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After the great first day, here comes the second and final day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013. Just like yesterday, the event started early at 2:00 pm with two different shows. The male jazz singer also the road manager of Inna Kamarie, Joey Abdul brought his own band named Joey Abdul And Friends to fill the first session on the second day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013 stage.


At the same time, Kosakata took the PP stage. In English, Kosakata means Vocabulary, and the band took this word for one good reason. “Arranging the music is kind of like arranging words, so it can produce senteces that could develop life’s spirit.” said Andri Brendley, the guitarist of the band. With Gerinov Medaimanto (saxophone), Baroka Ismail (bass) and Chrismareza Prakoso (drums), Kosakata carries that philosophy in serving jazz with delicate funk, rock, blues and gospel. In 20 minutes there are 5 songs played on the stage, “Dimensi”, “Growing”, “Lumpat”, Living Your Dream Yet?”. and the last one “Panca Indra”. We haven’t heard from them for quite some time, so it’s glad to see them still alive and kicking even harder than ever.


The ‘crazy gang’ of HajarBleh Big Band took the Telkom Stage. This big band combining their performance with choreography to put some new taste in their performance. Wildan Abdat who also a part of Jazzuality said they brought more Indonesian songs because they presented this performance especially for our country. Here it is their song list “Pick up the Pieces”, “Chameleon”, “Janger” (Balinese Folk Song), “Samba de uma nota so”, “Bananeira”, “Bulan diatas Teras Kota” (HajarBleh Big Band original song), “Barcelona”, and “Kopral Jono.”

Essence Stage then started to run with representative from Semarang Jazz Community, Jazz Ngisoringin filled that up. At the Samali, Peppy Probo & The Southside Fellaz. Haven’t seen this band since 2011 but we’re glad that they are still on. As usual, Peppy was joined by set of young but skillful musicians. This band gave nice jazz with slices of new concept; slow funky jam.  Approximately at 3 pm, Jojo & Friends came up as the second act at Samali Stage.


The progressive fusion band Heaven on Earth did another spectacular job in the big sized festival. This band has three ‘stunt’ musicians; Tedjo Bhayu Adjie (piano/keys/synth), Ossa Sungkar (drums/percussions) and Franky Sadikin (bass/all sequencers programmer). All these three stuntmen love to do maneuvers, wild exploration and unpredictable twists and turns in creating their musical presentation. Jazz guitarist David Pantouw’s band Dave & The Hollow Ensemble took over the stage from Peppy Probo and the SouthSide Fellaz.



“Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” was probably the most appropriate lyric to describe the situation during Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 on Friday (November 23, 2012) afternoon. The rainy weather which happens in Jatinangor, Bandung, and the surroundings these days might be one big concern for the committee that it could faze the event because of the outdoor stage area. But Joyful, joyful to the universe which made it didn’t stand so long. The gate opened at 2 pm where the first 500 visitors got free magazine and were welcomed by several friendly committee; then at 2:30 pm the gig was officially started and that means we were ready to have some fun.

The good thing about annual event is the better concept and program they serve in every year; and we could see that Faculty of Psychology (FAPSI) of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) favorably did it. They first started the event in 2008 but then waited for 3 years to launch its second edition in 2011. Placed at Lapangan PPBS UNPAD, Jatinangor, this year the Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 (JJE 3) had bigger stage, larger venue, more stand of sponsors, and of course more artists they successfully brought into Jatinangor. In fact there was a comment from a photographer about the stage, “Great to see FAPSI pay so much attention for the stage. It rarely happens in university’s gig. This absolutely a good one and the lighting is gonna be awesome for our (photographers) pictures.” Faculty of Psychology indeed tried to give the best for those who came to JJE 3 as they provided free transportation from the front gate of UNPAD to the area, the committee sheltered people who didn’t bring umbrella when entering the venue, and there were lots of food and drink (include coffee)’s stand to warm the night. They knew for sure the importance of hospitality even in a music event. If you see the crowd from the side of the artists on the stage, your eyes would be spoiled by the beauty of Mount Geulis shadowed by the fog. It what makes Jatinangor special and different from others; it has beautiful scenery of nature which you can’t get when you see music event in the middle of a city. This thing has something to do with the reason why the committee held the event in Jatinangor, not in Bandung; as the master of ceremony explained that they wanted to introduce Jatinangor to people and made it familiar in our ears.


