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KlabJazz is back to bubble up our ebullience with its second round of the Groove Collective! Let’s call it a festive fun-frizzled Friday this week because Potluck Kitchen is open to serve the melodies of bands to come up the stage and please the jazz out of us! Groove Collective 2 is the continuing part of Groove Collective which was held in the very same location on Friday, September 14th, 2012. Those who had joined the merry bliss last month surely must’ve wanted for some more. Well, here we are, fellas – get ready to size up your spirit for another ride of groove, soul, funk, nu-jazz and beyond!

So, who and who are going to be on stage to pump up the kicks for Groove Collective 2 this Friday? Here’s all you need to know. A vocalist who started the journey as a frontliner of Palm From Moodytunes,  then Circle of Fifth, then, finally, came out a solo-performer with one upcoming album– she’s Grace Sahertian. Surely you must be looking forward to let the owner of this soulful voice take you real high? Let’s bet on that! Next, we’ve got a double – Sarah and Nissan Fortz go by the name Sarah N Soul and are up to amuse us with their subtle nuance of light acoustic groove. Sprinkles of jazz, soul and blues will brighten up the night’s  atmosphere. Who’s familiar with another spotlight, D’Sas? Established on January 12th, 2009, this band has definitely got the inner skills to take you by the hand and revive along the music! Two vocalists and full band, they will bring you to groove along together. Besides these, let’s not forget Anto Arief’s 70s Orgasm Club which will send you into a wheel of rock-blues-funk as well as From Now (ft pianist from Jazzy Juice Dyah Sekar Utami and her compatriot saxophonist Rierie Derry Novalia and two male band mates)  just another one of the night’s frolicsome performers, no less groovy than the others. Oh, wait, let’s get this straight – they’re all going to get us completely psyched up for their euphonious performances!

Don’t get left out, brothers and sisters! KlabJazz is offering you another one of their events that’ll get you to move n’ groove along the rhythm! Better yet, the show is, as usual, free of charge, so you might as well bring each and everyone of your closest ones and invite them to the exciting atmosphere of the night! Let’s say it again for the second round: the groove is on for sure!


True, we are currently in fasting month, but jazz has got to go on. That must be the thought of KlabJazz that decided to keep the regular two weekly event Sunday Jazz on. During this holy month this event will hold a special edition called Sunday Jazz Ramadhan, and the first one was launched today (Sunday, August 7, 2011) at Potluck Kitchen. This special edition was delivered with a smaller lineup, but the excitement was still there as always. If usually Sunday Jazz featured 5 to 6 groups per episode, this time there were 4 playing groups, 3 from Bandung : Dyah Sekar Trio, Iman Brata Trio and Tulus, and one from Jakarta, a mindbending jazz group with noir-ish concept named Notturno.

Sunday Jazz XXIII edition or the Sunday Jazz Ramadhan part 1 still represented the different jazz corners as always. From the fusion corner we got Iman Brata Trio. We enjoyed their early style back then when the siblings Abank and Ade Kramadibrata (guitar and drums) and bassist Gabriel Surya pinned the rockin’ and roarin’ Chicago Blues into jazz. Later they have been exploring more of their soft side, but still the action is still there. They can go wild with some effects and even experimenting a la Jimi Hendrix, they can go soft like a smooth feather, but in either way, they are still, and always be the Iman Brata Trio that bridges the jazz, rock and blues regions in one delightful pack.

The cute jazz pianist who can also sing Dyah Sekar this time brought her trio once again, Dyah Sekar Trio, featuring the SHE drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen and bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe. We have seen this group’s cool touch on standards, straight aheads and also Latins, and we just knew from the beginning that they would bring something lovely again for this time.

We don’t have many crooners here in Indonesia, but one guy with smooth and tender crooning voice has emerged from Bandung, Muhammad Tulus. We met him first of all when he was still the vocalist of Sikuai band, and now he’s been raising his solo career. He has released some singles and video clips up until now where he successfully presented the pop side of jazz.

Joining these three local bands, Notturno reprised their participation in KlabJazz events for the third time.  The first one was 2 years ago on May, 2009 in the Jazz Break Revival XI  and the second one was at the Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza III last June, 26th.  This band has just survived from several turbulences in their journey. Left by two original members, the last man standing Masmo (keyboard) quickly made some important decisions. Instead of putting the band to sleep, he brought two potential young players to replace the empty seats. The today’s fast rising star Dimas Pradipta replaced Cak Hend on drums, while bassist Kevin Yosua is now taking up the place left by Joshua Arifin. Having two new players forced the group to have a slight change on the concept. From basically acoustic, now they are into a new form called Electrocoustic. This Notturno ver. 2.0 is ready to shake the jazz world even bigger than ever. They are now presenting much wilder and darker tones with more manic exlorations especially through the magic hands of Masmo on keys/rhodes. This new face of Notturno will soon release their second album which has been delayed for quite some time due to the internal problems. Before that, it was a lovely time for us to get more familiar with their new musical concept.


