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Pasific 2

The journey finally comes to an end. BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB UNPAD) finally completed their series of events, PASIFIC (Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture). Started with the first event in February 2014, committee auspiciously held the gig with numerous big names in music such as NAIF, HiVi, Project Pop, Sheila On 7, Afgan, The SIGIT, Glenn Fredly, and Tulus. Continued to PASIFIC 2 First Event in last month of 2014, FLOAT, Pandai Besi, Senandung Taman, Tiga Pagi, and the remarkable Daniel Sahuleka were up on stage playing their music. At last, the second and third events of PASIFIC happened in this March. While the former spotlighted green activities at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, the latter we attended recently presenting Mocca, Maliq & D’Essentials, Sheila On7, and DEWA 19 feat. Ari Lasso. These pretty much summarize the whole sequence of PASIFIC.

Now, let’s pay attention to the last event we covered, which is the third event. Centering the importance of green life, PASIFIC consistently acknowledge their visitors about taking care of our nature surrounds and cleanness in Bandung. Therefore, they brought up “Experience the Soul of Nature” as second event theme and “We Are the Soul of Nature” as third theme. Located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, last Saturday became one of many memorable music events in Bandung. The gate was opened from 1 p.m. and one distinguished thing about this event was their punctuality. Committee had proved that time and pleasantness of their visitors are important so they surely did the best in time management. In addition for our pleasure, they provided us with many tenants consisted of foods, beverages, performer’s merchandise, and sponsor’s items to choose. No worries of getting hungry or bored.

Pasific 2 - Mahesvara

As usual for college events, PASIFIC 2 was officially opened that noon as the Vice Dean gave his speech and followed by P2K2M. Months ago the committee had held band audition and the result was five groups who played in third event. Our biggest applause for many young yet talented fellas from Summer Breeze, Lebanon, The Mahad, Happy Man, and Mahesvara. They all deserve the spotlight at big stage as in PASIFIC because joyful they served to us through their tunes. Mahesvara is one of those bands closest to us and as much as we are happy to see they develop this far, great to see they continually spread the traditional Sundanese to many crowds. Fun to see they blended the latest hits with their traditional arrangements well just like within their first song, Sia’s “Chandelier”, continued by Titi DJ’s “Ekspresi”, and a Sundanese song from Pupuh Kinanti, “Budak Leutik Bisa Ngapung”.

Pasific 2 - Mocca (1)

Right before break at dawn, one of four main stars was ready on stage, Bandung sweetheart, Mocca. We had mentioned within Java Jazz Festival 2015 report that last January Mocca released their newest album called ‘Home’. By saying home, it refers to Bandung as their hometown, where the creative Mocca was born and belongs. ‘Home’ is an album full of their stories about the long journey to come back home and special for this event, Mocca played several songs from that album. “Changing fate”, “Home”, “Somewhere In My Dreamland”, and “Bandung (Flower City)” were their new pieces, added with the old “I Remember” and “Swing It, Bob” which were beautifully sang by Arina Ephipania, Riko Prayitno, Toma Pratama, and Indra Massad.




Finally fellas! the last event of PASIFIC (Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture) we’ve been waiting for comes nearer. You probably still remember the first event of PASIFIC 2 we covered last December with the legendary Daniel Sahuleka on stage. Now, BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB UNPAD) is ready to serve you (again) with their third yet main event next Saturday, on March 21th, 2015, located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung.

Highlighting the same theme, “The Soul of Nature”, the committee did the second event at last March 8th, 2015. Our nature and green life are the main issue here, where they acknowledge the society to care the surroundings more. Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda was the actual place where it all happened. The event contained of two activities: seed planting and petition signing and they successfully reached 1000 participants to support land conversion.

Back to our focus, the top of all previous PASIFIC events, the third event. Since couple months ago, committee had spread online form aiming to know better visitor’s interest on the artist and lineup. As the result, they surprisingly made DEWA 19 to come performing in Bandung when the last time they had in Bandung was 20 years ago. Many people are wondering which formation of DEWA 19 will be perform, but one thing for sure, Ari Lasso will come along. Prepare yourself with their old-lasting-hits and come, let’s sing along.

The excitement don’t stop here. After their bad experience last time performing in Bandung where they didn’t make it, Sheila On 7 is back again. The committee has promised us via their twitter account that they already organized the time schedule the best they can to make sure you can enjoy all the performers on time without any distraction. Mocca, Bandung’s sweetheart, also will greet their swinging friends at sabuga with their cheerful tunes from newest album, “Home”. No matter what, Mocca is close with their hometown, Bandung, and get yourself ready to swing along with their warm-hearted music just like the old times. Many times we see their performances, many times we got surprised with their stage act and fresh arrangements. Maliq & D’Essentials is the latest band confirmed to join this biggest music event in Bandung.

