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The cooperation between Jazz Community in Bandung, Klab Jazz and us, Jazzuality.com has been very well kept for over 6 years. For that long years we have been walking together side by side to bring jazz closer to the society in the city we live in. We both hold the same vision and commitment in keeping the jazz flame alive in our beloved city and supporting the musicians in it. During the process, we often find that the non-jazz musicians also need a place they can call home, and we always welcome them with open hands. Tell you the truth, it’s not easy to do it. We have known it from the beginning and realized it even more since we started our own regular program called Terraz Jazz. Since we just got the news today that the venue Festival Citylink no longer wish to support Terraz Jazz, one jazz spot in Bandung is gone. We are still trying to find another place for it, but hey, bad news isn’t the only thing we got today because almost at the same time, the founder of Klab Jazz Dwi Cahya Yuniman informed us about the new crime scene. Following the new Novo Jazz in Novotel, Cihampelas Bandung last August, Klab Jazz proudly announces a new venue, which coincidentally located not very far from the Novotel. The premiere of this new event will be held at the outside terrace of Holiday Inn Hotel, Jl. Ir H Juanda (Dago) on Friday, September 12, 2014. The name of this new event? It’s Holijazz Nite.

For Klab Jazz this is a relieving news. This community has been stuggling to find new venues especially after they lost some programs in the previous spots. Reaching agreement with two big hotels is quite an achievement. It’s a good news not only for Klab Jazz and us, but also for the musicians in Bandung and nearest cities.

So what’s the menu for this premiere edition of Holijazz Nite? Klab Jazz is preparing 4 bands. Three slots are taken by the duos that was featured in the Duo Tone concert at Auditorium IFI Bandung just about a week ago. They are:
– AGIS BAPE – Agis Kania (vocal) and Opik Bape (guitar): the subsection of French Gypsy band Satura that’s carrying the concept of Soul Jazz
– PUSPITA REGI – Puspith March (vocal) and Reggie Badh (guitar): an experimentation project between the vocalist of La Belle and ‘new comer’ Regie Badh tributing Nina Simone, and
– REO RICHO – Alvis Gusreo (piano) and Yuricho Billy (vocal) : a newly formed duo that was established especially for Duo Tone. Unlike the other duos, this is a collaboration between piano and vocal and also the only group with male vocalist in Duo Tone. They are going to reprise the fine works of male jazz/soul vocalists ranging from the 70’s to present day which are highly interesting but not that famous yet among the Indonesian listeners due to the lack of media publication.

Other than these three duos, Holijazz will feature BANDUNG STRING TRIO: a unique stringed collaboration between guitar, violin and bass. Like a group of free birds, they can fly across the musical lands from jazz, classical, traditional, tango and so on. Not only they are attractive but they can be a good alternative for us who are getting bored with today’s trend. Two ladies and one gentleman are in it, they are Syarif Maulana (guitar), Arnie Christanti (bass) and Afifa Ayu (violin).

The Holijazz Nite will take place at the outside terrace of Braga Bar & Lounge of Holiday Inn Bandung at Dago. The event is totally free from any charge. Should you need more info, feel free to contact +62 22 421 1333 ext 6103. Let’s welcome this new jazztination and wish it and Klab Jazz the best.

HoliJazz Nite

Date: Friday, September 12, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga Bar & Lounge, Holiday Inn
Jl Ir H. Juanda (Dago) no. 31-33, Bandung




An interesting concept is coming right at you, brought by Klab Jazz in cooperation with the Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI), Bandung. It’s called DUO TONE, set to be held on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at the Auditorium of IFI-Bandung, Jl. Purnawarman no 32 (right in front of Bandung Electronic Center/BEC). Surely you’re curious to know more about this program, the lineup and some brief informations about them. We will let you know all the details right here in this article.

Duo Tone

Duo Tone is the smallest collaborative work of a musical pairing. It’s made as a vehicle where two musicians try to interpret musics and lyrics, either from jazz, soul, blues, pop or their original works to the unity and harmony of taste and color that can really represent both sides.


