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Red White Jazz Lounge has been running really well for several months now in presenting so many great  bands/artists in various jazz colors. It didn’t take long for this 5 days a week event to capture the heart of jazz lovers in Jakarta and nearby. Not only because it continued the previous Mostly Jazz that already has loyal fans from both jazz enthusiasts and artists but also because this event provides more than enough space for everyone who are into jazz to express themselves while enjoying series of performers with affordable price. After a very cool March program, another interesting program has been announced for the April edition of Red White Jazz Lounge, again featuring colorful lineup in variety, from the legends, maestros up to the potential young cats. “This month we’ve come to our seventh month in service as a full time jazz club. Thank you to all musicians and jazz enthusiasts for your continuous support”, said Indra Lesmana proudly. Without further ado, let’s see  the complete rooster for the April calendar of Red White Jazz Lounge.

Mostly Jazz’ Open Jam Session with Sudden Jazz Fanny & Friends
If you’re a regular visitor of Red White Jazz Lounge you should still remember when Fanny Kuncoro led his fellows in Fanny & Friends to present Sudden Jazz 3 times back in February. This month the young man who’s recently pursuing his passion in organ with his Fanny Kuncoro Organ Quartet will be back again presenting the joyous part of jazz, the open jam session. In this April Fanny Kuncoro and his friends will guard the jam session for four Sundays. Check out the date and don’t miss it, especially if you’re a big fan of the unpredictable and spontaneous jammin’.
Fanny Kuncoro & Friends will perform on Sundays, April 1, 8, 15 and 22, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Bubu Giri
The dynamic duo Bubu Giri continues their path on Red White Lounge’s soil after their first attempt in March. Yes, it’s Bubu, the vocalist of Contra Indigo and Giri, a guitarist we know from the Stonation behind this minimalistic group. Joining their forces together they bring delightful groove and blues over their acoustic pattern. For you who like this kind of jazz, Bubu Giri will definitely pleasure you.
Bubu Giri will perform twice on April 4 and 11, 2011
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

Donny Suhendra Big City Blues
Just in case you missed Donny Suhendra Big City Blues two months ago at Red White Lounge, here’s the chance to pay it off. Donny Suhendra is definitely one of the Indonesia’s most influential guitarists. Starting with blues and rock, later he played more to fusion and established himself strongly within this sub-genre. Having said that, his earlier pattern always shine during his play. You can hear a strong, thick sound of the root of the modern music we know as blues from him which often comes in humble but challenging method. This is the group where he can go freely in painting up his blues passion. Last January he brought Sue Bonnington, Amiroez, Rishanda, Eddy Syahroni and Najib Osman to fill up 5 sessions of the program. This month they are going to give two shows. Let’s celebrate blues together with them.
Donny Suhendra Big City Blues will perform three times on Thursdays: April 5, 12 and 26, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

gugun blues shelter, red white jazz lounge

Gugun Blues Shelter (Special Show)
Behold, the popular group which has gained their international fame especially in England is coming to grace the Red White Lounge this month! Gugun Blues Shelter which is consisting of Gugun (guitar,vocal), Bowie (drums) and Jono (bass) is ready to bounce you upside down with their dangerous rockin’ blues music. Being a blues group that has appeared many times in jazz festivals/events, we know that sooner or later they will come to this jazz lounge. Get ready to go rockin’ and roarin’ with them in a special show next week. Long live the blues!
Gugun Blues Shelter will perform on Friday, April 6, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 100.000

Balawan BiFan Trio (Special Show)
A month ago we tasted the new dopin’ collaboration between the guitar maestro I Wayan Balawan with a great young bassist Fajar Adi Nugroho at the Java Jazz Festival 2012. Yes the Balawan BiFan Duo was formed not long time ago, but so far they have played in numerous events, including at Jazz Market Taman Bagawan Nusadua bali before landing big at the Java Jazz Festival. From duo now they are shaping up as trio by having drummer Dion Subiakto in. “We now has two formations, duo and trio, depending on what the event needs” said Fajar to us. Watching Balawan ‘drowned’ in guitars and watching him play like no others is always entertaining, plus now he has a bassist who can match his ‘craziness’ in pouring streams of notes. Imagine when they both got empowered by drum beats courtesy of Dion. A collaboration that should be kept and has to go further into the recordings we should say. If that’s not enough, guitarist Aria Baron Suprayogi is confirmed to be the special guest. Let’s enjoy these nutricious collaboration while they are listed in  this month’s program.
Balawan BiFan Trio will perform on April 7, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 100.000