Several months ago, PASIFIC had held band auditions and as result, Mahesvara, Lebanon, The Mahad, Summer Breeze, and Happy Man are the luckiest groups we will see as opening bands. These talented and creative young musicians you don’t wanna miss. We do know Mahesvara so well and proud of the way they uphold the traditional Sundanese trads along with their joyful, modern approach. As for the rest, surely they earn the spot too.

Feeling hungry while enjoying the gig? Don’t worry, your tummy will be fulfilled with many delicious food from tenants and bazaar at the venue. Until this info is written, PASIFIC 2 is still selling their presale 3 tickets for you who haven’t bought it. We already knew that presale 1 and presale 2 tickets are sold out. Absolutely you don’t wanna miss presale 3, right? Go grab the tickets for Rp 175.000. If you are willing to pay more for extra coziness to watch your favorite musicians, PASIFIC 2 has VIP tickets (Rp 350.000) and VVIP tickets (550.000). Yes, the lineup is not as much as the previous events, but these performers we mentioned above are absolute top of the line. See you next weekend people!

Ticket Price (available at RKM BEM FEB UNPAD)

presale III: 175k
VIP: 350K
VVIP: 550K

on the spot: 225k

Date: Saturday, March 21th, 2015
Time: open gate at 3pm
Location: at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung

For more info:
Twitter & Instagram: @PASIFIC_FEB

Sisil 085781812363 / LINE ID: sylcecile
Dimas 082233031916




Nobody loves problems, but whose life has none of it? We don’t like to have it, but it’s all actually about  how you look at problems and face them, because any problem, even the biggest one can be a blessing in disguise.

This edition of Kampoeng Jazz should have the real experience of it. They just suffered big loss because the event had to be posponed due to the parliament election. It was hard for them surely, but they didnt surrender. They understood the situation and did everything to keep up. They took another date, dealt with the artists, the sponsors and of course, people who already bought the tickets. Instead of giving up, they brought in more talents and extended the duration, stretching it to start earlier than planned. As a result, they scored big time. They might achieve the same success had they ran earlier, but the stars they added in the lineup were just unbelievable. It can be a good moral lesson for us. After passing the stormy weather, they bounced back, being stronger than ever and made a spectacular blast. That’s qute a story to tell, that’s the story of The 6th International Kampoeng Jazz in 2014.

Following the fruitful years of the previous festivals, this year they did it with more enthusiasm, more crowd, more artists, wider kind of jazz, and more stages too. The people were seen happy with smile on their faces, some actually brought back some music instruments they bought at the venue, little kids asking their parents about jazz and music and wanted to study them, couples getting even more intimate, bunch of musicians reunited and seemed like having a good time, and that is how you know if a jazz festival is succesful.



This year Kampoeng Jazz presented two stages which played simultaneously, as if to let the crowd to choose which jazz suit them better, in accordance with this year’s theme “FIND THE JAZZ IN YOU”. While the main stage as usual became the reliable playground of who’s who in the industry, this time another stage was set and managed by the Bandung’s jazz community, Klab Jazz. Klab Jazz brought in some of the best bands under its flag to show that they are just as good as those who have made it. We think it’s a good sign. Finally there’s a jazz festival in Bandung that gives plenty of room to these potential local bands to be in action. What’s also great is that these community bands shared this second stage with some popular ones too. So, the second stage is clearly not for second class acts, but it simply gives the audience more choice to see. Speaking of the lineup, it was obviously seen that this festival is going uphill every year, and just by its sixth year, Kampoeng Jazz managed to bring high-caliber artists such as Renee Olstead and Tortured Soul, continuing the big catch last year with Sondre Lerche and Tetsuo Sakurai. And names from our own soil was just mouth-watering. Therefore, Kampoeng Jazz has established themselves to compete with other jazz festivals. Legends, supergroup, big names, potential new comers wthose who soon will be big, ere found crafting their pieces for 12 hours straight! 12 hours of jazz bash, we repeat, 12 hours of delicious jazz bash was just beyond believe. And mind you that it comes from university students, The Executive Student Board (BEM) of The Law Faculty of Padjadjaran University to be exact. Well done, team!



A press conference was held at an unusual hour, 7:30 pm in at Sheraton Hotel, Bandung. In this press conference we met some of the artists including Renee Olstad, French Kiwi Juice,   and… Krakatau! Krakatau? Yes, Krakatau. We have heard rumors about it, but the committee seems wish to keep it until the D-day. We will tell you more about Krakatau’s ‘come home’ gig, but let’s begin the coverage first.