Perhaps you wonder where this idea came from. According to Dwi Cahya Yuniman as the founder of Klab Jazz, he got the idea after realizing that many bands had to pass the invitation to play at Klab Jazz’s events because some of their personnels were having another activities elsewhere. Many of these bands are actually promising, but they are stuck due to the empty seats left by some of the team mates. Klab Jazz realized that those who are still staying actually have enough strength to carry on. It’s a waste if they had to loose so many chance only because they require a combo formation (including drums and bass). That shouldn’t stop them from expressing themselves musically, because there are still things can be done to support these musicians in order to fulfill their calling.

Duo Formation

The incomplete formation that often becomes an obstacle shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Looking from the positive side, the lack of players can push the rest of the personnels to give their best shot. They have to work harder to fill up the empty spaces and to make a composition stands just as good as being played by full team.

We say, it can pushes their creativities or even skills. It will sharpen their sensitivities and make them smarter in creating a concept. Duo is the smallest collaboration between players that needs more than just ability to play instrument. It often needs charm, extra energy and ability to connect to the audience more than ever. That’s the homework, that’s the challenge. In other words, both of the players have to be strong and work in harmony to provide a musical dialogues that can be understood and accepted by the audience.


Repertoire-wise speaking, the concept of Duo Tone is being directed towards the classic pieces that have stand the test of time, but might have been forgotten or replaced by today’s popular songs.

The Duo Tone will present four categories: Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Soul Jazz and Male Jazz Vocal.

In Male Jazz Vocal, this program will cover the present-time’s songs. There are many outstanding international male jazz vocalists today, but unfortunately since they don’t get enough air time in our radios and televisions, most of our music fans become unfamiliar with the fine works of recent male jazz stars like Jose James, Gregory Porter and others.

Opening the Chance to Play

Today there are many venues (from cafes, restaurants, meetings, parties or small festivals) that require bands with small formations to play. The reason may vary, like the size of the space, avoiding too loud sounds that can disturb their guests or the limited budget of the owners. Playing as a duo opens up a chance for musicians to be in this field, something that they might not get if they only choose to play in combo formation.

The Artists

duo tone, puspita regi, reo richo, agis bape, gallia


This is a slice of a ‘small’ group that plays French Gypsy Jazz, Satura ft Agis Kania. This time two members from this group: Agis Kania and Opik Bape will go deeper into Soul Jazz. This is a good choice since Agis is has a strong soulful vocal character. Step aside from the Django Reinhardt’s style that Satura is into, Agis and Opik will definitely give something tight and clean, the way they always do everytime we see them on stage.




After being paused for two months due to the presiential election and Ramadhan, Klab Jazz is finally back again with its Groove Collective. This regular event is set to be the playing ground for bands or musicians who have groove, soul, funk, nu-jazz and the likes as their concept. It was launched for the first time on September 2012, happy to see that it has reached the 17th edition.

Let’s take a deeper look at the word groove as a musical term first. Groove is the kind of music that become more and more accepted as a genre. In groove the sense of rhytmic feel is mostly created by the rhythm section of a band, producing something that usually makes us want to move, dance and any other response by the body in sync with the music, including foot-tapping and so on.. While the term ‘groove’ was actually already used in music at least since the 50’s, this concept began to be taken and developed seriously in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Groove has been widely used in variety of genres. Most notably in R&B, disco, hip hop and jazz, but it can also be found in some other sides like reggae, metal/rock or even ethnic. However, for the common listeners groove is mostly related to the kind of music which combines some elements such as jazz, funk, pop, soul and R&B which has the kind of infectious beat that our body can’t refuse to respond.

Due to its pop pattern, groove often gives benefit to jazz development due to its ability to introduce jazz in friendly approach to the common listeners. So, while we have to maintain the traditional jazz, groove is also needed if we want to see jazz being developed in this country. Having that in mind, Klab Jazz provides a regular event where groove is placed as the main theme.

It’s an undeniable fact that the number of groove bands in Indonesia is significant. From what the founder of Klab Jazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman, has seen, the groove bands have helped the regular jazz gigs to keep going. We see that too in our own event, Terraz Jazz. On the other hand, the mutual symbolism of ‘pure’ jazz musicians and those in more pop-ish side has been going on for ages as well, enriching both sides, even able to create something new in music.

