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Speaking of the combination of how well jazz can go side by side with the electro-brokenbeat scene, Bulgarian born Martin Denev should definitely be mentioned. This man is highly capable to inject serious dose of bebop venoms into the lungs of club dance scene, creating a whole different atmosphere through his music. He can have boppin’ manouvers freely while maintaining the techno music at the same time, just like how he did in his album “Stolen Blessings”.

You’d be surprise to know that he actually came from classical background by learning piano. He also had fulfilled his obligatory military service in the army. Being active around the world from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands all the way to Aruba, Curacao, St Martin and Puerto Rico has shaped him as a world class player. Indonesia is not a new place to him as he’s been here for several times. Now his album is released in Indonesia under Demajors and it’s available at our store:

For the Java Soulnation Festival 2011 he made a surprising collaboration with the young man with cool soulful tone Matthew Sayersz, the young drum wiz Demas Narawangsa and also Audrey Papilaja. Calling the gig as MARTIN DENEV JAZZAWACKA feat. MATTHEW SAYERSZ – AUDREY PAPILAJA – DEMAS NARAWANGSA, they went all the way twisting the music to bring the maximum entertainment.

We usually found Matthew inside Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP), but lately he’s been also active in pursuing his solo career, with an album coming up real soon. While we’re still enjoying his part in BLP, it’s also nice to see him building his own career. It was a very interesting session where jazz sounded loud enough inside the soulful dance beat.

Martin Denev brought a set list with highly infectious songs in brokenbeat delight with streaming jazz melodies such as “Love is hiding In The Changes”, “Quiet Is The New Loud”, songs from his Stolen Blessings album “Somethin’ Real”,  “When You Look”, “Old Man Song” then “All Of Us”, “Nothing But Dreams” and “Strong Finally”. Not too many crowds anymore as it was one of the last show, but nonetheless the staying crowds enjoyed the show to the max, releasing all the energy they left inside by dancing.

Yeppy Romero and Max Don, 2 musician from different music worlds became together once again following their first attempt last year at Java Soulnation Festival 2010. This is a unique collaboration because it seems they create a new world of music, Electro Funk Latin. Yeppy Romero who was bron with a gift in his finger with the latin vibes playing the guitar, while Max Don who has won, has taken part in many DJ competitions and has became the opening acts 4 major international artist and international DJs repeated his magic touch over the turntable boards just like he did last year. But there was a big surprise this year, Imaniar joined them on stage! Imaniar once married to Max Don but they divorced in 2005. It was really nice to see them reunited back again supporting each other on stage. Again like in Martin Denev’s show, the staying audience didn’t want to lose their last moment to groove along with this unique DJ-flamenco guitar collaboration.

3 days Urban Party, 53 Indonesian bands/artists, 2 Special Projects/Tributes and lots of collaborations have been served successfully by Java Festival Production (JFP) under the flag of Java Soulnation Festival. In this fourth installment the concept has been made exactly like the basic idea of creating this festival, to create such a place where everybody can have a party for several days, nothing but fun, in the name of soul, in urban style. “We want everyone to have a party. They can jive, they can just release their energy and spirit freely onto the air.” said EQ Puradiredja. “Also, I want to keep it this way. When a band performs in Soulnation, they should come with different concept, creating something new and making some collaborations.” he added. By having that, Soulnation will become a place where people see new things in a soulful lifestyle, where everyone can just forget about everything else and have a blasting party. This fourth edition marked a brand new day of Java Soulnation Festival, conceptually speaking. Just like EQ said before it started, it was meant to be more edgy, more daring and more fun, and yes we digged it.


Besides Naughty by Nature, Java Soulnation Festival 2011 presented another legendary hardcore rap group who started their ignition since 1982. Yes, it’s Public Enemy, currently consists of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and his S1W group, DJ Lord and music director Khari Wynn. Other than their cool rappin’ style, this group is also known for their edgy approach by having politically charged, social and cultural consciousness often with sharp criticisms in their lyrics, but written in poetic rhymes by using rough-sounding music collages as a foundation.

While they can give sharp criticisms, they were all really nice and friendly in person. Chuck D attended the press conference and spread a friendly vibes to the whole attended journalists. He happily answered whatever questions that were given to him, even invited everyone to email him the photos, videos or anything else taken from his show. While some artists strictly forbid the audience to take pictures/videos, he said everyone could freely do that. “We are performing for them, so of course they can do anything.” Chuck D said.

