaving the blues behind.  They can keep playing blues while having jazz enriching it, but they can also play jazz by having some blues pattern. Either way, the band will definitely gain benefit.


Pancasura once again marked its spot at Klab Jazz’s event. This is an interesting ensemble from Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) Bandung who knows how to combine what they learn in college, the passion, hobby and creativity altogether. This ensemble has both modern and traditional instruments inside which enable them to embark a wide musical coverage. They use the instruments to play jazz but like to expand their territories. They can play well known tunes but not in the usual way, they do have their own songs. Their ethnic music sounded fresh, creating a whole new atmosphere to Western songs including Dave Weckl’s “Access Denied”, Oliver Mochman’s “Barbieschuf” and original songs “Kamu” and “Stalker”. Other than playing music in unique way, the fun factor is also created through their performance. Another two thumbs up, Pancasura. Bring it on!




Just as predicted, October 2013 becomes a busy month for music particularly jazz in many cities in Indonesia. A big 3-day jazz festival, JakJazz 2013 will take place at Istora Senayan Jakarta from 18 to 20 October followed by some upcoming events that will go on until the end of the year. In Bandung, the jazz community Klab Jazz also has a busy schedule. With some new spin-offs such as Jazz Yard that combines the joy of jam session, video screening and live performances and Jazz et Alia which provides space for indie bands, Klab Jazz still maintain its regular schedule to run. Today Klab Jazz doesn’t only serve mainly jazz but spread its wings to meet other musical corners, from blues/rock, groovy pop, ethnics and the trendy indie scene. By doing this, Klab Jazz aims wider target audience as well as showing its openness towards other communities or genres. This will give benefit to the mission of socializing jazz in its hometown.

tesla manaf quartet, moonjune records


Klab Jazz’s longest regular event, the Sunday Jazz #62 is coming again at this weekend. As usual the community has set 5 bands to fill the slots.  First of all, the new group of Tesla Manaf, the Tesla Manaf Quartet will make their third strike at Klab Jazz’s soil. Realizing the potential of this talented young man, we wondered what would be his move after his huge success on the collaboration with Balinese gamelan ensemble from ITB, Mahagotra Ganesha which resulted an album, “It’s All Yours”. We got even more curious right after the USA label MoonJune Records which operates between progressive and experimental signed him up. He spent some months cooking up the concept, and finally he came out with a new concept which upholds higher level of musical exploration. With his new ‘progressive acoustic experimental’ approach, Tesla and his team (Krishna Alda Radiansyah-bass, Desal Sembada-drums and  Hadis ‘Hulhul’ Hendarisman-clarinet/sax) aims for an international career. Tesla challenges himself in going deeper and darker. From what we’ve seen in his session at Braga Jazz 2013 (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-2013-the-report/), he definitely can match with international artists, even the more experienced and older cats. You should come and see this act, either you know Tesla or not.

sherly o, jazzuality, senandungku


This edition once again features a beautiful lady originally from Bali but has been living in Jakarta for the past 10 years, Sherly O. She’s gifted with wonderful, glittery jazz-soulful voice, a lady that sings with emotion and feel attached in every notes.A lthough she has a natural jazzy vibe in her vocal tone, she’s actually an all round singer specializing in multiple genres, from Contemporary Pop to Classic Oldies, smooth jazz,Rnb, Blues to Soul. With an illustrious career spanning over 15 years by playing with bands in and around Jakarta and Bali, as well as performing at shows nationwide and beyond.

Sherly O has performed with many who’s who both in national and international scene. Phil Perry, Tamam Husein, Idang Rasjidi , the late Bubi Chen, Peter F Gontha and Ireng Maulana, a jazz legend whom she still plays regularly with, under Ireng Maulana and Friends. This band has long been established as one of Jakarta’s leading groups, bringing a mix of Jazz, 80’s, and pop sounds to hotel, cafes and bars in and around Jakarta. She has performed with the band since 2003 for regular gigs at Mario’s Place, Pasar Festival, Sultan Hotel and currently at Mulia Hotel, as well as performing regularly at weddings and other special events in Jakarta and nationwide. Other than with Ireng Maulana Band, Sherly O is involved with other bands such as the bluesy gang Time Warp and also maintains her own band, The Quatro.