After speech from the chairman of BEM KEMA Fapsi and the chief of JJE 3 committee, the stage was slammed by three winners from the previous Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 Band Audition. The first who came on stage was Scarlet (3rd winner) which consisted of QIA as vocalist, Anggit as drummer, Angga as bassist, Iwan Popo as keyboardist, Iyong as guitarist, Zam Zam saxophonist, and Ifan as percussionist. They really showed their skill from the complex composition of the songs they made. The complexity itself could be so tricky since had they’re not careful, the compositions could fall into places. However, the satisfied responses from the audience signified the epic of their performance.


Followed by Impression (2nd winner) who had Alman Naufal (drum), Ezra Anggar (saxophone), Ilham Septia (bass), and Yohan Gunawan (piano) as their member. The highlights from this band is the drummer who had rock beat on his play but still implied the jazzy tunes, nice explorative sax sound, lots of jazz chords from the keys and steady working bassline. As the show went by, they individually performed their great talent and charmed the listeners.


Jatinangor nowadays is known as a student sub district, yes it is not even a city and quite far from Bandung. But when you drop by you will see many students thronged the road, the public places, restaurant, and the dormitories are everywhere. It happens because there are four universities in Jatinangor which are IPDN, IKOPIN, UNPAD, and the newest one, ITB. This surely changes the situation and condition at nangor, as the result of the youngster who dominate the society. Jatinangor is a small area and young people require consolation as get away of daily routine in their campus. Realizing this need, many students rack their brains for something fun and relaxed. Clearly, music is one of the answers and it is proven by several gigs are held in Jatinangor throughout the year.

Fakultas Psikologi (Faculty of Psychology)  Universitas Padjadjaran is fully aware of the fact that these days a lot of youngsters have become lover of Jazz. Yes, once again it breaks the myth of ‘high-jazzy-class’ or ‘old-jazzy-people’. They are going to show that only with IDR 50000 (early bird) or IDR 55000 (on the spot), people, mostly student, will have a wonderful jazzy night with full performance of many great artists. Starting in 2008 and then continued last year in 2011, FAPSI UNPAD undoubtedly has organized an annual event named Jatinangor Jazz Event. 2012 is the third year they present an epic yet the biggest jazz event in Jatinangor. Great news! The successfully make it better and getting better every year. You can see from the line up this year where they bring up more artists than last year into Jatinangor.

Speaking of the tagline, this year  they hold the ‘naughty’ theme of  “ORJAZZM”.  If you look at the lineup, you’ll find out that the tagline does suit to this year’s edition.  So, let’s take a look at the lineup, shall we? Just like we said before, this year the Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 brings loads of artists, both the nation-wide popular stars from the capital Jakarta and the promising young rising stars from Bandung.

Get ready to dance and sing a long with the iconic pop jazz band The Groove! They first emerged in 1997 and had their paused moments for several years, but they have been back again, successfully capturing the new fans from younger generation while maintaining their loyal fans. Famous songs, danceable groove, catchy melodies and energetic/interactive performance always promise a full pleasure entertainment to the audience. Rieka Roslan, Reza, Ali Akbar, Rejoz and the whole team are ready to shake the crowds of Jatinangor like never before. Then there’s also Soulvibe, a 7 piece band who’s popular especially among the high schoolers and university students. Like The Groove, they also have songs that you all should know so well, so while they spread the groovy, funky soulful vibes, you can dance and sing together with Abenk and Bayu too.


We always believe that the cancellation of Java Rockin’Land 2012 was just a hiccup. Now listen to this: Java Festival Production (JFP) strikes back with what seems to be the best ever edition of Soulnation! LA Light Java Soulnation Festival 2012 is set to be held at the end of next month, September 28, 29, 30 2012 at Istora Senayan Jakarta. Loads of lineup featuring top-rank international superstars and some of the best from our own soil are ready to put some spells on you for 3 days straight!

Program coordinator EQ Puradiredja told us his vision of the Soulnation last year when we stood beside him in front of one of the last acts. “Imagine this. Here, right at the center of Jakarta which is surrounded by tall buildings, we are having a party together in the name of urban style.” he said. Soulnation is always planned to be a party for everybody. “It’s the place where you should loosen up, forget everything else, just have fun, go dancing and enjoy the best moment of your life.” he continued. We still remember those lines from him, and now we are happily invite you all on behalf of Java Festival Production to be a part of it.


It’s still a bit less than 2 months to go, but the first Press Conference was held today (Wednesday, August 1, 2012). The founder Peter F Gontha, the President Director of Java Festival Production Dewi Gontha, the festival director Paul Dankmeyer, EQ Puradiredja, Sigit from Djarum company and Sujay of Indosat were there to explain what’s going to come at this year’s program. “This is a festival for everyone, especially the youngsters.” said Peter Gontha. He also stated his happiness that JFP has managed to bring two BIG worldwide names, the Brit-Award winning JAMES MORRISON and golden hit-maker/singer/songwriter ROBIN THICKE for the fifth installment where “Urban Music with a Splash of Attitude” takes place as the theme.


