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Guys, are you ready to have a soulful groove at Red and White Lounge, Kemang this Sunday? Are you ready to feel the colorful vibe? It’s confirmed that Mostly Jazz 30th will have a popular group especially among the youngsters and young at hearts as the featured artists, a group consists of 7 young boys named Soulvibe.

In the previous edition we just celebrated the official launch of LLW’s Love Life Wisdom CD. The venue was fully crowded by journalists, fans, jazz artists and celebrities. The joyous moment got even better with brilliant live performance of Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta of LLW featuring Dira Sugandi, DJ Cream and Kyriz Boogiemen. We should feel proud to see a jazz band who can make themselves heard loud internationally by making a tremendous breakthrough with their creative brains and skills. (Please spend some time to check our report from this historical moment here). After this memorable moment, it’s good to have a band that can keep the hype up. And Soulvibe will definitely be the right choice.

soulvibe, stevie wonder, mostly jazz

Let’s take a closer look at Soulvibe. This is the groovy ensemble who really knows the meaning of having fun on stage, something that usually can trigger a big party for their audience. While we can get a slight clue of their music style just by looking at the name, Soulvibe actually stands as the abbreviation of “Sound of Universal Love Various Instruments and Behaviour.” They call their music as Pop Universal, based on wide variety of styles carried by the personnels. “One likes Incognito, the other likes Herbie Hancock, then some are more into soul, RnB or even rock.” they said to us once. These are the essences that inspired them since 2002, when they started doing this kind of music.


Many of the jazz aficionados were caught by surprise when, out of nowhere, came an e-flyer of an event called Mostly Jazz featuring a combination that no one would ever think of. The iconic and respected Indra Lesmana teamed up with one of the fastest rising stars and crowd gatherer Barry Likumahuwa and the all round young drummer, Sandy Winarta. It all happened in April 21, 2010. What made us surprise was the move of Indra Lesmana to grab two of the most established young musicians as a part of his way to make something big for the jazz development in Indonesia. They hadn’t got any names at that time. Moscatly which is located at the fringe of Jl Veteran in Bintaro became the first witness of the early seed. A crazy list of jazz artists were presented at that time, such as Riza Arshad, Indra Aziz, Indrawan Tjhin, Indra Dauna, EQ Puradiredja, Dira Sugandi, Andien, Doni Sundjoyo, Joy Marantika, F.A Talafaral, Don Tham, Aditya Bayu and Nikita Dompas, just to mention a few. In our report on this historical moment, we called it the birth of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement. (Read the report here). Eventhough Indra Lesmana had started the movement by opening his Inline Studio every Friday Night for free-for-all jam sessions, the first ever Mostly Jazz was a giant step because it was finally served for public for the first time.

Several months after that, we got another surprise when Mostly Jazz reappeared again on November 14, 2010. Indra and Honhon took this event into the new venue Red and White Lounge which become the crime scene of Mostly Jazz up ever since. We met the trio of Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta once again at the 3rd episode on December 12. This time they already had a name, showing that they have established this collaboration as a solid group. And the name is LLW, stands as the abbreviation of their family names also often mentioned as the title of their album, Love, Life, Wisdom.


This group made their second turn in the next episode on January 9. At that moment, Honhon Lesmana officially announced this event will be served weekly. Now Mostly Jazz  has reached the 29th edition, and now we have LLW back again. Not only performing, this time LLW invites you all to celebrate their album which is finally available in the shape of digital CD.

It’s certainly interesting to see this trio. Indra Lesmana is the icon that carried the legacy of his father, Jack Lesmana who also led the earlier jazz movement around three decades ago. Now the torch is in his hand. Realizing his calling, he’s now commited to bring this Indonesia’s jazz movement into a new height. He’s successfully done it until now, but it’s not over yet. He’s still carrying it at the best he can. The Mostly Jazz will continue on for more months or even years to come, hopefully. And for the LLW, this group has been making tremendous achievements not only for the local jazz scene but also internationally. It’s amazing, especially since they just started the journey not too long ago. Two ‘naughty’ musicians are with him in LLW. Barry Likumahuwa is a shining bassist from the young generation. He’s explosive, powerful and skillful. Often he steals some lines during the play with his groovy bass touch, creating surprising sounds here and there. Sandy Winarta is just the same behind his drums. This guy can optimize the sound of drums, changing the style all of a sudden without destroying the flow. He can make the drums come alive and communicate with us. With the unpredictable manouvers from Indra Lesmana whether on keyboard, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, piano, melodica, Moog and any other instruments (even drums if necessary), this man can always create the whole new game with his magic touch. If the three of them are already spectacular in creating a fully spirited jazz, wait until you see how they can stretch it much further by the contributions of four other artists: DJ Cream, Dira Sugandi, Indra Aziz and Kyriz Boogiemen. It’s like having a new dimension of jazz in the urban environment. Add the word soulful with Dira in it, and there, you got the new magic of jazz unlike what you’ve heard before.