Some regular jazz events decided to put a break during the Ramadhan month, but not for Sunday Jazz. KlabJazz together with the venues and partners chose to keep it running with a smaller lineup. We have heard this plan since several weeks ago from Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the coordinator of KlabJazz, and now it’s confirmed by the special edition called Sunday Jazz Ramadhan which will be held at Potluck Kitchen this Sunday, August 7, 2011. It’s certainly time for us to get several kinds of jazz, from the relaxing to the challenging ones to chill ourselves out while fasting in considerably hot sunny days as we are into, lately.

Sunday Jazz XXIII edition or the first special edition of Ramadhan will feature 3 local groups and 1 from Jakarta. Here we’ll have Notturno once again after their brave stage stunt at Sunday Jazz at Dago Plaza III on June 26, 2011. . This avant/progressive/experimental group with noir concept has just passed the stormy weather in their journey. Two of the personnels quit the band, but somehow the band is still survived. Some changes in the concept become one of the consequences, but it’s apparently for good. Now they are wilder, more explosive and more electrifying. Masmo even called it electrocoustic, since Notturno now has some electric touches along their original acoustic concept. The turbulence made the second album has to be posponed for a time being, but at least it’s still on the way, hopefully later at the end of the year the album will already be available in stores. The last remaining original personnel Masmo established a fruitful connection with two great young guns, bassist Kevin Yosua and drummer Dimas Pradipta in the new face of Notturno. It’s going to be awesome to experience the noir-ish wildride once again courtesy of Notturno at Potluck Kitchen this Sunday.

sunday jazz ramadhan, potluck kitchen

From the local resources we have three groups. Iman Brata Trio will be back in this edition, still with siblings Abank Sulaiman (guitar) and Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata (drums) and Gabriel Surya (bass). This band once played the fusion between jazz, rock and blues but later on expanded their music by exposing their softer sides. Soft or not, the roaring rockin’ guitar with effects and some experimental acts of Abank on his guitar, the powerful drum beating of Ade and the cool rhythm guarding by Gabriel will make their performance as shiny as always.\

Dyah Sekar Trio, led by the cute, petite pianist Dyah Sekar is listed in the lineup. Along with SHE’s drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen and bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe, they are told to play straight ahead. We don’t know if they will stick to it this time or add some Latins like before, but Dyah Sekar Trio knows how to bring their music nice and easy to love.

Last but not least, the ‘gigantic’ jazz crooner Tulus completes the list. Together with bassist Sindhu Banyusekti, drummer Fuad Rudyan and young pianist Yonathan Godjali of Fifteen Plus, Tulus will represent the jazz pop area where he usually loves to be at.


Sunday Jazz has reached the 22 edition in Potluck Kitchen and still running. It’s something we all should be happy for, but certainly it’s not an easy journey. KlabJazz and Potluck Kitchen managed to keep the show on up until now with everything they can. It all began with a 60 minutes solo performance, but later on it kept on getting bigger to accomodate 5 to 6 bands for each edition. This regular jazz community event is also appears in wide variety. If you come to at least one show, you will notice that jazz indeed is a big family. There are so many types of jazz existed today, from the smooth relaxing to the complex and complicated ones. With this wide array of jazz,  it’s kind of impossible if you still can’t find any style that suits you.

In almost all episode we got one or more guest(s) from Jakarta and beyond. This is one of the advantage of jazz community’s existance. Not only it can keep socializing jazz in the city, but it can also provides a place for fellows from other cities to meet the fans. Almost all bands from Jakarta stated their excitement of playing in Bandung. “The Bandung jazz crowds are amazing! They can enjoy even the complex ones and also very responsive!” said one of the jazz musicians from Jakarta to us a while ago. Yes, that comment reflects the Bandung jazz scene today. Jazz has been doing great lately in this capital of West Java. Look at the number of attendances for this edition. It was fully crowded, so crowded that even the musicians found it difficult to sit before and after their play. It’s our job now to keep this fire burning. Not only the musicians, but the media, the event organizers and of course you, all the jazz fans can contribute in the mission to bring jazz into the position it really deserves.

This XXII edition presented 6 bands. 5 of them came from Bandung consists of the emerging young bands and even the newly shaped. D’Sas, Cameo, Tulus, RTF3 and Forsure were the Bandung representatives. They all brought different sides of jazz, from groove, crooning, straightahead, fusion and also a sub genre that we don’t hear often, the third stream brought by the newborn group Forsure. Third Stream is the kind of music that’s located halfway between jazz and classical. Both these music types came from different eras, but we have noticed that there are times when classical disciplines got integrated with jazz even back in the day when jazz was born. Later we can trace the evidence through the Eropean Jazz including the ECM. Adopting this concept won’t be easy since the musicians have to be proficient in both worlds, that’s why we were excited when we heard about one group who dare enough to play this concept.