Being active for 25 years doesn’t make them loose their passion. Instead, Public Enemy brought a fully energetic performances, lots of action that was really entertaining. Thank you for being so nice and thank you for a great show guys! Respect!

Marcellius Kirana Hamongan Siahaan or better known with Marcell is a multi-talented man that has try alot of things in the entertainment industry, mostly recognize with being a singer and actor. He launched to a superstar status when he did an unforgettable upbeat duet with Shanty in “Hanya Memuji”. His debut album as a solo singer was a huge success, and since then his career like a rocket blasted up and up and up. Under the influence of what he listened as a kid such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Benny Goodman, Sarah Vaughn, as well as having influences from rock and RnB has shaped him as such a fenomenal singer that can fit in to many music genre. His other hits such as; “Firasat”, “Semusim”, “Jangan Pernah Berubah” is still loved by many up until now. His most recent album “And The Story Continues” was released not too long ago contains 11 songs. The single “Peri Cintaku” becomes a hit in many radio stations. We also noticed that he got many great praises from the fans through his twitter for this album. His full-rounded tender soulful tone has been loved dearly by many and very easy to recognize. Java Soulnation Festival was a perfect playground for this very popular superstar. He brought his hits such as “Ketika Kau Menyapa”, “Candu Asmara”, “Firasat” and the new songs from the most recent album “Sisa Semalam” and a cover of Armada’s “Mau dibawa Kemana” among other songs that created such a vibe like what Marcell always gives. “Hanya Memuji” became the final act for him.

Barry Likumahuwa is simply one of the new force in the music industry. He has been going through a fastlane in his career, coming from sessionist to the band leader, and now involved in many other groups or projects. He went big with his Barry Likumahuwa Project, serving pop groove jazz that successfully grabbed the taste of younger generation’s listeners. That makes him one of the most important ambassadors of jazz to the teenagers in the present day. He constantly joins his father’s group Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection and plays together in many occassion, exist as one of the amazing trio LLW with Indra Lesmana and Sandy Winarta. Recently he formed Barry Likumahuwa Quintet with Gerald Hiras Situmorang, Dennis Junio, Dimas Pradipta and Jordy Revilian, and last but not least, a new group where he unleashes his soulful side, HOOK. In this group he joins Ivan Saba (vocal/rap) and Jonas Wang (drums). Monita also featured in one song that can be found in youtube called “A Song”. HOOK made its first appearance at the Java Soulnation Festival 2011.

Hook delivered a high dose of entertainment close to the end of the festival. They started the party with the energetic “Party People” and kept going until Dewi Sandra surprisingly appeared on stage. More surprise, she sang an old dangdut song of Elya Khadam with rap from Ivan Saba and a tabla player. More songs played also featuring more guests including Monita, and then the wrapped their session with “Dancing In The Moonlight”. Hook is the band for Barry and his friends to serve something based on fun and pleasure in enjoying the music.

See more pictures:

[flickrset id=”72157627748887426″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”false” size=”small”]

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella, Vierna Mariska
Photographer: Omar Arif Maulana, Praditya Nova, Muhammad Fadhly


One of the most awaited international star has delivered a very beautiful show. Sophie Ellis Bextor, a beautiful english singer, songwriter, model and occasionally also acts as a DJ, was once again came into Indonesia. she became widely popular in Indonesia with her big hit, “Murder On The Dance Floor”, followed by some other Disco/Electro hits. with her music, which carries on the 80s electronic scene and disco into today’s mainstream pop this beautiful singer brilliantly burns the dance floor, including this time at Java Soulnation Festival 2011.

Fully crowded hall witnessed this lovely lady’s performance. She opened up with “Dial My Number” followed by “Bittersweet” and the famous hit “Take Me Home”. Sophie carried on with “Me and My Imagination”, “Today the Sun’s On Us”, “What Have We Started” and “Starlight”.

She asked the crowds to sing for the next song, and that made sense because then she sang one of her biggest hit, “Murder On The Dance Floor”. Of course, the hysterical audience became the result.

She continued with rock-nuanced songs “Revolution” and “Can’t Fight”. Sophie is a really friendly artists. Many times she greeted the audiences to make them felt ease at home. Then she sang “Not Giving Up On Love” followed by “Get Over You” that once again brought the audience to sing together with her. Sophie closed the whole session with “Heartbreak”. A really nice show was done. Everyone’s happy with this show, as we saw many people smile and still talked about Sophie long after the show ended. Thanks Sophie for such a sweet performance, hope to see you again soon.

