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What a showdown of talents. The team of Tesla Manaf and Gerald Situmorang Trio finally nailed their album showcase called “Duality” in two cities. Last Monday, September 8th, 2014 they successfully hit Indro Hardjodikoro’s Jazz Spot at Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta. Before they visit UPH Jakarta next week, on the beautiful but cold night of  September 12, 2014 Bandung got the chance to enjoy the package of these two brilliant young guitarists.

As we know, Tesla Manaf and Gerald Situmorang are young guitarists who have fought for their music since many years ago from one stage to another. The appealing point of this show was how two distinct styles and concepts of music could be cohered and blended harmoniously in one single concert. The collaboration of creating this concert occured since they both need to promote their new album, which, coincidentally or not, is being realeased during close period of time. Gerald and Tesla is around the same age, they have the same passion in music by playing the same instruments. Eventhough they are based in different cities, both of these guitarists have made big impact in Indonesia’s jazz scene. They gave a strong statement that a calling is worth fighting for. Look at how these boys struggle in their early career. But then, look where they are standing now, while they are still considerably that young. It surprised us when they announced this collaborative event, but it does make sense and should happen sooner or later.


Duality - Album Showcase - Gerald Situmorang Trio (5)

What Gerald brought into this event is his trio, simply called Gerald Situmorang Trio which has just released an album entitled “Time is the Answer”. Gerald started the show with him alone playing a sentimental composition “Natural Thinker”. This composition brought out the sensitive side of us. Actually, Lawang Wangi is a cafe and art space that located in Bandung’s high land. Since the event was set outdoor, a very beautiful scenery of sparkling Bandung’s city lights was the background that naturally made a perfect harmony with the music, especially in night hours.

Before we carry on with this report, let’s take a closer look at Gerald Situmorang first. This man is skillful as a guitarist, great in composing and also ‘restless’, in terms of never stop producing something. He’s been active with variety of bands where each of them has different concept. BAG Trio came out at the first time as a jazz band, then they added more flavor and changed the name into BAG+BEAT with more team-mates and urban sound. He also shaped Hemiola Quartet and of course, his probably most famous band to date, Sketsa. It was born nine years ago, mainly as a guitar-duo concept (that stays until today), a showdown between him and Dimas Wibisana. However since they always love to place more sounds and wish to avoid stagnation, Sketsa’s formation is made flexible. They can appear as a trio, quartet or even bigger with vocals, violin, contrabass, percussion, clarinet and accordion.


Duality - Album Showcase - Gerald Situmorang Trio (8)

Back to the concert, the second song was “P & L”. He called his team mates to play with, bassist Ankadiov Subran and a drummer Jessilardus Mates. They came out and brought a fun medium to fast beat. Jessilardus Mates was the spotlight on the third song, “Keeps Coming Back”. The syncopative drum beating, the long-duration solo run and cool dynamics made him gain applauses from the crowds. Gerald and Ankadiov gave him comfortable space to show off his ability. The next song was called “Debu” which allowed Ankadiov to set his bomb. Gerald played a pretty catchy melodious jazzy tune in it. “This song is a reminder that we’re all formed of dust, so arrogance should have no place in us.” Gerald said in explaining this song. This reflective song relaxed our minds.




There are so many jazz events in Indonesia, but it’s not often to find something unique like this. Two guitarists around the same age that share the same passion in music by playing the same instruments but reside in different cities join forces in organizing an event with the intention to promote their new album which, once again, coincidentally released during close period of time. They are Tesla Manaf and Gerald Situmorang. And the event they are making is called “Duality”, an Album Showcase set to be held in two cities: Jakarta (Indro Harjdodikoro’s Jazz Spot at Rolling Stone Cafe on September 8, 2014) and Bandung (Lawangwangi Creative Space on September 12, 2014).

They chose “Duality” as the name based on the fact that it’s made by two different person that has different approach/style by using guitar as the medium but they have the same need. The collaboration occured since they have the same vision, that is to produce works as many as possible and share it to the public in the shape of album on CD.

Let’s take a closer look at them one by one.