The May edition of Red White Lounge was full of thrills for so many surprising shows existed here and there. The special collaboration performance between Everette Harp and Indra Lesmana Quartet as a part of their Asian tour (before they landed on Blue Note Tokyo), the ‘reunion’ between Titi DJ and Indra Lesmana, Krishna Balagita’s new project: “Light of 7 Dreams” and the return of Emerald are some of the special treats that could only happen in this particular site. As now we’ve entered June, with a little delay due to the full schedule of Indra and Honhon Lesmana at the end of May, finally we received the complete schedule for the whole month, and we’re ready to share it to you!  You can pick the show(s) you like and mark your calendar from now on, or you can always check who’s on anytime you need some jazz treatments during the service day, from Wednesday to Sunday. Here we give you short descriptions on each performers, but still it’s the best for you to check them out yourself, because there may be lots of surprises in each show.

The Extra Large

Davina and the rest of the band members (Pandji Akbari, Pandu Attahiyyat, Dionaldi Iqbal and Agape) are more than ready to entertain you again this month at the Red White Lounge. Resting their music concept in between jazz and soulful vibes, this band can be surprising when they go outside the broder and bring something unexpected, like pinning popular melayu pop or even dangdut into their style. Will they bring those songs this time? We don’t know. But what we know is, they always serve one extra large party anywhere they go. Either you’re their fan or you’re into the soulful jazz with some twists, you got to check this one out.
The Extra Large will perform on June 1, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Dennis Junio and Rafi and the Beat ft Matthew Sayersz

Imagine this. A 10 year-old boy played drums like a pro, released an album, playing with no less than 18 international jazz stars and had Harvey Mason as the producer. That might sound hard to believe, but it already happened in 2007 courtesy of Muhammad Rafi. Later he established his own band Rafi and the Beat where he unleashed his skill by pouring the beat over variety of style, from pop, soul, funk, RnB and jazz. On stage he always love to bring the experienced players and many guest stars.  At the Red White Jazz Lounge, Rafi will bring some of his friends who have been playing with him for some years such as Ronald Steven (bass), Johanes Radianto (guitar), Fanny Kuncoro (keyboards) plus Radhini on vocal. If that already look cool enough, he’s rising up the game by collaborating with two more popular young guns, saxophonist Dennis Junio and singer Matthew Sayersz. How would young ensemble like this be? That’s for you to see.
Dennis Junio and Rafi Project will perform on June 2, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Sudden Jazz Fanny & Friends

Again, Red White Jazz Lounge opens up the collaboration with one of the jazz communities in Jakarta, the Sudden Jazz. Representing Sudden Jazz, Fanny Kuncoro and Friends is the group to anchor the open jam session on Sundays. Fanny Kuncoro came from Yogyakarta and once also worked as a DJ. He’s been showing his passion join the jam sessions wherever he stays, something that he continues to do in his current city, Jakarta. Lately he’s been digging the Hammond organ more as a way to show his big interest in Joey deFrancesco’s music style. This is for you if you’re into the spontaneous jam sessions.
Sudden Jazz Fanny & Friends will perform on June 3, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Bubu Giri

Setia Giri and Bubu seems to be the regular performer at the Red White Jazz Lounge. They have been getting a spot or two for several months now, most likely for how good this dynamic duo deliver their music in every session. “You only need a minute to see their talent..that’s how good they are..really.” said one of our readers to us a while ago after watching their performance. The strong, thick bluesy, soulful and jazzy vocal of Bubu plus the lovely, breezy guitar sound of Giri equals a melodious acoustic touch that will delight whoever cross path with them. You missed their sessions before? Here you can have the chance. As for you who want to see them again, they are back, only for one session this month.
Bubu Giri will perform on Wednesday, June 6, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran : Red White Experience

After the participation of Margo Jazz Community and Sudden Jazz, here comes another solid jazz community Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran also known as KJK. This community was established in April 2004 at Kampung Irian, Kemayoran. Having Beben Jazz as the brain, this community has been growing bigger and stronger not only with good skills and enough experiences through KJK’s regular events and in other occasions, but as Beben loves to educate people about the history of jazz and beyond, they have been educated about this too. Now KJK is going to have its first Red White Experience, presenting two groups “Live at Wonderland” and “Revival Generation Project”. From what we have seen before, Live at Wonderland brought ear-catchy acoustic style which also involve a cajon and saxophone, while Revival Generation Project often brings some ethnic into their jazz sound. Be there and taste the KJK’s pleasuring jazz.