Ever since we met BAG Trio from the very first time, we knew that this group of youngsters is really promising. With Gerald Situmorang, Aldhi Mahardika and Adrian Bramantyo, they played multi colored jazz with taste of rock, soul to world music inside their style. Then they add more twist within the range by throwing themselves into the ghetto. The BAG Trio got reconstructed to rise up the game. They creatively mixed, sampled, re-arranged and chopped the original jazz songs and brought them into the funky groove while at the same time keep maintaining the element of surprise and improvisation that commonly found in jazz. Their original song, “Auditor’s Room” works successfully as the ambassador to introduce their music to the market. This song smartly gives the nuance of old school hip hop with jazz backgrounds. BAG Trio got reinforced by Beatkraft, a Live PA duo that has enliven many clubs and party houses in Jakarta. Tommy Pratomo on alto/tenor sax and Ditto Pradhana on percussion give seductive attack to add the flavor up into a new height. The surprise continued on with Aji Setyo, a talented rapper and for tonight we saw Aldhan Prasatya, the boomboxer.  That’s the short story of BAG+Beat, a team that will continue to speak loud in our music scene.

For Java Soulnation Festival, Bag +Beat brought their songlist including “Dark Chocolate”, “Lookin'”, “We Get High”, Find Your Way”, “Plenty”, “Auditor’s Room”, “Rock you” and sealed with “Don’t Stop”.


We don’t exactly know why. Maybe it’s because of his gifted ability in many things, maybe because it’s the burning passion, maybe because he’s the one who’s really capable to make some noise with all-star collaborative project, but one thing for sure, Barry Likumahuwa has been in charge to bring some special tributes for Java Soulnation Festival for two times to date. Last year he managed to deliver Tribute to Motown in a grandeur way. This year he decided to bring the Tribute to Funk as the special package of this annual soul party.

Funk is one of the major music genres that originated some times around the 60s. Its delicious and infectious pattern appeared by a smart blending of soul, jazz and R&B, creating a new ryhtmic and highly danceable form of music. Later this funk moved on to enter disco and afrobeat, or often used in hip hop, house music and still appear strong in jazz until the present time. Having said that, there are many musicians tried to bring the funk back to its origin by serving it authentic just like how it started. One of the example of this can be found in Root Soul, a collaborative project of Kenichi Ikeda and Shuya Okino which featured all stars cast in the underground brokenbeat scene.

Barry Likumahuwa himself is not a stranger to funk. In fact he has a very tasty funkline in his bass playing, something that put him groovin’ high in Barry Likumahuwa Project. So funk will always be safe in his hand.

Calling this big ensemble as Horney Browney, Barry brought excellent fellows in, featuring his team mates in Barry Likumahuwa Project Dennis Junio (alto sax), Henry Budidharma (guitar), Donny Joesran (keyboard) and Matthew Sayersz (vocal), DJ Cream on turntable, Kyriz Boogiemen on rap/vocal, the wonderkid Rafi on drums, Jordy Revilian (trumpet), Bayu Isman (sax), Henry Budidharma (guitar), and a set of singers, including Bayu Risa, Millane Fernandez, Jemima, Rudolf and Rudy(vocals). “We’ll funked your virgin ears”, promised Barry a couple of days before their session, and the team really did so. Bringing the songs from the likes of James Brown, George Clinton, Sly & The Family Stone to Kool and the Gang, we knew that it would appear to be something special.

The show opened up with DJ Cream giving up some funk overview. Then the bands came in and took their places. Kyriz directly moved to the front and together they played “Play That Funky Music”. It was highly infectious and entertaining. Another song came in medley, “We Want the Funk”, featuring Dimas of Twentyfirst Night. From these two opening we got something really cool, that Horney Browney delivered funk in modern way without loosing the essence of the original spirit.

Right after the hot opening, DJ Cream, Barry and Kyriz teamed up delivering “You Got Soul” with Bayu Risa. The beautiful and sexy Millane Fernandez joined in and threw a song followed by Jemima’s appeareance taking on “Get Money”. Matthew Sayersz replaced Jemima to sing James Brown’s  “Sex Machine”.