She released her debut album titled “Terima Kasih” in 2007, an album that established her path in the industry. She didn’t make any album for some years, up until this year. Just a month ago she came back with a new release, a mini album (EP) entitled “Senandungku”. This album contains 4 songs including her hit single, the ear-catchy, groovy pop jazz “Kasihku Kamu” that currently is climbing up the chart of some major radio stations. As she’s promoting her album, she’s coming to Bandung for radio interviews and of course, participating in this edition of Sunday Jazz. Joining her in this session is Out of 7. Widiyanto Sutanto (keys), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Daniel Christy (guitar) and Abet Darmaji (guitar) will back her up, plus one duet with Out of 7’s vocalist Erick Gabe.  It’s time for us in Bandung to watch her show, up close and personal, so you better not miss it.

Next, there’s a band that Klab Jazz caught at Braga Jazz 2013 last week named Impression. At that time, this band was placed at the New Majestic before the Braga Jazz officially started. Their performance caught the attention of Klab Jazz’s founder and then asked them to join in this episode. The blues boys by the name of N.E.A.T will try their ability to play jazz by serving up fusion. The lead guitarist Rayhan Murtaza is the member of blues-rock band Childhood & Vital Territory that has been supporting Klab Jazz’s events such as Blues Meeting Point and Groove Collective. In this band he has Arbi Wardani (drums), Catra Diningrat (keys) and Alexs Jhonly (sax) as the partners. Last but not least, the interesting ensemble from Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) Bandung named Pancasura is ready to bring their unique West-East, modern-traditional crafts. This band uses a lot of traditional instruments in playing live on stage. Sundanese/Balinese traditional music blends with jazz and other genres like post rock can bring a lot of fun in their hands.




When we received the email from Klab Jazz which informed us about this next Sunday Jazz meeting, we have to take you back in  time. This Bandung-based jazz community chose to run a program called Sunday Jazz on April 4, 2010 after the previously running program Jazz Break Revival was put to sleep. This new program was set to go on Sunday and took place at cafes. For the first editon Klab Jazz presented 60 minutes with Bayu+Telsa, a dynamic duo that was really promising at that time (read our coverage from this event here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/sunday-jazz-ft-bayu-and-tesla-at-potluck-coffeebar-and-library-the-report/). . This duo doesn’t exist anymore today, since Bayu got to work in other city. Tesla now has emerged as one of the amazing young talents and currently is pursuing his chance to go international. Back to Sunday Jazz, since this first edition Klab Jazz collaborated with the venue, Potluck Kitchen, to jazz Bandung people up twice a month and managed to let the program run for about a year. But then, Plate For Me didn’t want to continue to cooperation due to some reasons. The program was posponed in September 2011 and then disappeared from the surface. Finally we got the program back again on March 2012. Klab Jazz brought the program back to live again in a new venue, Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors). Again, the new edition of Sunday Jazz quickly gained responses both from jazz bands and fans. Then it happened again. The venue didn’t want to carry on and stopped the program. But unlike before, Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the founder of Klab Jazz took immidiate response by establishing connection with other cafes. Today this program takes place at Bober Tropica, Bandung.

If we count the number of this program from the beginning in April 2010, this upcoming edition has reached the number #61. 61 episodes, hundreds of bands. we have seen many bands now found it’s success by starting from this event and/or other spin-offs made by Klab Jazz. It’s never easy to keep an event alive for that long. It’s such an achievement. That could be one of the reasons why Klab Jazz decided to number the program by counting it from the very first edition. Another good thing is, Klab Jazz won’t have to keep changing the name or resetting the number if one day they have to move to new locations. So Sunday Jazz #61 it is, or the third one at Bober Tropica cafe.