From Jakarta we have a band with dangerous dose of funk, Mr Funkenstein. They are considerably new, but they already have a clear concept. What they play is the vintage funk that we don’t hear so often anymore in our today’s music trend. We can’t deny that there were times when we really missed this kind of vintage funklines, but now we have Mr Funkenstein who’s up for it. They already have their own songs and look forward to make a recording. Before that, they came to reintroduce this music to all the jazz fans in Bandung. The former drummer of Notturno, Cak Hend is sitting in the same position for Mr Funkenstein. We’ll talk more about it in the next paragraph, as this group was the first band to open the Sunday Jazz @ Potluck XXII.

Roll up the curtain, here we go! Mr Funkenstein started the whole show with complete team: Cak Hend on drum, Shalyane Sudarsono on keyboard, Yudha Gautama Putra on saxophone, Rakhmad Demank Utomo on bass, and Andri Brendley on guitar. Without further due, they started strong with taking John Coltrane‘s “Equinox” rearranged in New Orleans funk. The second song was “Jeep on 35” popularized by Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood. Next up was Medeski, Martin and Wood’s song,”Chubb Sub”, which interestingly re-arranged into reggae funk. “Ideofunk” by John Scofield became the last song of them. This band represented the retro funk in rising the whole cover songs to the top. It was great to know more deeply about funk jazz which may not too popular among the youngsters. This is why we are glad to welcome Mr. Funkestein that they are expected to give lotta new tunes in purpose to familiarize this traditional funk.

Cak Hend explained to us more about the band and the concept. “We are very happy to be able to play in KlabJazz’ event, a community that’s always been consistent with jazz. Now is our chance to introduce what kind of funk we’re in.”  he said excitedly. If you see their songlist you might be able to know their source of inspiration. “Yes, we are influenced by funk bands/masters such as Medeski, Martin and Wood, John Scofield, Larry Golding and Joey DeFrancesco. I know, many youngsters might be unfamiliar with these names, but at least let us be the alternative among so many other genres in jazz.” said Cak Hend. When he played in Notturno he digged the avant-funk deeply, now with this band he promised to play more traditional funk with bass and drums rhytmic, the harmony between organ and guitar, and will also let Yudha run wild playing his saxophone with sound effects in some solo parts. Yudha really surprised us by showing that he actually can be as wild as Coltrane and the likes too if he has to. This is what we experienced in their performance at the Sunday jazz @ Potluck XXII. In short sentence, they are ready to bring the infectious high dose of retro funk. They have just begun, believe us that you will hear their names more often in the near future. We are right behind you, Mr Funkenstein! Keep funkin’ high!

Cameo started with four members then grew into five talented youngsters. This was their first appareance since last year for KlabJazz. After several delayed show because of campus activities, now they were back again with Desal Sembada as drummer, Ridwan Rachmadan as keyboardist, Khrisna Alda Radiansyah as bassist, Billy Ramdhani as saxophonist and Prasidhi Artono as guitarist. The fellows slapped our consciousness with their first song “Titik Awal” originally written by Indro Hardjodikoro energetically. Mood is slowed down in second number with domination on keyboard and saxophone in Hiromi Uehara’s hit “Time Out”. Thirdly, “Epoca Del Sol” by Akira Jimbo and continued to Joshua Redman’s “Jazz Crime”. “Vuelo” by Dave Weckl Band was played for the last tunes. Fusion is the speciality of Cameo that we can listen strongly throughout the stage act. They were good back then, they are still excellent now. Hopefully they can manage the time to keep playing as a band, because we know they have a bright future if they keep the consistency in practicing and playing.

As the third performer of Sunday Jazzy noon came a groove band which was established in January 12, 2009, D’Sas. D’Sas has two vocalist consists of Yuyu Yuliawati and Rizky ‘Ono’ Fedriansyah. , Tegar Pradana on guitar, Taufik ‘Opik’ Rochman on rhythm guitar, Muhammad Ilham Ashari on drums, Muhamad Fachri Dwipraja on bass, Alfaris Dovy Agustra as the sound programmer and in addition, Bhisma Jaya of Soulution on keyboard.  Unfortunately Rizky couldn’t make it for this time, so he was replaced by another Soulution personnel, the vocalist Markus Ariofandi.

Lotta member of the band grooved up the stage with “Dahulu” a huge hit by The Groove, and then they sang their own love song, “Katakan Padaku”.  and Markus seemed so communicative with the listeners, something that he already showed us when he was in the audition for Kampoeng Jazz 2011 several months ago. D’Sas carried on with a mellow tune “Andaikan”. A cover of Prince‘s “The Most Beatiful Girl in the World” was brought in medley with Glenn Fredly‘s “Cukup Sudah”, before Yulia introduced the members one by one. Once again they carried their own creation, “Bidadariku”. Groove still is the most wanted melody among the young folks. Since D’Sas is into this kind of pop jazz, they can dream big for a bright future. With their ability to make their own songs and the fact that they are still young, we sincerely hope they will fly higher in jazz air.