The heat got more intense with Kool & The Gang’s classic from 1973, “Jungle Boogie”. Then came the time when all performers joined on stage and had a big party. Another Kool and the Gang’s “Get Down on It” became the playground for all of them to spread the fun from the stage right to the crowds. Kyriz was busy all the way from start to finish, Barry was energetic in playing the bass as well as being connected to the whole musicians. The horn section worked tremendously in capturing the cool funky horns in the 70s. Highly entertaining and sensationally creative.


Finally we’ve reached the final day of the Java Soulnation Festival 2011. We have been having a party in various colors and flavors for the past two days, today we still have lots of highlights that will guarantee the pleasure of having the most joyous urban party for the attendances.

Starting the Sunday party was a group where Dira Sugandi once joined in. SoulMate is an RnB duo consists of two man, Ade and Bowo. It all began from a group named Brown Sugar, when Ade was asked to replace Joeniar Arief as the vocalist together with Bowo. Later the group was disbanded, but some time in 2005 Ade and Bowo plus Leo, Yandi, Hendy and Dira Sugandi met in a jam session and then formed SoulMate. Dira was active in this group for quite a while, until she chose to focus on his solo career, having Bluey of Incognito as her producer.Some other members chose their own path as well, and finally there’s only 2 members left, Ade and Bowo.

SoulMate has arrived in some prestigious international festivals such as Java Jazz (collaborated with Joeniar Arief, Iwa K and Barry Likumahuwa), JakJazz, attending Folk Song Festival in Beijing with Dwiki Dharmawan, beoming the singers of Erwin Gutawa Orchestra and many more. So far they have released one album entitled “Sambutlah” with the single carrier “Cinta Buta” and the next one, “Baby I’m Falling” with Boys II Men-ish nuance.

In this event they brought a feel good songs to give a feel good time. One of the song was to fulfill the massive request they got in twitter. “We haven’t sang this for quite some times, but due to so many requests we got in twitter, we’re going to sing it now” , they said before singing Blackstreet’s “In a Rush”. When you listen to them, you will know that the prime vocal harmony and beautiful arrangement with fresh concept are the power of SoulMate.

T-Five was the other band that started the final day of Java Soulnation Festival 2011. Performing at the AHA Stage in the afternoon, this band who has been focusing on R&B and Hip Hop since their birth a decade ago brought their delicious music flavour for the early-coming audience. One thing we also have to mention is that this group has a solid fan-base called T-Five’rs. The energetic performance with lovely to hear vocal harmony along with some cool rappin’ line are always the formula that enable them to maintain their existance up until now. 4 albums have been out, and many more to come. T-Five still has many things to offer, so let’s wait and see what they are going to bring in the near future.

If you’ve watched “Catatan Si Boy”, you might know one of the soundtrack entitled “Sunshine (Sashi)”. This song belong to Amanda and Friends, a project of composer/song writer/arranger/music director Dinda Amanda with 7 other friends such as Imela Kei (Ten 2 Five), Rayen (Pasto), Sashi (DREW), Yacko, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Teza Idol, and Yara Idol. Imagine 8 vocalists with different tones and styles join hands in one group, that could create such a party just like what they gave this time at the Java Soulnation’s soil in Senayan Jakarta.

Aditya will be easily diffrentiated with this line.. “Baby I want you to be mine, I want you to be the girl of mine”. We say that because there are many ‘Adityas’ here in Indonesia, yet this one is different. Soulful, funny, funky yet charming and his musicality is no doubt great! his first debut single “Be Mine” was easily penetrated into Indonesian music industry as the lyrics and easy listening music style. Many other hit songs came from this man like; “Love Will Find You”, “Cinta Sesaat” and “In The Night”.

He filled up the afternoon with jazzy tunes such as “Tak Ingin”, “Rindu” and a cover of Chrisye’s classic, “Juwita”. A surprise was there on the stage, because we saw Arie Ayunir playing the keyboard in Aditya’s session. “It’s really an honor to have the legend playing for me.” he said. It was a really nice show to see when the sky got darker and darker.