Mostly Jazz has reached the XXVIII number. It’s not easy at all to keep the event running constantly, but Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana has done it remarkably so far. Holding up the commitment to lead the jazz development towards the future seems to be the highest priority of them. Whether they are busy or not, feeling well or not, Indra and Honhon put up the good fight to keep it going. At the moment Indra Lesmana is busy recording videos for his new LLW album with Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta, also preparing the digital version of the album in the shape of CD. But that doesn’t stop him from preparing this weekly event. No matter what, the show must go on. This fighting spirit is inspiring. It’s officially confirmed that the  Shadow Puppets Quartet will be the next guest star for the upcoming XXVIII edition of Mostly Jazz.

shadow puppets, shadow puppets quartet, mostly jazz, jakarta anniversary ix, strings attached concert series

How many jazz groups can achieve big success in just a short amount of time? Not that many, but from those few numbers, Shadow Puppets Quartet has to be counted in. This group was formed right before the year 2009 ended, and now in just about one and a half year, they have produced 2 albums, lots of gigs and many fans. It’s a pleasant surprise to see how a pure jazz band can make such an achievement, but it doesn’t come by luck. One beautiful lady Irsa Destiwi (piano) and three gentlemen: Robert Mulyarahardja (guitar), Indrawan Tjhin (contrabass) and Yusuf Shandy Satya (drums) as the ‘puppets’ behind the group have worked hard from the start to overcome any obstacles. They know how to use their skills efficiently. Consistency is another strong factor which they always try to keep. They have a strong concept, but they know how to stretch their concept it wider by still holding on to the roots. Another important thing, this group has four personnels, but they are rock-solid as one unit. Last but not least, they have found the secret formula which enables them to play the traditional jazz but also creating ‘ear friendly’ music to the common listeners at the same time. That’s the Shadow Puppets we all know and love.


Right after two episodes featuring the legends, Margie Segers (June 5, 2011) and Oele Pattiselano (June 12, 2011), last week Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana brought the excellent young jazz musicians back again to bring an elegant European Jazz on the menu. The Jongens is one of our big hopes for the future of jazz in Indonesia. Elfa Zulham, Dhani Syah, Johanes Radianto and Doni Sundjoyo, the members of the group are still considerably young, but they all have everything needed in order to keep the jazz development works in progress. Now it’s confirmed that for the last Sunday of July we will have a special show, featuring the ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ of Jazz. It’s a legendary jazz couple, Yance Manusama (bassist) and Otti Jamalus (piano). Mostly Jazz XXVII edition will bring this perfect couple to stand right in front of the stage as Otti Jamalus Quartet. Two other younger players are completing the formation, Tiyo Alibasjah (guitar) and Dezca Anugrah Samudra (drums).

otti jamalus

Listen to Otti Jamalus, and you will feel the intimate atmosphere just like watching Diana Krall or Tania Maria. She sits behind the keyboard, letting out lovely tunes while giving out one standout singing voice. You will feel her soul through her performance. While shining as a pianist and vocalist, she also blends in naturally with the fellow players. Having her own husband inside the group enables her to share the intimacy and chemistry to her audience. Tiyo is her regular stage partner too, while Dezca won’t have problem merging them. Something intimate and personal will be all over Mostly Jazz this week, and it’s going to be ‘friendly’ to the non jazz listeners as well.

Otti started her music path by learning classical piano. Eventhough she had found her passion in jazz since the early teenage life, she kept on learning classical for more years. No jazz school at that time could be the main reason of that as well as showing her type as an open minded musician. Somewhere in the mid 90s she finally decided to focus in jazz. She’s currently active in both playing and teaching.