Here comes our last report for the second day by reporting some of the last stages which played late. Enough said about this band. We mean, if you talking about Indonesiaís blues band, who else are you looking for? Gugun Blues Shelter always comes up in our mind first. A band that consists of Muhammad ‘Gugun’ Gunawan (vocal/guitar), John Armstrong (bass), and Aditya ‘Bowie’ Wibowo (drummer). have played internationally in few festivals such as in England, Skegness Rock and Blues Festival, in Timbre Rock and Roots Festival in Singapore also Shanghai World Expo in China.

In 2011, they even won a band competition which brought them to London, England and played on stage along with world notable rock band, Bon Jovi.

Representing the blasting rockin’ high blues line with unstoppable funk, Gugun Blues Shelter burned their stage in this festival as always. If hearing them play is already great, this time they brought the game higher by featuring rhodes player Tony Monaco and the funk/soul man Robert Randolph. Marvelous and fire burning show it was, where we got more vibrant colors by still listening to the soul of Gugun Blues Shelter.

Having a band who has reached the international scale like them will always be a pride for us, and certainly they should perform in the world-class festival like this, especially when it’s held in our own soil.

Talked about the late Barry White, this legend of romantic soul has enchanted us with the sexy image from his unique bass voice during his long career as singer-composer and a songwriter. Many 70’s audience considered White as a disco-singer in that era, with the massive hits such as “You”re The First, The Last, My Everything” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love” among so many other hits.

He won 2 Grammys and lines of gold to platinum album and singles, Barry White also formed Motown-like girl groups “The Love Unlimited” and later in 1972 with some hits including “I’m So Glad That I’m a Woman” and “I Belong to You”. Then we also have to mention his classic “The Love Unlimited Orchestra” with the everlasting instrumental composition” Love”s Theme”, which set a record as a first instrumental recording reached the #1 on Billboard Pop Charts. The way he used the orchestra in bringing ‘feel-good’, sexy, seductive melodies to fit the disco/funk music which was in at that time. He still carried on many years later until his last day in 2003. He’s truly a legend, and absolutely one of the legends to be remembered. In this year’s festival, we might not have Barry White himself as he already left us his music legacy. But other performers will sing his hits in a full-length performances, The Barry White show courtesy of Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra.

Let’s take a look at the Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra. The multi instrumentalist/talent (drummer, keyboardist, vocalist, producer, director and composer) James Simpson is the founder of it. He’s been in the business for over 25 years and built the orchestra in 2008. What he and the whole gang intended to do is to reproduce the sound and high standard of live Soul, R&B, Funk, Pop and Jazz music as it was in the 60s, 70s and 80s, or if you want to put it simple, to bring back great musicians playing ‘real music’ just like the old times. One of the famous products of this orchestra is Barry White Show, where they brought the silky smooth voice vocalist Sire interprets and pays tribute to Barry White.

Anyone who was born between 1970 to 1980 would remember Barry White’s hits. So this show brought all those memories when Barry’s romantic, soulful and fully melodious songs ruled the music scene. Right after “Never Gonna Give You Up”, they continued on with many other hits such as “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe”, “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” and Just the Way You Are”. “There were many people sang along and even dance in the disco-fashioned way during this show. James Simpson’s Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra and Sire were really great in bringing Mr White back alive. “It’s like as if I’m watching Barry White himself on stage..right guys?” one of the audience said to his friends which got approved instantly. Tribute to Barry White can’t be better than this. James Simpson and his orchestra did a marvelous job tonight. Again, a very lovely show that we will remember for a long time.

Six Japanese musicians gather at A1 BNI Hall stage in an outfit with a mission presenting pulse live act in Soil & “Pimp” Sessions that includes Shacho (spirit, agitator), Tabu Zombie (trumpet), Motoharu (sax), Josel (piano), Akita Goldman (bass) and Midoryn (drums). It is a pleasure to see their second shot to play in Java Jazz Festival 2012 after their first strike to Indonesia on the previous year of 2009.  As a matter of fact that they are electro jazz players but they define themselves as deathjazz possesor due to the detail that their music always anesthetizes the crowd. They carry out jazz with bebop and hardbop inside, with lively trumpet sound, free exploration in the spirit of punk that also attached. Furthermore, they are rebellious as their attitude. As you can see an agitator added in the group by catching sight to Shacho’s role in doing the primary mantle as the spectator stimulator by messing around both part of emotion.