aboda, jazzuality

The groovy smooth jazz band Aboda is one of 4 participating band in this edition. We just watched them few days ago at Indonesian Jass Festival in Jakarta (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/indonesian-jass-festival-2013-day-1-a-gift-for-indonesia/). This group consists of four siblings from Noya fam: Timotius (keys), Fanuel (drums), Filemon (guitar) and Clement (bass). Taking the name Aboda (a Hebrew word means ‘working, serving and praising’ , in Indonesian means ‘ibadah’), this Jakarta-based band clearly show their wishes to worship God by entertaining people with good jazz music, utilizing all the talents given from above. It’s going to be fun to have them back gracing up Bandung again. Coming from Bogor, No Rules Quartet will give you nice action-packed fusion/postbop.

Representing the indie groove is a band with the unique name. If in jazz or blues we know a classic song titled Route 66, this band has Routes 21 as the name. Consists of 6 players, they are going to groove you up with their strong indie-influenced music. Last but not least, Sasadana will bring the ethnic jazz fusion by using the combination of modern-Western and traditional-Eastern instruments. Not only bass and keyboard, you will also find violin, bamboo flute, keyboard and tatabeuhan (Sundanese’s double-headed drum) in their session.




August 17, 1945 is the day when Indonesia declared its Independence. That means, just a couple days from now Indonesians are going to celebrate the 68th anniversary of Independence Day. Back then when the whole nation still fought for independence, the Indonesian freedom fighters and the National Army units often shouted “Merdeka!” (victory) to boost up their spirit against the imperialism. Today Indonesians still occasionaly shouts “Merdeka!” to the top of their voices as a symbolic gestures of the joy of attaining independence.

There can be many ways to enliven the celebration. Citizens demonstrate their unique tradition like slippery pole climbing to get various attractive prizes on the top of it, crakcers eating competitions and many other games. What about celebrating it in jazz? Why not. Klab Jazz is setting the next edition of Sunday Jazz to fit the theme, serving it by the name of Sunday Jazz Merdeka.

For this special edition of Sunday Jazz, 6 bands are ready to participate. This episode of Sunday Jazz is special not only because it celebrates the Independence Day but also be used as one of the Pre-Event of the upcoming Indonesian Jass Festival which will take place at Istora Senayan Jakarta on August 30-31, 2013.  This new festival also suits the spirit of nationalism since they only present jazz artists from our own land. Indonesian Jass Festival hopes to unite everyone, rising up the nationalism and supporting the jazz development in Indonesia. 6 stages will host no less than 120 musicians for two days with around 10 hours duration per day, that would surely bring lots of fun. This festival will gives you all the opportunity to see that we have enormous number of great jazz talents along with the idealism and creativity in crafting up their packages. The legends, today’s top of the game, the potential newcomers/young lions, big labeled artists and the indies are going to merry this two-day jazz fest. You can read all about this event here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/indonesian-jass-festival-2013/ and find our exclusive interview with the Director, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif here: http://jazzuality.com/interview/exclusive-interview-with-adrian-bramantyo-musyanif-director-of-indonesian-jass-festival/. Plenty of pre-event has been held in Jakarta and some other cities, now it’s time to have it in the capital of West Java, Bandung.

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Now let’s take a look at the participants. Coming all the way from Jakarta are Sketsa and Danilla. Established in 2009, Sketsa started as a dynamic guitar duo consists of Gerald Situmorang and Dimas Wibisana. One album “Childhood Dreams” has released with good result in the market. They serve music in pure joyful acoustic sound without thinking too strictly about the genre. You can get many musical flavors during the play from pop, Latin, country to fusion. Some songs are relaxingly smooth, some packed with intense actions, some high octane and even epical can come out from them too. Now the duo has a violist Dika Chasmala, young but skillful and experienced jazz violist resides in Jakarta who has played with the duo for quite some times. What kind of jazz would come out from two guitars and one violin? That should grab your interest and bring excitement.