Just like the previous Sunday nights in 2011 Mostly Jazz was held at Red and White Lounge. Last weekend was the 24th edition presented by the Indonesian jazz maestro that we all know very well, Indra Lesmana along with his dear wife, Honhon Lesmana. Besides as the showcase of Indonesia’s jazz movement where we can find the top jazz players delivering their magical skills, this event is also used as a hangout place for them after doing their activities for a whole week. There have been many great ones have graced the event week after week. Right after Tompi‘s performance a week before and the surprising movement by gathering 81 jazz-related musicians of the nation on May 31, 2011, the Mostly Jazz XXIV edition brought a legend with such a golden voice to appear for the very first time along with the other pack of Indra Lesmana, the Indra Lesmana Quartet. We felt like being transported back in time by the special appearance of Margie Segers.

Margie Segers has a frank and straight-forward character and really nice to talk to. Once you hear her sing, you will know that some people can just have the wonderful gift straight from heaven. She has a very excellent vocal quality, jazzy, soulful and bluesy by nature. Just like wine, Margie gets even better with age. And she’s historically related to the Lesmana family as well. Her talent was spotted by Indra’s father, the father of Indonesian jazz Jack Lesmana first of all and it was him who shaped her to be the living legend she is today.

Margie was actually started her career since the 60s. Before she went solo she had a band named “Soul Section” highlighting blues and rock. She even once sang together with her brother Jimmy taking on pop. Margie told us that the first time she encountered jazz was by a crew of TVRI, the state-owned television station that was also supported by Jack Lesmana fully. Eventhough she was a blues and rock singer, but it wasn’t really difficult for her to adapt because she believed blues and jazz are closely related. Still, her career wasn’t always smooth. In the early 70s jazz wasn’t that popular and not so many people liked it. But Margie didn’t give up. Having all the support from Lesmana family and other musicians who walked side by side in doing what they believed in, Margie worked her way bravely until she became the major force in the early jazz scene. Her spirit never fades away. She’s still active until now in the circuit. Highly respectable not only by her heavy vocal with soul that breathes jazz at every note but also by her undying spirit, courage and strength.


If you’re one of our regular readers,  you should be familiar enough to the situation happening at Red and White Lounge, Kemang every week. Yes, it’s the weekly event triggered by Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana, Mostly Jazz. It’s been held 24 times (25 if the first ever gig at Moscatly on April 21, 2010 also counts) with different performers for each week presenting their awesomeness as the featured artists. Also in each episode there’s a jam session which always brings the magic of spontaneity. Whether it’s the featured artists or the jamming participants, we have seen so many jazz artists painting up their colors in this event. From the living legends, jazz luminaries, today’s frontrunners to the young guns join hands in creating the kind of jazz-a-vaganza that can only appear at Mostly Jazz.

Last Sunday at the XXIV edition we got a special showcase of Indra Lesmana Quartet (Indra Lesmana, Johanes Radianto, Doni Sundjoyo and Sandy Winarta) teamed up with the legendary Margie Segers for the very first time. It was a blast, as Margie Segers also stated to us a day after the memorable collaboration. For this week, the march of legends continues on for Mostly Jazz XXV edition, starring Oele Pattiselano in a star-shaped formation (quintet) with Indra Lesmana (keys), Indra Dauna (trumpet), Jeffrey Tahalele (contrabass) and Sandy Winarta (drums). Together they will add the twist for this edition by bringing “Swings Rock” as the main theme.

oele pattiselano, mostly jazz, oele pattiselano quintet

Oele Pattiselano is a respectable legend that surely has to be mentioned when one talks about the history of Indonesian jazz, the same case goes to Pattiselano fam. He’s famous as a guitarist that can bring out the beauty of swing in the highest state of art whenever he touches the guitar. His calm and cool style is captivating while we get the pleasure of hearing good music from him. Born as Julius Sjoerd Pattiselano, he started playing guitar since he was still a little kid. It was his own father, Piet Pattiselano, once an officer of Tanjung Perak Port also known as the hawaiian musician and the leader of Rame Dendang in Surabaya. His aunt Merry Pattiselano was also a singer. Since his father Piet was a big jazz fans, he was familiar with jazz from an early age especially to the recordings of Stan Kenton, Art Tatum, Jim Hall, Oscar Peterson and Kenny Burrell. Still in Surabaya, Oele had once learned from Jack Lesmana for a little while, but then stopped due to Jack’s decision to move to Jakarta.