The Groove Collective #17 is going to run at the same homeground, Bober Tropica, Bandung. Five groups have confirmed to participate. The dynamic pairing of jazz vocalist Puspallia Panggabean and the all-rounder Galant Yurdian, together as Gallia, will give you light jazz in delightful acoustic groove. Then there will be Evan Natanael, the drummer we know as the personnel of jazz-rock band, E.I.P. This time he will bring his other band named Rhythm Motion. Stands as a trio, Evan brings his own team mate from E.I.P, Muhammad Ilham on bass and Yadi as the violist. The combination of drums, bass and violin will certainly give a different musical texture, especially since two of them are great in bringing jazz-rock.




It’s always wonderful to see the harmonious collaboration between two jazz communities from different cities. It might be new for some, but for Bandung’s Klab Jazz and Depok’s Margo Friday Jazz, this is just another cooperative work. The joint between these two well established jazz communities has began since 2009. This is their 7th cooperation. Other than Klab Jazz goes to Margo Friday Jazz, Margo came to Bandung too in 2010. So yes, they have been walking hand in hand despite of living separately  in different city.

“There are basic similiarities between Margo Friday Jazz and Klab Jazz. Both of us regularly provide playground for bands that have the interest in jazz.” said Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the founder of Klab Jazz. Collectively, Margo Friday Jazz and Klab Jazz present several groups in each edition, from ‘just’ 3 groups to 6, even ocassionally exceed that number.

Since the beginning, Margo Friday Jazz has gotten its own spot located at the right wing of Margo City Mall. They have been running the program for several years, consistantly doing it every week on Friday. While Klab Jazz, which doesn’t have its own venue, chose to cooperate with several cafes around Bandung. All these similiarities enable them to establish close connection towards each other.



Just like before, Klab Jazz brought 5 Bandung bands to invade Margo Friday Jazz. The first band to perform was Bandung String Trio, this time consisted of Syarif Maulana (guitar), Afifa Ayu (violin/vocals) and Arnie Christanti (bass). Unique and diffefent, Syarif led the team to bring their concept in real Sundanese social vibes. They played Sonny Rollins’ “St Thomas”, the evergreen “One Note Samba”, Didier Lockwood’s “Barbiezorm Blues” and Ismail Marzuki’s “Panon Hideung”.

Syarif as usual did a good job with both his colorful guitar playing and funny speech. As for Afifa, well, this young girl is multi-talented. From our point of view, she is a great jazz violin player and also has the  voice and vibe that suit perfectly to sing Bossa.  The groove madame Arnie was as sharp as always. It’s not everyday we see the band format like this, but these team proofs that there’s nothing impossible in jazz. One thing we also have to tell you is that this group can perform without bass if neccessary. They have shown it at our own Terraz Jazz last February 2014 by the combination of Syarif and Estu (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-premiere-edition-the-report/). With more variations like this, we can hope to see a good jazz future in Indonesia. And yes, we have enough human resources here. Kudos to the trio, keep flowering Bandung with your unique concept.



Next was another trio in normal formation, the group named E.I.P. The name is the initial of the personnels: Evan Natael, Muhammad Ilham (bass) and Ipung Permadi (guitar). The band was established in the early 2013 and based their core in edgy jazz rock. Look at how the start, pinning “Got a Match” , “Lucky Seven”, a song from Larry Carlton and their original which hasn’t been named yet. E.I.P gave a powerful punch tonight as well as showing that there’s more varieties can be found inside jazz and rock connection than just the style we call fusion.



The third band was the unofficial movement for jazz enthusiast in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Isola  Jazz, consists of 5 personnels: Ilham Pamuji on alto saxophone, Galih Cahya on drums, Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha on bass, Gilang Pratama on piano and Erwin Apriliadi (guitar). They brought fusion/smooth adult contemporary mood with splashes of funk into this edition of Margo Friday Jazz. Playing set of songs such as Duke Ellington’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing if It Ain’t Got a Swing” Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly”, a song from Japanese fusion band T Square titled “Explorer” and Chick Corea’s “Nite Sprite”, the band did a good job in making the quite hot night got breezy and relaxing, at other time it was totally re-energized. Solid playing made them bagged a lot of applause and cheers from the crowds. Good job, boys! Keep it up.