Moved to Outdoor stage 2. “No other bassist in Indonesia can present funk music in the groovy way Yance Manusama does.” This line was written in the official Java Jazz Festival’s magazine “Music”, 2010 edition. The writer wasn’t exaggerating at all, because this man can make you get into the groove in no time once he touches his bass. For this edition of Java Jazz Festival Yance was quite busy. Not only playing as Trioscapes with Riza Arshad and Aksan Sjuman, he also played under his own group, the Funky Thumb.

This is the group where he can unleash his tasty and strong flavor of funk freely. If you are a long time jazz fans in Indonesia, you should remember when this group appeared often around 2004 to 2007 with quite large formation. They played at the first ever Java Jazz Festival in 2005 and a charity show for the Aceh tsunami victims called “Jazz Untuk Aceh” (Jazz For Aceh). At this special show, Yance Manusama brought a full lineup including Glen Dauna (piano), Rayendra Sunito (drums), Lian Panggabean (guitar) plus the brass section featuring Arief Setiadi (tenor sax), Dony Koeswinarno (alto sax) and Kevin Walsh (trumpet) plus Tompi on vocal. After being on hiatus for some years, suddenly we got them back again on March 2011 as the featured star of Mostly Jazz XII. Again the group appeared at the newest form of Mostly Jazz, the Red White Jazz Lounge as one of the artists for November 2011 program.

It’s about time for Yance Manusama’s Funky Thumb to reappeared on the stage of Java Jazz Festival where Yance delivered a cool funkylines over his bass with his thumb. Joining him on stage were the complete team including Tompi and Simon also featuring Najwa Mahiaddin (usually called just by Najwa), a strong soulful singer from Malaysia. Najwa is one of the shining young female vocalists in Malaysia. Once in our interview with Atilia four years ago, she mentioned Najwa together with Kokokaina and Noryn Aziz as young talents who have developed a style all their own. (Read the interview here). Najwa’s appearance as a featuring artist in this session continued their fruitful collaboration after Yance’s involvement in Najwa’s album “Innocent Soul” produced by Widi Puradiredja. It was a delightful show where we could taste the funky beat brought by the man with the magic thumb, Yance Manusama.

Now let’s have some groove with Soulvibe, a groove pop jazz band from Indonesia which formed oficially in 2003 after having several personnel changes. They released debut album in 2008 by pouring message of love, mainly for young listeners. Seven guys who really delivered the energy and vitality into their musical instruments, already have number of lovers, particularly since their second album “Antartika” that has a very popular single with the same name. Fresh electro jazz is more prominent in the second one.

If you love the catchy melodious groove, this group is one of those that you have to listen to. This popular band consists of Bayu Adi and Rizqi Ranadireksa (Abenk) (vocal), Ramadhan Handyanto Jiwatama (bass), Adhika Satya Winasis (guitar), Mohamad Caesar Rizal (drums/percussions), Adrianto Ario Seto (synth) and Frans Martatko Filman (keys). They love to bring the dancing tune from the stage but other than that they can also bring some unique concept, just like the way they did in last year’s Soulnation when they collaborated with DYZTRK in adding up some 8bit ‘chiptunes’ under the name of VIBETRONIK. It was really unique, as if we were listening to Soulvibe inside the Gameboy. (Read our coverage from that moment here). So musically speaking, they are not just great in making people dance but they are also smart in ideas.

For their landing on this year’s Java Jazz Festival’s soil, they brought their well known songs taken from the whole three albums  such as” Masih”, “Tiada Kusangka”, “Adinda”, “Berlian”, “Dan Bila”, “Dilema”, “At Least Today”, “Sya La La”, “Arti Hadirmu”, “Your Smile”, “Biarlah” and one encore, “Antartika”.

This is the end of our report from day 2 of the Java Jazz Festival 2012. So far this year’s edition has brought so many highlights until we lost count. Stay tuned for our last day report from stage to stage here at!

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One of the most awaited annual jazz events in the world, the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival had successfully started this year’s third JJOTM (Java Jazz on the Move). There are plenty JJOTM to choose this year just like last year. We just even got the most recent updates from Java Fesival Production (JFP) regarding this pre event, which informed about more performing artists and more city to visit, Bandung. There will be two shows in Bandung: at Plaza Dago on Saturday, February 11, 2012 (ft the senior group KSP, Indonesia NuProgressive, FHMR and Fitzpatrick) and at Distro FHBOLD on Sunday, February 12, 2012 (ft Indonesia NuProgressive, FHMR and Fitzpatrick). Here at the JJOTM not only you can get the cheaper student prices or even win free tickets through quizzes while being entertained, you can also start to set your jazz mood to be ready for the big main event. You can check the complete schedule along with all the most recent updates in this article:

We came to two of the JJOTM in the last two Saturdays, the January 28th session at Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta and the January 4th located at Supermal Karawaci, Grand Atrium, Tangerang. The first one was held with performers such as beautiful young singer with unique jazz vocal vibe Monita Tahalea and her quartet and the cool groovin’ and soulful band Soulvibe, while the next one featured the energetic band Barry Likumahuwa Quintet (BLQ) and the band full with youth spirit but already bagged international achievement, Indonesian Youth Regeneration (IYR).