Oele is not the only son of Piet who became a musician. His brother Perry Pattiselano and Jacky Pattiselano shared the same passion as well. While Jacky is still active as a drummer up to this present day, Perry’s killed in a suicidal bomb attack in Grand Hyatt Hotel, Amman, Jordan in 2005 while he was performed. The Pattiselano brothers had played together in many occasion since the early 60s including their participation in the Cressendo in 1963. The Pattiselanos then moved to Bandung when he got the offer to play regularly at the historical Savoy Homman Hotel, Bandung. In this city they formed Savoy Rhythm band. There they played for several years.

oele pattiselano quintet, indra lesmana, jeffrey tahalele, indra dauna, sandy winarta, mostly jazz

From Bandung era, Oele moved to Jakarta in the early 70s to join Jazz Riders. He met Jack Lesmana once again as he arrived, and quickly he got involved in other Jack’s projects, such as becoming a guitarist in many Margie Segers and Rien Djamain‘s albums, besides his activity as a sideman in many other bands. Later on he formed Trio Pattiselano with Jacky and Perry, Mellow Tones and Oele Pattiselano & Friends.


A  big breakthrough came by surprise yesterday, March 31, 2011. Indra Lesmana has successfully gathered  81 Indonesia Jazz Musicians for the purpose of filing the force of today’s jazz heroes of Indonesia. This has never happened before. A huge ensemble of artists, from the legends, today’s frontrunners to the young guns mingled in a really beautiful and relaxing garden. He successfully brought Titiek Puspa, Bob Tutupoly, Bubi Chen, Ireng Maulana, Kiboud Maulana, Benny Mustafa, Oele and Jacky Pattiselano, Benny Likumahuwa, Margie Segers, and Idang Rasjidi among other legends  joining their successors in this mega jazz musicians gathering. While we have announced the Indonesia Jazz Movement a couple of times since at least 6 months ago, Indra Lesmana made another big step by inviting all these jazz stars. They all responded very well by attending this informal gathering. It was big since this clearly shows that jazz is really going on very well in Indonesia, and the artists are living harmoniously too in close friendships to one another. The hype should still be felt by the whole 81 attending jazz artists and will be remembered for a long time to come.  Let’s talk about the continuation of Indra Lesmana’s Mostly Jazz, a weekly event that has become a tour de force of this nation’s jazz scene.

Besides the young groups and artists, some legends have been participated in this regular event either as the special guest stars or joining the joyful jam sessions. Indra Lesmana, Riza Arshad, Benny Likumahuwa, Jeffrey Tahalele, Oele Pattiselano, Yance Manusama are just a few names among these legends. Different flavor for each week seems to be the consideration of Indra and Honhon in creating the concept for each episode, except of course the availabilty since the artists should be busy with their schedules as well. Last week at the Mostly Jazz XXIII it was Tompi, one of the few popular male jazz singer who blasted the Red and White Lounge with his fully entertaining gig. This week for Mostly Jazz XXIV it’s confirmed that another legend will be there, making her first ever collaboration with Indra Lesmana Quartet officially. It’s none other than the legendary songstress, the jazz/soul/blues lady who’s blessed with such an unbelievable vocal quality, the one and only Margie Segers.

indra lesmana quartet, mostly jazz

First let’s take a look at Indra Lesmana Quartet. Apart from Indra Lesmana’s most recent group LLW which has been receiving tremendous success through Reverbnation, Itunes and Amazon, in fact Indra Lesmana has another group comprises of young but highly talented musicians called Indra Lesmana Quartet. In this group Indra teams up with a contrabassist with big amount of experience Doni Sundjoyo, the cool, calm but confident guitarist graduated from Netherland Johanes Radianto and his partner in LLW, the phenomenal drummer Sandy Winarta. This group has made their first appearance big time at the JakJazz Cares last December 2010. At that time Indra led the boys to bring something really entertaining in total freedom as if they were having fun in a jam session. (Read our report from that event here). With the comeback of this group, surely we will catch all the action once again just like their gig at JakJazz Cares.