Last year Klab Jazz has presented around 75 regular shows that involved around 4 to 6 bands per episode. Hundreds of sessions, thousands of players shows that jazz is still alive in Bandung. This year Klab Jazz is still keeping its track record in providing good quality jazz events in cooperation with some cafes without taking any charge. The number of event per month isn’t as many as last year so far, yet the quality and variety are still being well kept.

Klab Jazz’s longest program Sunday Jazz can be a good example of this. Eventhough the venue has been changed several times, the existance of this regular event is still remain. Now the event has reached the number of 65th, and that’s really not a small amount. It used to run since the afternoon, but now Klab Jazz decided to go when the moon’s up, starting at 6:30 pm til drop. Taking place at Bober Cafe Tropica, Sunday Jazz #65 is set to present 4 bands plus one talk show.

If you came to the tryout of our community event at Festival Citylink last month, you should remember this band with the funny name. Yes, it’s Wedding Mafia. If you wonder why they chose this name, it’s because the band was established by some wedding musicians who apparently share the same vision and also mission. The band’s clearly rooted in jazz, which is favored by most of the bridal couples as told by the band leader who’s also the headmaster of KPH Music, Andre Simangunsong. Just like in our show, Wedding Mafia will appear as a quintet. Other than Andre on keys, there are Grand Doang on drums, Wibie on bass, Ibnu on saxophone and potential young singer, Syafiera Prami on vocal. From what we saw last time, they are into smooth jazz with touches of soul, RnB and a little funk. The other mafias might scare you, but not this one, since they are terrorizing the audience with pleasuring jazz.

Progressive ethnic jazz will shine from an ensemble named Sasadana. The group is carrying the concept by using the combination of modern-Western and traditional-Eastern instruments. Not only bass and keyboard, you will also find violin, bamboo flute, keyboard and tatabeuhan (Sundanese’s double-headed drum) in their session. boyke priyo utomo, jazzualityThe young jazz paganini Pangestu ‘Estu’ Hning Bhawana is found inside the group along with Rifky Adam Rahman (bass), Digun Guntara Barnas (drum, tatabeuhan), Lingga Angling Raspati (bamboo flute) and Mikhael Jason Aditya (keys). Jazz with traditional Sundanese taste? Why not. These boys can make it happen. Two other groups are completing the lineup: Kaleon and Neat. Kaleon is a group of four with Ade Irvan Riswandi and Ardi Prawira (guitars), Taofiq Muhammad (flute) and Lola Melatina (vocal). Then Neat will perform as a trio featuring Rayhan Murtaza (guitar), Arbi Wardani (drums) and Alex Jhonly (bass).

Just like we said before, this edition will also present something different. Not only showcase, Sunday Jazz #65 will have a talkshow/sharing session too. In this episode the guest is Boyke Priyo Utomo, a saxophonist who’s been active as sessionist and also supporting some bands including Imam Pras Quartet. We haven’t seen him for a while, maybe he’s busy with his tight non-music schedule. But now here he comes again not as a performer but to share anything he knows about saxophone. If you’re a saxophonist or having an interest in this instrument, you can come and ask him directly during the talkshow.

As usual, Sunday Jazz is served free of charge. All you have to do is come and enjoy the performance. Don’t forget to try the food and beverages of Bober Cafe Tropica too, it will make your relaxing hours even better. So, anyone want to jazz this Sunday? Be there and have a good time.

Sunday Jazz #65

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Jl Sumatra no 5, Bandung





After the success of the tryout, TERRAZ JAZZ has come to its first (premiere) edition. As you might already know, our intention of having this regular event is to contribute towards the jazz development especially in the regeneration process. We often find that the music students can already play something on stage, but they don’t have enough place and chance for that. The same case happen to the newcomers. In order to grow, they need a reliable playground, a community with friendly surroundings where they can learn while entertaining the real live audience at the same time. For that, we establish a network based on common goals with several music schools (currently VMS and KPH Music), jazz community in Bandung (Klab Jazz) and a community-based non-profit organization Infinity. We also got a lot of supports from the venue, Festival Citylink who’s been kindly accepted our proposal and granted us to have the Terrazo Food N Venue as the homebase twice a month. For now, this event will run twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. We are focusing on pushing the new players to grow mature on stage, adapting, absorbing experiences by practising what they’ve learned. But we’d be happy if any of the already established musicians give their blessings and supports too. Such case would happen in the upcoming second edition (March 12, 2014) with a wild, well-established jazz fusion band Fusion Stuff from Jakarta to participate as one of the lineups.