Forsure turned out as the later band after pray call, parted into Edward Manurung as drummer, Oktavianus Markus Tondatuon as keyboardist, Samuel as electric bassist and Sandi as guitarist. The whole tracks were their own product. First was Markus’s life story poured forth into “Perjalanan”. European jazz or more specifically the third stream was the theme of this new but surprising band. “Wanita” inspired by Markus’s mom served after. By and by “Fellowship” and following with “Masa Depan” delivered to the audience. Thereafter, “Hadirmu” a song about Markus’s child and they closed their attainment with “Seperti Rajawali”. One of the crowd said a compliment, “Hearing Foursure is like listening to CD.” It was meant to describe how solid and clean they played on stage, and should be considered as a sign that people are expecting more good work from them. Keep it up, Forsure!

Next was Tulus. This giant crooner came up to the stage with his special big chair. He was accompanied with the Aru bros: Arifandi “Ari Aru” Renaldi on drum, Rudi “Rudi Aru” Zulkarnaen on contra bass, and their youngest sibling Rinonardi on keyboard. He nicely opened the act covering his fave woman singer, Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” then a classic jazz, “But for Now” catch on by Jamie Cullum. “Diorama” as an admirable closing told about a condition when we regret things but we can do nothing because of the obedient custom.  This is his original, and we can get this single on youtube and his official website. What a charming act by Tulus! A teaser from Tulus, for a year he has prepared a solo album which produced by Ari Aru. He wrote all songs himself and there will be a single showcase in CCF Bandung on September 28th. It will be a worth gig to wait.

We have met him 2 years ago when he was still the vocalist of Sikuai, but now his singing voice is softer and better than ever. We don’t have so many crooners in Indonesia right now, so Tulus can actually use this moment to go into the fame. We are happy to see his progress, and certainly hope to see more of him.

The last performing band was RTF3, a new band with well known Bandung musicians. RTF3 formed of Rudy Zulkarnaen on electric bass, Tesla Manaf Effendi on guitar, Fuad Rudyan on drums. We were worried since Tesla had just did something crazy just several days earlier. Last Tuesday he decided to march by foot from Bandung towards Jakarta as the final destination. That was like a suicidal act since the distance are about 130 km far! He failed to do so, but hey, he managed to reach 30 km by walking. That’s an achievement he should be proud of. Keeping up his promise, he came and ready to play. Holding Pat Metheny as the theme, they smashed in with “H and H”. Ensuing was Pet Metheny Group’s “Better Days Ahead”. Their doing “(Go) Get It” as the third presentation, after that we listened to Pat Metheny’s “James”, and was closed by “Oam’s Blues”. This group brought the delicious straight ahead as one of the standout Modern Jazz style, where bebop, hard bop and other closely related subgenres are in the same pocket. With this challenging straight ahead, the Mostly Jazz XXII reached the end.

As we can see this time many kind of people came by. Granny, youth, and toddler, came together to spend their time hearing jazzy tunes and some of them came by to see and support their beloved friends who performed in Sunday Jazz. In our record, it was one of the most crowded Sunday Jazz @ Potluck. This arise a question: can we manage to keep the same atmosphere for the next shows? Being optimist we would say, yes. But we all have to know our role in this progressing jazz movement first. For the jazz lovers, you can give your blessings and support by at least attending the event. Back to this edition, it was a lovely ambience to enjoy! Potluck itself always gives the best they can to serve a comfortable zone for the jazz lover, while KlabJazz has been giving up its best efforts in running this event regularly. It’s a nutricious collaboration that we hope to continue for more years to come. Never give up on the good thing guys! Lets catch up again in the next Sunday Jazz!

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Reporter: Mellysa Anastasya, Muhammad Fadhly
Photographer: Marnala Eross Simanjuntak
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


The jazz movement in Bandung is progressing fast. From one or two jazz events in a month, now more and more resto & cafe serve jazz along with their assorted meal and beverage menus. Besides the regular KlabJazz event Sunday Jazz which now appear in two crime scenes: Potluck (the second week of each month) and Dago Plaza (the 4th or 5th week), now there are two other places where you can have live jazz every week: Beat & Bite (located in the corner of Jl Ambon & Flores, right behind the big Post Office building) and Green Cafe (Jl Diponegoro, in front of the Bandung Geology Museum). While Beat & Bite serves jazz on Thursday, Green Cafe rolls it on Monday. This scene will give a lot of benefits for the jazz movement in Bandung, including the growing number of jazz bands. The number increases since there are more places to play, and it’s all natural. We have seen so many newcomers that are dominated by the young players who are already good eventhough they are still newly born. A good scene that promises a good future for jazz in Bandung, we optimistically think so.

While these two new venues usually presents the new born groups, the longer established Sunday Jazz is now doing well and stable. This event is the place where we can enjoy lots of the ‘already shaped’ groups (usually 5 or 6 groups in one edition). Not only the established group from local resource, we also got the groups from Jakarta too. We have lots of jazz bands right now, and we do have enough venues. But remember, all will mean nothing without the audience, therefore as the jazz lovers we can give our support by attending the event.