Barry Likumahuwa : Dance According to Jazz ft Monita
It’s a fact that Barry Likumahuwa is now one of the most important frontliners for youngsters when it comes to jazz. It’s also a fact that he can play seriously cool funk in thicker jazz pattern the way he shows in LLW or with his Barry Likumahuwa Quintet. Apart from these groups, he’s also focusing in establishing the connection with his father Benny Likumahuwa as ‘Like Father Like Son’ which based on the his idea to facilitate his father for making a solo album that suits his hearty expression. Now listen to this. If you’re a fan of Barry Likumahuwa and you like to dance, you got to see this one. Here Barry will bring you all to dance together, in jazz way. The beautiful girl with lovely voice Monita Tahalea joins in as well.
Barry Likumahuwa ft Monita will perform on April 13, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

sierra soetedjo, red white jazz lounge

Sierra Soetedjo
Many jazz lovers have already got seduced with the smooth and soft voice of this stunningly beautiful lady named Sierra Soetedjo. She’s already realized that music is her energy eversince his childhood. Taking the Bachelor Degree of Music, in Jazz Performance at Edith Cowan University, Australia was an important step for her to take before she jumped inside the industry since 2008. Soon after she captured the attention of many people including some of the VIPs in our music scene. That of course includes the late Bubi Chen who asked her to join his every performance right away up until he passed away last February and dubbed her as a scatting song bird. Her first landing on Red White Lounge’s center stage will definitely be a wonderful news for her fans. For you who still doesn’t know her yet, she sings bossanova, latin and standards with good scatting ability in a beautiful way. Please take some time to read our exclusive encounter with her in this article: ‘Something About Sierra’. If 72 years ago Manning Sherwin and Eric Maschwitz wrote a classic standard “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, be sure to catch the moment when a nightingale sings in Red White Lounge.


As you can see in the e-flyer above, there’s a very famous statement which says “Jazz is not a what, it is a how.” This sentence was made by none other than Bill Evans who describe how dynamic and progressive jazz really is. “If it were a what, it would be static, never growing. The how is that the music comes from the moment, it is spontaneous, it exists at the time it is created. And anyone who makes music according to this method conveys to me an element that makes his music jazz”, that’s what he said right after that famous statement. This statement’s proved to be true if you see the rapid jazz development in Red White Lounge, the home of series of weekly show previously known as Mostly Jazz that’s now called Red White Jazz Lounge. After being spoiled by loads of jazz in various flavors, styles and colors for 5 days a week since October, many of the fans were asking when the event will start again after the new year. Now here’s the complete January program of the Red White Jazz Lounge that comes with some surprising lineup. Dim the lights, here we go.

1. Donny Suhendra Big City Blues
Donny Suhendra is one of the most influential musicians of this era. Not only by his involvement in many legendary groups but also by his touch in creating a lot of today’s amazing guitarists. Yes he’s famous with his jazz-fusion approach, but let’s not forget that he actually started with blues and rock and still passionately into it until now. We might remember his part in some supergroups such as D’Marzyo, Krakatau, Adegan, JavaJazz or even the newer one which he’s still active in, ESQI:EF with Syaharani and Didit Saat, but we should also remember a group he formed around 1997 which strongly based in blues called Big City Blues. This group originally was formed with A.S Mates, Eddy Syahroni, Iskandar, Fred Burkhard and Najib Osman. Later on Sue Bonnington, Albert Warnerin and Krisna Waluyo Suryowijoyo joined in. For their landing at Red White Jazz Lounge, Donny Suhendra brings his recent team including Sue Bonnington, Amiroez, Rishanda, Eddy Syahroni and Najib Osman. One session had made last Sunday (January 8) but there will still three more sessions coming up. If you’re into the tasty blues pattern, let it roll inside your heart every Sunday of this month.
Donny Suhendra Big City Blues will perform on January 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

2. w/H/A/T ft Indra Aziz
The name W/H/A/T comes from the last name of four personnels inside: Sandy Winarta, Sri Hanuraga, Riza Arshad and Indrawan Tjhin. This group was established in 2008 when two of the players were still studying abroad, all by coincidence. At that time, while Sri Hanuraga and Indrawan Tjhin were back to Indonesia, Riza Arshad asked them to play with and then it went into recording. The result is one CD titled “No Words” (available at our online store:, check the review of the album here: ) where the sensational freedom of expression can be found throughout their notes. This group is magnificent for their braveness in exploring the sides of jazz we seldom notice, experimenting with everything they found along the way and have fun totally with it. “I think it’s common for us to play together with these potential young players.” Riza Arshad once said to us in an interview. “We have the experience and they have energy. Together we make a perfect team.” he further said. They can play smooth, soft and tender like a cotton but on the other hand they can be fully provocative with their music. After a shot at Monday (Jazz) Madness at Largo, Kemang on Monday (January 9), they will give two shots at the Red White Lounge. This is your poison if you are into sensational explorative and explosive type of jazz. Indra Aziz will be featured in both shows.
W/H/A/T will perform twice on January 11 and 12, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

3. Like Father Like Son (Benny and Barry Likumahuwa)
The saying “The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree” works positively among the Likumahuwa family, especially between father and son, Benny and Barry Likumahuwa. While Benny Likumahuwa is the living legend who has been having such an illustrious career for more than half of the century, Barry Likumahuwa is showing fast but steady pace in following his father’s footsteps. Other than his highly famous Barry Likumahuwa Project, Barry also leads his Barry Likumahuwa Quintet, HOOK and Horney Browney, also is currently doing very well with LLW that just came back from a memorable show in Blue Note Tokyo, Japan. This father-son connection has proved to work amazingly in many occasion, including Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection among others. Whether you’re a fan of Benny, Barry or both, or if you want to see the magical chemistry between father and son on stage, this one is a must.
Like Father Like Son will perform only once on January 13, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