Three winners from the auditions ignited the event. The first two sessions were filled by NYP and All Voices. All Voices has Boy Hylmy ad Simplicity (vocals), Dori and Trisna (guitars), Ciput (bass), Elko (keyboard), Puji (drums) and Rizfan (percussions) are all still students majoring other than music, yet they do have skill and passion into it. Good show in the early hours.  NYP also stands as a students’ band that’s  able to play catchy jazz tunes. Size-wise speaking, the band is also quite large: Nathania (vocal),Bagja (acoustic guitar), Rizaldi (electric guitar), Fabian (bass), Bobby (drums), Bhisma (keys), Widi (sax) and Virdania and Rena as the backing vocals. With groovy saxophone also stood in front other than the vocalist, the N.Y.P proofed that they do earn the shot to participate at the main event of this campus jazz festival.




No one loves problems in their lives, but we can’t deny that problems actually provide opportunity for us to learn many things. Problems can make us smarter, wiser and stronger, it can even give us a chance to have a better outcome.

Why we say such things related to what we see from the progress of Kampoeng Jazz. In its 6th edition they just experienced something terribly inconvenience. As you might already know, it was designed to be held on March 22nd, 2014, but just two weeks before the D day, they failed to get the permit from the police. According to the official statement released by the  Chief of the Indonesian National Police, no public event allowed during the campaign period for legislative election. The cancellation caused them major loss especially in finance or maybe placed the credibility in jeopardy. But as we always believe, all’s well that ends well. After we heard some buzzes about the new date, yesterday the committee from The Executive Student Board (BEM) of The Law Faculty of Padjadjaran University have held a press conference located at the Law Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran. There, they explained everything and let us know about the new date, officially. So guys, it’s confirmed that The 6th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival year 2014 is set to erupt on May 3, 2014. Amazingly they still kept most of the lineup with lots of mouth-watering new ones.


kampoeng jazz 2014, press conference, jazzuality


kampoeng jazz 2014, press conference, jazzualityThe press conference was hosted by the head of BEM Mukhlis Gumilang, the Project Officer Eka Panjinegara and a representative of the Deanery, Mr Tajudin, S.H., M.H. While Mr Tajudin explained that the lecturers and deanery will always support students’ activities including this annual jazz festival, Mukhlis and Eka gave much deeper explanation of the current situation and the reason behind the reschedule. “This event is never meant to show-off but a media of creativity for the Law Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran, especially in art, in music and specifically in jazz”, said Eka. He also stated that it was  hard for them, yet he could understand the situation totally. “It’s not a set back for us, but it’s actually a challenge to be better.” he said.

So, what’s interesting about this annual festival? Well, we can say there are a lot of things that can be highlighted from it. First of all, it’s made by the university students, who, as we know are already burried under tons of homeworks, tasks, lectures and other activities. For this, we should give them credits. Second of all, this event has been running constantly with rising trend. Progressive, dynamic and improved, just like how jazz is. Kampoeng Jazz is still in its 6th year, yet they manage to gain awareness from music lovers, especially the young and trendy part of the society who don’t only go to the music fest just to enjoy the music but also to fulfill their lifestyle needs. Kampoeng Jazz has been showing good effort to answer it all throughout the years of service. Other than these, this celebration has been made wider than just serving up the music. Meaning? Hey, you can find variety of foods, cds, music-related stuffs and other kind of goodies being spread all over the site. It’s more than just a music fest, it’s actually, and really is, a haven for everyone with jazz scent found all around.


renee olsead, kampoeng jazz 2014

Renee Olstead, one of the international artists for Kampoeng Jazz 2014 (photo taken from her official website)


Now, and probably the most important question of all, who are the artists listed in the new lineup ? Prepare to hold your jaw, because it may drop. Here, let us spill them and spoil you up. The international acts are still coming, they are Tortured Soul, a house music trio based in New York, the ever-lovely-even-David-Foster-fell-in-love-with-her-stunning-voice Renee Olstead and the quirky name that sounds like a fresh thirst quencher FKJ (French Kiwi Juice).

You might see some major names have dissapeared from the previous list like Maliq n D’Essentials and Kahitna.  But hey, fear not, because the replacement are just as big as those giants with even more in  quantity. Won’t your jaw drop to see Tulus, Tompi feat Monita Tahalea, RAN and Sore now enters the new list? If that’s not enough, you will also get the very long established Bandung vocal harmony/ensemble KSP with Mus Mujiono featuring younger him, Ari Pramundito, the ageless band The Groove,  acoustic romantic singing guitarist Adhitia SofyanTesla Manaf, Yura, Out of 7 and many, many more. Let’s not forget the winners of Kampoeng Jazz band audition such as iPad (now called Mahesvara), N.Y.P and All Voices. No less than 22 bands/performers will be ready for the sixth edition, said the project officer. See the lineup? It’s 100% exciting!