As a guitarist, Tesla is the kind of brave young man that’s willing to risk everything in order to pursue his dream to become a musician. And he’s never stop making something. He had a duo with Bayu Kristianto called Bayu & Tesla, another duo with Ivan ‘AJ TheReal’ Jonathan (Ivan & Tesla) then with Grace Sahertian (Grace & Tesla), a trio called G/E/T (with Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe and Edward Manurung) and of course his collaboration with the Balinese gamelan ensemble from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Tesla Manaf feat Mahagotra Ganesha. They have released one album titled “It’s All Yours” which turned out to be a highly acclaimed album that got fantastic response from the market directly after it’s release two years ago, totally independently. On May 23 he released a repackage edition of it with indie label DeMajors (read the info here: with two new tracks. A success story that finally came to the man who deserved it most of all.


tesla manaf, jazzuality, tesla manaf quartet, moonjune record, a man’s relationship with his fragile area


But the success story doesn’t stop right there. About a year ago Tesla attracted the USA Label MoonJune Records that made him a fresh, new recruit from Indonesia after simakDialog, Tohpati Ethnomission, Dewa Budjana, Ligro and I Know You Well Miss Clara. Tesla quickly worked on the concept and came out with something he called progressive acoustic experimental music. As a quartet with Rudy Zulkarnaen (contrabass), Desal Sembada (drums) and  Hadis ‘Hulhul’ Hendarisman (clarinet/sax) he exlores the more high-classed artistic style of jazz that could simply place him among the top ranks of jazz guitarists in the world. We have heard some of the songs and feel really proud of him.

More about this upcoming album, his debut with MoonJune Records will be released soon in November 2014. From Tesla himself we got the news that it’s going to be two albums in one CD. One will be the Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha “It’s All Yours”, and the Tesla Manaf Quartet with the title that’s kind of naughty, “A Man’s Relationship with His Fragile Area.” This title track will be played for the very first time in both of the concerts.




A community should have basic harmony of interest and aspiration. The point of a community is to share. Especially in jazz. Jazz needs communities to survive, because we don’t see jazz everyday on TV or any media. Jazz communities are the ones who gather jazz lovers together, who get jazz musicians to know each other, and that is how jazz scene created. The point of having a community is to share, be it knowledge, experience, and music. By sharing, communities will eventually evolve into something we know as friendship, and what is better than having friends with same interests? And out of these communities, we can finally build something called jazz family. Wouldn’t it be lovely?

Since this is a music community, we totally encourage musicians to come because the stage is provided by you and for you musicians. We wish to encourage newcomers to come because this is a very good chance to showcase and express, for there is a jam session at the end of every Terraz Jazz edition, a regular community event made by Festival Citylink and  In conclusion, you can enjoy world-class jazz performance, attendees can get involved at the jam session, musicians can gather and chit-chatting around and expand their network, all without having to spend a cent (read: free of charge) unless you want to have some awesome dinner at the very complete food court.

Such case happened in Terraz Jazz 2nd edition. Still in the second run, but we already got big support from a wonderful band from Jakarta, Fusion Stuff. Even though this band is only less than two years old, the members are no strangers in Indonesian jazz scene. They consist of the well-respected Krishna Siregar (keys), Kadek Rihardika (guitar), Franky Sadikin (electric bass), Jeane Phialsa (drums) and Damez Nababan (saxophone). Other than being busy with lots of gigs throughout big cities, they have released an album entitled “The Battle”. Just this month alone, they have been booked to perform in several places from Jakarta to Bali. Despite all that, they still made the time to play Bandung at our own Terraz Jazz.


Before we tell you how their show was, here is the report in sequence. The show was opened by Out of 7, a Bandung-based acrobatic jazz band. This band is still a year old but so far they have been showing really fast progress. This band consists of 5 members: Erick Gabe (vocals), Widiyanto Sutanto (keyboards), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Daniel Christy (guitar) and Abet Darmaji (bass). 19-years old Marissa Wiguna is a young, energetic, fun female drummers whom always catches attention in every performance they are doing. Erick and Widiyanto loves to go wild in streaming up and down the melodies. The color of jazz-rock can be felt clearly from Daniel while Abet was in charge in layering them with melodious funky rhythm. In short, this band is balanced in every way.



TERRAZ JAZZ #2 - E flyer

It might be difficult to find regular music event especially jazz in the southern part of Bandung before, but not anymore. Jazzuality in cooperation with Festival Citylink create a twice a month regular jazz event which combines both entertainment and education altogether. We named it TERRAZ JAZZ, the name we use in accordance with the ground zero, Terrazo Food N Venue, the foodcourt of the mall.