We will release the info about the second edition soon, but for now, let’s focus on the premiere edition which featured three young bands/groups all from Bandung. Oh yeah, in accordance to the upcoming 6th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival (March 22, 2014), we invited the committees to socialize their big event to the audience. The MC position was given to them too, represented by Ario Fahmi Muhammad and Alia Putri Syahbaniar. Their chit-chats and jokes appeared fresh in youthful spirit that somehow added a different kind of flavor into the show. The founder of Klab Jazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman also came to show his support. He gave a speech too in between sessions.



The first performance came from a band who just made its name a couple of days ago, Soulia. It’s a new band, but at least we know the vocalist, Yuyu Yulia who two years ago was active as a pop jazz singer. She moved on by taking a different job, but now she wishes to come back to her music passion. We are happy to provide her comeback. Just like before, Yuyu took the pop jazz lane as her path. Joining her in this group are Aga (guitar) and Mike (bass), plus a cool cajon player.

They opened up this premiere edition with smooth, sweet acoustic music. Two songs were taken from the late Utha Likumahuwa’s evergreens “Esok Kan Masih Ada” and “Puncak Asmara” then ended their performance with Vina Panduwinata’s “Cinta”. A simple but nice acoustic package were given by Soulia as the first band. They only delivered three songs but it was good enough for a start.  Since this is still the beginning, we know they can do great in music. Acoustic, candy sweet and pop jazz, who wouldn’t like it? It’s like a magic formula to win the hearts of wide segments of music lovers. Let’s hope the band to keep its existance, may this first appearance be a start for something big for them.




Since last month, Klab Jazz‘s regular event at Siete Cafe, Resto Bandung has changed into a new theme. At first it was set as a home where musicians from ethnic especially Sundanese and Keroncong communities gathered with their jazz fellows under Jazz Nagari. But aparently, the space wasn’t sufficient enough to hold traditional ensembles which mostly comprise a lot of members, not to mention the size of the bamboo instruments and some other technical problems. Because of that, the venue and the jazz community decided to go back to the root, as appeared in the new title, Siete Jazz.

In several previous shows and some upcoming ones, Klab Jazz’s events are set to be the Road to Kampoeng Jazz, an annual international-scaled festival made by the Law Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung. The 6th year of this festival is coming soon on March 22, 2014 at their own campus ground, featuring big names such as Renee Olstead, Collective Soul, Mus Mudjiono ft Ari Pramundito, The Groove and many others. This year Kampoeng Jazz will have two stages for the first time; Klab Jazz is in charge on the second stage. Before the main event, Klab Jazz and Kampoeng Jazz join hands in socializing the fest by using the community events. Should you have questions about the festival or plan to buy the ticket, you can simply come to Klab Jazz’s events including this one, there will be officers who happily assist you.

Right at the end of February, and as the 10th anniversary of Java Jazz Festival is just around the corner, Klab Jazz is ready to launch the second edition.  There will be four bands in this second installment. First, let’s see Kucubeat. This band has a funny name which if pronounced, in Indonesian would sound like “I pinch (you)”. Anyway, let’s focus on their music concept. This band doesn’t like to stay in any narrow, singular box. Instead, they are more into playing for fun by fusing lots of musical ingredients together. You can find groove, light jazz, soul, rock and so on. Simply put, their songs have nice melodic tone that will easily be familiar to your ears.