How obvious that this event is improving in so many ways. Not only they managed to get some awesome international acts to come to Bandung, this year they will have not one anymore to be the place where crowds were concentrated, but two stages to be played simultaneously (the second stage is being taken care by Klab Jazz. Thus, besides the main stage who holds plenty of big cats, the second stage will give you extra jazz-citement.

With the theme “Find The Jazz In You”, this festival has held many pre-events by coworking with Klab Jazz, also some events made by us like in Terraz Jazz at Citylink and Braga Jazz and Jam at Braga Citywalk. With many pre-events and the majestic main event, there will be plenty of time for you to find the kind of jazz that you are.

This event is also really generous. Think of it. You can enjoy all the world class performances – and a lot more – with considerably affordable fee. With so many stunners in the artist list, they don’t even feel the urge to rise the ticket price. Instead, they release even lower price, only IDR 100.000 for all show! If the original price is already low, they have given earlybird prices long before the main even begin or in some special occassions. So if you’re still having an acute jazz lag after the big atomic jazz bomb in Jakarta last March, the treatment is right here in Bandung. This is the next stop, the next ground zero, the next destination, a must visit. Grab your favorite people and go, find the jazz in you!


Date: Saturday, May 3, 2014
Time: (tba)
Location: Campus Ground Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Dipatiukur no 35, Bandung

Ticket price: IDR 100.000

Ticketing: go to (for online ticketing) and/or follow @kampoengJazz




After the great first day, here comes the second and final day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013. Just like yesterday, the event started early at 2:00 pm with two different shows. The male jazz singer also the road manager of Inna Kamarie, Joey Abdul brought his own band named Joey Abdul And Friends to fill the first session on the second day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013 stage.


At the same time, Kosakata took the PP stage. In English, Kosakata means Vocabulary, and the band took this word for one good reason. “Arranging the music is kind of like arranging words, so it can produce senteces that could develop life’s spirit.” said Andri Brendley, the guitarist of the band. With Gerinov Medaimanto (saxophone), Baroka Ismail (bass) and Chrismareza Prakoso (drums), Kosakata carries that philosophy in serving jazz with delicate funk, rock, blues and gospel. In 20 minutes there are 5 songs played on the stage, “Dimensi”, “Growing”, “Lumpat”, Living Your Dream Yet?”. and the last one “Panca Indra”. We haven’t heard from them for quite some time, so it’s glad to see them still alive and kicking even harder than ever.


The ‘crazy gang’ of HajarBleh Big Band took the Telkom Stage. This big band combining their performance with choreography to put some new taste in their performance. Wildan Abdat who also a part of Jazzuality said they brought more Indonesian songs because they presented this performance especially for our country. Here it is their song list “Pick up the Pieces”, “Chameleon”, “Janger” (Balinese Folk Song), “Samba de uma nota so”, “Bananeira”, “Bulan diatas Teras Kota” (HajarBleh Big Band original song), “Barcelona”, and “Kopral Jono.”

Essence Stage then started to run with representative from Semarang Jazz Community, Jazz Ngisoringin filled that up. At the Samali, Peppy Probo & The Southside Fellaz. Haven’t seen this band since 2011 but we’re glad that they are still on. As usual, Peppy was joined by set of young but skillful musicians. This band gave nice jazz with slices of new concept; slow funky jam.  Approximately at 3 pm, Jojo & Friends came up as the second act at Samali Stage.


The progressive fusion band Heaven on Earth did another spectacular job in the big sized festival. This band has three ‘stunt’ musicians; Tedjo Bhayu Adjie (piano/keys/synth), Ossa Sungkar (drums/percussions) and Franky Sadikin (bass/all sequencers programmer). All these three stuntmen love to do maneuvers, wild exploration and unpredictable twists and turns in creating their musical presentation. Jazz guitarist David Pantouw’s band Dave & The Hollow Ensemble took over the stage from Peppy Probo and the SouthSide Fellaz.


Atilia-Indah Album Launching Jakarta


As two neighboring nations, Indonesia and Malaysia shared many similiarities in uncountable aspects. Historically, culturally and religiously speaking, we also connected to each other. Let’s just take one simple example, the language. The Malay and Indonesian are very, very related. Theoritically, being tightly related and connected like this should make the two nations stand as buddies, however, the fact is that the relationship has been experiencing many ups and downs. While in art subject we still found some problems to solve, the connection between artists or among the art lovers have been showing strong resistance to those problems. While many of Indonesian art works like movies, singers, bands or TV programs received good response in the Malaysian market, throughout generations there have been many artists from Malaysia receive warm welcome in Indonesia and become popular superstars in here. In the music industry, we can mention some names such as the maestro P.Ramlee, Siti Nurhaliza, Search and Sheila Majid just to mention a few. In the modern day you can add Zee Avi in, but there’s another name that deserves huge recognition based on the friendly personality and the gifts she possessed inside. We are talking about the lovely lady named Raja Putri Atilia bt Raja Haron, but she’d like you to call her in more simple way, Atilia. That’s who she’s better known as. She officially launched her latest album “Indah” in Jakarta last night, taking place at Aksara, Kemang. This album’s being marketed by the top company in the independent music industry, DeMajors.