Since the beginning we plan to make TERRAZ JAZZ as the homeground of everyone who share interest in jazz. Since it’s located in a public place, we want to give jazzy entertainment to the fans while on the other hand provide enough chance for the young bands/artists or even jazz students to grow, learning by doing everything they know in real. If we want to see a fruitful regeneration process, the existance of such event is a must. The question is, can entertainment and education go hand in hand? We always believe so. We have launched a successful tryout and then carried on to the first edition just a week ago. We presented young talents who actually performed beyond believe. So now, here comes the second edition. We never thought it would go this far, but listen: TERRAZ JAZZ #2 will become a very special, HIGH-VOLTAGE edition. Why? Let us ask you these: Do you wish to have an eletrifying jazz fusion show? Is it possible for a free, local community show to feature reputable players even those who hold international reputation in one edition? And what about having an edition with lots of female drummers? Dream to watch and learn from them, or even be in the jam session with these folks? Well, this 2nd edition of Terraz Jazz will give it all to you. Here are what you’re going to get:
– Variety of fusion-oriented show
– All female drummers
– Artists with national/International reputation
– Chance to learn and jam with them
So prepare yourself to feel the electric shock!

Fusion or jazz-rock is one of the hybrid that was developed from fusing funk and R&B rhythms into electronic effects of rock played with a jazz approach. It was born around the late 60’s/early 70’s and later got expanded much wider throughout the 80’s and 90’s. Basically it’s jazz-rock thingies, but these two strong genres are not the only ingredients to be found in fusion, because rather than being narrowly categorized, fusion has been showing its openness towards other segments. For example the combination with ethnics, pop, soul, or even being driven wilder into the progressive or even experimental territories. Therefore you can always find so many different stuffs inside the fusion variant. There will be three bands in this edition to bring multi-colored fusion styles. Let’s see them one by one.




tesla manaf, adisty zulkarnaen, rudy and band listrik, jazzuality, rudy zulkarnaen, ammy kurniawan, mustiko ardi


First of all, let’s talk about Rudy & Band Listrik (Electric Band). The name might sound funny for some people, but for the others, it might remind them to a supergroup Chick Corea Elektric Band. Other than Rudy’s habit to play around making up funny names – look at his other band, 4 Peniti (4 Pins)- he also said to be inspired by Corea’s legendary band. Once he told us: “Well.. Chick Corea made a band called Elektric Band, so I thought of making the Indonesian version in our own language.”  This group originally has 4 members inside: husband Rudy Zulkarnaen (electric bass) and wife Adisty Zulkarnaen (drums), Ammy Kurniawan (violin) and Mustiko Ardi (guitar). Since the guitarist can’t come, they bring another player who’s currently signed to US label MoonJune Records, Tesla Manaf Effendi. So here in this group there are two players who have connected to the international scene. Other than Tesla is Rudy himself who joined simakDialog to perform live in USA last year. Adisty also plays in girl jazz-band Jazzy Juice and SHE. While Ammy Kurniawan is one of a few jazz-violists in Indonesia, also a member of 4 Peniti. The last time we check them, they gave unbelievable ‘hardcore’ jazz nonstop. Complex, challenging, manic yet pleasurable with high fun factor. You can say that they play fusion, but don’t be surprise if they extend their play with some experimental touches here and there. Both Rudy and Chick Corea use the word electric in their bands. Their concept is different, but the shock level is similiar. You should see it to believe.




out of 7, jazzuality, erick gabe, daniel christy, herman yulianto, widiyanto sutanto, marissa wiguna, abet darmaji, acrobatic jazz band


Then there’s Out of 7. This band was born just about a year ago but walk quite fast inside Bandung jazz circuit. By looking at the way they deliver their music, we think it’s best to call them ‘acrobatic band’ instead of jazz band. Yes, the band’s clearly rooted in jazz and blues, but what they give is much more than that. Almost all players have the habit to go wild in digging the melody and rhythm. You know the songs they play, yet it will taste different in their hands. Erick Gabe (vocals), Widiyanto Sutanto (keys), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Herman Yulianto/Daniel Christy (guitar) and Abet Darmaji (bass) will bring you to the wild, wild jazz journey but still friendly even to the most common ears. For them it’s all about giving up the best of entertainment according to their passion in music. A 19 years old girl on drums, wild vocal and keyboard runs, bluesy-rockin’ guitar and funky rhythm, what’s not to love from the band? Watch and enjoy them.