Here comes the Sunday Jazz @ Potluck XXII. A fresh lineup which once again combines the local bands with Jakarta based group. First of all, let’s talk about the new group from Jakarta, Mr Funkenstein, the new group of Cak Hend who previously known as one of the Notturno Trio.

All was started when watching Joey deFrancesco’s performance at the Java Jazz Festival 2011. That was one unforgettable show that even us still remember it so well. But for Cak Hend and some other young musicians, that session stimulated their brain to do something with it. “All of a sudden we felt like wanting to play the kind of old funk like this.” said Cak Hend. Not long after that, Mr Funkenstein was born. Cak Hend has been really serious in building this band, so serious that he had to make a very hard decision by quitting his former band Notturno. We met them for the first time at the Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran 84th edition where we got surpirsed by their seducing vintage funk, something that we don’t hear quite often anymore in today’s music trend. In this group Cak Hend (drums) is accompanied by 4 potential musicians Shalyane Sudarsono (keyboard), Yudha Gautama Putra (sax), Rakhmad Demank Utomo (bass) and Andri Brendley replacing M Ilham Basir for this time on guitar. With the strong influences from Medeski, Martin & Wood, Joey deFrancesco, Jimmy Smith, Larry Golding, John Scofield, Big Organ Trio to Soulive 4, Mr Funkenstein is looking forward to plant their signature in our music scene. For us, Mr Funkenstein provides the answer to us who miss the infectious and contagious retro-funk. “It’s nutricious and will make you addicted” said them on their official Reverbnation page. Mr Funkenstein will repeat their showdown with the Bandung bands following the first one at Margo Friday Jazz, Depok last May of 2011. High dose of funk means high dose of fun. Mr Funkenstein is ready to spread the funkin’ virus at Potluck next Sunday.


Still two times a month, but in two different locations at this moment. Yes, that’s how Sunday Jazz recently works in Bandung. Just a week ago we tasted the first Sunday Jazz in a whole different atmosphere. Taking place at Nyamak Food Court Dago Plaza, no less than 6 bands performed one after another in a cool stage that’s designed in urban style. (Read the report here) “It’s like watching jazz in the cool!” said one of the audiences there. The different atmosphere brought the best in each bands to deliver their musics. This Sunday we’ll be back to the venue that has been connected with Sunday Jazz since the beginning last year on April 2010, Potluck Kitchen.

Here we come to the Sunday Jazz XX, the 20th edition of having jazz served regularly here in Bandung. The crowds might be not as much as other music events, let’s say indie pop or rock, but don’t forget that jazz has always have its own fans. Jazz fans needs jazz events for them to enjoy, while the jazz musicians need events to gain more playing hours. Several days ago at the Kampoeng Jazz 2011 we saw a very good number of attendance, about 7000 people. It’s not bad at all. Bandung has been one of the most important jazz cities in Indonesian jazz history, and it’s really up to us if we want to keep it that way or not in the present time. What we’re saying is, in order to grow, jazz needs support from us all. Whether you’re jazz musicians, promotors, event organizers, planners, communities, medias or the fans, we all can always do our part to support. KlabJazz as one of the jazz communities in Bandung has been keeping their spirit and faith. Despite of all the problems and difficult situations, somehow they still keep going, doing everything possible. Various jazz colors and shapes has graced each editions. We got good young local bands, groups from the capital Jakarta and other cities, both young bands and seniors, all of them have graced Sunday Jazz from time to time.  We know for sure jazz has a big chance to live well in Bandung, but yet again, it needs our supports. Together we can make it happen.

sunday jazz xx at potluck kitchen

In Sunday Jazz XX edition there will be 5 groups to play. First, AJ Shin will repeat their appearance after their first one at Dago Plaza. This is a new group that has hip hop funk as their concept. Keyboardist Ivan Jonathan recently found his passion to keep playing in Bandung. He’s said to be an Indonesian musician who tries to pursue his career in Singapore and Korea, but ever since he came back to Bandung, he’s been busy playing in KlabJazz’ events. “I don’t know..maybe I’ll stay and keep playing in here”, he said last week. Ivan can jazz up his keyboard very well. In many times he inherits the vintage sound just like Herbie Hancock or Deodato did in the 70’s, but he has another passion in hiphop funk too, like what he shows with his new group AJ Shin. He’s able to sing in Korean too. Together with young but good and experienced electric bass player Sindhu Banyusekti, drummer Gantira Sena, guitarist Riyan Hidayat and the cool DJ Muhammad Adri (Abo), he formed AJ Shin to bring this interesting jazz hybrid.