As a singer, Atilia has a beautifully soft, tender and smooth voice. But singing is not the only thing she’s capable to do, because she can also write good songs. The lyrics mostly talk about universal themes of life, that includes love as one of the most substantial things found in our daily life, then her music is easy to chew, very melodic and soulfully modern. Just in case you wonder where she got all these from, notice that Atilia is the daughter of Salamiah Hassan, a Malaysian singer/songwriter who has been famous since the 70’s. Atilia rose to fame in Malaysia right from the first album “Sangkar”, released about 6 years ago. This album was produced by the legendary Roslan Aziz and co-produced by Jason Voo and Mukhlis Nor and spent 10 years in the making. But it’s all worth waiting for. Eventhough she already started from a young age and got her first break when she was 12 years old by becoming the lead singer for regional Coca Cola commercial, representing the South East Asia in Liverpool, Atilia finally found the momentum after this debut album released.

About three years later she released the second album entitled “Indah”. If in the first album she covered Tompi’s hit “Selalu Denganmu”, in this latest one she collaborated with Maliq & D’Essentials in singing “Harus Bagaimana” and SORE in “Silly Little Thing.” From what we heard in both albums, Atilia managed to bring her music to a new height by widening her musical horizon. Beautiful ballads, some light bossa all the way to the groovy side, all packed nicely in “Indah.” Bringing pop jazz on the plate should make her works easy to love by wider audience, especially in the current Indonesian music scene where this style gains a lot of fans mostly among the youngsters.

Atilia at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013


But what does she has in her mind when she decided to launch her album in the Indonesian market? She told us everything about it. “I’ve been a huge fan of the Indonesian music since I was a little girl. My movie heros were Rano Karno and Benjamin S. I watched a lot of Indonesian movies and listened to a lot of Indonesian music. I grew up listening to Emilia Contessa, Betharia Sonata, Rien Djamain and always had a lot of respect for them. Vina Panduwinata.. Margie Segers… for me, if I make it here in the land of great jazz legends, then I would personally have achieved something amazing in my life.”




The 9th Annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2013 has just arrived at the beginning of March marked right on your calendars, 1st 2nd and 3rd. Yes, a three day event at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran to satisfy your love for an international jazz experience. It’s in store with a list of great performers from around the world with all-time memorable music moments never to forget. The first day has just ended and for those who missed out on the live performances, Jazzuality has got them all for you!

The first day was opened with a performance from Djarum Band followed by Mr. Sonjaya, this year was their first experience in an international event, big-single-stage, with a very wide-range audience. They describe themselves in music with simple tunes including acoustic folk. This band consists of Dimas Dinar Wjiaksana as vocalist, Rida Suhendar and Ridho Kurnia as guitarist, Heryanto Atse on xylophone/pianica, Andry Cahyadi as bassist, and Yaya Risbaya on percussion/cajon. Easy-to-remember lyrics, easy listening tunes, and acoustic concept were a very good combination to warm up ourselves in this very first day of three-day event. As a newcomer, there still a very long road for this band to ride, but as we saw from the crowd, we knew Mr. Sonjaya will be going for a long journey.

While IMI Band represented their well-established contemporary music school (Institut Musik Indonesia), the other stage showed something different. Carrying the journey all the way from Sumatra, Serambi Mekkah’s very own Rafly WaSaja arrived with his thick folk stream, creating a color of his own. Rafly is well-known for his spiritual-sense blend in music and this time he’s simply done it again, touching the hearts of the faithful listeners. As usual Rafly teamed with the all-rounder senior guitarist we know from Ligro, Agam Hamzah, also Agam’s musical soulmate from the same group, bassist Adi Darmawan. What a different nuance we got here, of course contained positive messages as Rafly always loves to do. Plus, it’s quite interesting to a lot of foreigners enjoy watching him play

Ron King Big Band was one of the early-starters too. Having performed last year at the Java Jazz Festival 2012, this time they arrived again with a spirit no less invincible. Simply one of the best trumpeters, composers and arrangers in the world – not in a million chances to be missed!