It would be impossible not to have the soul sister in the biggest soul party. We’re talking about Lala Suwages, the lady who has been entertaining us for many years with her cool soulful jazzy groove. Her soulful voice and the ability to write her own songs have been the major stength for her to pursue her carrer ever since. She started her professional career with “Tabitha’s Friends” and went to Kazakhstan, where she became the Major of Almaty prize winner as the “Voice of Asia” in there. Two audiophile albums “Devoted to You” and “I Love You This Much” has became the proof of her international existance, as these albums were published in Singapore and distributed widely to reach Hong Kong. In her own homeland she also has performed in Java Jazz Festival and JakJazz, and not too long ago she launched her first album for Indonesia, “Langkah Baruku”. Some of the songs from this album became big hits in many radio stations, including “Nada Kasih” where she sang with Joeniar Arief. Presenting soulful beat in soulful tune, Lala Suwages gave one fully entertaining show for Java Soulnation Festival 2011.

“Everyday I’m shufflin.” Everyone who loves hip hop with electro sound will know this line straight up. “Party Rock Anthem” has become the most wanted song in many clubs recently. LMFAO is a duo consists of uncle-nephew DJs Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and SkyBlu (Skyler Husten Gordy) formed back in 2006. If their real name ring the bell for you, it’s no wonder because they are the son and grandson of Motown record founder, Berry Gordy. Their extraordinary shuffling and great beat make them the most wanted hip hop duos of the year. With influences from great musicians from Black Eyed Peas, James Brown, The king of pop Michael Jackson to Led Zeppelin they combine all styles and created the signature of LMFAO (Loving My Friends and Others).

Long queues occured in every gate. People pushed each other for being unpatient to go inside. This one was another blasting special show for this year’s Java Soulnation Festival, and we think it’s a great choice to bring LMFAO to accomodate the youngsters for tasting out the Urban Party. The bomb dropped and blasted the whole hall when “Party Rock Anthem” came in. It was manic, something that the audience will keep on shufflin’ every time they remember it.

A band from Sayidan, Yogyakarta, Shaggy Dog lighted up the atmosphere with their music which blended various element music from Ska, Reggae, Swingin’ Jazz, and Rock n’ Roll. they have been getting bright enough spotlight in Indonesia since 1999 with their debut album “SHAGGYDOG” under Doggy House Label and still doing very well until now in entertaining us with their music.  Quite a delight outside for the audiences who didn’t want to be troubled by the long queue for LMFAO.

You might still remember the song called “Bersamamu” which became a hit in many radio stations in 2007. That song belong to Sevensoul, a group that just like the name consists of 7 souls. Four of them are on vocal, Oscar, Sandy, Franky and Yedi, and the rest are musicians: WeeChuck (guitar), Randy (bass) and Adrian (drummer and loop). That song was taken from their debut album, but actually they have started some years earlier, in 2001 to be exact. From their hometown Bogor, they started getting more and more gigs and finally got a memorable moment to perform with Keith Martin who inspired them in many ways.

Sevensoul poured their soulful groove with some jazzy touch at the TEBS Stage. They brought many covers such as Michael Jackson medley, The Fly’s “Bebas”, Usher’s “California Girl”, and many more. In the end they brought their highly popular hit from several years ago, “Bersamamu” that made the crowds sang together. It was a nice show and really entertaining.

With tje techno-rock Mobil Derek, the whole show for the 2nd day reached the end.

The crowds seemed to be doubled up than yesterday. Not only because it was Saturday when many people usually go out to hang out and release themselves from a full working days, but also because there were some popular artists with their own fans. Depapepe, Mike Posner and LMFAO successfully heated up the 2nd day, while a tremendous collaboration between Soulvibe and DYZTRK as Vibetronic opened up a new musical horizon that we might never heard before. A successful day for the organizer and a nonstop party in Urban Lifestyle for the attendances. There are many more highlights for the final day like Sophie Ellis Bextor, Barry Likumahuwa‘s soulful group with hip hop touch HOOK, his project consisting many superstars called Tribute to Funk, Martin Denev Jazzawacka ft Matthew Sayersz, Audrey Papilaya and Demas Narawangsa and many more. One party day left right in the heart of Jakarta, make sure you won’t miss the action!

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[flickrset id=”72157627742112332″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”” overlay=”false” size=”small”]

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella
Photographer: Praditya Nova, Omar Arif Maulana, Muhammad Fadhly


If you live in the present time, you should already know Mike Posner, at least  familiar with his name. The Billboard hit maker with first single “Cooler Than Me”, or maybe you know him more with his another hit  “Please Don’t Go”.  The American singer whose born and raised in Southfield, Michigan February 1988 started his music journey back when he sent a hip-hop CD along with his college application and since then, his love, passion and exploration in music continued on.