A guest from Jakarta named Alifa & the Imaginary Friends is also on the list. We have seen and reported their performance at Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK) 84th edition (KJK’s 7th anniversary party). What’s cool about this group is the pleasure of having jazz altogether with beatbox, courtesy of Kevin Julian.  (Read the report here). Then we have another talent we spotted at Kampoeng Jazz 2011 Band Audition, Chocolate Muffin. Appearing in the formation of five, at that time they delivered one sweet and smooth acoustic concept. They are able to keep it simple and neat. It’s lovely to have the easy listening acoustic jazz pop with a touch of saxophone along with a female vocalist, and that’s what Chocolate Muffin has in store. “We offer easy listening music in acoustic jazz..” said Chocolate Muffin on their resume.


After being in a state of turmoil since last month, finally Sunday Jazz XIX was held again at Potluck Kitchen, Bandung. It’s certainly not easy to run a regular jazz event especially when it’s meant for free since the beginning. But KlabJazz has been working as hard as possible to keep it going. So far the result has been made. Potluck will still host the Sunday Jazz but only once a month. As the commitment to make the jazz event appear twice a month, KlabJazz is currently into discussion with an upcoming food court in Dago Plaza. Soon we can have another regular gig of KlabJazz, served outdoor at this new venue.

The stage was prepared to have no less than 5 bands this Sunday consists of nothing but potential youngsters. Dyah Sekar Trio was led by Dyah Sekar Utami, a pianist from Bandung. She’s now active as piano and vocal teacher at Elfa’s Music School. We still remember how well she played when Sunday Jazz celebrated the mother’s day last December with a special edition of Jazz & Perempuan (Jazz & Female). She answered the challenge made by the coordinator of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman about making her own trio at that time, as now she brought SHE’s drummer Adisty Zulkarnaen (drum) and Gega Nesywara (bass). Next, we got the return of Ivan & Tesla who have just released their debut EP two weeks ago at Sunday Kroyokeanjes ITB. Tesla is one of the most restless guitarists we’ve ever seen. He keeps on moving no matter what. Let’s say if the band he was in got hiatus due to the other personnels’ busy activity, he would go on making a new allignment and establishing a new band. He did it all along the way. From Bayu & Tesla to G/E/T, then to Grace & Tesla as well as joining some other bands as a sideman and making some collaborations. Recently he’s active in Tesla Manaf Effendi and Mahagotra Ganesha and this week’s performing group, Ivan & Tesla. The other name Ivan is a cool pianist who’s building his career in Singapore and Korea. While he’s here during holiday, he moved fast by establishing a group and quickly recorded some songs with one EP as the output. Dani Irjayana (drum) and Gega Nesywara (bass) completed this interesting duo.

Nesia Ardi-Andy Gomez (7)

Nesia Medyanti Ardi was another performer of Sunday Jazz XIX. She settled in jazz since she was still 19 after heavily influenced by some all time great soulful jazz singers such as Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington. She had performed in Java Jazz Festival and other stages such as Jajan Jazz and Margo Friday Jazz. This girl has a very lovely vocal with the ability to scat-singing just like she was born with it. Then we also got SOULITUDE, a promising group we spotted when they competed in Kampoeng Jazz 2011 audition. They appeared neat and solid at that time, especially with their unique boppin’ rendition of Sundanese folk song “Manuk Dadali“. They failed to grab the shot for playing at Kampoeng Jazz 2011, but what they gave back then was enough for us to see their capability. Soulitude is very promising, especially with their dareness in giving some bop pattern on the soulful groove jazz. Last but not least, we had the return of Vassagie, a good quality trio that usually played wide by giving up diverse jazz colors. Interesting lineup promised one good show, and it was exactly that way.

Soulitude (5)

Soulitude (9)Soulitude got the first chance to open up the show. They came all the way from Bogor to reach Potluck stage. Just like how they grabbed our attention at the Kampoeng Jazz 2011 audition, this time they showed another solid performance. Intan (vocal), Umay (sax), two Ivans (on guitar and bass), Sandy (keyboard) and Rama (drums) gave their first groovin’ touch by taking on Incognito‘s collection, “Colibri“. They continued on groovin’, this time went deeper into soulful side by playing one of James Ingram‘s famous hit, “One Hundred Ways“. In the mid of their performance, they introduced one featuring singer named Gentani in covering an epic song from Dian Pramana Putra, “Biru“. On the next they brought Gentani’s own song titled “More and More“. As the closing of their performance, Intan took over the mike again and sang “Summertime” in mid tempo groove. With the good skill of the personnels, we know that Soulitude is really promising. What they need to do is keep maintaining the band and keep playing, and they will achieve many things throughout their career. Keep it up, Soulitude! You’re doing great.


It’s almost a month after the last Sunday Jazz was held. Without any hesitation, we gladly inform you that Sunday Jazz will roll again at Potluck Kitchen. Klab Jazz together with Potluck Kitchen presents Sunday Jazz XIX. This time they ready to quench your thirst of jazz with 5 bands.

This sunday we’ll see Dyah Sekar Trio (straight ahead), Ivan & Tesla (fusion), Nesia Ardi (vocal jazz standard) from Jakarta, Soulitude (groove) from Bogor and Vassagie (fusion). In about 4 hours, the heap of jazz tunes will heave our ears. Here’s the line up.