David Helbock once had performed in JJF 2010, he was still on a group named HDV Trio, coming from the Austrian Embassy where Helbock was on piano. This time, he got his own stage in JJF 2012. Like other genius musician, he started playing piano when he was six years old. At ayoung age, he already had an album; since then he produced several more. David is not only a pianist, he does the music composition too. Now, he is rising like a star and has many awards from time to time. Check out his own web to see more about him at The twang of the piano was relaxing the venue when he played, then some magic moment appeared when he let his fingers danced ellegantly like group of ballerinas above the keys. Lovely.



Inherited the spirit of jazz in the place where the music first spreaded, Noon, a Korean smooth jazz singer, indeed has something witty in her songs. With a colorful sounding of trumpet and band, along with her smooth vocal, Noon provided us a sweet and accessible taste of dixie, a new experience to jazz lovers. We have actually heard her name and listened to her songs at least since 2006, but at that time it was still difficult to know about her due to the lack of information found on the internet. Later on she made a surprising yet important decision. Fulfilling her ambition in gaining a high achievement in music, Noon took a big step in doing her recording in the New Orleans, the city where the jazz was born. With a soft touch from the master Leroy Jones (producer and arranger most of Noon’s songs), Noon did a brave move to include the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” with ther own arrangements. Her newest album “Better Than Ever” is well-suited for those who love a smooth jazzy with a touch of New Orleans style. Now she has put her signature at the Java Jazz Festival, a place that can always be a comfy home for her.

Maliq n D’Essentials has the frontrunner of the Indonesian soulful groove scene for almost 10 years. This is the group that almost always has to be included whenever there’s a music festival going on. Speaking of the music, they are infectious, and when you watch them live, you will catch the energetic vibe full with nonstop action. The brass section behind Angga Puradiredja and Indah always bring the jazzy touch into the soulful vibe. On February 10th 2013, the released their fifth album with the theme called “Sriwedari”. Even the process of the album only took three months but they seriously finished the album on Abbey Road Studio, England. As usual, we saw fully crowded stage, filled with their fans who wanted to groove and dance together.

As for Matthew Sayersz, some might’ve not known that he is a singer from Bandung. He has been a vocalist for bands such as Rasjidi Syndicate, Lopin Loop, Benny Likumahuwa & Young Jazzy Connections, Farabi Youth Big Band, Dwiki Dharmawan’s Project and Barry Likumahuwa Project. His participating in many moments has brought him to events such as Taichunk Jazz Festival, Bangkok Jazz Festival, Macau Revolution Festival and ASEAN Jazz Festival. This year’s JJF is another stepping stone for this young voice who made a stunning performance.


Are you crazy into rockin’ fusionesque guitar? Can you state a name crossed into your mind when we talk about the greatest one in this world? Say Jimi Hendrix! Very special in this 9th edition, psychedelic rock taste comes in the shape of jazz experimental by one and only Glen Dauna – Jimi Hendrix Experience. Flash back to the feeling imagine Jimi Hendrix on stage, Glen Dauna served his composition as he did in the previous event “I Kiss the Sky : Experience Jimi Hendrix feat. Glen Dauna Experiment” launched at the Atamerica together with Indra Dauna, Rega Dauna, Chaka Priambudi and Dezca Samudra in his team.

Sarita Fraya repeated her participation after her first one in 2010 then in 2011. At that time she was still a new prominent talent. Her jazzy voice and soothing acoustic guitar play was mesmerizing. The Java Festival Production found and believed her talent, she paid the trust back in full.

Some clinics had been going on since the fest’s opened. While Steve Thornton carried on after IMI percussion clinic session, at six o’clock sharp at the Djarum Lounge means Philomena Singers’ turn was on! Jazzy, Viska, Widya, Arby, Memey, and Oddy are the stars of this heart-taking Indonesian vocal group. How they succeed to create a harmony of sounds and fit them in to the jazz. We don’t find too many vocal harmony group in Indonesia lately, but now they are ready to fill up the empty spot and make it shine as never before.


The stages at the venue still in sight and wonderful weather surrounding the scene, Djarum Mild Jakarta Jazz International Jazz Fesitval (JakJazz) 2012 hits day two! With loads more audience than last night, the festival gave more performances, more names and more fun.

Crackersjacks Dixieland and Boris Savoldelli made another appearance after performing on day one. At the same time, on a different stage, Curtis King ruled the stage. Curtis King Band was scheduled to play at JakJazz 2009, but due to the cancellation of the festival we didn’t get the chance to meet them. Two years have passed, finally we were able to see the things that make Curtis King Band shine especially around Asian region. So who’s Curtis King? He’s a guitarist who originally came from Cleveland Ohio that has performed live around Asia all the way to USA. What’s unique about him is his passion to absorb many styles, instruments and traditional musics of the capitals of the world he lived in. This fact enables this man (and his band, of course) to give an interesting performance anywhere they land. The combination of jazz, blues, rock n roll, rock, fusion, Latins and so on go all the way to reach ‘East meets West’ concept, often by involving traditional instruments inside like in this very event by using zither, bamboo flute and so on. Imagine a show that delivers something energetic, cheerful, joyful, entertaining with bags of surprises around, served in rich variety, The Curtis King Band has it all. One of the song which grabbed the attention of the audience was The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”, the song used as the theme of CSI New York. 2 years waiting, at last we got it all paid off, in full.