Then let’s take a look at a very promising guitar duo, Satura. You’ve heard of Depapepe, or the earliest formation of Skesta which takes this format into their game. But Satura doesn’t go that way but travel far away back to the era when Parisien Gypsy Jazz dominated the Hot Club Era of Paris around the 30’s. The Gypsy Jazz ; some people called it ‘String Swing’ was popularized by the genius Django Reinhardt. Unlike the way American played jazz at that time which used traditional drums and bass, Django delivered swing with a wicked rhythm section by using nothing but strings. It was fascinating and somehow mystical. It would remind you of the flowery spring in Paris but also has fast melodies in chromatic Gypsy flavor. Many guitarists in Europe still carry this style of playing, but it’s still very rare to find in Indonesia. Satura takes this path and shows that they can bring the audience to travel back to that 30’s Parisien era without using any time machine or even take a flight to Paris. Simply close your eyes and you’ll be there. That’s what we feel when we hear them play.

Last year in band auditions for Espose 2013, as one of the judges we saw many potential bands as the participants. One of them was Moccafrio, a band of five young men. They have supported Klab Jazz at the Groove Collective October 2013 edition, now the boys are back again for another shot. In the coffee world, Moccafrio is usually served as a blendings of espresso, milk and ice with chocolate sauce/chips and whipped cream on top in a tall glass. It’s a cold coffee drink that tastes delightful while at the same time refreshes and recharges whoever drinks it. If a band is using it as a name, we should expect it to bring the same values, and we can’t see why not since they present the friendly side of jazz with pop, soul, RnB and groovy funk attached within. Last but not least, the jazzy pianist/vocalist Ulfa Nur Fauzia will also be back with her Ulfa & Friends after their last appearance on Klab Jazz’s stage in December 2013.

If you are in Bandung and looking for jazz on Thursday, just come and enjoy the performances. A community event like this needs supports to keep going, not only from the playing musicians and medias but also from you, jazz lovers who live in Bandung and nearby. The event is FREE as usual. Just bring yourself in and be cool with jazz!


Date: Thursday, 27 February 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – onward
Location: Siete Cafe, Resto
Jl. Sumur Bandung no. 20, Bandung





We launched our first tryout event aiming to be a regular community jazz event two weeks ago at the Terrazo Food & Venue, the food court of  a big mall in the Southern Bandung area, Festival Citylink. To our surprise, the trial event was more successful than we expected (Read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/citylink-jazz-n-jam-terazzo-jazz-the-report/). Many young musicians came to seek for an adventure on stage, having a blast in free for all jam session, while the performing bands/artists did very well in pouring out jazz in rich variety. So now, we officialy cooperate with the venue, making a regular event twice a month, projected to run on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. The name is settled too. From now on, this regular two weekly event will be called TERRAZ JAZZ in accordance to the name of the ground zero where it’s held.

As you might already know, this event is made to accomodate the young talents, new bands, students of music schools who take jazz as their major to get experience from playing live in front of the audience. They can practice everything they learn, transforming it into a real show. For us, this event is a part of our contribution towards jazz development particularly in Bandung especially in supporting the regeneration process. If somewhere along the way there are accomplished bands/artists wish to support our movement, we would be really grateful and welcome you with wide open arms. As what we plan, this should be a home for the jazz people to gather, make friends, exchange knowledge and have fun with one another. Thanks to Festival Citylink, especially the full support from the manager Jodi Putra, they provide us space and facilities to make it possible. We’re also thankful to have full supports from the Bandung jazz community Klab Jazz, Infinity – an independent institution that is established to improve the quality standard of human resource in facing the challenges in society and some music schools such as VMS (Venche Music School) and KPH (Kruisnode Piano House) Music. We are in the process of establishing cooperation with other music schools, private music teachers and so on, so hopefully this ship will soon have more passangers who share the same wishes and dreams. One thing for sure, without having their supports, none of these would happen.

terraz jazz, festival citylink, bandung, terrazo food n venue, jazzuality

The wonderful crowds of Terrazo Jazz tryout (February 7, 2014) – photo by Riandy Kurniawan


In the tryout event on February 7, 2014 we presented six groups who gave assorted jazz flavors ranging from swing, bebop, progressive, fusion, soul, gospel, blues, bossanova and pop. For this edition forward, we will keep only three bands in the showcase so the duration of jam sessions can be long enough to accomodate as many attending musicians as possible.