4. Indra Lesmana Quintet
Indra Lesmana is currently celebrating his 36 years in playing jazz. Along with this long spanning year he has established himself as the living legend while being one of the most influential and most respected musicians as well. This month we will see him in two groups, one of them is Indra Lesmana Quintet. Last time he played in quintet formation was in the October edition together with Indra Aziz, Doni Sundjoyo, Sandy Winarta and Indra Dauna. For this time, Indra Lesmana brings Donna Koeswinarso (tenor sax), Doni Sundjoyo (contrabass), Sandy Winarta (drums) and Indra Dauna (trumpet).  The formation can change, the member can be different, but no matter what, we know it’s going to be challenging and entertaining to watch. Buckle up and get ready to have a cool jazz ride with them!
Indra Lesmana Quintet will perform on January 14, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

5. Sandy Winarta Quartet ft Mian Tiara
One of the interesting thing about jazz group formation is that it often based on the numerical indication of the number of sidemen present on a particular gig where the players can be changed according to its leader. Being as one of the busiest jazz musicians doesn’t make Sandy Winarta stop in creating his own group. He still needs his own group, with himself as the leader, where he can pour his passion and real music taste. We have seen him and his quartet with different sidemen many times. The formation can be different, but his strong bebop/post bop style is always captivating, no matter with who he plays with. “With my own group I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” he said to us once. This time he’s going to rise the game by having Mian Tiara in. The question is, who will he bring this time? It’s confirmed that this time he will bring the amazing young pianist Ade Irawan, guitarist Johanes Radianto and bassist Chaka Priambudi. Sandy Winarta’s strong smell of jazz will meet Mian Tiara’s heartfelt approach. It’s something not to be missed.


Christmas Time was approaching. It was the beautiful night on December 23, when we thought most of the Jakarta people have gone to enjoy their holiday. We predicted the street would be more friendly than any previous Fridays. But alas, it was totally the opposite. We had to go through total jam everywhere. It took 4 hours for us to finally arrived to feel the goosebumpin’ Christmas spirit… in jazz! Yes, that night was special because Red White Jazz Lounge was presenting the Christmas Jazz Special, featuring lots of stars and also bags of surprises as how they always love to give. We knew it’s going to be a fired up jazzin’ Christmas and that’s exactly how it was, if not even more. “Whatever the religions are, what’s important is the spirit itself, the Christmas Spirit,” that’s what Indra Lesmana said, and we’re right with him.

It’s really cool to see how the Mostly Jazz has been growing up to this point. From a monthly event, twice a month and then weekly, somehow Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana together with the venue Red White Lounge even stepped deeper on the pedal, to run it faster than you’d ever thought. Yes, since October this event turned into a five days a week show, presenting nothing but the top jazz superstars in respective schedule. Some programs are repeated, means you can catch the next one if you miss to see your favorite artist or group. With this attempt presented in very affordable price, now it’s much easier for us to pleasure ourselves with selections of jazz every week. Some jazz fans called us time after time to ask where they could have some jazz in Jakarta, thanks to this move now we have no problem to answer that questions anymore.

Let’s get back to the Christmas Jazz Special event. We arrived a bit late due to the irritating Jakarta’s infamous traffic jam, and at that time Monita Tahalea was on stage singing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta) was the group who accompanied her. This song which firstly popularized by Bing Crosby in 1943 before it got covered by hundreds or even thousands other artists was presented perfect in their hands, especially through Monita’s sweet voice. Not so much improvisation on this one, but it was the simplicity that actually made this one served even more meaningful. Many celebrities, friends and fellow musicians were there like Titi DJ, Matthew Sayersz, Glenn Fredly and Shadu Shah Chaidar just to mention a few. Monita carried on by singing “Bridge Over Trouble Water”, an evergreen from Simon & Garfunkel that was brought in softer and more relaxing way. The sweet, adorable and ‘lushy’ vocal of Monita blended with Indra Lesmana’s essential touch on keys, Barry Likumahuwa’s soft contrabass plucking and Sandy Winarta’s smooth drumbeating would make any of the attendance soon forget about everything. Monita left the stage under applauses from the attendance.

Indra Lesmana then gave his opening speech. “It was nice having you I’m going to introduce someone to you.” Then came one of the surprise. “I know you won’t believe this, but he’s still a kid. He came to me one Sunday night and had a jam with us. At first I thought, who’s this kid? But as soon as he played, I was like, wow…he is great!” said Indra. Then he called the kid to come forward. His name is Joy Alexander, a cute 8 year old boy wearing glasses. Some of the ladies among the crowds seemed couldn’t help themselves not to scream. “What will you play Joe?” Indra asked. “My Favorite Things!” he said innocently, and that made the lounge filled with laughs and claps.” His look reminded us of Harry Potter, and when his tiny fingers started to touch the keys, he suddenly sprinkled the magic like the real one. His play stunned people. It surprised them, inspired them. “Is he really 8 years old? Seriously! Maybe he’s already 40 or 50 in a shape of a boy.” said one of the audience who couldn’t believe his eyes. That spontaneous comment made sense, since not only he could play great but he could already give cool improvisations. Barry and Sandy were having fun teaming up with him.