Posner managed to release some mixtapes before he released his debut album called “31 Minutes to Takeoff” in August 2010. The first single from the album, “Cooler Than Me”, became a pop smash tune in summer 2010, followed by the second single “Please Don’t Go” that was issued in July 2010. He so far has collaborated with big musicians like Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars, We The Kings, 3OH!3 and many more.

He went on giving up many songs that got digested well by the audiences. On the song” Bow Chika Wow Wow”  suddenly he took out a big teddy bear to be thrown into the crowds. That made the females screamed histerically, wanting to be the lucky one to get it. He continued on with “Falling” that sang by playing piano. “Rolling In The Deep” was popular first of all by Adele, now got the electric outfit by Posner. The crowds seemed to know the song so well as they all sang together.

It was supposed to be over, but the crowds still wanted more. Mike Posner appreciated that so he gave not only one but three more songs: “You Don’t Have to Leave”, “Evil Women” and “Cooler Than Me” that once again made everyone his choir. One charming move was done by Posner in the end. He came down to the crowds, threw his shirt to the audience and wore a new shirt that made people laughed because the word “Pelita Jaya” was written on it. Mike Posner’s show was a very successful one with the number of audience went over the roof.

You can know be famous easier and faster than ever by using Youtube. Some people found their fame by doing funny things, but some other shows that they really got talent. Recording it live and present it on youtube is one of the fastest way to do that. Gamaliel and Audrey Tapiheru, and Cantika Abigail are the example for that. These teenagers became famous from their performance on youtube. They were not just acting or mimicking someone, they were not doing lipsync, instead they sang for real, and yes they really can sing. It was enough to attract big label like Sony Music to give them contract. From several good appearances on TV, now they landed on the biggest Soulful lifestyle, the Java Soulnation Festival for the very first time.

They entertained the crowds by establishing a strong connection towards them, and it worked perfectly. Some famous songs brought such as Chris Brown & Kari Hilson “Super Human”  and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You”  were sung by the fans too. This is certainly a golden chance to go higher, and by looking at the show, a huge number of audience and the response from them, we dare to say that these girls have good future ahead, that is if they are consistant in doing it. We also appreciate the JFP’s decision to accomodate ‘Youtube’ stars, because this is  a phenomena that we all have to accept and support.

We know Soulvibe very well, since their nu soul groove with some jazzin’ pattern brought them to grace many jazz festivals for at least the past 3 years. Appearing in the Soulnation shouldn’t be difficult at all since soul has been their authentic signature since the beginning. But here, they added the twist by collaborating with DYZTRK who is well known with their unique electronic music that play the 8bit ‘chiptunes’ using Nintendo Gameboy. By this collaboration, the VIBETRONIC was born. So imagine the combination between nu soul, RnB, eclectic type of pop and some doses of jazz along with this 8bit electronic approach. “EQ suggested DYZTRK to do something in collaboration with us (Soulvibe), we did, and then when we sent the sample back to EQ, he liked it. So here we are”, said Abenk of Soulvibe to us yesterday about how they collided inside this project. “At first I wanted DYZTRK to have their own show. But then I thought it would be cool to have them collaborated with a band. Soulvibe would be great for that. They had done it last year, but for this year I wanted them to do something new.” So here, the concept finally made into reality.

They have prepared this as a special gift for the audience, and they finally got the chance to delivered it perfectly. The unique opening with pure 8bit sound made the crowds wonder what they would get from this collaboration. Then the whole Soulvibe appeared and served their hits and more. It was amazing to hear Soulvibe’s songs such as “Arti Hadirmu”, Warna Cinta”, “Your Smile” and “Berlian” got unique rearrangement with the touch of DYZTRK. Radhini and Riko took over the vocal and sang “Micro Dance”. Again we got Tommy Pratomo with a cool solo sax line in this show. Vibetronic also brought “Please Don’t Stop the Music”, “Something About Us in medley with “Biarlah”, “Vibetronic Anthem” and “Stronger”, plus one brand new song from Soulvibe entitled “SyaLaLa”.


Here we come to the second day of Java Soulnation Festival 2011. Starting earlier than yesterday, two stages heated up the afternoon since 4:00 am, presenting two parties of youngsters in different style. First on the big Soulnation Stage close to the entrance we got Matthew Sayersz now standing on his own.