The first performer is Dyah Sekar Trio. Dyah Sekar Utami is a young jazz Bandung pianist, well known for her activity as piano and vocal teacher at Elfa Music School. This will be a second performance in Sunday Jazz of this trio. Last time we saw her is when she played at Jazz & Perempuan Edition last December. At that time, she collaborated with Christ Stanley and  Bandung’s famous jazzy singer, Grace Carolline Sahertian. We all remember when the founder of Klab Jazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman, expected Dyah to built her own trio. And now, glad to see her to be perform again in this edition. She’ll bring Adisty Zulkarnaen (drum) and Gega Nesywara (bass). This will be an interesting time to watch a new rising star Bandung female pianist.

Next performer will be Ivan & Tesla. They just released their first mini album in Sunday Kroyokeanjes ITB two weeks ago. Ivan Jonathan is an Indonesian pianist based in Seoul, South Korea. While he’s here during the holiday, he quickly formed the group not only to perform but also make a recording. And , who doesn’t know Tesla Manaf Effendi? One of the finest jazz guitarist in Bandung who involved on several jazz group/duo such as Grace and Tesla, Bayu and Tesla, and G/E/T. This duo played some fusion and electric jazz composition of their songs. They will bring Dani Irjayana (drum) and Gega Nesywara (bass) to play with them in this edition.

Nesia Medyanti Ardi found her passion in Jazz when she was 19. Nesia take her influences form some females jazz and soul singer like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dinah Washington. In 2008, she performed at Java Jazz Festival with Friends. Then she begin to sing with another group at several jazz events such as Jajan Jazz with Harry Toledo and community, Margo Friday Jazz with Peppy Probo and friends, etc. In 2009, Nesia started to learn at Institut Musik Daya until now.

On the next line up, SOULITUDE. We just saw them on Kampoeng Jazz 2011 audition. Yes, they’re still rearing in our ear, how they add a tip of Bop in the middle of Indonesian folk song “Manuk Dadali” in the audition and now they will perform again in front of us. Sure thing ,they will bring their own definition of groove to the stage. Get ready to groove people!

Last but not least. We got Aldi Nada Permana (keys), Jalu Rohanda (bass), and Herwin Pratama (drum) are the ones behind Vassagie. They always bring their unique style of mainstream, funk and also bebop blended with their own touch. When ever they performed, never failed to entertain the crowd.

So don’t forget to mark your calendar on 10th of april. These bands are ready to jazz up your ear on this sunday. Join us and see you there!


Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011
Time: 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: Potluck Kitchen
Jl H Wasid 31 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Featuring :

DYAH SEKAR TRIO (Straight Ahead)
– Dyah Sekar – electric piano
– Adisty Zulkarnaen – drums
– Gega Nesywara – bass

IVAN & TESLA (Fusion/Electric Jazz)
– Dani Irjayana – drums
– Ivan Jonathan – keyboards
– Gega Nesywara – bass

NESIA ARDI (Vocal Jazz Standard)
– Nesia Ardi – vocal
– Ganggeng Yudhana – guitar

– Irfan Hermawan – bass
– Sandi Tahiya – keyboard
– Ramadhan Dwi Putra Mandiri – drums
– Muhammad Ardiansyah Umardani – alto saxophone
– Guitar and Vocal

VASSAGIE (Fusion/Electric Jazz)

– Aldi Nada Permana – electric pianoAldi Nada Permana – electric piano
– Herwin Parta -drums
– Jalu Rohanda – bass


It doesn’t take long for Bandung to continue its jazz path again. Last week everyone focused on the largest jazz festival in the world, the Java Jazz Festival 2011, getting all the taste of jazz for three days nonstop at JIExpo Jakarta. Just a week after, almost every regular jazz events around the country runs their program again. This Sunday at least two regular events was held in Jakarta and Bandung. While in Jakarta you could taste the jazzin’ lifestyle filled with jazz socialites at Indra Lesmana’s Mostly Jazz, in Bandung we got Sunday Jazz at Potluck Kitchen. Sunday Jazz now has reached its XVIII edition. A set of lineup had been prepared by KlabJazz since several weeks ago, and just several days before this event held the fixed one was finally set. Just like many of the previous Sunday Jazz, this time once again we got a group from Jakarta, Hemiola Quartet.

Hemiola Quartet (9)

Hemiola is a musical term that describes a metrical pattern in which two bars of simple triple composition such as 3/4 or 3/2 are articulated in simple duple time. Mozart used it in his pattern in his Piano Sonata K 332 in the 15th century. It’s certainly interesting when a couple of young musicians decided to use this term as their group’s name. One the member in this group is Gerald Situmorang, a skillful young guitarist we have known before through a couple of other bands such as BAG Trio (later became BAG+Beat) and the stunning acoustic guitar duo Sketsa who just did their comeback at the Java Jazz Festival 2011. Dimas Pradipta (drums) and Kevin Yosua (bass) are both active in 4sixteenth (Kevin Yosua now has also joined Notturno replacing Joshua Arifin). Hemiola Quartet is a fresh group who formed just 3 months ago in January 2011. It was started when Dimas asked Gerald and Kevin to jam at his home. Finding that they actually had good chemistry to one another, they started to think of making a group with trio formation. But then they thought of quartet instead of trio by adding one pianist in. Gabriella Miranda, the pianist from 414 band was asked and quickly agreed to join. They just clicked one to another, because of that now we have one new born jazz quartet with lots of ideas. Though this band is still a 3 month old baby, they already have their own original songs. That shows how quick this band grow, and we do hope they will keep their pace and rhythm in pursuing their career.