After this first one, Joe continued with “Santa Claus is coming to Town” which appeared in hard bop with massive improvisations. We approached him after that and asked when he started playing piano and why, here’s what he answered: “Since I was six and a half.. I chose piano because it has many keys.” What a adorable cute boy. He also stated that his favorite pianists are Herbie Hancock and Indra Lesmana. His father told us that earlier in the afternoon he played in front of Herbie. The kid clearly has a great future ahead, and we are happy to meet this future jazz star.  “Simply phenomenal” said Indra.


After a very successful first month of the new Red White Jazz Lounge, here comes a new batch with much more bands and variations for the November program. Started as the two monthly then weekly, Mostly Jazz has become the Jakarta’s Hottest Jazz Lounge where jazz is served 5 days a week at the Red White Lounge. The concept change made many people surprised, since now they can have a full access of jazz for most of the days of the week featuring popular bands and selected artists who we all know are really capable to create magic with their instruments. Some of the schedules are happening more than once, so you can catch them later in case you miss the early shows. Then there are also special shows that only happen once, so you have to make sure you won’t miss it in anyway, especially if you’re happen to be the fans of these particular groups/artists.

First of all, let’s talk about the new concept of Red White Jazz Lounge. This cozy lounge has now become the ground zero of everyone who are really into jazz, from the jazz aficionados, musicians, singers and celebrities. Came from a simple idea from Indra Lesmana and his dear wife Honhon Lesmana and of course the crime scene Red White Jazz Lounge, look at how far it’s now become. Imagine that you can sit there, sipping your drink and enjoy your meals while getting the best entertainment from various jazz wizards. That was like a dream before, but now it’s come true. So many special guests came to enjoy the shows during October such as Glenn Fredly, Ahmad Dhani or Peter Gontha and family just to mention a few. The band from Munich, max.bab also came there during their visit for Serambi Jazz program. Max von Mosch, the saxophonist of the group expressed his thought of being there. “Coming to Indonesia and meeting so many great jazz musicians..well, honestly, I didn’t quite expect that. When we went to the session at the Red White Jazz Lounge in Jakarta, we heard some incredible young players. Great to learn that there is something happening (in Indonesia).”

The batch is set for the November program. Let’s see the artists for this month. First of all, Yance Manusama is coming back with his group, Yance Manusama Funky Thumb. This group was in a lot of action during 2004 to 2007. They performed at the first ever Java Jazz Festival in 2005 and held a special charity show for Aceh called “Jazz Untuk Aceh”, intended to rising funds for Aceh after being torn apart by tsunami. Tompi was there at that time, and now there will be a reunion between Yance Manusama Funky Thumb and Tompi. They are planned to bring Sly and the Family Stone as the theme. No doubt, the sound of Sly and Family Stone will definitely bang the place through Yance Manusama’s tasty funk line. “The best way to experience Yance’s playing is to see him LIVE!” said Indra Lesmana, and we can’t be more agree with him.

The legendary Oele Pattiselano will be on every Thursday with two showcases. He’s going to team up with two great guitarists. The first one is Dewa Budjana featuring Sandy Winarta (drums) and Jeffrey Tahalele (bass). This will be a great session where two of the guitar wizards will unleash their spirit rights on the spot. “Besides Jack Lesmana, Oele is definitely the most influential guitarist for all generations.” he said. He also recalled his collaboration with Oele at Jazzspot (Hilton) in 1999 where they played a song for Jack Lesmana entitled “Dear Jack”. Will they bring back the memory again in Red White Jazz Lounge? That’s something you got to check. This session will be availabe on two Thursday, November 3 and 10. Then for the later two Thursday, Oele will team up with Johanes Radianto, a great guitarist of the young generation who came back from Netherlands about a year ago. The collaboration between two generations like this is something that you shouldn’t miss as well.

Started as just Bonita almost a decade ago, this group later changed the name to Bonita and the Hus Band as a three parts band, later became four. More fortune came to them after this change. They played on many stages including at the Java Jazz Festival, Djakarta Artmosphere 2010 side by side with Oddie Agam and went even further to Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore at “On the Waterfront Series Indie Asia” in 2009 where their CDs were sold out. Watch out for Bonita’s heavy soulful singing voice that always go together with total expression, something that Oddie Agam referred as the ‘Aretha Franklin’ during the Djakarta Artmosphere. Bonita & the Hus Band will perform only once, on Friday, November 4. Make sure  you won’t miss it.

For the next two Fridays, the session will bring a lovely combination between Andien and Indra Lesmana. Andien and Indra Lesmana established their connection since a decade ago, when Indra acted as one of the producers of Andien’s album, “Kinanti”. It was Indra Lesmana who changed Andien’s image to suit her own age at that time. “We tried to dig everything about her as possible as we could, even looking at the way she dressed. At the same time we also wanted to grab the young audiences at her age too. That’s why we gave her contemporary music at that time, giving jazz with urban soul flavors like RnB in it.” explained Indra Lesmana once to us. Again Indra Lesmana gave a stunning synth solo for the song “Keraguan” in Andien’s latest album “Kirana”. Andien had featured twice at the previous Mostly Jazz events, and now they are ready to bring their solid chemistry back again on November 11 and 18. If you’re the regular Mostly Jazz’ attendance, you must still remember when Andien beautifully presented her tribute to Jobim last July 24, 2011.   Now she’s going to bring that lovely memory back again to us. Andien and bossa, both are beautiful, can you handle that?