You can ask this legend about the long, lost history of Indonesian jazz, he will tell you all about it. That’s Benny Mustafa van Diest, a drummer that has been through such an illustrious journey for more than half a century. Not only with skill, he’s been fully blessed with great health as well. That can be seen from the way he plays drum in top condition. Other than mastering all kinds of jazz, he’s also great at playing with brush sticks. He was great back then- for example when he was one of the Indonesian All Stars team which made big news in 1967 by performing at the Berlin Jazz Festival followed by recording an album in Germany- today he still has it all, if not even better. Having a legendary jazz drummer in a legendary festival like this is a must. Too bad this show started so early when most of the audience still hadn’t show up. Anyway, keep jazzin’ up the drums for many years to come, uncle Benny! We salute you. And today on stage he made it big with Troy and Rita. Amazing it was!

As the Saturday sun set, Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, a project of Idang Rasjidi’s which is active and yet improving as we speak blew the crowd away. The group which features his son Shadu Shadu Chaidar (Electric Bass) and two of his students on the percussions and  drums and Idang himself on the Keyboards made a remarkable performance. True entertainer and piano passionist, highlights of Idang Rasjidi. And with his “syndicate” they delivered their jazz-rock yet spontaneously manouvering in the way they play with songs. At this event and performance, Idang Rasjidi was energetic and very interactive in delivering the music.


In life, there are ways of sending our sympathy to others. As for EFA Project (Everyone For Ambon Project) this is their way of regwrowing the spirit towards the disaster that occured in Ambon this year which is also a part of their song “Harapan”. As much as 22 musicians collaborated as one and have also raised the spirit for other Indonesians to be more aware of the things happening around us. Names such as Jflow, Barry Likumahuwa, Glenn Fredly, Monita Tahalea, Mike Mohede, Bayu Risa, Matthew Sayerz, Tompi, Angga Puradireja and many other names are a part of this wonderful project. As the lyrics go, “For you, for me, for everyone” and that’s what their project wants to tell us all that for us all, their is still hope for anything we want to achieve.

Indonesian funkin’ Urban Phat of Muhammad Ibnu Rafi (Drums), Fajar Adi Nugroho (Bass), Andy Gomez (Keyboards and Piano), Damez Nababan (Saxophone) and Jordy Revillian Waelauruw (Trumpet) stands under the nuance of urban jazz. What is interesting about them is that their sphere in jazz keeps expanding. For instance, though standing under one name, Rafi also currently plays at Rafi and the Beat and also features in The Finggers with Indro Harjodikoro.Then there is Damez Nababan who also plays with Funky Thumb and Trio Lestari and Gomez with Syaharani and the Queenfireworks. The lineup continues on with promising young trumpeter, Jordy Waelauruw. From all the differences and experience, they combine as one delivering their diversity musical style in urban jazz. High dose of funk, loads of full extacy were served from their stage.


Our report from Road to JakJazz 2012 day one continued on with JOC. The name JOC might sound simple, but actually this group is the kind of band that can pour out pure jazz just like a daily basis thing. That’s because three person who have their initials on the name: Jeffrey Tahalele (contrabass), Oele Pattiselano (guitar) and Cendy Luntungan (drums) are jazz cats that have been doing their thing for many, many years. The three of them are exist in Bale Jazz Community, a community built by Jeffrey Tahalele and his dear wife, Aska Daulika in 2008. Ever since Bale Jazz was established it has becoming a medium for young jazz musicians to learn and grow especially by doing regular jam sessions with those who’ve been there many years earlier. We can mention some name such as Yance Manusama, Emil S Praja, Abadi Soesman, Margie Segers, Bertha, Otti Jamalus, Dewa Budjana and Sam Panuwun, also those who are not having the career as long as them but already heavily experienced such as Dira Sugandi.


Jeffrey, Oele and Cendy have been playing together for a very long time, up until now in many occasion, like playing regularly for Black Cat Jazz and Blues for example. No wonder they can play spontaneously in relax mood but the harmonies are all there within them. Having empowered by other seniors such as Iwan Wiradz (percusssion) and Arief Setiadi (sax), tonight they played songs like “Fool on the Hill”, “No More Blues”, “Night in Tunisia”, “Speak Low”, “Mas Que Nada”.  Such an enjoyable moment for those who loved to hear the natural jazz flows.