For a teaser, here’s a Youtube video of their performance in Klab Jazz’s Christmas Jazz Meeting Point. The song is “Spain”.





Bandung-based jazz community, Klab Jazz in cooperation with the venue, Siete Cafe, Resto launched 11 episodes of Jazz Nagari throughout 2013. This monthly event gathered the jazz community with fellow musicians from ethnic (especially Sundanese) and Keroncong communities. The regular event is considered a success, but only a few realize the difficulties in making up each one. Since this event got to feature ethic jazz and pure ethnic bands, they usually consist of many personnels and mostly use acoustic instruments especially the traditional ones. The size of the stage isn’t enough to hold that many players, the sound system can’t support it perfectly too. Therefore, Klab Jazz has decided to end the program since last December. This program can appear again in the future if Klab Jazz finds a wider stage, but for now due to the circumstances it has to be discontinued. Jazz Nagari is no longer existed, but the cooperation between Klab Jazz and Siete is still in place. Dealing with this situation, Klab Jazz chooses to go back to its root as shown in their new program for Siete called Siete Jazz.

The very first edition of Siete Jazz will be held on January 30, 2014, starting at 7:00 pm. This premiere will have 4 set of performers offering variety of jazz styles. Pianist Christ Stanley is listed with his newformed group called Christ Stanley Quartet. He has supported Klab Jazz many, many times, especially with Halfwhole Project. But this group is currently in hiatus since the saxophonist has moved to Jakarta. Since he wants to keep going, he quickly form another pack also in a quartet formation, with Okki Jatikusuma on guitar, Achmad ‘Opik’ Taufik on drums and Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha on bass. Before he formed the Halfwhole Project, Stanley was active in various bands with different sizes and projects. He knows what to do, he knows who he should bring. Let’s see how his new quartet’s like in their debut. The bassist Ilham Septia will have another round with another band, Isola Jazz. Galih Cahya (drums), Gilang Pratama (piano) and Ilham Pamuji (alto saxophone) are going to accompany him in it.

ammy kurniawan, jazzuality

Then let’s take a look at Ammy Kurniawan. He’s one of the rare jazz violists in Indonesia. Other than keeping his track in his band 4 Peniti, he’s been joining several projects including his jamming project D’Klakson and when he’s teaming up with his own students in Ammy Alternative Strings. Performing as Ammy Kurniawan Project, he’ll be accompanied by his long time friends, real life couple Rudy Zulkarnaen (bass) and Adisty Zulkarnaen (drums). Looking at their expressive and fun character, they can surely surprise you even with a small formation like this. Last but not least, vocalist Yura Yunita is completing the lineup.

If you’re in Bandung this Thursday and feel like needing some jazz recharges, this event will be perfect for you. Come join the event, bring your friends and family along, because the event is free from any charge. While enjoying your dinner, you can have a nice jazz treatment from the performers. One thing you have to remember is, as a jazz lover you can give contribution by attending the local jazz community’s events. They do need your support, and they are ready to entertain you to the fullest.

Siete Jazz Premiere Edition

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – onward
Location: Siete Cafe, Resto
Jl. Sumur Bandung no 20, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Ammy Kurniawan Project
:: Ammy Kurniawan violin
:: Rudy Zulkarnaen bass
:: Adisty Zulkarnaen drums

– Christ Stanley Quartet
:: Christ Stanley piano
:: Okki Jatikusuma guitar
:: Achmad “Opik” Taufk drums
:: Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha bass

– Isola Jazz
– Ilham Pamuji alto saxophone
– Galih Cahya drum
– Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha
– Gilang Pratama piano

– Yura
:: Yura Yunita vocals




How fluent can children ‘speak’ jazz? In Indonesia, this question can be even more challenging to ask since we know that jazz wasn’t originated from here and jazz isn’t the mainstream in today’s trend. If you want to make the question become more difficult, add the word violin in it. So, children, play jazz, as a unit or an ensemble. That should be interesting to find out, isn’t it? For us, it’s not dificult to imagine, since we have covered these cool children of Ammy Alternative Strings several times. We know their ability in pinning well known jazz standards, bossa and some ethnic-jazz thingy. Now, hear this: The children from Ammy Alternative Strings are becoming the highlight in the first ever edition of Children Jazz Ensemble, presented by Klab Jazz and Institut Français d’Indonésie (IFI) Bandung.