Can a group with big ship fit in inside a lounge? The answer is, why not?  Maliq & D’Essentials will perform at the Red White Jazz Lounge for the very first time. Being in the business for no less than 9 years doesn’t make them loosing their spirit. Instead, they are still highly popular now to the younger fans just like how it was back then, if not even better. Combining the groovy, melodious music, easy to remember lyrics and burning hot stage performance, Maliq & D’Essentials are more than ready to rock the Red White Lounge. Just like Bonita & the Hus Band, they will only perform once, on Friday, November 25. Since it’s still quite long to come, mark your calendar from now.

For 3 Saturdays (November 12,19,26) there will be interesting collaboration made by Indra Lesmana and Kyriz Boogiemen called JAZZTRONIKA. This project continues the fruitful collaboration between them in LLW. Kyriz is a rapper, but certainly he’s not a stranger to jazz. He’s been participating in many jazz events, playing with many jazz musicians and of course after his participation in LLW where he stated that he’s learned much more about jazz by joining the team. Jazz serves in electronica, that might be the best guess for now, but looking at the names behind it, surprises most likely will be there. For this session, it’s going to be Indra Lesmana JAZZTRONIKA ft Kyriz Boogiemen.  If you’re into the electro jazz with a twist, stop by on Saturdays.

The original concept of Mostly Jazz with open jam session will be served on Sundays as usual. The legend and true entertainer Idang Rasjidi will be there with his Idang Rasjidi Syndicate on November 13 (only one show). This is the session if you want to see how Idang manages to cope up with today’s jazz scene and younger players without necessarily loosing his grip on the roots. Then on the next two Sundays, the two close friends guitarist Nikita Dompas and drummer Aksan Sjuman will be on charge. Both of them work at the Ponpin Music School (Aksan is the school director and Nikita is the head of communication). Besides in the teaching line, they also play often together like in Nikita Dompas and His Fellow Musicians or the most recent collaboration in Indra Perkasa Collective which launched their Tribute to Nirvana, 20th Anniversary of Nevermind brilliantly just two weeks ago. (Check out the report here).


From twice a month to once a week, Red White Lounge has been showing its continuous support by being the crime scene of Indonesia’s jazz development triggered by the jazz icon Indra Lesmana and dearest wife Honhon Lesmana. All the way from January until July we had been spoiled by various colors of jazz from some of the best in this business.

After a two months paused due to the fasting season and Ied celebration, we gladly inform you that Mostly Jazz is back with a surprise. It’s not going to be once a week anymore. Now Red White Lounge is establishing itself as the “Jakarta Hottest Jazz Lounge” where jazz can be accessed and enjoyed 5 times a week! This changing concept will make you get better chance to enjoy jazz from selected performers along with their cool vibes, styles and types. If before you had to miss any particular lineup because  you couldn’t make it on certain Sunday, now you can have the second chance on the next weeks. Yes, the complete schedule will be listed for one full month, so you can mark your calendar earlier and find the most suitable time to treat yourself with jazz.

“Red White Lounge now has become the solid home of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement”, said Indra Lesmana to us. Together with Honhon, he thought it would be better to provide more nights with jazz with more varieties. One thing for sure, now you can choose which of the lineup that suits your taste. You can pick favorite jazz vibe and artist, find the most suitable time for you and simply be there. We will keep you updated every month with the Mostly Jazz new edition’s schedule. Please have a look and careful reading to get familiar with the new concept.

Now let’s see who will fill the first round all through the month of October.

1. Barry Likumahuwa Quintet.
This is the new project of Barry Likumahuwa consists of Barry Likumahuwa himself on electric & double bass, Gerald Situmorang (electric guitar), Dennis Junio (alto sax), Jordy Revilian Waelauruw (trumpet), Dennis Junio (sax) and Dimas Pradipta (drums). Barry set this group to unleash his passion in funk as well as introducing more about the fun and pleasure in listening jazz to the youngsters. As you can see, he brings much younger team but highly capable in this quintet, that suits the mission too. They love to play well-known songs pinned in funky jazz with their own interprestation and lots of improvisations and serve it not too complex for your enjoyment. Either you love jazz or still learning to enjoy it, this group can accomodate your needs in good music. Barry Likumahuwa Quintet (BLQ) will perform for Mostly Jazz on Wednesdays, October 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2011.

2. Monita Tahalea.
We all know this beautiful young lady with her uniquely adorable ‘lushy’ vocal style. She didn’t make it at the Indonesian Idol competition, but now she’s successfully riding her solo career. One album has made where she showed how good she can sing jazz while serving some pop-ish songs as well to reach wider segment. Even if you haven’t heard her yet but like the smooth jazz standards with beautiful female vocal, this one is absolutely for you. Monita will have her turn on Thursdays, October 6, 13, 20 and 27, 2011. Playing with Monita are: Andy Gomez (keyboard), Chaka Priambudi (bass) and Jantan Gerhana Surya (drums).