margie segers, mostly jazz

Margie Segers is historically related to Indra Lesmana’s family, especially with his parents, Jack and Nien Lesmana. Born as Margaretha Getruida Maria, Margie Segers is believed to be one of the best female jazz singers Indonesia has ever had. Stage has been her home for more than 40 years. Just like wine, she just get better with age. Her natural talent came from both her parents, Anton Segers who was famous as a keroncong and hawaian singer in Netherland and Maria Rina Pietersz, a gospel singer. In 1968 she came back to Indonesia after leaving the country for 18 years due to the incondusive political turmoil back then. Once when she appeared on tv, Nien Lesmana spotted her talent and called Jack to watch her. Concidentally they lived nearby, and one day Margie met Nien and Jack by surprise.


Last Sunday Mostly Jazz turned into a sweet acoustic session with Endah N’ Rhesa. That very special session came following a special showcase by the Indonesian sweetheart, Andien a week earlier, who’s still showing her cuteness eventhough she’s stepped into her maturity. From one of the most beautiful female soft jazzin’ voice of Indonesia to the romanticism brought to stage in shape of story telling acoustic, we were wondering who will be the next highlight for the regular weekly jazz event that was established through the idea of Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana. Well, the wonder ends right here. Honhon has officially announced that for the last Sunday of May it’s going to be a very popular male singer with unique voice and vocal range. He’s none other than Tompi.

tompi, mostly jazz

While we have so many female talents to fill up the vocal sections in jazz, we have considerably lesser male to take the role specifically. Yes, we do have some great ones from time to time, but the amount isn’t as much as female jazz vocalists. Among them stands Tompi who has been riding his career as a professional jazz singer for almost a decade now. Born as Teuku Adifitrian in Lhokseumawe, Aceh and raised there, he actually started with taking the medical college of Universitas Indonesia. While studying to be a doctor, he realized his music passion as he took vocal lesson with Bertha and also piano with Tjut Njak Deviana. Shortly after he joined Cherokee, a group that was established in 2003 by Gita Wirjawan. Though he started to be noticed through his involvement in this group, it was the first Bali Lounge who finally made him hit the spot. From there, he climbed higher and higher in relatively short time through his solo career. Being a regular performer at jazz festivals around Indonesia is one of the proof of his stardom as a crowd-gatherer. But more than that, he has some standout talents as well. Except his unique wide range vocal that can go as low as Barry White to the high pitched like the sound of chipmunk, he’s also able to mimick the sound of instruments like trumpet, guitar and drums. He knows how to control the stage and always love to have fun on stage with spontaneous improvisations and interactions with the band. He’s pinned some popular songs outside the fence into his funny but cool jazz interpretation eventhough he has tons of hits from all his albums. Cool scat singing is also one of his gifted ability. Once in our interview with a songstress from Malaysia named Atilia said this about Tompi: “He’s genius with scat. Not many people nowdays can scat as well as he can.” Tompi has been spotted quite often at Mostly Jazz, but now he has the stage for himself as the special guest for this Sunday.

Standing on two different career might not be easy, but Tompi wants to show that he can do it. While his singing career is going smooth, he also masters the plastic surgery. For us these are completely different, but still Tompi sees something in common between them. “Both need high artistic touch”, he said. This week, the singing doctor will stab his needle on Red and White Lounge as the special guest of Mostly Jazz XXIII edition. As usual the real spontaneous jam session will be there too, guarded by Indra Aziz.


Mostly Jazz has been held for 21 times now. By reaching this amount of edition, this regular weekly event that was designed by Indra Lesmana and his dear wife Honhon Lesmana at Red & White Lounge surely has many stories in it. First of all, this event has become a hanging out place for artists especially fellow jazz musicians. That turns the venue to be a place full of jazz spirit, where you can instantly feel the jazzin’ lifestyle whenever you step into it every Sunday. After getting busy for the whole week, often they are still playing until late at night, and then on Sunday night they can release their energy for fun by playing together, or simply if they only want to have some relaxing hours in a cozy and exclusive place. Mostly Jazz provides it all. If you’re not a musician or jazz artist, you can hang out with these artist from a very close range. The stage is set right in the center of Red and White Lounge and you can sit really near to the performers. Before or after play, the artists also love to mingle everywhere all over the room, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get to know them closer than ever. By presenting high quality of jazz week after week, along with all the variations of guest stars, Mostly Jazz has successfully shown how rich our jazz scene really is. If you look at it from this point, it’s surely like a dream come true to be able to enjoy all these quality along with the exclusivity with a very affordable price. We have to give the credit to Indra and Honhon Lesmana’s Mostly Jazz for that.