If you notice, Klab Jazz has been working with several spin-offs since some months ago, underlining the different corners of jazz such as groove, fusion, ethnic and the specific jazz tradition, jam session. Now the community seems to march further by presenting a special package by involving talented kids together with IFI Bandung.

Now let’s talk about one of the string instruments, violin. Unlike the other members of the family like guitar and bass, violin is not commonly used in jazz, yet once it appears, it often creates a new color of sound, at least adding up more flavors into a band. We don’t find many violists in Indonesia’s jazz scene, but make no mistake, because historically speaking, we do have some violin virtuosos from generation to generation, like the maestro Idris Sardi and Luluk Purwanto.

Eventhough the number of jazz violists in Indonesia isn’t that many, today we still have some excellent players. One of them is Ammy Kurniawan who resides in Bandung. Many people know him as the personnel of 4 Peniti, some other notice him as sessionist or through his occasional collaborative groups like with Imelda Rosalin for example. But maybe only a few of us know that he’s been active in the educational field too. In his music school he teaches many kids, not only to play violin but also to let them understand music from early ages, of course jazz is included. The fruit of it can already be seen through the cool performance in some jazz stages especially in Bandung.

ammy alternative strings, jazzuality


What we’ve enjoyed from him and his students’ ensemble was perfomances with around 10 kids at max. This time for the Children Jazz Ensemble, Ammy has prepared no less than 40 children/teenagers (from active students to alumnis) to participate in! You can imagine how joyful it is to see that many kids play jazz by using violin. For about one and a half hour straight they will perform in several formations like solo, duo, quartet, quintet and large ensemble. In showing their ability, the Ammy Alternative Strings will be accompanied by lines of experienced musicians: their own teacher Ammy Kurniawan on violin and guitar, the Aru brothers (Rudy Zulkarnaen-bass and Ari Renaldi-drums) and Syarif Maulana on guitar.




Indonesians celebrate Kartini’s Day on April 21st each year, remembering R.A Kartini who fought for women’s equal rights especially in education. As this year this date falls on Sunday, right on the schedule of the XXV edition of Sunday Jazz, Klab Jazz was actually planned to make it as a special edition of “Jazz Perempuan” (Female Jazz) by involving only ladies. Unfortunately, since most of the female artists were busy on that date, the idea has to be cancelled. But hey, no matter what, the show must go on. Eventhough Jazz Perempuan got cancelled, the Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me is still on, back to its regular outfit. As usual, this event is ready to feature 5 bands from Jakarta and local Bandung, plus Klab Jams “The Jazz Session”, one of Klab Jazz’s spin-offs which lately merged with Sunday Jazz, becoming a substantial part of this regular event.

Although the plan of special edition’s dropped, this 25th show still contains many interesting stories to tell. For example, let’s see the featured band from Jakarta, Robert MR “Gratitude” Quartet. Robert Mulyarahardja is the guitarist of Shadow Puppets who recently released his solo album titled “Gratitude”. As this Berklee alumni (with a degree in Performance) is on promo tour, he’d be happy to give some teasers of the album to you through this event. Joining him are Chaka Priambudi (bass), Nesia Ardi (vocals) and the skillful young drummer resides in Memphis, Tennessee, USA but has been back to Indonesia for a while, Othman Djuliarso. During his return to Indonesia, this younger brother of pianist Nial Juliarso has landed on many stages, including three shows at the Java Jazz Festival (with Shadow Puppets, Donny Koeswinarno and Aimee Saras) and a couple of appearances in jazz communities/clubs. Other than being a part of Robert MR “Gratitude” Quartet, he will also have special collaboration with two well established Bandung musicians: pianist Christ Stanley and bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen. This pairing is interesting to watch as well.

robert mr, jazzuality


After her previous appearance at Sunday Jazz, the newcomer in Bandung jazz scene, pianist Caroline Tjhi is going to appear in quartet formation. In her new group Olteje, Caroline brings her compatriotes including Okki Jatikusuma (guitar), Leo Hansen (bass) and Henky Suparjan (drums). From UPI Bandung comes an interesting electric bass experiment. Calling this project as Elbe Basscom, three bassists Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha, Valentinus Febrianto and Jalu Rohanda will demonstrate that three bass players can actually create a whole new game when teaming up together. Last but not least, a great jazz pianist Sonny Akbar is back again by having bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe on his side. A special jam session will be provided right after as a part of Klab Jams “Jazz Sessions”.