3. Jazz Spin Collective ft DJ EQ & DJ Eko.
It’s the beauty of brokenbeat. It’s the clubbing with jazz. Here’s your type of poison if you’re into this modern jazz style. Jazz Spin Collective will turn the Red White Lounge into a dance club! This scene has been big in England throughout Europe since the 80s, then emerged in Japan about a decade after, being one of the highlights in underground scene in US and now it has started spreading around South East Asia, especially Indonesia. We predict this infectious jazz dance with electrifying urban flavor will bloom even more in 2012, so it’s your chance to taste the embryo of this movement by joining this rave party. The one and only EQ Puradiredja will also stand behind the turntable together with DJ Eko, surely you don’t want to miss it. The Jazz Spin Collective ft DJ EQ will be available every Friday, on October 7, 12, 21 and 28, 2011.

4. Tompi ft Idang Rasjidi (Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald).
It’s true that Tompi sings many more pop recently, but it’s an undeniable fact that he has a strong jazz passion and really capable to bring that alive. If you attended his appearances at Mostly Jazz, you would know how good he could sing and scat his way through the jazz standards and Latins with his unique vocal. For the month of October at Red White Lounge, Tompi will collaborate with the legendary and true entertainer Idang Rasjidi, paying a special tribute to Ella “First Lady of Song” Fitzgerald. Madame Ella was known with her specific purity of tone, with vocal range spanning three octaves, also with impeccable phrasing and intonation plus the ability to scat. It’s something to check out how Ella Fitzgerald’s spirit would appear through male vocalist, but with the wide range of Tompi’s vocal, his scatting ability along with Idang Rasjidi’s all-naturally spontaneous play, surely this tribute will become something special. Yesaya (Echa) Sumantri (drums) and Shadu Shah Chaidar (bass) will join them as well. Tompi ft Idang Rasjidi is scheduled on Saturdays, October 8 and 15, 2011.

5. Indra Lesmana Mostly Jazz Jam Session
Here you can find the brain of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement and Mostly Jazz in cool jamming session as the concept. You can expect unpredictably spontaneous twists and manouvers in stunning improvisations in this session, the way you love it in every edition of the previous Mostly Jazz. Along with Indra Lesmana (keys) are Indra Aziz (sax/vocal), Indra Dauna (trumpet), Doni Sundjoyo (double bass) and Sandy Winarta (drums). This session will be available every Sundays, October 2,9,16,23,30 , 2011.

6. Dira Sugandi Tribute to Billie Holiday
Just recently confirmed, Dira Sugandi will fill two Saturdays (October 22 and 29, 2011) presenting a special tribute to Billie Holiday. If you remember, back in April 17, 2011 Dira delivered this very special tribute for the very first time for Mostly Jazz XVII. That session was done ellegantly, in such style that many people still remember it until now. You can read our report from that moment to refresh your memory by accessing this link: . Four Indras : Indra Lesmana (piano), Indra Perkasa (bass), Indra Dauna (drums) and Indra Aziz (sax)  plus Elfa Zulham (drums) as Indra Lesmana Quintet  will assist Dira in capturing the best of Billie “Lady Day” Holliday. 


Remember Andien‘s debut album which was produced by the late Elfa Secioria entitled “Bisikan Hati”? That album surprised so many music lovers due to the very beautiful and sweet vocal from Andien who was still 15 years old at that time. One of the most memorable moment in that album was when Andien covered the classic Bossa song composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and lyrics by Vinicius de Moraes (the English lyrics were later written by Norman Gimbel) in a very beautiful way. The song was “The Boy from Ipanema”, a female version of the evergreen “Garota de Ipanema” or “The Girl from Ipanema”. If you love all the sweetness she brought while singing this song and even you feel like wanting some more, this is your golden ticket for that! Why? Because for Indra Lesmana & Mostly Jazz XXXI edition, Andien will bring a special tribute to one Bossa legend, Antonio Carlos Jobim. Yes the theme is going to be  Andien Sings Jobim! .

It’s no surprise for us to have Andien sings Bossa. We know that sooner or later, when she’s given all the time and space, she would be happy to bring the Bossa on. In our interview with her she already said how much she love Bossa since she was still a little girl, even before she knew anything about jazz, including swing and stuff. (Read our exclusive interview with Andien here: We know that this Indonesian sweetheart is not the kind of singer with explosive singing style. She’s more like a calm and sweet singer with the vocal quality which, according to Indra Lesmana, is already strong by nature. Her smooth and tender voice is simply perfect to bring the exotic Bossa breeze concept alive.

andien, andien sings jobim, mostly jazz

Now let’s check this out. While we know that Andien is really capable or even perfect to bring the standard Bossa tune, a surprising lineup who will stand beside her. The host Indra Lesmana himself will collaborate once again with Andien along with Andien’s long time friend, band member and also the producer of her most recent Kirana album Nikita Dompas, Widi Puradiredja, the drummer and one of the conceptor of Maliq n D’Essentials, the global DJ with jazz passion DJ Cream and Tomorrow People Ensemble‘s  Indra Perkasa. What will happen with this surprising combination? Will they bring Bossa with new invention? Will Bossa land this time on broken beat, soulful groove and urban scene? That’s something for us to see.