First let’s see what was happening at Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta. Starting at 7-ish, Monita Tahalea Quartet (with Andy Gomez – keyboard, Kevin Yosua – contrabass and Jantan Gerhana Surya – drummer) gladly greeted the audience with warm smiles. Ever since the first song, Monita mesmerized the crowd with her smooth and tender voice. This talented singer who had already released her debut album in 2010 titled “Dream, Hope & Faith” sang four Indonesian songs and three English songs in total. The audience’s attention was thoroughly grasped when she beautifully sang her rendition of “Over the Rainbow”. The sweet-sounding piano intro and interlude by Andy Gomez also added up enthralling jazzy mood to the song. After almost an hour, she closed the show with the song “Fajar”.

The terrific night was continued with the awe-inspiring performance of Soulvibe. As a starting song, the band that consists of 7 members, entertained the audience with “Warna Cinta”. Bayu Adi and Rizqi ‘Abenk’ Ranadireksa on vocals were enthusiastically asking the audience to sing along, especially when they played the hit singles “Biarlah” and “Antartika”. Abenk even approached one of the female audiences down the stage and asked her to come in front and sing together with the band. As usual, Frans Martatko (keys) and Adrianto Ario Seto (synth) did a very good job in delivering the groove over their gears. Cheering applause filled up the venue as Adhika Winasis (guitar) and Caesar Rizal (drum) extemporized during interlude just before the closing.


If you live in the present time, you should already know Mike Posner, at least  familiar with his name. The Billboard hit maker with first single “Cooler Than Me”, or maybe you know him more with his another hit  “Please Don’t Go”.  The American singer whose born and raised in Southfield, Michigan February 1988 started his music journey back when he sent a hip-hop CD along with his college application and since then, his love, passion and exploration in music continued on.

Posner managed to release some mixtapes before he released his debut album called “31 Minutes to Takeoff” in August 2010. The first single from the album, “Cooler Than Me”, became a pop smash tune in summer 2010, followed by the second single “Please Don’t Go” that was issued in July 2010. He so far has collaborated with big musicians like Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, We The Kings, 3OH!3 and many more.

He went on giving up many songs that got digested well by the audiences. On the song” Bow Chika Wow Wow”  suddenly he took out a big teddy bear to be thrown into the crowds. That made the females screamed histerically, wanting to be the lucky one to get it. He continued on with “Falling” that sang by playing piano. “Rolling In The Deep” was popular first of all by Adele, now got the electric outfit by Posner. The crowds seemed to know the song so well as they all sang together.

It was supposed to be over, but the crowds still wanted more. Mike Posner appreciated that so he gave not only one but three more songs: “You Don’t Have to Leave”, “Evil Women” and “Cooler Than Me” that once again made everyone his choir. One charming move was done by Posner in the end. He came down to the crowds, threw his shirt to the audience and wore a new shirt that made people laughed because the word “Pelita Jaya” was written on it. Mike Posner’s show was a very successful one with the number of audience went over the roof.

You can know be famous easier and faster than ever by using Youtube. Some people found their fame by doing funny things, but some other shows that they really got talent. Recording it live and present it on youtube is one of the fastest way to do that. Gamaliel and Audrey Tapiheru, and Cantika Abigail are the example for that. These teenagers became famous from their performance on youtube. They were not just acting or mimicking someone, they were not doing lipsync, instead they sang for real, and yes they really can sing. It was enough to attract big label like Sony Music to give them contract. From several good appearances on TV, now they landed on the biggest Soulful lifestyle, the Java Soulnation Festival for the very first time.

They entertained the crowds by establishing a strong connection towards them, and it worked perfectly. Some famous songs brought such as Chris Brown & Kari Hilson “Super Human”  and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”  were sung by the fans too. This is certainly a golden chance to go higher, and by looking at the show, a huge number of audience and the response from them, we dare to say that these girls have good future ahead, that is if they are consistant in doing it. We also appreciate the JFP’s decision to accomodate ‘Youtube’ stars, because this is  a phenomena that we all have to accept and support.