So far there’s no problem to hold this event regularly every week because everyone are doing their part. “All the party who are involved are always enthusiast, that makes each of Mostly Jazz edition is a success.” said Indra Lesmana. One thing he also noted is that even with simple way of promotion Mostly Jazz has growing number of audiences. That shows how popular Mostly Jazz is among the jazz lovers especially who reside in Jakarta today.

In the XXI edition the highlight was given to Andien. Andini Aisyah Hariadi, the birth name of Andien is popular as a female jazz singer of the country. Starting very early at the age of 14 when she made phenomenal hattrick in then-popular Asian singing competition Asia Bagus, she’s been singing for more than a decade now. Produced by her own mentor Elfa Secioria, she released her debut album “Bisikan Hati” just a year later. The album got huge success and then followed by “Kinanti” (2002), “Gemintang” (2005) and the most recent one,Kirana” (2010).

Exactly at 9:15 pm the Mostly Jazz XXI edition was opened by Indra Lesmana and Indra Aziz. Indra Lesmana said that Andien is a very talented singer and one of a kind. Indra Lesmana has known her for years, at least since she was still 17 years old. It was the time when Indra Lesmana acted as one of the producers for her second album Kinanti. Once Indra said to us, “At that time Honhon and I wanted to reshape her image to fit her own age. We want to capture Andien in her teenage life. We tried to dig everything about her as possible as we could, even looking at the way she dressed. At the same time we also wanted to grab the young audiences at her age too. That’s why we gave her contemporary music at that time, giving jazz with urban soul flavors like RnB in it.” That proved to be a right decision, since right after that Andien successfully emerged as a young female singer with specific jazz vibes that could represent her youth but still suitable for all age music listeners. 11 years later, Indra Lesmana added his touch again in her latest album Kirana. Indra Aziz called her “petit singer with a big heart”, and that’s also true. With all the ups and downs, Andien shines even better than ever. As she enters the beginning of a new period, a mature Andien, it’s certainly a crucial point for her to decide what she wants to do next. But looking at her passion and spirit to bring the best of her in everything, we have no doubt that Andien still has many things to give in the future.

Andien came on stage after the short opening speech. She looked stunningly beautiful in red dress. “Masih Bisa Tertawa” became the first warm greeting from her. Her lovely smooth voice seduced everyone in the lounge. She continued with “Cinta” which was written by Nikita Dompas, the guitarist, the producer of Kirana and also her long time friend. She was full of joy while singing this song. Then came “Gemilang”, a cover of Krakatau‘s famous hit that now reappeared fresh on the surface.

For the fourth song, Andien sang her second single from Kirana, “Pulang”. She continued with “Together Again”, right before asking Indra Lesmana to join in. Indra Lesmana agreed and merged with Andien and the rest of her band including Ali Akbar (piano), Bonar Abraham (bass), Nikita Dompas (guitar), Rayendra Sunito (drums) and Didiet (violin). This combination stunned the crowds as they brought the classic Trie Utami‘s hit from 1988 titled “Keraguan” gloriously.

“Menjelma” and “Tentang Aku” became the next presentation before Andien and the band sealed with “Moving On”. By now this song should already be familiar to us as it’s been played often on many radio stations and also since it’s used by one of the cellular provider in Indonesia. It’s never a dull moment with Andien. While she now appears in more mature way but still she’s just as cute and sweet as always. “I’m still the same Andien.” she said. At this occasion she also said that Indra Lesmana has given her so many references in music. In the end, the audiences were fully entertained with this Indonesian sweetheart, just like in everywhere else she landed.

As usual the show went on with the Jam Session. This second round of the event is always entertaining in a very special way. It’s always served unpredictable and full of action. There were lots of musicians participating in it such as the Jammin’ host Indra Aziz singing and playing his sax, Tompi, two other saxophonists Samuel and Iwan, two young violist Dika Chasmala and Aryo, drummer Dimas Pradipta and the legendary guitarist Oele Pattiselano among others.