This will be the second time for Andien to stand under the spotlight as the featured artist for Mostly Jazz. The first one was exactly 10 editions ago back in May 15, 2011. You can read the report from that moment here: At that time she sang the songs taken from her albums especially from the most recent one, Kirana. It’s great to know that this time Andien is back again with the different concept. And it’s certainly lovely to know that Bossa is something that she will present for this XXXI edition.

andien sings jobim

Now let’s talk about the artist she’s giving a tribute to, Antonio Carlos Jobim. We’re sure you all know this name. But let’s take a quick glance at him. This legendary man was a Brazilian songwriter, composer, arranger, singer and guitarist who often played piano as well. He was one of the primary force behind the invention of Bossa nova (in English means: new trend) along with some other legends such as João Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes, Alfredo Jos da Silva (Johnny Alf) and some other Brazilian renowned artists who started this movement. This man is responsible for producing so many classic Bossa hits, so it’s kind of impossible to talk about Bossa without mentioning his name. Look at some songs he composed either by himself or in collaboration with fellow artists: “Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema)”, “Dindi”, “Agua de Beber”, “Insensatez (How Insensitive)”, “Meditação (Meditation)”, “Samba de Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba)”, “So Danço Samba”, “Wave”, “Corcovado (Quiet Night of Quiet Stars)”, “Desafinado”, “Triste”, “A Felicidade” among others that now listed as the all time Bossa hits. If you’re a Bossa fans, you should be familiar with these songs, and all these songs came from him. So many artists have given their respects by tributing him either in recordings for example like Ella Abraça Jobim (1981), Lee Ritenour – Twist of Jobim (1997), and Wave: The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook (1996) which included performances by Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea and Toots Thielemans, or in live concerts all over the world. He has worked with so many artists and other legends, and his songs have been brought by thousands of artists too. Although he’s passed away in 1994, his legacy will live forever. And now, it’s Andien’s chance to give a fully respectful tribute to the one and only Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Guys, are you ready to have a soulful groove at Red and White Lounge, Kemang this Sunday? Are you ready to feel the colorful vibe? It’s confirmed that Mostly Jazz 30th will have a popular group especially among the youngsters and young at hearts as the featured artists, a group consists of 7 young boys named Soulvibe.

In the previous edition we just celebrated the official launch of LLW’s Love Life Wisdom CD. The venue was fully crowded by journalists, fans, jazz artists and celebrities. The joyous moment got even better with brilliant live performance of Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta of LLW featuring Dira Sugandi, DJ Cream and Kyriz Boogiemen. We should feel proud to see a jazz band who can make themselves heard loud internationally by making a tremendous breakthrough with their creative brains and skills. (Please spend some time to check our report from this historical moment here). After this memorable moment, it’s good to have a band that can keep the hype up. And Soulvibe will definitely be the right choice.

soulvibe, stevie wonder, mostly jazz

Let’s take a closer look at Soulvibe. This is the groovy ensemble who really knows the meaning of having fun on stage, something that usually can trigger a big party for their audience. While we can get a slight clue of their music style just by looking at the name, Soulvibe actually stands as the abbreviation of “Sound of Universal Love Various Instruments and Behaviour.” They call their music as Pop Universal, based on wide variety of styles carried by the personnels. “One likes Incognito, the other likes Herbie Hancock, then some are more into soul, RnB or even rock.” they said to us once. These are the essences that inspired them since 2002, when they started doing this kind of music.


Many of the jazz aficionados were caught by surprise when, out of nowhere, came an e-flyer of an event called Mostly Jazz featuring a combination that no one would ever think of. The iconic and respected Indra Lesmana teamed up with one of the fastest rising stars and crowd gatherer Barry Likumahuwa and the all round young drummer, Sandy Winarta. It all happened in April 21, 2010. What made us surprise was the move of Indra Lesmana to grab two of the most established young musicians as a part of his way to make something big for the jazz development in Indonesia. They hadn’t got any names at that time. Moscatly which is located at the fringe of Jl Veteran in Bintaro became the first witness of the early seed. A crazy list of jazz artists were presented at that time, such as Riza Arshad, Indra Aziz, Indrawan Tjhin, Indra Dauna, EQ Puradiredja, Dira Sugandi, Andien, Doni Sundjoyo, Joy Marantika, F.A Talafaral, Don Tham, Aditya Bayu and Nikita Dompas, just to mention a few. In our report on this historical moment, we called it the birth of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement. (Read the report here). Eventhough Indra Lesmana had started the movement by opening his Inline Studio every Friday Night for free-for-all jam sessions, the first ever Mostly Jazz was a giant step because it was finally served for public for the first time.

Several months after that, we got another surprise when Mostly Jazz reappeared again on November 14, 2010. Indra and Honhon took this event into the new venue Red and White Lounge which become the crime scene of Mostly Jazz up ever since. We met the trio of Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta once again at the 3rd episode on December 12. This time they already had a name, showing that they have established this collaboration as a solid group. And the name is LLW, stands as the abbreviation of their family names also often mentioned as the title of their album, Love, Life, Wisdom.


This group made their second turn in the next episode on January 9. At that moment, Honhon Lesmana officially announced this event will be served weekly. Now Mostly Jazz  has reached the 29th edition, and now we have LLW back again. Not only performing, this time LLW invites you all to celebrate their album which is finally available in the shape of digital CD.