We know Soulvibe very well, since their nu soul groove with some jazzin’ pattern brought them to grace many jazz festivals for at least the past 3 years. Appearing in the Soulnation shouldn’t be difficult at all since soul has been their authentic signature since the beginning. But here, they added the twist by collaborating with DYZTRK who is well known with their unique electronic music that play the 8bit ‘chiptunes’ using Nintendo Gameboy. By this collaboration, the VIBETRONIC was born. So imagine the combination between nu soul, RnB, eclectic type of pop and some doses of jazz along with this 8bit electronic approach. “EQ suggested DYZTRK to do something in collaboration with us (Soulvibe), we did, and then when we sent the sample back to EQ, he liked it. So here we are”, said Abenk of Soulvibe to us yesterday about how they collided inside this project. “At first I wanted DYZTRK to have their own show. But then I thought it would be cool to have them collaborated with a band. Soulvibe would be great for that. They had done it last year, but for this year I wanted them to do something new.” So here, the concept finally made into reality.

They have prepared this as a special gift for the audience, and they finally got the chance to delivered it perfectly. The unique opening with pure 8bit sound made the crowds wonder what they would get from this collaboration. Then the whole Soulvibe appeared and served their hits and more. It was amazing to hear Soulvibe’s songs such as “Arti Hadirmu”, Warna Cinta”, “Your Smile” and “Berlian” got unique rearrangement with the touch of DYZTRK. Radhini and Riko took over the vocal and sang “Micro Dance”. Again we got Tommy Pratomo with a cool solo sax line in this show. Vibetronic also brought “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, “Something About Us in medley with “Biarlah”, “Vibetronic Anthem” and “Stronger”, plus one brand new song from Soulvibe entitled “SyaLaLa”.


Aktion to Reaktion, a techno hop band consists of youngsters officially opened the last Press Conference just one day before the L.A Light Java Soulnation Festival 2011 begin. This band gave a tasty opening with their electro, hiphop and beatbox sound to entertain the journalists who attended the press conference as well as giving a slight taste of what kind of music and lifestyle will be served for three days starting tomorrow, Friday (October 23), 2011 until Sunday (October 25, 2011). For the second song, they featured a beautiful girl that was already very familiar to us. It was Sisi Pricilia who once starred in the famous movie, “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta”. She is actually the sister of the band’s beatboxer. Their music kinds of reminding us to The Postal Service, but with more distortion inside it. It was a nice opening right before we listened to the last important words from the Java Festival Production (JFP) and sponsors regarding this event.

The press conference were hosted by the President Director of JFP Dewi Gontha, Music Directors EQ Puradiredja and Paul Dankmeyer and the representatives of AHA and LA Lights. They were happily announced that everything is right on schedule. “All listed artists have confirmed, no cancellation. Nelly will perform on Friday for a special show, Depapepe will join the party on Saturday and Sunday. They all come with their own live bands. LMFAO will bring 15 personnels including musicians and dancers, Nelly will perform in full band with 11 personnels, Sophie Ellis Bextor with 5 musicans, Depapepe by 4 and so on..” said Paul Dankmeyer.

According to EQ, this year’s Soulnation will be more daring, more fun, more urban and edgy. 5 stages with 9 international artists and 53 Indonesian stars. 2 Special Projects (Tributes) and collaboration projects will be there as well. There will be a Tribute to Amy Winehouse presented by 9 Super Soul Sisters and Horney Browney’s Tribute to Funk, led by the one and only Barry Likumahuwa, then the special collaboration will be between Bulgarian pianist and DJ who love to infuse his delightful bebop touch inside the brokenbeat rave beat, Martin Denev and the combination of Matthew Sayersz, Demas Narawangsa and Audrey Papilaja. This session is called Martin Denev Jazzawacka ft Matthew Sayersz-Audrey Papilaja-Demas Narawangsa. Another special collaboration is going to come from Soulvibe and DYZTRK. This one called Vibetronic, appears as the combination of various genre of music from nu soul, RnB and eclectic type of pop as Soulvibe’s distinct color and the electronic music that play 8bit ‘chiptunes’ using Nintendo Gameboy, something that represents the other side, DYZTRK. How this combination will appear is something that we all have to check out.

The Tribute to Amy Winehouse was explained more further by Gita, representing 9 Super Soul Sisters who are behind this project. According to her, all of the soul sisters will bring Winehouse’s song according to each of their characters. One thing unique, this special project will also featured male backing vocals and dancers. 9 Super Soul Sisters are: Jemima, Yacko, Sania, Jaydee (Soul ID), Olive Latuputty, Tike Priatna Kusumah, Davina (the extraLARGE), Mollucas Reunion (Pita Loppies and Audrey Papilaja). These 9 Super Soul Sisters will bring their interpretation of Amy Winehouse in the way they want it to be. Intersting isn’t it?