They all had fun up until the last song, Oasis’ “Wonderwall”. Indra Lesmana couldn’t hold himself for joining. He jumped right into the pool and added his electric touch. His appearance alongside with Nikita Dompas, Rayendra Sunito and J Mono heated up the after midnight hour intensely. Big applause were given to everyone when Mostly Jazz XXI edition reached the end.

All in all, again Mostly Jazz went very successful. Andien was captivating, making the color of this edition of Mostly Jazz appeared vibrantly different. Everyone were satisfied, whether all playing musicians that released all their energy left inside or the attending jazz lovers. Thank you Indra Lesmana, Honhon Lesmana, Andien and everyone else for a wonderful gig. This Sunday Mostly Jazz will bring another different color by presenting Endah N Rhesa for its 22nd edition.  This is a couple made in heaven that always shine romantically on stage while playing ear-catchy songs with a very, very friendly attitude. You can read the full info here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/indra-lesmana-mostly-jazz-xxii-presents-endah-n-rhesa/ . Just like the other previous editions, this one is not to be missed as well. See you there!

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Reporter: Banyu
Photographer: Fauzan Azizi
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


If you love movies, you must have known Mr and Mrs Smith played by Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This movie stood tall in the box office a couple of years ago, even until now people still watch it once in a while. The chemistry between them is one of the strength that makes this movie works very well. In the crime world we have Bonnie and Clyde, a couple who also had a very strong chemistry even when they committed a crime. We’re talking about some couples who really made to each other. Love can be like a jigsaw puzzle, where only one person can fill up the missing piece to complete it once and for all. Some matches are made in heaven, and you can tell that just by looking at them. In our music world we have perfect couples like that who carry their daily romance up on to the stage, playing together harmoniously to make all their audiences feel their love. Name some like Aksan and Titi Sjuman, Yance Manusama and Otti Jamalus and of course, the highly popular acoustic couple, Endah N Rhesa.

Ask Endah N Rhesa how wonderful it feels when you find the perfect match, they will tell you all about it. Endah Widiastuti and Rhesa Aditya met for the first time in a rock band in 2003. Shortly after they quit the band, Rhesa played in one of the song of Endah’s very limited mini album. The song was “When You Love Someone”, a song that still remain as one their biggest hits to date. They quickly found out how they really matched to each other and how the combination of three elements (vocal, guitar and bass) could make something really fascinating, they decided to go on together, just the two of them, and then Endah N Rhesa was born. The last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was found. They must have realized that they were really meant to be, as later on they got married and become one perfect “partner in crime” on and off the stage.

endah n rhesa, mostly jazz

In their music concept Endah N Rhesa loves to play wide without going to any specific genre. Playing around folk, jazz, rock and roll, blues and also pop ballads area is what they’ve known for. Endah said, “We can have as much references as we want to, it can come from any styles or genres, but more than anything we just want to play music.” Just using 3 elements, they really know how to make a fully entertaining perfomance and now they have brought the joy of acoustic into a whole new level. They are very interactive, really connected with the audiences and one more thing that we have to mention is their love to use their music as a vehicle of story telling. Rhesa once said “Instead of writing about our personal daily lives, we actually are more into story telling.” That’s why you see many stories brought in ear catchy easy listening music by them.

They have been influenced by wide array of artists, but certainly jazz has been one of the major inspiration for them. “I always love jazz. I love to try Louis Armstrong, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass and Jim Hall‘s songs among others, and play a lot of swing as my reference.” said endah. While Endah shows her tight connection with these jazz legends, Rhesa is not a stranger too to jazz. He listen to Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Victor Wooten and Richard Bona. “Yes, it’s true that we don’t play pure jazz, but there are always jazz elements attached in our songs eventhough it’s not that much” Endah continued.

Endah N Rhesa is also known as a very humble artists who always spend their times to greet their fans, no matter where they perform. While not every artist are willing to spend some of their precious times for the fans, Endah N Rhesa are always happy to do that. About this Endah has something to say: “We were once fans just like them too. Even until now we have our own idols. It feels really good when you meet your idols, taking pictures with them, talk to them… so we know how it feels to be a fan. If we are happy to have that chance, we want to give the same happines to our fans too.” It’s not easy to maintain a personal connection with tens or even hundreds of thousands of fans spread all over Indonesia, but they always try to do their best for that.