Here’s a harmonious real life couple who can infect their audience to feel their love from stage playing. The legendary funky bassist Yance Manusama and pianist who can also sing as nice Otti Jamalus are the couple. While Yance Manusama has his own band Funky Thumb and also a member of Riza3scapes (formerly known as Trioscapes), he often supports his dear wife on her gig.

You will instantly feel the intimate atmosphere in a way like you watch Diana Krall or Tania Maria whenever you see her show. Today was no different. She brought some of her favorite songs to the audience and presented it chilled by rooting in the beauty of each song. Joining them on stage were younger but talented musicians who have played with them for some times, guitarist Tiyo Alibasjah and drummer Dezca Anugrah Samudra. Having the well known songs (some pops pinned to jazz) including her all time fav from Aerosmith “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” made the crowds could sing along with her. We still remember watching her in the same mall at JakJazz Cares 2010, and once again she gave a seductive jazz in really pleasuring mood for us.


Never before a pre-event made this big. Take a look at the lineup then you’ll know what we mean. Are you surprised? We are too. Because not only it has so many famous jazz stars, from the legends, maestros, today’s stars, popular bands to the rising young bands. It’s going to be held not just one day but two days in a row, taking place at a popular hangout place, Gandaria City, Jakarta. We are talking about the pre-event of a huge jazz festival that has just made its comeback. Yes, it’s the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, better known as JakJazz!

Having the sponsor Djarum Super Mild for 2012, JakJazz presents a huge preliminary event called “Road to Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival” in the shape of a festival. Three stages will be prepared to hold tens of jazz bands this upcoming weekend on April 7 and 8, 2012 from 3:00 pm until midnight. One thing for sure, we are happy to see this very popular international jazz festival back again filling up our jazz calendar this year. The main event itself will be held some times around October. But before that, here we have the first party that can make you totally chilled in jazz this weekend.

ireng maulana, jakjazz 2012, jakjazz cares

Firstly came from Ireng Maulana‘s idea, JakJazz is known as the first and the pioneer of international-scaled jazz event in Indonesia. Since the premiere in 1988, JakJazz has already been held 10 times : 1981 and 1991 at Ancol, 1993, 1994 and 1995 at Plaza Timur Senayan, 1996 and 1997 at Pasar Festival Kuningan, 2006, 2007. 2008 at Istora Senayan. In 2009 JakJazz came with a special theme: A Touch of Jazz served at Airman Planet, Sultan Hotel and then in 2010 appeared as a charity show called JakJazz Cares at Gandaria city. All along the way, JakJazz has involved thousands of local and international artists, watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of jazz enthusiasts. Though there have been ups and downs, the efforts to keep this event alive has been massive. That’s one of the things that we should praise and learn from them. So this year it’s confirmed that JakJazz will come in grand style again in October, and before that, here we have the ‘road-to’ event in such an amazing size that was made to remind us all and rise our awareness of the comeback of this festival.

Plenty of stars are scheduled to perform at this pre-event including LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta), Tompi, Maliq & D’Essentials, Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP), Glenn Fredly, Syaharani and the Queenfireworks (ESQI:EF), Tohpati, Ireng Maulana & Friends, Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Yance Manusama’s Funky Thumb, Lala Suwages, Margie Segers, Jeffrey Tahalele and friends (JOC ft Bale Jazz), Otty Jamalus, Mus Mujiono, Oele Pattiselano, Cendy Luntungan, Yuyun George, Lala Suwages, Abdul and the Coffee theory, Rio Moreno, Benny Mustafa, Eramono & the New Spirit Band and many more. Speaking of Eramono, it’s about time for us to have him back again on stage. If you’re a long time jazz fans in Indonesia, you should remember a famous band around 2 decades ago called the Spirit Band where Eramono stood as one of the men behind this group. They were on top for several years but then gone. We then saw the rise of its former members like Dewa Budjana, Kemala Ayu, Didiek SSS, Kadek Rihardika, Bintang Indrianto, Tito Sumarsono, Uce Haryono among others, either as a solo artists or with new bands, but the band itself was completely dissapeaered. That stayed up until Chaseiro held their concert, “Chaseiro: Music and Friends” on March 16, 2012 when we finally saw Eramono Soekaryo back again together with the New Spirit Band. This band now has a shining jazz-rock with vintage atmosphere. It sounds fresh but still widely acceptable for the loyal Spirit Band fans. (Read our report about the return of Eramono and his New Spirit Band here)

There will be two stages spread inside the mall where everyone can watch for free, but one stage’s prepared for the special shows (Piazza Stage). To be able to have an access to this stage the ticket price is IDR 100.000. You can buy it directly there on the D-day.

Just in case you need the complete lineup, we have received the latest schedule and lineup from Sharkindo Komunika, the EO of this event.