Matthew Sayersz has become popular since he joined Barry Likumahuwa Project. His uniquely soulful voice did very well and was quick enough to catch many attention from the teenagers and music lovers. Now, having his own side project in his solo career, he has no difficulties in establishing his own solid fan base. With his debut single “Extra” released last year (2010) Matthew got a big breakthrough by having his solo performance to share the hype and the vibe at the prestigious Java Soulnation Festival 2011. Today he entertained the full enough crowds with lovely groovy funk, soul and R&B party, the kinds of music that really suit his voice. One of the song was EWF’s “September” and Moony’s “I Don’t Know Why” that went very well especially by the horn section (Dennis Junio-sax and Jordy Revilian-trumpet). Other than them, Matthew also brought Dennis (sequencer), Ronald Steven (bass), Demas Narawangsa (drums) and Decky (keyboard). Matthew also brought some guest stars including Molukka Hip Hop Community (MHC) which brought an Ambonese song in trendy hip hop groove and also a lovely contribution by Radhini.

On the other side of the venue Aktion to Reaktion delivered a very cool concept of techno pop with DJs and also human beatbox. In one part they even delivered a cool human beatbox taking on samba. Kevin, the beatboxer did very well in capturing the beat of samba and turntable sound all by himself. Zoltan Renaldi stood on bass in this one. Sisi Priscilia, the actress who’s also Kevin’s sister also joined the band.

Some people might familiar with this electronic pop band when listen to the song they covered from one of Indonesian well known comedian, Benyamin S “Kompor Meledug” or perhaps ever seen their cool performances alongside plenty of famous bands such as Beastie Boys, Franz Ferdinand, N.E.R.D, Cut Copy and the Rapture. Yep, it’s Agrikulture!

Their story was begun in 2003, with Aditya Permana, Anton Wirjono and Hogi Wirjono, doing remixes for popular Indonesian artists such as Indra Lesmana & Reborn, Naif, Maliq n D’Essentials, and Slank. They also once released a remix for The Safari’s “Disko di Rumah” that brought them to be nominated in Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI). They then changed their format form decks and effects to a band, that consisted of Irfandy as vocalist, Aditya Permana on drums, Emil Pahlevi on guitars, Dipha Barus on bass and keys, and an additional percussionist and saxophone player Ade Koestomo.  With this new formation, the band released their debut album called “Dawai Damai” in July 2007, which featured collaborations with Tika, Indra Aziz, and The Safari’s Edo Wallad. Not only having a great reputation inside the home country, they also was selected to perform at many music festivals abroad such as Good Vibrations in Singapore, Global Gathering and Sunburst Music Festival in Malaysia.

Easy Tiger brought the party on Global Organics Stage by covering some famous songs such as “The Doors’ Light My Fire” , Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold” and one of Paramore’s song.


Bayu Purwadi Risakotta, better known as Bayu Risa is a young man who’s now steadily climbing into the top of the Indonesian music industry. Bayu Risa was once joined PASTO, but then left the band in 2008 to pursue his solo career. His first single was launched shortly after, entitled “Inner Beauty” followed by “Love Song” and gained popularity among the independent music fans.

He did great job in presenting a really nice session. One of the audiences said that she was fortunate enough to be able to watch Bayu Risa tonight, enjoying his songs such as “Percaya”, “Love Song” and “Fire”, also some medleys in which he sang Utha Likumahuwa’s songs to honor this legendary singer who just passed away less than two weeks ago. In his session he invited a lady with amazing voice, Sara Halim who’s also known as the lead singer of Un Soirée to do a duet. Just like how we always enjoy Sara’s highly gifted vocal in Un Soirée, she did very well too in this show. It wasn’t the first time we saw this young man on stage, and we could see many improvements have been happening to him lately.

Two groups closed the whole shows for the 1st day of Java Soulnation Festival. First let’s see the group on the stage near the entrance. From four people in solid formation, Sashilia Gandarum (vocal), Aji  Yudo (guitar), Putra Praditya (drum), Rishanda Singgih (bass), a cool acoustic group DREW was born. Their  intimate performance on stage will always catch people’s attention, also their cathcy and easy listening music.

Their first single “Unromantic” appeared in of 2008 released and listed in Prambors’ compilation, Nu Buzz 1.1. This song even became the first single from that album. The last time we met them was when they joined the whole gang of Urban Jazz Crossover with a lovely acoustic approach.  Now we are happy to see them again on stage with full band. Still appearing fresh and interactive, they shortened the distance between the stage and the audience until it felt like no space in between anymore. Playing their own hits including “Unromantic” and the latest one “Rocket”, they also did some covers of the recent hits such as Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” in a lovely duet with Aditya as a guest star, and Jemima landed nicely on this stage too, as if she hadn’t tired at all after two big sessions before this.  Eventhough it was already so late, DREW and the featured guests  still performed with fresh energy.