The fruitful year of KlabJazz, the well-established jazz community in the capital of West Java continues on. So far they have launched no less than 7 regular events per month where some of those point out the specific corner of jazz and beyond such as ethnic, groove and blues. We just received the confirmation from KlabJazz that they are ready to launch another one. More spin-off? Why not? This time the community is highlighting one of the most popular sub-genre of jazz which can gather both jazz and rock fans together, the jazz fusion. The premiere of this new spin-off will come at the last day of February, taking place at the new crime scene Sixty “Meeting Point-cafe” Bandung. This event now officially has its own brand, and it’s called Fusion Flava.

There were times along the global history of jazz, including Indonesia, fusion; which is the hybrid of traditional jazz and the 70’s style of electronics (R&B and rock) became a ‘mainstream’ in the world’s jazz scene, with all the stories behind it. This hybrid quickly gained its fans both from the listeners and musicians. It inspired many people, in some ways changed the course of the industry and still being developed until now.

For some people, the early fusion era appeared not as ‘deep’ as the traditional jazz, both in composition and playing technique. On the other hand, it’s also different then the next era of fusion, when it became softer/smoother, appeared as another sub-genre we all know as Smooth Jazz.

Back to the birth of fusion, as this new ‘invention’ opens up more possibilities in creating music by having other musical corners to blend with the good ol’ jazz, it attracted many players to place their signatures inside. We can mention some big names such as George Benson, The Crusaders, Deodato, Eric Gale, Herbie Hancock, Chuck Mangione, Bob James, Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, David Sanborn, Spyro Gyra, Grover Washington, Jr. Let’s not forget the legendary groups who triggered it phenomenally like Mahavisnu Orchestra and Weather Report that in some ways created new possibilities to play jazz. Group like Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and some others brought another colors into it, then look at Japan where this hybrid found a new home through bands like Casiopea, T-Square and many more. There are many fascinating and monumental milestones in the history of jazz when we are talking about fusion.

How about in Indonesia? Some of you might still remember how the music mainstream filled with loads of fusion bands during the 80’s to early 90’s. Krakatau, Halmahera, Karimata, Emerald, Adegan, D’Marszyo, Bhaskara, Spirit Band, Black Fantasy, Indonesia 6 all the way to the early sound of Kahitna, the JavaJazz are some of the names who carried on the spirit of fusion within their play in their own shape, style and content-rates.

Fusion Flava tries to bring us back to the fusion era. It’s set to be a fusion celebration, played to suit today’s style. “If we acknowledge the musical terms such as “classic rock” and “classic disco”, through this event probably we have to be familiar with the new term, “classic fusion”, said the founder of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman.

Jazzuality proudly supports this event along with its mission. For the premiere edition, three groups are ready to create the scene. The Halfwhole Project will be there featuring jazz singer Puspallia Panggabean. Some of the members of this group seem not be able to come, so Ilham Septia (bass) and Billy Ramdhani (saxophone) are going to complete the team, joining pianist Christ Stanley and drummer Edward Manurung. The all-rounder, multi-talented Imelda Rosalin is participating under her new group, Imelda Rosalin Project featuring herself on keys and vocals, Rudy Zulkarnaen on bass, Murtiko Adi on guitar and Budiono on drums. Last but not least, the KPH All Stars, consists of teachers from Kruisnode Piano House Music School is ready to bank their fusion in this premiere edition.

As usual, KlabJazz presents the Fusion Flava free of charge. If you live in Bandung or plan to visit the city next Thursday, just come and join the party. It’s time to enjoy fusion back to its joyous era.

Fusion Flava

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Location: Sixty “Meeting Point – Cafe”, Jl. Naripan no. 30, Bandung
Time: 7:00 pm – 23:00 pm





Greetings, February! Cupid’s come by around the year again to send his little pink arrows through the hearts of every couple around town. This time, he’s also on duty to make the moments even sweeter by letting and Aston Braga Hotel & Residence pair up and prepare a superb dinner for the duos in love under the title of Romantic Jazz Dinner.