This premiere edition of TERRAZ JAZZ will feature three bands with various flavors. First, there will be a unique combination that would be rare to have. The group’s called Bandung String Duo. This band was born from Klab Jazz’s concept that’s trying to develop new combinations/possibilities that can be enough to enlive the stage live show. If normally a band would require at least drums and bass to go hand in hand with at least piano or guitar, you might wonder how it would sound if the group has unique combination, like just guitar and violin for example. That’s what this duo is all about. They usually come as a trio, but since the bassist aren’t able to make it, they are brave enough to just go by two. Syarif Maulana (guitar) and Pangestu ‘Estu’ Hning Bhawana (violin) will demonstrate how jazz can they go by using nothing but two string instruments.

The original formation Bandung String Trio was first planned only to be a one time project. It was called Syarif Maulana and His Lovely Friends at first. But as they enjoyed the concept, they decided to move forward. The concept of three string instruments without drums and piano are still rare in Indonesia but definitely worth a shot. If in the tryout event two weeks ago we showcased a duo session with drum and guitar, now it’s the time to check out a session where only guitar and violin exist. In the future, we will try to push the development of unique combinations like this. A singer accompanied by contrabass, vocalist and pianist, double instruments and some other rare stuffs. Since we’re talking jazz, all of these are worth to give a go.




Bandung-based jazz community, Klab Jazz in cooperation with the venue, Siete Cafe, Resto launched 11 episodes of Jazz Nagari throughout 2013. This monthly event gathered the jazz community with fellow musicians from ethnic (especially Sundanese) and Keroncong communities. The regular event is considered a success, but only a few realize the difficulties in making up each one. Since this event got to feature ethic jazz and pure ethnic bands, they usually consist of many personnels and mostly use acoustic instruments especially the traditional ones. The size of the stage isn’t enough to hold that many players, the sound system can’t support it perfectly too. Therefore, Klab Jazz has decided to end the program since last December. This program can appear again in the future if Klab Jazz finds a wider stage, but for now due to the circumstances it has to be discontinued. Jazz Nagari is no longer existed, but the cooperation between Klab Jazz and Siete is still in place. Dealing with this situation, Klab Jazz chooses to go back to its root as shown in their new program for Siete called Siete Jazz.

The very first edition of Siete Jazz will be held on January 30, 2014, starting at 7:00 pm. This premiere will have 4 set of performers offering variety of jazz styles. Pianist Christ Stanley is listed with his newformed group called Christ Stanley Quartet. He has supported Klab Jazz many, many times, especially with Halfwhole Project. But this group is currently in hiatus since the saxophonist has moved to Jakarta. Since he wants to keep going, he quickly form another pack also in a quartet formation, with Okki Jatikusuma on guitar, Achmad ‘Opik’ Taufik on drums and Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha on bass. Before he formed the Halfwhole Project, Stanley was active in various bands with different sizes and projects. He knows what to do, he knows who he should bring. Let’s see how his new quartet’s like in their debut. The bassist Ilham Septia will have another round with another band, Isola Jazz. Galih Cahya (drums), Gilang Pratama (piano) and Ilham Pamuji (alto saxophone) are going to accompany him in it.

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Then let’s take a look at Ammy Kurniawan. He’s one of the rare jazz violists in Indonesia. Other than keeping his track in his band 4 Peniti, he’s been joining several projects including his jamming project D’Klakson and when he’s teaming up with his own students in Ammy Alternative Strings. Performing as Ammy Kurniawan Project, he’ll be accompanied by his long time friends, real life couple Rudy Zulkarnaen (bass) and Adisty Zulkarnaen (drums). Looking at their expressive and fun character, they can surely surprise you even with a small formation like this. Last but not least, vocalist Yura Yunita is completing the lineup.

If you’re in Bandung this Thursday and feel like needing some jazz recharges, this event will be perfect for you. Come join the event, bring your friends and family along, because the event is free from any charge. While enjoying your dinner, you can have a nice jazz treatment from the performers. One thing you have to remember is, as a jazz lover you can give contribution by attending the local jazz community’s events. They do need your support, and they are ready to entertain you to the fullest.