Sunday Ice Cream (3)

Other than Hemiola Quartet we also got Iman Rahman & Friends. They are not the newcomers especially in KlabJazz’ events. Led by the always smiling bassist Iman Rahman, this group is always nice to watch since they like to bring groovy fusion with sprinkle of ethnics inside. Egon Firman (keyboard) and Fajar (drums) are the “Friends”, making this group stands as a solid trio. Then there was also a group we spotted first of all at the Kampoeng Jazz 2011 Band Audition named Sunday Ice Cream. At that time they showed a strong enough play, enabling us the judges to spot their potential. They didn’t win at that time, but that doesn’t mean that this band has lack of power. In fact, we found many strength inside this band, including the charming and energetic performance of Raisa Fatma the vocalist who became the center of attention at the audition. She has really nice voice and really agile, something that reminded us of a younger Syaharani. Ridho Aditya Gumilang (guitar), Triwahyu Rubianto (guitar), Jemie Pranaldila (bass), Adhiatmaji Paramayudha (drum), Rezha Agung Putra (keyboard) and Muhammand Ramadhan F (sax) are the rest of the band who was formed in Bandung, in 2008.


You might still have the jazz-lag after the 3 days jazzin’ haven at the Java Jazz Festival 2011, but here comes the news. The regular jazz event in Bandung, Sunday Jazz @ Potluck is ready to roll again this Sunday, March 13, 2011. At the Sunday Jazz XVIII edition, KlabJazz has prepared the lineup consists of groups from Jakarta and Bandung. Each group has their own concept, that means once again we will see the multi jazz colors coming out from the stage of Potluck.

First of all, a new fusion/bop group Hemiola Quartet from Jakarta will be there. They have confirmed to play since several weeks ago, and everything seems still as planned. This is the new group of Gerald Hiras Sitomorang, a rising jazz guitarist who also involved in several other groups such as BAG Trio (later become BAG+Beat with some rap/hip hop/urban music attached) and the acoustic duo Sketsa. He just performed with Sketsa at the Java Jazz Festival 2011 (read the report here) , now it’s time for us to see his new band Hemiola Quartet with Dimas Pradipta (drums), Gabriella Sava Putri Miranda (piano) and the new Notturno‘s bassist, Kevin Yosua. We know Gerald as a guitarist who can never stop exploring, yet again we haven’t heard how he play in Hemiola Quartet. So this will be a good chance to see what Gerald and friends will bring.

Next there will be Iman Rahman & Friends. Iman Rahman is a charming bassist who is always nice to watch, simply because he can play really well and keep smiling at the same time. This group plays the kind of fusion with touches of ethnic inside. Egon Firman (keyboard) and Fajar (drums) are the other two personnels of the group. We haven’t seen the group for quite a while, but now it’s good to have them back.

sunday jazz xviii, hemiola quartet, sunday ice cream, iman rahman and friends

One of the bands that we took some special note at the Kampoeng Jazz 2011 Band audition was Sunday Ice Cream. All the judges agreed that they have something worth to notice and has big potential. In the audition Raisa Fatma who reminded us of young Syaharani stole the show with her lovely vocal and energetic move, while the rest of the band members did a good job in each role. Even with incomplete formation, they managed to bring the best of them that time, and we could really see that they have something to succeed. What can be better than having the jazzin’ Sunday with Sunday Ice Cream? This is not just a name, because their groove style is really tasty, cool and pleasuring just like having an ice cream on the hot sunny day. Ridho Aditya Gumilang (guitar), Triwahyu Rubianto (guitar), Jemie Pranaldila (bass), Adhiatmaji Paramayudha (drum), Rezha Agung Putra (keyboard) and Muhammand Ramadhan F (sax) are the rest of the personnels, and they are ready to perform in complete formation at the Sunday Jazz XVIII.

Last but not least, West Java syndicate completing the lineup. This band which consists of Zahar Mustilaq (drums), yopi D Nafis (keyboard), Zinner (kendang) and Dede SP (electric bass) will represent the world/prog/jazz side. It’s not easy to combine the modern jazz with the traditional ethnics. Both have different pattern, but when it comes to the right band/person, we can always get something new out of it. It’s time to see how the East meets West concept of West Java Syndicate will turn out to be. And last but not least, there will be free-for-all jam session led by Lab Jazz Aru.