It’s certainly interesting to see this trio. Indra Lesmana is the icon that carried the legacy of his father, Jack Lesmana who also led the earlier jazz movement around three decades ago. Now the torch is in his hand. Realizing his calling, he’s now commited to bring this Indonesia’s jazz movement into a new height. He’s successfully done it until now, but it’s not over yet. He’s still carrying it at the best he can. The Mostly Jazz will continue on for more months or even years to come, hopefully. And for the LLW, this group has been making tremendous achievements not only for the local jazz scene but also internationally. It’s amazing, especially since they just started the journey not too long ago. Two ‘naughty’ musicians are with him in LLW. Barry Likumahuwa is a shining bassist from the young generation. He’s explosive, powerful and skillful. Often he steals some lines during the play with his groovy bass touch, creating surprising sounds here and there. Sandy Winarta is just the same behind his drums. This guy can optimize the sound of drums, changing the style all of a sudden without destroying the flow. He can make the drums come alive and communicate with us. With the unpredictable manouvers from Indra Lesmana whether on keyboard, Fender Rhodes, Hammond, piano, melodica, Moog and any other instruments (even drums if necessary), this man can always create the whole new game with his magic touch. If the three of them are already spectacular in creating a fully spirited jazz, wait until you see how they can stretch it much further by the contributions of four other artists: DJ Cream, Dira Sugandi, Indra Aziz and Kyriz Boogiemen. It’s like having a new dimension of jazz in the urban environment. Add the word soulful with Dira in it, and there, you got the new magic of jazz unlike what you’ve heard before.


Mostly Jazz has reached the XXVIII number. It’s not easy at all to keep the event running constantly, but Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana has done it remarkably so far. Holding up the commitment to lead the jazz development towards the future seems to be the highest priority of them. Whether they are busy or not, feeling well or not, Indra and Honhon put up the good fight to keep it going. At the moment Indra Lesmana is busy recording videos for his new LLW album with Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta, also preparing the digital version of the album in the shape of CD. But that doesn’t stop him from preparing this weekly event. No matter what, the show must go on. This fighting spirit is inspiring. It’s officially confirmed that the  Shadow Puppets Quartet will be the next guest star for the upcoming XXVIII edition of Mostly Jazz.

shadow puppets, shadow puppets quartet, mostly jazz, jakarta anniversary ix, strings attached concert series

How many jazz groups can achieve big success in just a short amount of time? Not that many, but from those few numbers, Shadow Puppets Quartet has to be counted in. This group was formed right before the year 2009 ended, and now in just about one and a half year, they have produced 2 albums, lots of gigs and many fans. It’s a pleasant surprise to see how a pure jazz band can make such an achievement, but it doesn’t come by luck. One beautiful lady Irsa Destiwi (piano) and three gentlemen: Robert Mulyarahardja (guitar), Indrawan Tjhin (contrabass) and Yusuf Shandy Satya (drums) as the ‘puppets’ behind the group have worked hard from the start to overcome any obstacles. They know how to use their skills efficiently. Consistency is another strong factor which they always try to keep. They have a strong concept, but they know how to stretch their concept it wider by still holding on to the roots. Another important thing, this group has four personnels, but they are rock-solid as one unit. Last but not least, they have found the secret formula which enables them to play the traditional jazz but also creating ‘ear friendly’ music to the common listeners at the same time. That’s the Shadow Puppets we all know and love.


Right after two episodes featuring the legends, Margie Segers (June 5, 2011) and Oele Pattiselano (June 12, 2011), last week Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana brought the excellent young jazz musicians back again to bring an elegant European Jazz on the menu. The Jongens is one of our big hopes for the future of jazz in Indonesia. Elfa Zulham, Dhani Syah, Johanes Radianto and Doni Sundjoyo, the members of the group are still considerably young, but they all have everything needed in order to keep the jazz development works in progress. Now it’s confirmed that for the last Sunday of July we will have a special show, featuring the ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ of Jazz. It’s a legendary jazz couple, Yance Manusama (bassist) and Otti Jamalus (piano). Mostly Jazz XXVII edition will bring this perfect couple to stand right in front of the stage as Otti Jamalus Quartet. Two other younger players are completing the formation, Tiyo Alibasjah (guitar) and Dezca Anugrah Samudra (drums).

otti jamalus

Listen to Otti Jamalus, and you will feel the intimate atmosphere just like watching Diana Krall or Tania Maria. She sits behind the keyboard, letting out lovely tunes while giving out one standout singing voice. You will feel her soul through her performance. While shining as a pianist and vocalist, she also blends in naturally with the fellow players. Having her own husband inside the group enables her to share the intimacy and chemistry to her audience. Tiyo is her regular stage partner too, while Dezca won’t have problem merging them. Something intimate and personal will be all over Mostly Jazz this week, and it’s going to be ‘friendly’ to the non jazz listeners as well.

Otti started her music path by learning classical piano. Eventhough she had found her passion in jazz since the early teenage life, she kept on learning classical for more years. No jazz school at that time could be the main reason of that as well as showing her type as an open minded musician. Somewhere in the mid 90s she finally decided to focus in jazz. She’s currently active in both playing and teaching.