Located at the very heart of the area of Bandung known for its historical structures and sites, the fantastic event started at six o’clock in the evening up till ten at night. To be exact, it’s at the Tos Raos Coffee Shop, Aston Braga Hotel & Residence at Jl. Braga No. 99 – 101, Bandung. As the show’s starting, guests are excitedly prepared for the perfect Valentine package: a romantic full set dinner, a one in a million chance of red carpet experience, lovely bunch of flowers, tasty chocolates of romance and live jazz performances to gladly accompany the wonderful evening. After all, what’s a memorable occasion without the assistance of music?


Guests have started to pass the entrance since 6:00 pm and filled the room in enchanting dresses and gorgeous suits just to match with the atmosphere in which they are about to delight in. Love is in the air and the music from the performers just hit the trigger to finally begin decorating this heavenly Valentine’s Day.

According to our founder Riandy Kurniawan,  Jazzuality has been wanting to make something special like this in a very special romantic occasion. “Yes, there have been many Valentine’s dinner with live performance, but this time we bring not just one but two bands who can really jazz the Valentine’s Day celebration up in a very different stylesuit. “ he said.  “Not only for the jazz fans, but we have prepared it to meet the taste of common listeners in Bandung and the nearby cities,  complete with full set dinner, with a very affordable price.” he added. What he said can be reflected by the theme of this event, “In Love with Today’s Hits”.  It’s not difficult for us to guess that the bands will play songs that topped the charts recently. Familiar tunes, all in easy-to-chew jazz, all romantic. What’s not to love about it.

Appearing as the start in the line-ups, Christ Stanley as keyboardist and Edward Manurung as drummer, both from the HalfWhole Project, took the stage with bassist Jalu Rohanda to play along with Erick Gabe, a newcomer in the music scene. The band started first by playing sweet bossa tune “The Girl from Ipanema” as a smooth opening.


Erick then came forward joining the band, together they started by singing Tompi’s hits “Selalu Denganmu”, followed by Basil Valdez’s classic song, “You.”
“Mau Dibawa Kemana” originally from Armada Band then once again swung by Marcell now appeared in swingin’ blues from them.

After a little chit chat and handing some goodie bags to the lucky couple, Erick asked the MC Bintang to sing together. Accepting the challenge, they formed a duet and sang Maliq n’ D’Essentials’ “Dia” and Harvey Malaiholo’s “Begitulah Cinta”.


“For the last song I’m going to sing a very special song made for this occasion”, said Erick. It was his own song entitled “Valentine”. It was a beautiful song wrapped in jazzy blues, a song that we think will be a hit if it goes out as a single. Hopefully soon.

Together this team brought beautiful and popular love songs from the international top charts and also the well known local hits. Erick showed his capability in reaching high notes, doing the falsetto while still taking the smooth voice sailing into consideration so the guests could enjoy their dinners at ease. The three musicians backed him up all the way.

While the guests who sat  inside Tos Raos Coffee Shop enjoyed their meals while watching the live performance, the terrace side was occupied with some romantic couples as well. They chose the side where they could enjoy the more quiet outdoor surroundings. The music could still be heard, but there they could also shared their feelings to each other with more privacy. So, another kind of romantic vibe existed in this corner.


Then here’s one of the performers that you most probably have been eager to get on with: the Imelda Rosalin Trio. Just as the theme has been set, they are ready to bring the guests with favorable pieces of today’s hits. The Imelda Rosalin Trio consists of pianist and vocalist Imelda Rosalin, Rudy ‘Aru’ Zulkarnaen on the upright bass and Arifandi ‘Ari Aru’ Renaldi on the drums. This group of three have been supporting each other for more than a decade, making their chemistry stand on strong to one another.

As the main course on stage, the trio took each of their positions. John Legend’s “Ordinary People” became a sweet opening from them. “We usually play jazz standards, but for this time we’re going to play some smooth songs, the numbers you all know so well,” said Imelda.  Then the trio played a song which, according to them, suits to all kinds of love, “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The guests loved it when a very popular song from “Breaking Down” OST, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was delivered elegantly, taylored in jazz standards. A very different atmosphere of this song unlike the original we used to hear and love. Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” was the next musical meal coming from them, followed by Norah Jones’ masterpiece “Don’t Know Why”.

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” were delivered again with sweet candy taste. “Just the Two of Us” bluesed the night away right after another Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Overjoyed.”