The whole rundown ended on Tebs Stage with a group who brings the urban sound with so many flavors inside. Boogiemen, that’s the name of this brilliant team consists of highly creative young talents who always eager to explore new musical teritories  Unlike many other hip hop groups, Boogiemen injects many musical patterns inside their sound. Name some like soul, funk, rock, pop and also jazz have been known existed within them ever since. With wide range of musicality, no wonder Boogiemen able to expand their path to go much further than just the hip hop scene. They have performed in some international sized festival such as Java Jazz Festival, Java Soulnation Festival, Sunburn Music Festival in KL, Malaysia and many more. While the Boogiemen frequently added jazzy flavors inside their music, the frontman Kyriz has gotten closer encounters with jazz. He’s constantly included in Urban Jazz Crossover, contributed big in LLW’s album “Love Life Wisdom” (buy the album here: ) and occassionally helped jazz bands to bring the urban approach in their musics.


You might never heard the name of Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr, but would be very familiar with his stage name, Nelly. He is a globally famous Grammy Award winning US recording artist, actor and enterpreneur. He has started his career at least since 1993 when he joined St Lunatics and later chose the solo career in 2000. For us in Indonesia, most of us started to know him and liked his music since his second album Nellyville, where he produced some monsterous hits such as “Hot in Herre”, “Dilemma” (ft Kelly Rowland) and “Work It” (ft Justin Timberlake). Since then, Nelly kept on producing hits and more hits, up until the latest album 5.0 which featured all stars cast where some of his songs including “Move That Body” (ft T-Pain and Akon) reached the top in many charts all over the world.

Appearing far late than his schedule, he started with  “Party People” before delivering all his hits such as “Hot in Herre”, “Dilemma” and so on. It might be good for the audience, but Nelly created trouble for all the journalists since the security was over reacted towards us. Because of that, we couldn’t do any reporting for at least 2 hours.

Let’s get back to the Tebs Stage. If you ask who is the busiest performers for Java Soulnation Festival 2011, one of the names would be Jemima. She was scheduled to play in several sessions throughout this year’s edition. We have no surprise at all, because we know the quality of this Lady of Soul, along with the special gifts sent from Heaven to her. She has a unique vocal characteristic, she has the performing style that could go so deep until we could feel whatever she shares from the stage. She has a deep concern of the current music scene and wish to give something different to enrich our industry as well as giving people something new to listen to. For us, there’s one thing more about her. She’s like a breath of fresh air for bridging the today’s gap between Soul and Jazz. Looking way back then, we knew some of the fantastic soul sisters who had jazz as their base. Slowly they were all dissapeared. We connected Soul and R&B more to hip hop or techno nowadays, but thank God there’s Jemima who brought all the love and passion of Soulful jazz back again with her distinct style. Her single “Musik Sepi” is now doing really great on radio charts and gained many positive feedbacks from the listeners as well. Looking at all the struggles she’s been through, we say it’s time for her to bear fruits from all her efforts. She fits in Jazz festival, but Soul festival would be a perfect homebase for her too.

Having her own session late at night at the Tebs Stage, she greeted her audiences first of all by introducing her “Orgasmic Brothers” including Haris Pranowo (keyboard), Torank Ambarita (guitar), Dimas Pradipta (drums) , Ditto (percussion), Jordy Revilian (saxophone) and Aldhan Prasatya (talkbox) that had started seducing the audience with their seducing music before she appeared. “We guarantee you all to have a feel good time with our music”, she said before she started singing.  She seduced the audience through her setlist such as Erykah Badu’s “I Want You”, “On and On”, “That Pump”, “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long.” Some of the songs from her debut album were taken too including “Laid Back”, “Like Honey”, “Home Grown” and “Paradise”. “Jordy’s trumpet helped to bring the  soul music even steamingly hotter. Surprisingly Kyriz Boogiemen joined Jemima and the Orgasmic Brothers to add more flavors into the show. They did fine collaboration in 2 songs, including “The Light”. Jemima ended her session with her radio hit, “Musik Sepi”.