Then let’s talk about the other tribute made by Barry Likumahuwa. Calling the group as the Horney Browney, this huge project with heavy lineups will bring a Tribute to Funk. Barry promised this to be the way for us to know more about funk. “We’ll funked your virgin ears”, he once said, and we just can’t wait to see it. This project features who’s who in the crossover music scene today. Besides Barry himself, there will be DJ Cream on turntable, Kyriz Boogiemen on rap/vocal, his fellows from BLP: Dennis Junio (alto sax), Henry Budidharma (guitar), Donny Joesran (keyboard) and Matthew Sayersz (vocal), the wonderkid Rafi on drums, Jordy Revilian (trumpet),  Bayu Risa and Jemima (vocals). If you love funk and wish to have the lovely scene back again, this one is a must see.


Guys, get ready for this! LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival will come to its 4th edition in just about two weeks from now! We can clearly see that the Soulnation now gets bigger not only in the number of participants but also in the number of days. For the first time Soulnation will be held for 3 days straight, from Friday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 25th 2011. To be exact, the LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival 2011 will present 58 shows on 5 stages in 3 days at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

As we are approaching the D-day, a press conference was held today at Pisa Cafe & Resto Mahakam, Jakarta, hosted by Dewi Gontha, Paul Dankmeyer, and EQ Puradiredja from Java Festival Production, Anandita Danaatmaja, the PR of the main sponsor AHA and LA branch manager, Maya. The Chairman of JFP, Mr Peter Gontha attended the press conference too.

The press conference shared us so many important news of the upcoming Java Soulnation Festival. Besides informing us that now it will become 3 days event just like Java Jazz Festival, they also told us many things about this year’s concept. According to them, the festival is now extending its path to go more than just presenting hip hop and RnB. This time, they are ready to serve one big and grand Urban Party in Indonesia. “We are trying to give a new, different atmosphere, and look forward to quench the thirst of music fans in having a richer lifestyle inside a music festival that will be diffrent than others.” said EQ Puradiredja. Holding that in mind, they are doing everything to make it more personal, not only to the audiences but also to the musicians in a process of presenting something new.

Lately the urban style has been infecting many jazz groups in Indonesia and other locations in South East Asia. We are kind of late actually, because it’s been happening in England since at least 3 decades ago, invaded Japan around 10 years later and became one of the loud underground scenes in US as well for years. But as we are expecting the bigger scene of jazz with urban/brokenbeat/dance flavors next year, it’s important for us to feel the urban party when it’s available. And the Soulnation actually is presenting this exact theme this year.

The number of international artists are increasing too this year. The shiny lineup we must say, because this time we are going to see the world famous rapper/singer/songwriter/producer/actor Nelly and LMFAO (both in a special show), Valerius, Mike Posner, the Grammy Award-winning hip hop trio from New Jersey Naughty By Nature, the legendary American hip hop group Public Enemy, the lovely electropop/disco singer from England Sophie Ellis-Bextor and last but not least, a dynamic acoustic guitar duo from Japan, Depapepe. There were several festivals tried to bring them performing in Indonesia before, but now Soulnation finally able to bring them here for real. From our own soil we will see so many bands and artists. Some of them are usually related to jazz (whether as active jazz musicians or have collaborated frequently with jazz groups), and now they have the chance to present more of their soulful side. Some are well known soul, hip hop and urban artists, the newcomers and more. The lady who presents the soulful side of jazz Jemima, Agrikultur, Bayu Risa, Shaggy Dog, Maliq n D’Essentials, Vibetronic ‘DYZTRK & Soulvibe, Sevensoul, Tangga, T-Five, Soulmate, Twenty First Night, Raisa, RAN, Ras Muhamad, Lala Suwages, Andezzz, Drew, Gamaliel, Audrey and Cantika, Hi-Vi, Amanda & Friends, Aditya, the jazz trio landed in the ghetto Bag + Beat, Boogiemen, the soul sister Lala Suwages with her Urban Renewal, and Tika, just to mention a few. Matthew Sayersz, the vocalist of Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP) who currently is working on his solo career will get his shot out from his group too, while Barry Likumahuwa will bring one of his new project called HOOK, with Jonas Wang and Ivan Saba.

Other than these big names, there will be some interesting project and tribute can be found in this year’s edition. There will be a Tribute to Funk with BLP, Jemima and Boogiemen, a Tribute to Amy Winehouse who just passed away not long ago, and 9 Super Soul Sisters.