Imelda Rosalin Trio gave a very sweet performance in high quality. All songs were well known by the guests since they were listed in pop charts, yet the new jazz rearrangement this trio put created a new nuance to each song. “It’s actually fun to play pop songs like this,” said Imelda after the show to us while showing her happy face. She was happy, we were too. “This group played  a different game, a very good one.” said one of the guests to us.  Not everyday we could listen to the pop chart-toppers fashioned in jazz like this, thanks to Imelda Rosalin, Rudy Zulkarnaen and Arifandi Renaldi, the one last hour of this event was packed in a very special way.

One lovely couple who has been married for 10 years among the audience became the best dressed couple and won a prize. How remarkable to see a couple still sparks lots of love to each other after a decade of togetherness. Then three lucky door prize winners were also announced. Imelda Rosalin Trio gave one final song, probably the most romantic one she kept for last, “Loving You”.

Satisfied with a full set dinner menu, happy to experience a golden red carpet walk, holding a blissfully-arranged bunch of blossoms in hand with a bar of flavorsome chocolate, and, best of all, getting to enjoy jazz rhythms during the whole evening, the guests may now leave their seats and return home. No doubt, the occasion has left a stamp on the star couple’s memories as to how this year’s Valentine has been spent. The lively picturesque scenes of the harmonious, pleasant-sounding night of the romantic jazz dinner has successfully enlightened the hearts of the couples from the very moment they walked through the door and merrily brought the perfect lovey-dovey sensation suited with what Valentine’s really worth. With this, both and Aston Braga are pleased to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

See more pictures:

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Reporter: Sharon Patricia Kandou
Photographer: Anggha Nugraha, Diera Anggianatasya
MC: Bintang Steffy Tania
Team: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Riandy Kurniawan


poster romantic jazz dinner -  in love with todays hits


The moment that most of the lovey-dovey couples and lovers celebrate, Valentine’s Day is coming real soon on February 14, 2013. Have you made any plan to make this day stands differently from the rest? If you haven’t decided yet, here we offer you something special! and Aston Braga Hotel and Residence proudly present: ROMANTIC JAZZ DINNER, with a special performance from Bandung-based jazz lady with his group, Imelda Rosalin Trio. Consisting of Imelda Rosalin on piano and vocals and two of her favorite team mates Rudy ‘Aru’ Zulkarnaen (upright bass) and Arifandi ‘Ari Aru’ Renaldi (drums), they will bring the songs you know and love so well today such as the hits of John Legend, Bruno Mars and so on. That’s why we come up with the theme of “In Love with Today’s Hits”.

Let’s take a look at what we have to offer in this event. First of all, let us say that our mind focus is to make your Valentine’s Day become a moment to remember. We will greet you with a red carpet experience which is ready to turn you like celebrities on that day. No Valentine goes without flowers and chocolates you say, well, we provide them for you too. Then after you are seated, you will have a full romantic dinner menu starting from welcome drink, appetizers, main course to dessert, coming from the chef of four stars Aston Braga Hotel and Residence Bandung. There might be games and competitions too in which you can win some prizes.

romantic jazz dinner, jazzuality, aston braga, in love with today's hits


Speaking of location, Aston Braga is located right at the central of Bandung in the historical area. The building is adjacent to the shopping area of Braga City Walk, This hotel has 161 guest rooms occupying 19 storey building, appointed of 40 hotel rooms and 141 Apartment rooms type, all designed comfy and luxurious. This hotel also has complete facilities such as natural looking swimming pool, massage, 24 hours service, wi-fi, laundry and dry clean, coffee shop, cake shop and lounge just to mention a few. This event will be served at the Tos Raos Coffee Shop, a grand, comfy and relaxing resto with cool acoustic surroundings. You can take a look at the picture above, that’s where  the location of your romantic jazz dinner will be.

romantic jazz dinner, valentine, in love with today's hits, imelda rosalin trio, jazzuality, aston braga


romantic jazz dinner, valentine, in love with today's hits, imelda rosalin trio, jazzuality, aston bragaNow let’s take a moment to get deep with Imelda Rosalin. If somehow you haven’t heard her name, this jazzy lady is a superb pianist, accordionist, blessed with beautiful singing ability and known as an entertainer too based on her interactive approach towards the audience. She’s very smart and multi talented woman that has many dreams to achieve. Step aside from her other activities in the architectural field, social organization and church, as an active musician she has performed in many places from restos, cafes, hotels all the way to the big ones including the Java Jazz Festival. She also has a music school for children, Do-Re-Mi Music School.