Siete Jazz Premiere Edition

Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – onward
Location: Siete Cafe, Resto
Jl. Sumur Bandung no 20, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Ammy Kurniawan Project
:: Ammy Kurniawan violin
:: Rudy Zulkarnaen bass
:: Adisty Zulkarnaen drums

– Christ Stanley Quartet
:: Christ Stanley piano
:: Okki Jatikusuma guitar
:: Achmad “Opik” Taufk drums
:: Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha bass

– Isola Jazz
– Ilham Pamuji alto saxophone
– Galih Cahya drum
– Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha
– Gilang Pratama piano

– Yura
:: Yura Yunita vocals




It’s never easy to make several regular jazz events run smoothly every month, especially in a city other than the capital. It’s not that there are too few musicians that can play it, but the number of ready groups might be a problem. Some of the bands found their way to climb higher, some have to choose between pursuing their career and study, some others struggle with consistency. Those could make the Jazz Community lost some of the potential groups that can keep these events on track. Last year Klab Jazz, the Bandung’s Jazz Community served no less than 75 shows that involved 4 to 6 bands per episode. Occasionally they got some bands from the capital and other cities, not just the young fellows but it could be those who have been active for quite long years. Reaching the number of 75 is quite an achievement, what about this year? We still don’t know how it will go this year, but at least when we’re still less than 2 weeks inside the new year, we can see that Klab Jazz is still running. That’s a good sign, at least.

Since the number of bands are reducing, Klab Jazz has to find fresh new groups and players. Again, not easy, but we believe there are still many that we haven’t found yet. So it’s a continuous work to think over the regeneration and continuation if we want the development run well. At the same time, variety still has to be kept in mind. Quite a homework, but Klab Jazz knows it. It’s never easy, but the kind of spirit like what George Benson said in his song “Never Give Up On a Good Thing” and of course realizing their calling would always energize them.

Here we comes to the first one in the new year. Calling all jazz fans in Bandung, the #64th edition of Sunday Jazz is coming no longer than this Sunday, January 12, 2014, featuring 5 bands/groups/projects filled with young musicians. It’s going to be presented at the same venue as usual at Bober Cafe Tropica. Most of the names might still be new to you, but we know some of them equipped with good skills, passion and creativity to bring some jazz alive. The combination between guitar and drums in playing jazz repertoires doesn’t happen often, but here in this edition you can have it through two young musicians, guitarist Anjuan Julio and drummer Alman Naufal, together as Anjuan Julio Project.  We met Anjuan at least 2 years ago when he was still very young, still at that time he already showed how good he could play and how passionate he is to jazz. He’s played in numerous bands, now he’s going just by two with another young ‘tranced’ drummer Alman Naufal of Equinox. It’s a project that involves only two people with two instruments, guitar and drums. If this unique pairing catch your attention, go and check them out.

Then, what about a group of strings used in three different instruments? That should be interesting too. This concept owned by Bandung String Trio, consists of Syarief Maula (guitar), Afifa Ayu (violin) and the bassist of Jazzy Juice, Arnie Christanti. Again, with this group we catch a different format that can make them sound different. No drums, no vocals, you say, but as we always say, anything can happen in the jazz world. The pop jazz lies in the hands of FX JO, a group of six who continues their participation in Klab Jazz’s event after Jazz et Alia last September 2013. Another group of 6 is Dr.Doc, and last but not least a new quartet named Kaleon is worth to check too.

You might find that most of the names are new, but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be flat. It becomes even more important, because these bands need your support to mark their step and keep growing. There will be interesting concepts, special projects and young talents. In return, you’ll get 5 bands entertaining you with their jazz flavors. Join us then? Hopefully so. See you!

Sunday Jazz #64

Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Location: Bober Cafe Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

– Anjuan Julio guitar
– Alman Naufal drums

– Syarief Maula gitar
– Afifa Ayu biola
– Arnie Christanti bass

:: DR. DOC
– Herdi vocal
– Ari guitar
– Ginandjar Satyanagara keyboard, synth
– Galih piano
– Athfy Fadhlika Shafa drums
– Fabian bass

:: FX JO
– Nadia Maulidina alto saxophone
– Rafif Andyka vocal
– Faishal Muhammad Fasya keyboard & synth
– Febrian Ihsan guitar
– Athfy Fadhlika Shafa drum
– David Setiawan Sanjaya bass

– Ade Irvan Riswandi guitar
– Ardi Prawira guitar
– Taofiq Muhammad flute
– Lola Melatina vocal