Danilla is the new force in the field of soulful jazz singing. You might have not heard her name that often yet, but this lady holds the key to success. She has beautiful and sophisticated vocals, she can write good lyrics and nice melodies, but for us the major key that can differ her from the rest is her distinctive musical scent and strong concept. She stands in the middle between loungish jazz vibe and the specific nuance of indie scene, then serves her music subsequently in ‘darker’ tone. Her songs are ear catchy, easy to listen but unique in many ways.

The frontliner of Klab Jazz, quartet Halfwhole Project also joins the lineup. This quartet gets better and better in terms of good jazz playing, spontaneous improvisation and spirited performance. You can see smiles in cheerful mood, rich drumming and wild saxophone playing. Cameo is a band who just found their way back to the surface. This band has five personnels. They are all still young but able to play like a pro. Beautiful smooth jazz/light jazz fusion is their thing, but they often go futher to reach post bop and beyond. After acted as the opening of Sekapur Sirih “Hello Goodbye” concert some months ago (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/sekapur-sirih-hello-goodbye-the-report/), here they are back again in one solid unit.

If you think variety as something important, what about having jazz fused with traditional Sundanese ethnic? That’s what you’re going to get, because this particular field will be represented by an ensemble named Sasadana. Five players are going to use the combination of modern, western and traditional, eastern instruments all at once. Last but not least, another fusion performance will be brought by Dazzling Barboovie, a group of five.




It’s always interesting to talk about Klab Jazz‘s longest regular jazz event, Sunday Jazz. It all started on April 10, 2010 at Potluck Kitchen by featuring the dynamic duo Bayu and Tesla. From there, Sunday Jazz expanded to run in two crime scenes with Dago Plaza as the other venue. The Dago Plaza version only ran for a couple of months, then soon after this event was off from both places around September 2011. In 2012 the event was reborn in another cafe, Plate For Me. Just like at Potluck, this regular event found a good home and ran for two years, until last April, 2013. But then it happened again. Plate For Me didn’t want to continue the program any longer. But well, just like before, Klab Jazz managed to find another ground zero, Bober Tropica. The first one ran last month, here comes the second edition of Sunday Jazz at Bober Tropica, featuring no less than five bands with assorted jazz flavors.

As usual, Klab Jazz accomodates bands with jazz orientation to perform. Either they are the new bands who need to gain more experience of playing on stage, for promotional matters, to meet and greet the jazz fans in Bandung or simply to have fun, this event has become one of the showcases where we can see the most recent jazz scene in Bandung. Eventhough the bands mostly come from local areas, it’s always open for bands from other cities as well. Here at Sunday Jazz, everyone can fulfill their needs of jazz while enjoying the variety of foods and beverages straight from the cafe’s kitchen. The event itself is free from any charge, so it should give you a lot easier access to enjoy jazz along with its variety.

For Sunday Jazz June 2013 edition, the lineup is filled with all Bandung-based bands, mostly consist of youngsters. First, let’s talk about the comeback of a fusion/smooth jazz group, Cameo. They were active around 2010-2011, but then we didn’t see them much on the surface While the group was flying low, the personnels are still active, often played together in new bands or temporary projects. But in Sekapur Sirih’s return/farewell/launching album concert “Hello Goodbye” less than two weeks ago (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/sekapur-sirih-hello-goodbye-the-report/), Cameo appeared again as the opening band. There we saw the formation of Desal Sembada (drums), Iwan Popo (keyboard), Krishna Alda Radiansyah (bass) and Bagaskara Fulki (guitar) who still showed their neat and flawless play on light fusion/smooth jazz area. Now they are back again at Sunday Jazz, the event where they played quite often two years ago. If you love fusion and smooth jazz, this band will satisfy you fully.

The other band, Iman Brata Trio will also mark its return. We haven’t seen them much lately. But since the name’s listed in this edition, we know that the band’s still alive. Known for their good taste on jazz-rock field (blues and pop can be found too in their repertoires), this trio has explored wider to infuse some ethnical elements (rhythms) by using kendang instead of drums. We still don’t know what they will bring this time, will it be the electrifying rockin’ jazz concept or the later one with some ethnic touches, but you can expect cool sound of roaring guitar effect, rich beat and flowing bass lines from them.

Titik Awal (in English: Stating Point) is back to Sunday Jazz too. This band of youngsters found its pace since 2011 when they woke up from a year of hibernation. They graced some festivals including the prestigious Java Jazz Festival in 2011. As they build their career above the power of honesty and love, this band choose light jazz/groove as their thing. The year of 2013 seems to be a good year for them since the band seems to have a lot of appearances all the way to reach Borneo. They have established a strong start point to set their course for the future. (Read our article about this band here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-newcomers/titik-awal/). If you like groove on jazz from young guns, this band should fit your taste.

We know Sonny Akbar as a talented pianist who can play jazz in high difficulties.  Often he offers the complexity without wanting to scare common listeners away, but what’s unique is that the last time we saw him, he actually went into more pop while still maintaining his post bop touch. That’s due to his next step, producing his solo album which also features female vocalists. If you want to hear some teasers from this upcoming album, you should see his session at this Sunday Jazz. Last but not least, Sevenchords will show the beauty of jazzy folk.

If you care about the progress of jazz development in Bandung city, you should come and merry this event. If you’re a musician, you can get some inspiration by watching the performers. But if you’re just a jazz lovers, your presence is also needed in order to keep the show run. Bring your friends and family along and go have a good time, jazz style. See you there.

Sunday Jazz

Date: Sunday, June 30, 2013
Time: 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Location: Bober Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no 3, Bandung





Indonesians celebrate Kartini’s Day on April 21st each year, remembering R.A Kartini who fought for women’s equal rights especially in education. As this year this date falls on Sunday, right on the schedule of the XXV edition of Sunday Jazz, Klab Jazz was actually planned to make it as a special edition of “Jazz Perempuan” (Female Jazz) by involving only ladies. Unfortunately, since most of the female artists were busy on that date, the idea has to be cancelled. But hey, no matter what, the show must go on. Eventhough Jazz Perempuan got cancelled, the Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me is still on, back to its regular outfit. As usual, this event is ready to feature 5 bands from Jakarta and local Bandung, plus Klab Jams “The Jazz Session”, one of Klab Jazz’s spin-offs which lately merged with Sunday Jazz, becoming a substantial part of this regular event.

Although the plan of special edition’s dropped, this 25th show still contains many interesting stories to tell. For example, let’s see the featured band from Jakarta, Robert MR “Gratitude” Quartet. Robert Mulyarahardja is the guitarist of Shadow Puppets who recently released his solo album titled “Gratitude”. As this Berklee alumni (with a degree in Performance) is on promo tour, he’d be happy to give some teasers of the album to you through this event. Joining him are Chaka Priambudi (bass), Nesia Ardi (vocals) and the skillful young drummer resides in Memphis, Tennessee, USA but has been back to Indonesia for a while, Othman Djuliarso. During his return to Indonesia, this younger brother of pianist Nial Juliarso has landed on many stages, including three shows at the Java Jazz Festival (with Shadow Puppets, Donny Koeswinarno and Aimee Saras) and a couple of appearances in jazz communities/clubs. Other than being a part of Robert MR “Gratitude” Quartet, he will also have special collaboration with two well established Bandung musicians: pianist Christ Stanley and bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen. This pairing is interesting to watch as well.

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After her previous appearance at Sunday Jazz, the newcomer in Bandung jazz scene, pianist Caroline Tjhi is going to appear in quartet formation. In her new group Olteje, Caroline brings her compatriotes including Okki Jatikusuma (guitar), Leo Hansen (bass) and Henky Suparjan (drums). From UPI Bandung comes an interesting electric bass experiment. Calling this project as Elbe Basscom, three bassists Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha, Valentinus Febrianto and Jalu Rohanda will demonstrate that three bass players can actually create a whole new game when teaming up together. Last but not least, a great jazz pianist Sonny Akbar is back again by having bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe on his side. A special jam session will be provided right after as a part of Klab Jams “Jazz Sessions”.